The Woke-Right Commentariat Embraces Doctor Killings

The Woke-Right Commentariat Embraces Doctor Killings

Headline: “Physically healthy Dutch woman Zoraya ter Beek, 29, dies by assisted suicide”.

29-year-old Zoraya ter Beek’s life was terminated last week after waiting three years for final approval for her euthanasia, which is legal in the Netherlands if the patient is deemed to be experiencing “unbearable suffering with no prospect of improvement.”…

“My whole friends and my support system, we really did it together,” she had told The Free Press. Ter Beek reportedly saw herself as an ambassador for the Dutch euthanasia program and believed there is proper protocol in place to prevent abuse of the system.

“We’ve had this law for more than 20 years,” she had told the outlet. “There are really strict rules, and it’s really safe.”

Safe! Safe!

What else can you can you say, except words are dead as this foolish woman?

“Foolish? There you go, Briggs. Judging people again. You should feel bad about yourself.”

There you go, Critic. Judging people again, while failing to realize you are judging. You should feel bad about yourself.

But please don’t feel as bad about yourself as this foolish woman. We’d hate to lose you to some death-dealing quack. Anyway, there is no need to feel bad. Your sympathies are winning. Have won. If man can ackshually mean woman, why can’t safe mean deadly? Or is that vice versa? Who can tell.

Foolishness is winning across the board. Even—or should I say especially—among what we might call the woke-right commentariat. By “woke-right” I mean that cowering tower of very online hot-takers who throw out the occasional hate fact to seem edgy while simultaneously fleeing from the consequences of those takes and condemning those who notice the consequences, in their desire to be welcomed by those in power.

These people are more dangerous than the woke, in a way. For they turn the natural spirits of the Reality-seeking young away from Truth and guide them instead toward the world. They tell the young it’s okay to notice some things, but for crying out loud, don’t take these things to heart! Stay quiet, respect the reigning authority.

After noticing, the woke-right will come along with a fully woke take. For instance, they will see stories like ours, in which a healthy woman has doctors kill her, and they’ll come online to say things like, “This woman was on a waitlist for three years and never changed her mind. Doctors concluded it was hopeless after trying what they could. What right do people think they have to tell her she should go on? It’s not your decision.”

Oh, “rights”.

Notice, Critic, our woke right hot taker is like you. He condemns judging while judging, without even being aware he is judging. Because he is woke at heart, and so are those he sees as his masters.

I’ll tell you, and him, why it is our decision.

Because now we can’t trust quacks. One of them slit this woman’s throat, as it were. Which means doctors are willing to kill. Openly. You’ll never be able to trust doctors when you know they might recommend death, as they are increasingly doing (particularly stay out of Canada), because you won’t know if doctors are recommending killing you because it’s best for them, or the health corporation they work for, or for you.

Wait. Death is right for you? How long before we see the commercial Ask your doctor is death is right for you?

Or do we already have it?

The broad who had doctors kill her had thousands of ways to off herself, had she really wanted to. But she couldn’t do it. She asked to be killed instead.

Which means we can’t trust her motives, either.

We certainly can’t trust the woke-right hot-takers of the world, because they applaud the antiseptic way in which this woman was killed. In their squeamishness, this kind of quiet, behind-the-scenes killing comforts them. The calm, peaceful way the life of the woman was snuffed out pleases them.

Since we seem determined to enact 1970s sci-fi dystopias, I wonder if we already have chutes in euthanasia death chambers so that the dead slide right into furnaces—or factories. Makes the entire process sanitary, you see.

All this is before we consider how the glamour of having a doctor kill you is portrayed, and how that affects weak minds. Minds susceptible to propaganda. Which you must know by know are the majority. Read what the killed woman said again: “My whole friends and my support system, we really did it together”.

I believe her. Imagine all the “likes” on social media you can get for being so stunning and brave.

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  1. Gwyneth

    “Soylent Green is people”

    Charlton Heston from the movie Soylent Green.

  2. Faith

    Anyone who believes in the “safety” and “peacefulness” of death by Murder Inc should read this. It would be kinder to just shoot these misguided fools in the head.

  3. Brian (bulaoren)

    Asù Henny Youngman used to say,; “Take my life, please!”

  4. Ancientart

    A little over fifteen years ago, I had my first eye-opening on Dr’s playing God. I stay up with some of my closest High School friends and, when in the State, often set up dinners with them to catch up. One such friend was a controller for a remote hospital in the northern part of the State. The hospital was presumably a Catholic Hospital. What she told me that night, which was being discussed in the inner-sanctum of the administration, was chilling.

    The hospital was treating a “homeless” female. I seem to recall it was likely drug related. As they were treating her and doing the blood-work, they discovered that she was pregnant. Without her knowledge and, certainly without her consent, they aborted the baby. Yup, played God all the way. My friend who was telling me this is super progressive and a real supporter of choice (she knows I’m on the other side of the equation), but even she was shocked by this. I wonder if she still feels that way today?

    In any case, true story and I’ve struggled with the question of how much God Playing doctors do routinely? I suppose the pandemic answered that question decisively, I suppose.

    Do any of us really feel safe with Modern Medicine these days? Truly?

  5. NLR

    As far as I can tell the woke right are just word shufflers. They are verbally fluent enough that they can opine about anything under the sun, but they don’t seriously believe most of what they say.

    But it’s not just the woke right who are like that. There’s other secular rightists people who are much edgier. They are also verbally and conceptually fluent and they can make edgy comments about almost anything. But they don’t really believe in much of what they say and they also don’t believe in a real morality. They just believe in manipulating things according to a situation that they prefer.

    I don’t know what people in 1776 meant by liberty; I wasn’t around then. But they were willing to risk their lives for it, so whatever they meant, they really believed in it. They weren’t just word shufflers.

  6. Cary D Cotterman

    I’m running low on years. I wish she could have given the fifty or sixty years of life she still had left to me, since she didn’t want them.

  7. Jason

    It seems that Dr. Kevorkian was ahead of his time…

  8. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Top drawer post, Briggs.

    Y’er killin’ it.

  9. Old men should do the decent thing and walk out into the jungle to be eaten by a tiger. Toothless crones lying around sucking eggs are perhaps some kind of warning to young men or somesuch, I can’t think what value they actually have. This is all a bit odd though doctors make a ton of money prolonging end of life misery for old people so killing them off prematurely seems rather counterproductive for the medical industrial complex.

  10. Incitadus

    Well during the pandemic the govt. was paying hospitals $13,000 for every covid diagnosis,
    $13,000 for every patient put on a ventilator and $69,000 for every death certificate
    specifying covid as the cause of death. That’s a bounty of almost 100K a head but apparently
    very few regarded the implications and most never even noticed there was untoward temptation
    afoot. I dare say less than 1% of the population raised any objections at the time this was happening.
    My God what a plan think about it and today it’s like it never happened it’s been memory holed.

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