Impose Your Beliefs Before They Impose Theirs

Impose Your Beliefs Before They Impose Theirs

Headline from MSN: “Jewish senators alarmed by Alito’s pro-Christian agenda“.

Jewish Democratic senators are alarmed by conservative Justice Samuel Alito’s sympathy for basing government on Christian principles — something he expressed at a Supreme Court gala when he endorsed the idea of returning the nation to a place of “godliness.”

Government must be based on some principle. Somebody, or bodies, must impose this principle, and eschew or proscribe all others.

Now the men who founded the country wanted Christian principles to be the principles imposed. They didn’t want any one Christian sect to be officially imposed, hence the “First Amendment”. But that the guiding moral principles were meant to be Christian is clear.

Well, so what. Those guys are dead, their world is long gone, and we are here now. That they get to impose their old rules on us is another belief imposed on us. Who said they get to keep imposing? We get to pick the views imposed upon us. Rather, somebody must pick them for us. Somebody’s views must always be imposed.

The trick of complaining about having somebody else’s views being imposed, while trying to sneak your own in the back door, is The Imposing Your Beliefs Fallacy (blog, Substack). It amplifies your cause, when using this fallacy, if you can claim to be a Victim. Which is, of course, irrelevant, but it does soften the mental faculties of most.

Senate Democrats say members of the Supreme Court have a right to religious freedom but warn that when they try to impose their religious views on others, it crosses a line.

There’s the Fallacy right there, in all its glory. But remember this, dear Anon, all the political science you need ever learn. If you don’t impose your beliefs, somebody else will impose theirs.

Different beliefs are imposed at different times. The USA had different views imposed at its beginning than now. Like that “First Amendment” thing. Used to be it imposed the belief that people were free to associate with whom they would, and not with those they did not want to. Most enjoyed that view being imposed. But not all. Now rulers impose the view that people must associate with whomever rulers say you must associate, especially if you are an employer or seller.

The two beliefs about association are utterly incompatible, and so cannot both be imposed at the same time. One belief must rule. Which one? Well, that depends on who has the power of imposing. Is it you, dear reader, who has this power? It is not I.

One of the Senators quoted said, “I don’t think there’s really any doubt. I don’t think Alito and [conservative Justice Clarence] Thomas are being shy. They have a view of the world,” which they are using, he implied, to do their imposing.

This Senator is right: there is no doubt. We know that this Senator also has a view which he would like to see imposed. Of that there is also no doubt. Only, since he didn’t give his name, he is shy about naming what this view would be.

Another Senator:

He said the conservative majority’s [on SCOTUS] erosion of individual rights, including the right to abortion and potentially the right to contraception or same-sex marriage, is especially worrisome “to those of us that have different religious views.”

Which is natural. To worry, I mean. Right now, this Senator’s views are being imposed on us. Men like him invented the “right” to “same-sex marriage”, and so forth. “Rights” which the Senator’s enemies do not want are imposed, by him, on them. (All “rights” are imposed, because all “rights” imply duties.) His enemies would rather, as the Senator correctly fears, impose their views on the Senator, and not have his imposed on them.

The good news, for the Senator, is that he and his indeed have the power, which is to say, they now have the use of threat and the use of violence and punishment to keep their views imposed. But he can see the slim, the very slim, possibility that views other than his might be imposed.

The threat is indeed small, but even the remote possibility cannot be allowed, hence his crying out now, lest he enemies gain strength.

Somebody’s beliefs must be imposed. Alito’s, or somebody else’s.

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  1. Hagfish Bagpipe

    If Christians want to act like a bunch of luke warm, lilly livered, money worshipping, war mongering, baby killing, sex crazed, fat lazy fools then they deserve to be imposed upon by Jews.

  2. McChuck

    “Jewish Democratic senators are alarmed by conservative Justice Samuel Alito’s sympathy for basing government on Christian principles”

    So much for “Judeo-Christian” values. It was always a scam.

  3. Rudolph Harrier

    The MSM dropped the mask when they talked about the “controversy” of Justice Alito’s wife being annoyed at the pride flag and wanting to fly a flag of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Somehow this was supposed to be beyond the pale. In previous years they would have been cagey and tried to pretend that the only problem was the desire to fly ANY flag, saying that this would display a level of “bias” which is unacceptable in justices (while of course ignoring the actions and remarks of their favored justices.) This time all the commentary was clear that not only is it unacceptable to honor Jesus, but all supreme court justices MUST honor the pride flag.

    In fact the MSM narrative on this is so obviously coordinated and the rhetoric has been ramped up so much that I wouldn’t be surprised if this is meant to be a lead in to packing the supreme court, especially if Biden or a potential replacement loses.

  4. JH

    I don’t trust people who claim to be goldy. So, what exactly would a place of godliness look like?

  5. Johnno

    “And just like that, for no reason at all, everybody suddenly began hating the Jews… Why? That’s mean!”
    – The Herstory of the Jews

    Also the inbred logic of the Americanist Heresy. Not a coincidence, that ‘heresy’ begins with ‘her.’

    There is no neutrality when it comes to the Truth or ideas. The Truth implies there are lies. A good idea implies there are bad ones.

    The Popes were right, America was wrong, and here their warnings echo.

    The next time, the Jews wonder why the lefties they coddled and raised are now on the receiving end of their stupidity, let them know they wanted it. Let the dum-dum Americans know what their best friend is all about.

  6. Phileas_Frogg

    The most unsettled I ever made a very mainstream conservative colleague of mine was when I posited the following scenario to them, I’ll paraphrase:

    – “You agree that a country has to defend and perpetuate it’s culture and traditions in order to survive?”
    > “Yes, of course, especially in a system like ours.”
    – “And you agree that a country has to defend it’s physical borders and space in order to survive?”
    > “Yes, borders and military are absolute requirements for a country to survive.”
    – “And the two are equally important?”
    > “Yes.”
    – “What would happen to a State that adopted a position that it was immoral to have an army?”
    > “It would be captured and conquered by some other army.”
    – “So if a State that refused to have an official army would inevitably be captured by some marauding army, because it neglected it’s physical defenses, why wouldn’t a State that refused to have a religion be inevitably captured by some marauding religion, because it neglected it’s psychic defenses?”

    They struggled with that one.

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