More Consequences: The Way The World Looks


Saddest part of this joke is that anybody under 40 won’t get it.


Got this spam in my Inbox yesterday:

The movie industry shows their support to Obama election and now Obama helps to those who helped him. Big names like Jane Lynch, Zachary Quinto, Wanda Sykes, and George Takei!

These celebrities are all faces for and represented by this: G_TR L

Now, do these names sound familiar of DreamWorks Animation, Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund or Imax? Yes they are big, they are priced at over $100, they didnt do well on supporting Obama this week. G_TR L gained from this moment, they were very noticeable at president’s support in LA and now it is for them to be supported back – their share price will explode!!!

Nonsense, of course, but look to what themes they play to.


And in case you missed the most important story of the week:

An Almost Free Pass

Do we remember Anders Breivik? Fellow who gleefully shot dead 77 mostly kids in Norway? Good news: he got the stiffest possible sentence. 21 big years. Bad news: the coffee in his prison suite isn’t being served to him at the proper temperature. Inhumane!

Remember: if it happens first in Europe, some academic here is watching and taking notes. How many people will figure, “I kill this guy who deserves it and I only get 21 years in a hotel?”

Petraeus & Feinstein?


  1. Jim Fedako

    A few more jokes for the over 40:

    “A student of mine once objected to Ockham’s razor, on the grounds that it’s unnecessary.” Speaks for itself.

    “The word philosophy comes from the Greek word philosophia, which means philosophy.” I am reading my second book in a row that attempts to justify propositions based on the Latin root of the words.

  2. Jim Fedako

    The link to the source of the jokes.

  3. DAV

    New Constitutional definition of Enumerated Powers: powers which government can arbitrarily assume and then list with numbers.

    What’s worse are the elected members of Congress over 40 who can’t see the joke.

  4. DAV

    G_TR L == govt. control?

  5. andrew Davison

    GTRL = Gay Transvestite (gender)Reassigned Lesbian?

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