Top 20 Posts Of All Time: Reader’s Choice

A well-armed blogger is a prepared blogger
A well-armed blogger is a prepared blogger
Start of long weekend, where the Nation trips happily outside into the warm summer sun. Well, sun anyway—more or less. Not really summer, either.

Turns out the climate change forecasts of unbearable heat were slightly optimistic. Never mind. Just remember what your mother always used to say: when it’s cold, you can always put another layer on.

Now some, through duty or circumstance, will not be out-of-doors and must remain hunched over the warm glow of their screens. Compiled for these fine citizens are the top 20 posts of all time, as measured by unique views.

Article Views
The Mathematics of Boneless Pork Rectums 26,881
Machine Learning, Big Data, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Statistics, Decision & Risk Analysis, Probability, Fuzzy Logic FAQ 21,397
The McShane and Wyner Gordie Howe Treatment Of Mann 15,807
Bad Astronomer Does Bad Statistics: That Wall Street Journal Editorial 14,999
Men’s Fashion Advice: Pocket Squares 14,549
Did General Petraeus Stray Because Of His Wife’s Hair? Guest Post by the Blonde Bombshell 14,437
Low IQ & Liberal Beliefs Linked To Poor Research? 14,127
Top 10 Manly Jobs: Popular Mechanics’ Cool Gigs List 12,265
Barcode People From Birth — Guest Post By Faith Reader 12,117
Tricky Probability Problem: Chance of Two Sons, One Born on Tuesday? 11,015
USA Homicide Rates: 1950-2010; By Race And Sex 9,269
A Citizen’s Guide to Global Warming Evidence 9,041
Top 10 Men’s Fashion Rules 8,835
The Etiquette Of Hats (For Men) 8,280
Do Not Smooth Times Series, You Hockey Puck! 8,129
Why Memes Are Stupid: The Short Version 7,715
Power Balance Bracelets And Celebrity 7,126
Are Men Smarter Than Women? 6,661
Do The Rich Pay Their Fair Share? 6,192
How Long Is A “Blink of an Eye” Astronomically? 6,017

The list doesn’t capture every dimension of delight. Most people come right to the home page, which has more than 90 times the number of unique views as does the top post. And then those who use readers aren’t in the mix.

Some of the posts are popular because Google thinks that I am the source to go to for pocket squares or for pictures of bar codes. Still, as the list proves, besides boneless pork rectums men’s fashion is ever on the mind, as is global warming, a.k.a. rampant climate change.

Don’t get me wrong: climate change is deadly. Deadly dull. I now have to force myself to write about it. How many busted forecasts, overconfident proclamations, and overblown ginned up horrific warnings do we need before the other side cries Uncle?

Actually, this table doesn’t show the top, top pages. Those are my Who Is WMB?, Classic Posts and Hire Me landing spots.

Well, to be honest, the Hire Me page is not a top spot. It barely occupies a bottom position. It’s like the horse who forgot what he was doing at the gate and who stood around blinking when the bell sounded.

This is all your fault.

Yes, this is a reminder that the first purpose of this site is mercenary. It is to keep your author in cigars, whiskey, but mainly books and rent.

Get the word out to your rich relatives, eccentric billionaires, and other people with funds to disperse that Briggs—the Statistician to the Stars!—is ready to come and speak at their place of business and tell them everything they are doing wrong.

Spécialités de la maison: Speaking at functions of every kind, contract research, penning articles for money.


  1. DAV

    Working with HTML can be as frustrating as working with perl. The number of legal ways to state something leaves the door open to some ghastly misinterpretations.

  2. Briggs

    WordPress says that “code is poetry”; yes, and so is doggerel. See tweak above.

  3. VXXC

    What is the source of that picture? and who are they and when?

  4. William Sears

    I don’t see how you can determine the number of views of individual articles since you do not have a continue reading button – they are all laid out as a whole. It seems that you can only determine if the comments are read or a comment is submitted. Thus every time that I check to see if another inane comment has been made in response to a perfectly clear article on statistics another view has been added. Is this what John Brignell calls a wrong number?

    Either that or your spyware is a lot more sophisticated than I imagine, or maybe can imagine.

  5. Briggs


    They are me and Robert Beamon. Guess who is who.

  6. JH

    [W]hen it’s cold, you can always put another layer on.

    What do we do when it’s smoggy every day? No blue-sky sunny days. No stars. No, I am not talking about living on Mars.

  7. VXXC

    well then I stole your pic literally

    I called it after my NJ army unit and added “lost in Time”

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