Top 15 Posts Of All Time: My Choice

I had that colorful skin growth surgically removed in 1977.
I had that colorful skin growth surgically removed in 1977.
When last we met, that sodden yet miserably cold, supposedly summer-ish day, we gandered at the top 20 posts of all time, as decided by you, the reader.

It’s not that I hold your opinion in any but the utmost regard—you know how much I love you—but, well, let’s just say it: Briggs knows best about what Briggs does best.

This collections differs markedly from the Reader’s Top 20, mostly because in these I get to laugh at my own jokes. Hey, if I don’t, nobody will.

Even though you’d be better off frolicking in some field, I still present to you these my favorites.

Article Why Read?
Subjective Versus Objective Bayes (Versus Frequentism) The origin of parameters explained.
Damn Straight News: Manly Men More Likely To Be Conservative Sometimes statistics gets it right.
Political Philosophy: Peter Kreeft’s Summa Philosophica All of philosophy in 10 easy lessons (one is still to come).
The Genetic Fallacy: He Works For An Oil Company! And don’t forget hypocrisy!
Dinner With Atheists: A Mini-Play In One Act Boy, those atheists sure are smart.
Randomized Trials Are Not Needed Another frequentist holdover bites the dust—hard.
The Argument Against Same-Sex Marriage Be nice, people, be nice.
All Models Are Not Wrong Another scurrilous charge refuted.
Sandra Fluke Mows The Lawn And boy does she expect to be paid.
Homeopathic Blog Post
How to think about time series (temperature example) People get time series wrong distressingly often.
Celebrating 4th of July Makes You Republican The best use of bad statistics of all time. From Harvard!
Bayes vs. Frequentism: The Lady Tasting Tea; or, The Final Battle Frequentism never made it past Round One.
Edward Feser’s The Last Superstition Review of a modern classic.
Diversity: The Dumbest Idea Ever? Hint: the question is rhetorical.

All of these appear on the Classic Posts page. A page which differs from Hire Me, which you, or someone you kindly tell, should certainly do.

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  1. William Sears

    Ah, but the writer is notoriously unable to judge his own work. That’s why we have critics and editors and why writers when they become famous enough to ignore the editors produce junk, which they consider to be their best work.

    “I get to laugh at my own jokes. Hey, if I don’t, nobody will”.

    I hear you brother. Some of my own quips make me laugh for days.

  2. JH

    My Dear Mr. Briggs, is the “why read” column a joke? If not, it sure tells me a lot about you.

  3. Mike B.

    Look at me! Look at me! One of my suggested topics made the top ten!

  4. Briggs


    You’re going to have to clarify your question. I don’t get it.

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