Colonoscopies Set To Music

This was sent to me by my uncle who is a VIP nurse and who in his official capacity has peered down the blind alleys of hundreds of the rich and famous.

Naturally I’m sworn to secrecy about his clientele and I won’t make any cracks. But I can tell you my uncle has seen the Oh! on the faces of many you have heard of, especially if you are a fan of sports, politics, or music from a certain region of this once fine country of ours.

There is also a celebrity doctor that you will have heard of that I can’t tell you about. Not directly. Before he gained fame, I was in his shared office when I was a newly christened biostatistician (I was there to do work, not to have it done to me) and wondered about the long black tubes hanging on the wall. Being ever curious, I picked one up. Slippery, slimy things.

The nurse and different doctor I was with cautioned me an instant too late. I recall scrubbing up as vigorously as any surgeon.

I believe the not-yet-celebrity doctor took the same view of the tubes as I, because it wasn’t too long after this incident that he began his transformation from obscurity.

Anyway, my folks have seen the gentlemen in the video several times as they make their way through Florida on winter tour. Spread the word of this dark video!


  1. DAV

    Hard to imagine a colonoscopy without a crack close at hand.

  2. well, this is one that will be forwarded… and, by the way, my colonoscopy at the age of 71 found a cancer, and thus my life was saved. So, I’m grateful to that unsung…or rather, now sung… hero.

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