New and Improved!

I’m trying out a new theme because the old one was getting stale. Still a lot to do with this one, but it’s slick, no?


Update: Sunday morning Well, it’s “new”, anyway. I’ll leave the theme up for the rest of today and see it is can generate any love. If not, then we’ll switch back to the old one.

Update: Sunday afternoon The 24-hour experiment is over. The emails and comments have voted all against to none in favor of the new theme. The search for freshness continues. The old theme (obviously) has been restored.


  1. Speed


    The blue bars are too strong. This blog is about what is written, not the devices used to divide the screen. The bars are stronger than even the titles.

  2. This shows up on my screen as a table of thumbnails to the last half-dozen posts, with only one or two dozen words from each entry visible. I have found in the past that I soon abandon Blogs which require me to click through to posts. The old format was excellent in my opinion.

  3. Bob

    It’s OK. I am not excited about the sliding graphics,but, it is OK. Can I have the old theme?

  4. dearieme

    As you were, Briggs. New style stinks.

  5. Scumop

    At first I thought I had arrived at a wrong site.
    But not too bad overall. I have a preference for the new style on looks alone. But for usability, I am with Dawson – clicking through for the full content is less than fun.

  6. Briggs


    Although it’s only one click, I take your point that a lot of people will hate making it. I’m thinking of how to code the idea of having two main pages: one for the scroll-based, traditional layout, and another for the current one. I have to be sure there are no database conflicts (especially with comments, since I really have to run two copes of WordPress).

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