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@1 Characteristics of Near-Death Experiences Memories as Compared to Real and Imagined Events Memories Link

@2 Dogs are not people too. Even though this guy says Science says they are. Link

@3 A boy, especially a bright one, will want to drop out of school through the nearest window, run screaming to a recruiting office for the French Foreign Legion, anything to get away from inane, vapid, and insubstantial feel-good compulsory niceness inflicted by some low-wattage ed-school grad. Link

@4 Ted Cruz gave a 21-hour speech and is now Goldstein (let him who readeth understand). Yet those in power who made all these delightful new laws which were not as promised are seen as beneficent. Filed under No Kidding: Poll Finds Vast Gaps in Basic Views on Gender, Race, Religion and Politics. Link

@5 For one month, Korean teachers and professors are kept in complete isolation under conditions that resemble house arrest, with everything down to their food waste subject to rigorous examination. Tiny pieces of paper, or any “suspicious materials” found in the food waste are picked out and torched. Link

@6 Too early for I told you so? Under DSMV V pedophilia will be classified as a sexual “orientation.” Spokesperson for minor-attracted persons and registered sex offender Paul Christiano said his pedophilia-advocacy group is “working towards de-stigmatizing the mental health community.” Only a bigot would disagree: you bigot! Link

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  1. Igor

    “Dogs Are People, Too” is a prerequisite for MDM (man-dog marriage). Scientific approval is achieved. Or is it “People Are Dogs, too”? Then apparently horses are dogs too? Stone is a cloud. Book calm implore lay must never she stop seven when prepare, isn’t it? I would say everything is everything too. Nothing is everything and nothing at the same moment. And with about 1 million words in English the number of possible scientifically proved sentences is practically infinite. Which leads to a conclusion that every phrase is scientific, until it is outspoken at NYT.

  2. Scotian

    Love your new link of the day feature, Briggs, since I am obsessed with reading new things and making inane comments. Is that in the DSM V?

    @2: Here is my summary: Speak Phoebe speak, “woof, woof”, See dogs are people too. I believe that the professor is being disingenuous in his stated desire. He does not want dogs to have rights in any human sense but to be wards of the state and to be euthanized at will. They will certainly not be given the dog’s idea of freedom. But on the other hand this is probably what he envisions human rights are as well. We can’t have all those people running around feral now can we – neuroeconomists excepted. What the h#&% is a neuroeconomist? Don’t get me wrong though, Phoebe is the best dog ever!

    @3: I figured this out myself when I was still in elementary school. Boys of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains.

  3. DAV

    @2 Well, OK but only the dogs who sign the MRI consent form and voluntarily submit to the procedure should be considered people.

  4. Briggs


    I have a relative (young teen boy) who parents drug him up to settle him down. I can’t recall: what conclusion did we come to in tallying how many young men who snap and the proportion of them on happy drugs?

  5. Sylvain Allard

    @4 this gap is why the republican will soon be wiped out of the map.

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