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@1 False widow spiders on the march! Under orders from global warming. Link

@2 Washington Post’s astonishing database of non-profit shenanigans. The big secret is millions go missing from NGOs: it’s kept quiet to keep the cash flowing. Most amazing side fact: Columbia University makes $4.7 billion a year. Link

@3 Nanny State expands apace. San Francisco—the freest city in America—to tax soda pop. City Supervisor Scott “I’m Not A” Wiener said, “It’s not a nanny state at all; we’re not banning anything.” Government knows better than you what you should eat. Link

@4 Neuroscientists develop equation for predicting future disasters? Or more science by press release? How could a simple 512 x 512 Ising model have “far-reaching” implications? Answer: it cannot. Link

@5 Bad news for environmentalists and other activists. Humanity just had its best year ever. But cheer up. If we’re at the top, the only way to go is down. Link

@6 Sharknadoes to increase due to global warming Link

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