Top 10 Blog & Stream Posts of 2017

Top 10 Blog & Stream Posts of 2017

Here they are! The most desperately awaited Top 10 Posts at of 2017! This is followed by the even-more-exciting Top 10 Stream Articles.

These are counted by post statistics, and not actual reads, which I don’t know. Many come to the blog each day (maybe 1,000) and do not “click into” any posts, and instead read them on the home page. As such, I have no clear idea how many people read any single post.

Stream articles are counted separately, because, obviously, they are read there and not here.

I can’t count reads, but I can count shares and individual clicks. That gives rise to this list, on which I am delighted to say are three guest posts!

To 10 Posts

10. Eliminate The P-Value (and Bayes Factor) Altogether & Replace It With This

9. Reaction: Anthony Esolen’s ‘Out of the Ashes’ Reviewed

8. Number Of Christians Against Biblical View Of Same-Sex “Marriage”

7. Don’t Be A Conservative: Be a Reactionary

6. An Open Letter To Milo Yiannopoulos — From A Friend (Guest Post)

5. Would A Secret Society Lie? The Freemasons Part I — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

4. Why Is Rape Wrong? Science Has No Answer

3. Countering The Claim That Francis Is An Antipope — Guest Post by Fr. John Rickert, FSSP

2. The Theory of Diversity Explained

1. To Put America First Is To Put Our Planet’s Climate First

Top 10 Stream Articles

Counting Stream views is also difficult, since I again can only see a rough measure of shares and not the actual statistics. With that caveat in mind, here’s the list!

10. Prediction: Supreme Court Will Punt in Fake Marriage Cake Case

9. March For Science Descending Into Farce

8. No, The Size of the Universe Does Not Prove God Doesn’t Exist

7. March for Science a Dud

6. Is the Trump/Russia “Dossier” the Fake News of the Decade?

5. Normalizing Incest and Other Perversions: It’s Already Happening

4. Politico Wants to Know if Trump’s Academic Supporters Regret Their Choice. I Don’t.

3. New ‘Children’s’ Book Has Prince Charming Finding ‘True Love’ With Farm Boy

2. NOAA Whistleblower Claims Data Were ‘Adjusted’ to Make Global Warming Seem Worse

1. Washington Post to Christians on Christmas Morning: Jesus Didn’t Exist


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