More forecasting: Obama’s Loss Traced To William Briggs

A friend sent this:

Say, if the Big O does win, will change its name? To, maybe,


  1. I remember reading a quote to the effect that the day after the revolution, the most ardent revolutionary becomes the most vicious reactionary.

    I don’t believe that will be any different in 2009.

  2. Joy

    First, aiding and abetting wikijacking, then abject laziness.
    Don’t you know you’re helping the goat bomber?

  3. Nah, although in general he’s spot on, I think in this case Darren is off about those nutjobs at MoveOn. Unlike folk who care about anything, imo they will only push harder and harder to tear down the fabric of the nation. They are all about anger and angst, not reason or compassion. Their new name will be “MoveOnEvenFurther”. For victors, nothing is every enough.

  4. Joy

    ‘every enough’ is too many ‘enoughs’. Just one ‘enough’ is enough.
    and one ‘enough is enough’ is enough.

  5. What I will find instructive is the Obama Administration’s position regarding the “expanded powers” of the Executive branch under Bush — the resistance to oversight, the secrecy, etc. While I’m sure there are plenty of people who’ve decried these things in the past, it will be interesting to see how they function in the job when they can use these tactics to make their jobs easier, or “for the good of the American people”.

    It will be interesting, for example, to see how they handle their first serious intelligence leak. A leak that makes them look naive and stupid, for example. For all the “patriots” that have fired torpedoes at the Bush Administration from the left, I have to assume there would be one or two from the right whose desire to “see the right thing done” trumps their respect for institution. From the warm reception accorded Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, I’m thinking the reprisals will be far swifter and more public than the Bush Administration has taken to this point. And with a lot less tolerance.

    The loonies will not be satisfied, 49er, I agree. But the slightly more centrist folks who put Barack in the White House are unlikely to want to waste the very expensive and tedious positioning of him (hey, it takes a long time to donate $100 million a month in increments of less than $200) by having him move farther and farther left.

    I have some hope that the PUMAs will provide a margin of victory for McCain-Palin next week. The worldwide schadenfreude of that outcome, if harnessed and stored, could meet the energy needs of the United States for decades. I will need Botox for months to get the smile off my face.

    Failing that, my hope is that the Democrats will be as unable to lead as they have been for the past two years. About all they were able to do was pass a minimum wage law, the bailout and a Medicare extension. Here’s hoping the ill will and stasis generated by their idiotic party primary system will be the model for their attempts at governance. I’m a fan of governmental stasis, typically that’s what you would expect from a divided government. I have faith that the Democratic party is sufficiently riven and split internally that they can function as their own internal check. At least, the Blue Dogs plus the GOP Remnant can keep the House in check.

    Obama, Pelosi, Reid.
    Pick any two.

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