Special Midweek Doom — AI Won’t Save The Right Edition

The Doom is piling up faster than I can shovel it out.

Item Amazon’s Facial Recognition Software Found To Be Racist, Sexist

…one thing I didn’t see coming was allegations that the software was going to turn out to be bigoted. And yet that’s the latest claim we’re hearing about Amazon’s facial recognition software products. They’re surprisingly accurate if you happen to be a white male, but otherwise…not so much.

We saw it coming: Researchers Forced To Teach Algorithms To Reject Hate Facts, Statistics Are Now Hate Facts.

Others on the dissident right also saw it coming, and they foresaw the leftist panic, but the right thinks that AI (curve-fitting algorithms, i.e. statistical models), will somehow triumph. To which I say: Ha.

You can only get out of an algorithm what you put into it, as we have proved many times. Therefore, to cure an algorithm of accuracy, i.e. racism, you simply remove those bits that caused the accuracy. Woke corporations will settle for less accuracy to avoid racism and AI will not be the savior of the right.

Also see this entry by Woke Capitol. Then recall we already know Google manipulates searches, so that it’s surely true they’ll manipulate more when those searches turn out to be “X-ophobic” etc.

Item ‘Hail Satan?’ Film Review: Hero Satanists Use the Devil to Separate Church and State

The group’s modus operandi is to present Satanism as a religion that deserves equal time with Christianity, in order to call attention to the un-Constitutionality of Christianity in public spaces. They never win their fights to erect Satanic statues alongside displays of the Ten Commandments outside Bible Belt state buildings. But that’s never the real goal: The real goal is to help good citizens realize that the Ten Commandments have no business on government grounds, either.

“Hail Satan?” (the question mark, Lane explained at a Q&A after the premiere, is meant as something of an olive branch to non-Satanists) is much funnier and more inspiring than you might expect a film called “Hail Satan?” to be.

The film is about inclusion, and plurality. Yes, they make fun of Christian symbols to get attention. But at least for the people profiled in the film, it seems without malice — they say what they really want is to start a conversation.

We have to agree with the satanists that “inclusion and plurality” are as good a definition of Satanism as can be had, augmented by the zit-faced making fun of their betters.

Item Calif. board of trustees scraps Pledge of Allegiance over ‘white nationalism’ history

The Santa Barbara City College Board of Trustees President says the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag is “steeped in expressions of nativism and white nationalism.”

In emails obtained exclusively by Campus Reform, the president of the SBCC Board of Trustees, Robert Miller, stated that he decided to “discontinue use of the Pledge of Allegiance” at board meetings because of its history….

“I decided to discontinue use of the Pledge of Allegiance for reasons related to its history and symbolism,” Miller said in an email to Celeste Barber, a former adjunct instructor at SBCC. “I have discovered that the Pledge of Allegiance has a history steeped in expressions of nativism and white nationalism.”

Roger Miller, vice signaler, is himself white. If a black or Asian makes an anti-white comment, fine, whatever. This is natural. But if a white makes an anti-white comment, to the point of labeling whites a systemic disease, as is now common, then we have definite evidence of a slave mentality.

Miller—and he himself must acknowledge practices a kind of treason—wants to let his cultural masters know he is with them and not whites, even though he is white. He is hoping his act washes him clean, so to speak, so that he becomes a non-white-white. Uncle Tomism works for all races.

He isn’t wrong that being anti-white is what his masters demand. He’s only wrong is thinking he knows who his masters are. Nobody really knows. This is the beauty of leftism. Nobody knows who the party leaders are, so people play it safe and suck up to the air, hoping whoever it is that is in charge notices. That nobody really is in charge, while simultaneously everybody is, means nobody knows when to stop. So we will continue moving left.

Item Corporate America Is Getting Ready to Monetize Climate Change

As the Trump administration rolls back rules meant to curb global warming, new disclosures show that the country’s largest companies are already bracing for its effects. The documents reveal how widely climate change is expected to cascade through the economy — disrupting supply chains, disabling operations and driving away customers, but also offering new ways to make money…

On Tuesday, CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, released letter grades for those companies that measure “how aware they are about the issue, how they’re managing it, how they’re progressing toward targets,” said Caroline Barraclough, a CDP spokeswoman. Thirty U.S.-based companies got an “A” grade, the most of any country; they include Apple Inc., Johnson & Johnson and Home Depot Inc. Next on the list were Japan, with 25 top-scoring companies, and France with 22.

I’ll tell you what’s about to be monetized: yet another shakedown industry. The CDP will join the Human Rights Campaign, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and other immoral groups who have figured out the neatest money-making scheme. Threaten to call a company a bad name, and they’ll pay to keep you quiet.

Item Trans-Black German Model Believes She Can Have Black Baby with Trans-Black Husband (Thanks to Sheri for the tip)

Martina is a German Caucasian woman.

Martina’s husband is also German and also trans-black.

Martina believes she will have a black baby with her trans-black husband.

You can’t really blame this low-intelligence Martina from believing that if she rubbed shoe polish all over herself she would no longer be white but would be black, and superior. This is exactly what people much smarter than her have been telling her. You are whatever you say you are: desire is the ultimate evidence and proof.

You can just hear the whisper of some blue-haired professor saying to herself, “I didn’t mean for it to go this far.” Too late now.

Item They want a global food treaty based on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and a $1 billion slush fund to lobby government.

They’re still coming for your meat.


  1. The advantages of the current proposals for the border fence are that the vertical slats enable small animals to easily cross the border, and that it provides thousands and thousands of posts to stand Leftists up against. Briefly.

    “It’s easy to vote yourself into Leftism. But you have to shoot your way out.”

  2. Hoyos

    The Soviet Union, as self destructive as it was, and while it had a few close calls, took 70 years to fall apart and only then after Reagan, Thatcher, and JPII gave it a good strong push.

    The older I get, the more reactionary I get, because I can see how ignoring man’s relationship to God isn’t just personally destructive, there is no truly “secular” system of government that doesn’t ultimately end in starvation and mass death.

    Only a relationship with God provides a strong enough “why” to rise above the ebbs and flows of life, to make sacrificial decisions, to order your own priorities. An atheist with, in real estate terms, “good bones” (Christian instincts that even Chris Hitchens acknowledged), may be able to get by on that for a while, but on average human beings do not function at their apex without Christ. I’m not just stating a preference, at this point it’s just about a self evident political fact.

  3. c matt

    Maybe the road out of Affirmative Action is for everyone to identify as a trans-minority?

  4. Uncle Mike

    One way to fight obesity is to institute forced starvation, ala Stalin and the Kulaks (see Dekulakization and Holodomor). The environmental gain from killing off all the farmers is just an incidental bonus (like collateral damage).

    Now if corporations could monetize all that (by down-sizing their obese collaterals), well, bonuses galore! Carbon taxes seem the best way to get started on the program. CEO’s should sign up their corps today. Suggested motto: Nothing is what’s for lunch.

    PS — after down-sizing their market population by 60 million via abortion, what else can a “socially responsible” corp do but cripple the economy with carbon taxes and mass starvation?

  5. Sylvain Allard

    Why did you put of Trump?

    I mean an orange sissy.

  6. Sander van der Wal

    AI’s cannot do racism because they are not human. Racism is an issue between members of the same species, not between members of different species. Otherwise parasites, viruses, bacteria amd so on that act differently on the the human races would be racist too.

  7. It’s not the poor AI’s that are racist. Ultimately, reality itself is racist.
    Blacks hold almost all the Olympic running records.
    Whites hold almost all the Olympic swimming records.

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