Help Wanted — Christians Need Not Apply

Help Wanted — Christians Need Not Apply

So the University of Colorado posted a Help Wanted sign in its windows hoping to nab a new president. Fellow named Mark Kennedy applied.

Did well in the interviews, too. Story goes “the regents unanimously selected the outgoing University of North Dakota president as their only finalist for the position.”

But then some (we imagine) Studies graduate discovered Kennedy was a Christian. Worse, a believing Christian, a fact which Kennedy had failed to disclose.

“I really question whether or not he has the qualifications to lead as exemplary a university as the one in Colorado and whether he has the best interests of students at the forefront,” said this female.

This revelation led a trustee to waver. She tweeted, “Some information about Mark has come to light that is concerning; my colleagues and I will be exploring this further.” Mark? She must know the man well to call him by his first name while kicking him.

“While serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, Kennedy voted to restrict abortion rights, voted in support of a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, and voted to restrict bankruptcy rules.”

The complainant said Kennedy’s consideration “sends a harmful message to the women on campus, and it also sends a harmful message to the gay students.” Even though Kennedy himself said gmarriage is a “settled issue”.

Another report says “Colorado residents bombarded regents with complaints that Kennedy voted against same-sex marriage and a woman’s right to choose.”

Right to choose to kill the lives inside them when those lives are a burden.

Evidence of Kennedy’s evilness was thin, which prompted some to create imaginary evidence, which, as all know, can be even more damaging than real evidence. “@CURegentKroll serious question, wld u be ‘excited 2 have a leader of Mark Kennedy’s caliber’ if he had supported a constitutional amendment 2 deny rights to an ethnic group?”

Kennedy hadn’t so voted, but imagine if he did!

The report also said “Regent Smith told the Boulder Daily Camera that Kennedy’s voting record never came up during a two-hour interview…’I imagine that will be a question when he goes to forums, and I want to see how he responds and in return how the community responds to his responses,’ Smith told the paper.”

This gives the regents a face-saving possibility of dumping Kennedy. “Sorry, old fellow, the screaming mob didn’t like you.”

We met Israel Folau before. Remember him? The Australian Christian rugby player who caused controversy by stating, in public, that he believed Christian teachings on human sexuality.

Folau posted online an image that read (I’m adding punctuation) “WARNING: Drunks, Homosexuals, Adulterers, Liars, Fornicators, Thieves, Atheists, Idolators. HELL AWAITS YOU. Repent! Only Jesus Saves.”

Now one would think this was cheering news. Sin can be forgiven! Isn’t that nice? (I sure think so, for I am a great sinner in need of much forgiveness.)

Make that ex-rugby player. For Foulau was finally canned for speaking in public about his beliefs. (Thanks again to K.A. Rodgers for the tip.)

One report says “The NRL appears to have ruled out any prospect of Israel Folau returning to the game after ARL Commission chairman Peter Beattie said the rugby star had no support from league officialdom.”

“Israel Folau doesn’t pass our inclusiveness culture, which is a policy strongly supported by the ARLC,” Beattie said. Inclusive exclusive of Christian (and Islamic) beliefs, he meant.

Chief executive Todd Greenberg of Folau’s team said “There are young boys and girls who will read that (anti-homosexual posts) and find it hard to deal with because Israel has a large profile. That would not have been his intent, but it is very damaging to some people.”

Rather, it is damaging not to read and heed the advice Folau so generously gave.

The conservative publication Forbes said Rugby Australia has “shown leadership” by firing Folau for speaking about Christian teachings.

Well, this is true. For it takes a leader to “give the sack”.

Forbes said “had been warned a year ago about posting anti-LGBTIQ content and had signed a new contract with Rugby Australia which is thought to contain a clause that specifically prohibits him from expressing such beliefs.” (This turns out not to be true: Rugby Australia bungled Folau contract: report, “Rugby Australia bungled its contract negotiations with Israel Folau by failing to insert social media restraints, according to a Sydney media report.”)

Imagine that. God Himself is, of course, anti-LGBTIQ. God-Jesus-Holy Spirit was quoted as saying “Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, because it is an abomination.” And that was only once instance of the Almighty’s “homophobic” stance.

Rugby Australia is doing its level best to make sure kiddies don’t hear that “prehistoric…hateful” message.

Finally(!), did you notice something important about these two stories? Nobody condemned Kennedy or Folau for being thievophobic, nor drunkophobic, adultererophobic, liarophobic, fornicatorophobic, atheistophobbic, nor idolatrophobic. Just “homophobic.” This isn’t because thieving is something you do and homosexual is something you are: there are no such things as homosexuals, for if there “are” homosexuals there are also necrophiliacs, pedophiles, and thieves.

Why the difference?

Bonus Late Doom Bulletin Folau a disservice to Christianity: NZ Catholic Church (Thanks again to K.A. Rogers)

The New Zealand Catholic Church has spoken out against controversial rugby star Israel Folau saying he has done a disservice to the church following his comments against homosexuals…

Following the fallout, New Zealand Catholic Church spokeswoman Dame Lyndsay Freer told the Herald she feels Folau’s words are damaging to the Christian faith and believes he portrays God’s messages in a negative light.

“I feel very sorry for what Israel Folau has done. I don’t think he’s done himself and I don’t think he’s done our Christian faith any great service by saying what he’s said and putting it the way he did,” she said in an exclusive interview with the Herald.

“Because that’s presenting God as a God of punishment and a God of vengeance, not a God of love, and mercy and compassion…

“Pope Francis is big on God being a God of love, not a God of judgement.”

One of the dangers of not reading the Bible is coming to views like this, views which are definite proof we are losing. Worth reminded us that no one spoke of Hell more than Jesus? Nah.


  1. Why is a woman in a position to speak for the Catholic church? Doesn’t the New Zealand Catholic Church have a copy of the bible on hand? 1 Corinthians 14:34 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.

    God does punish the wicked. There would be no point otherwise. She obviously doesn’t understand Christian theology. Or she prizes worldly fashion higher than eternal truths.

    Buttsex has risen from being illegal, to tolerated, to accepted, to mandatory. As predicted. They’re already working on childsex.

  2. Sheri

    Kill all the young females. There is no other possible answer. They have been lobotomized to the extent that they are nothing but evil horrors that must be removed. God may forgive them in the next life as they know nothing of what they do and nothing of reality. They are hopelessly stupid, like a kitten without it’s mother.

    On the other hand, the college trustees. need to be shot right along with all the young females for being idiots and wanting to get into her pants so they go along. (There is NO other possible reason for what they did. Only hormones can make a man that stupid. ) As for their forgiveness, that is much harder to predict. They brought hell to earth and tried to kill God.

    And Colorado (or California, Oregon, Washington state, etc) has surpassed Sodom and Gomorrah. Anyone stupid enough to live there will absolutely love Hell, I’m sure. Except for a few caveats that the hell leaders failed to mention. Which the fools deserve.

    Again, what MORON of a parent pays for this crap???????? They are just as evil as the college. They HATE their kids and want them living in hell on earth. Evil runs rampant and unfettered.

  3. Sheri

    Also, we have definately established that the limiting of religious practice is okay, widespread and to **** with the Constitution. Sharia law will reign in the lifetime of those here because cowardice and fear are all Americans have. If there is no free practice, there WILL be a national religion and it will come soon. Learn to love those burkas (now worn in the US Senate and House—a clear violation of the separation of church and state by all standards currently used), abuse by men and massive hatred of women. Women WILL be silenced or killed and these people don’t fear carrying out the sentence. Gays will be massively exterminated. Women destroyed themselves with this stupidity, their children and the country. They deserve the hell they bring. (Men will probably actually be better off. Ironic, isn’t it?)

  4. “The conservative publication Forbes said Rugby Australia has “shown leadership” by firing Folau for speaking about Christian teachings.”

    It’s very important to identify the virus of PC-Prog beliefs in formerly Normal domains.

    Forbes may have been conservative at one time, but just this one story reveals its PC-Prog innards.

    Better to call it what it is: “fake conservative” Forbes.

    Fake conservatives are much more dangerous than overt PC-Progs.

  5. Leo

    This is reminiscent of the story in Daniel 6, verses 5 through 11.

  6. Ken

    Consider that Christians started out in a pagan society where they couldn’t tell anyone to do anything, much less use force of law or institutional policy.

    Leadership by example — that’s how they did it. The technique still works.

    Maybe the fact that a once Christian society, stronghold even, is going back to paganism has something to do with the lousy examples (and there are oh so many contradictory lousy examples) of what good & proper behavior is … as exhibited by the modern crop of so-called Christians.

    So much blatant hypocrisy — such examples DO lead … but in a direction AWAY from the example-setters.

  7. R

    What on Earth is the New Zealand Catholic Church?

    We don’t do erastianism, so is this talking head a mouth for an archdiocesan office? Also, as far as I can tell, Folau seems not to be Catholic, so the whole thing would be beyond bizarre in any case. (Technically iirc canon law applies to properly baptized Christians, but isn’t enforced for obvious reasons.)

    Unless the NZCC is some sort of schismatic body like the Polish National Catholic Church, which would make more sense, especially if Folau is or was affiliated with it in some way.

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