All Rhodes Lead To Rome: Part II — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

All Rhodes Lead To Rome: Part II — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

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Let’s think a minute about empires. They have to have a starting point. A point where they grow beyond a national boundary and take on a momentum that tempts someone to continue that new trajectory. The point man for this was usually a general, in service to his king. The booty from a successful conflict with a neighbor usually accrued to the winning king. If he decides that this profit was too attractive to ignore, he often continued this process. Once the supply lines grew beyond a certain length, the king would need forward financing to maintain the momentum of the enterprise before engaging in the next confrontation. A national tax base can only cover so much. That’s where the role of the Financiers (and inflation) began. They and the Empire have travelled in tandem ever since.

Cecil Rhodes was the quintessential British Imperialist of the 19th century. A true internationalist. He was the founder of the DeBeers diamond cartel. He owned, it seems, half of Afrika. Ever heard of Rhodesia? Look at Zambia and Zimbabwe. That used to be known as North and Southern Rhodesia. Back when Afrika was profitable.

Cecil believed in the White Man’s burden that Kipling wrote of. Kipling of course was urging America to take up that burden, as the Anglish Empire was faltering as the result of following the advice of another famous White Imperialist idiot, named Winston Churchill. Who, like Rhodes, had also earned his initial reputation in South Afrika. In the Boer Wars, where concentration camps were invented. By the Anglish. Written of, glowingly, by your favorite war correspondent, Winnie.

Rhodes dedicated his life to the advancement of the The (British) Empire. As I have said many times before, this would be, in fact, the Empire of Rome, in its third stage of global operations. For just as the Imperial HQ was moved to Constantinople in the 4th century, so it moved again to Old York after the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Actually, the move had begun much earlier, as the financial back-office anticipated the obviously inevitable Muslim victory. That back-office, by the way, is always the actual heart and essence of The Empire. Any empire. It was only a matter of time before that move to Old York would have to happen. And as any Emperor (or at least, his financiers) knows, time is money. From an Imperial perspective, Mammon is all that counts.

The Empire eventually settled its financial operations into the British Isles, which were in fact an integral part of the original Empire. Home of the tin trade, in fact. Tin is important. Bronze Age Pagans will understand. In a way, the move was simply a homecoming of sorts, as Constantine was first proclaimed Emperor while residing in York. That’s where his father, Emperor Constantius was residing until he died in 306 AD. None of these thoughts that the Empire should be centered in Britain should be controversial, though it is to the Weiner-Dog ‘historians’ of today. Home is where the heart is. And Caesar has a heart of gold. And teeth of iron.

There were many struggles between the time of the withdrawal from Constantinople and the open proclamation of the British Empire as the legitimate descendant of Imperial Rome. The language, the symbology, the philosophy underlying the Empire all remained unchanged. Once Henry (VIII) was seated, the pagan Roman roots came back into view, and the work of Empire continued. World domination was, and still is, the only reason for Empire.

Cecil Rhodes was not unique in perceiving this. His secret ‘Society of the Elect‘, followed by Lord Milner’s ‘Kindergarten’ were the forerunners of today’s Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Tri-Lateral Commission (TLC). All were simply the means of expressing and expanding the Imperial imperative. Which is to say, in the guise of today, White Internationalism.

This phase of Imperial history has been written about extensively, and most importantly by that impeccable establishment authority, Professor Carrol Quigley. He was one of the Oxford professors who taught Wm. Jefferson Clinton, that Rhodes Scholar from Arkansas. Quigley outlined Rhode’s role in his tome, the Anglo-American Establishment. He also authored the quintessential establishment look at the Empire today in his infamous Tragedy and Hope. (Comically, his star pupil Clinton became the Tragedy from Hope).

Quigley was the original ‘conspiracy theorist’. But it wasn’t theory to him. He was writing from an insider’s position of knowledge. He had access to all their files. Try finding a copy of those files today. I guess we need to coin a new phrase. Conspiracy analyst, maybe?

What was the goal of Rhodes and his like-minded compatriots? Simply an exercise in improved Imperial efficiency. Think of Emperor Justinian. They wanted to more closely unite all the Anglophile world (their Anglo-Saxon cousins in Germany, but especially their rebellious American cousins) into a single world-wide parliamentary union that would rule till the end. A more centralized Rome, if you will. One that would be more responsive to Caesar. And his financiers, of course.

Running the Empire is a huge task. It requires an incredible number of men who must not only be intelligent, but they must also be loyal. Not just loyal to the particular person on the Imperial throne. No, the loyalty this task needed is the loyalty to the cause, however long it may take. This was always to be a multi-generational task. The financiers have always understood this truth. Few others have.

Back to Cecil and his Society of the Elect. Not surprisingly, this society was rather white. Their stated goal was to unite all the Anglophones (and Teutons too, which is why Dolph idolized Rhodes) into a single world-wide governing body. Led by a single leader, of course. Everyone needs a Caesar. The goal was to extend the rule of Rome-Britannia across the entire globe. Take a look at this map of the British Commonwealth from the previous century:

Color the US portion of the map red as well, as every Anglophile still considers America (as the financiers do as well) to be part of the Empire. In fact, it is now the residence of the Imperial HQ, since the establishment of the Federal Reserve, in 1913. In New York, naturally. Just across the pond from Old York.

Within those red regions (nations?), the language, the customs, the institutions, the people are still pretty much the same, at least at the top of society. The behavior of the Empire is still the same. Nothing of any importance has changed. Especially the way the Empire is financed. Printing has advanced, sure, but so have the needs of governance.

Our focus on the Empire’s financial location, let’s not forget how the Empire operates. That is to say, how the Legions are deployed. For after all, this is how the Empire grows. And survives. Take a glimpse of this map, showing all the nations that have been the recipient of the British Empire’s military love in the past 500 years. See anybody you know? I can show you a similar map showing the results of American military love for the world. Very little difference.

Why would there be? The Empire never changes. Obviously, America has large shoes to fill, but she is doing her best. As the fourth iteration of Imperial Rome, she is up to the task. Ask the Iraqis and Afghans. Better yet, ask the ones who financed Rhodes.

The Mammonites! These are the men who have wrestled control of the mint away from the hands of most nations. These men are definitely not nationalists. These men operate it for the benefit of Caesar (sometimes), and themselves (always). They are always looking out for Number One. They know that the one who prints the money is the only one that counts. They also know they have to share some of this largesse in order to keep the wheels of the Imperial coach moving ahead to the next big plunder. This willingness to share their magically created wealth is the honey that will attract the men they need to pull the Emperor’s ever-heavier coach.

Think, for a moment or two, how many layers of control and influence exist in the top stratas of the Empire. Then think of the breadth of this same beast. How many Assistant Directors of the numberless Departments of Something-or-Other are there today? Forget the Cabinet Secretaries. They are usually purely political. Friends of Caesar. Looking for a little fame. They aren’t accomplished bureaucrats. They aren’t men that can insinuate themselves into a department hierarchy and rule from below for forty odd years or so. Cabinet Secretaries and Bureau heads come and go. But Assistant Directors can live almost forever, making sure that the machinery is always compliant to the will of Caesar. Or, rather, those who finance him, whoever Caesar is at the moment.

Again, think of the vast number of these men that would be needed to faithfully keep this ship of state sailing on an undeviating course. Where do you find such men? They don’t come fully trained, right out of the box, you know. It’s not that easy. Not at all. And this is where Cecil and his many admirers comes into the picture.

What were the means of Rhodes and his like-minded compatriots (like Churchill) in finding and training the devoted manpower needed to keep things afloat? The Rhodes Scholars, of course. The elite pipeline that would bring eager young sycophants into the Empire’s orbit. Men who would willingly sell their souls for the chance to sit on the throne, or anywhere near it. Men who would easily mistake the role of chauffer for that of the ones who ride in the back of the limo. In other words, fools. Men (and women) who would willingly do the bidding of those who actually own the limo. And who buy the gas. And plot the route.

Since the bastard Anglish culture is essentially the same as in original Rome, what’s the difference between then and now? After all, wasn’t First Rome simply New Troy? History is funny if you connect the dots. Things don’t change. Not really. Only the costumes. The roles remain the same. Imperial Rome will rule till the end. Even Calchus understood that. Just as the men who financed Rhodes did. For Cecil Rhodes too was just a tool. A very willing tool.

Men like William Jefferson Clinton and Cecil Rhodes are a dime a dozen to these Mammonites. Don’t worry, they won’t run out of dimes. They already hold the levers of the mint. And the challenge of controlling access to this font of wealth is past. Their real challenge today is to find enough Quislings to staff their Enterprise. You know, the back office. Where all the real work of Empire is done. And financed. Where can the Mammonites find all the men they need to continue their work? Can Oxford really churn out enough of them to accomplish this seemingly eternal task? No, of course not.

That’s why there are many roads that lead to Rome. Imperial Rome, that is. Where you can sell your soul to Caesar, and his Mammonite financiers. These roads lead from many places, and we all know their names. Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are just as deadly as Oxford. And a slew of others behind them in the list of collegial prestige. That, at bottom, is what all these so-called men desire. The glory and prestige of this world. Truth be told, almost every university of note today exists simply to produce the acolytes of Empire. Their waiting lists never seem to shrink.

Imperial colleges have produced many young fools willing to do the bidding of Caesar and his financiers. Nothing has changed since the time of Augustus. Nothing at all. Mammon still rules the world, and Jeffrey Epstein is the poster child of their power. And of what awaits those successful enough to enter the crosshairs of Imperial power should they become a risk to the continuance of The Empire.

When all is said and done, who should we really fear? Is it the White Nationalist, pursuing his dream of re-establishing his previously subjugated nation? Or is it the White Internationalist, who is the instrument of this national enslavement? Which one really represents a threat to the peace of all nations? Which one wants to destroy each nation in their efforts to achieve global hegemony?

Without faith in something greater than Caesar (and his financiers), you will have no hope of an eternal future. With no hope of an eternal future, why would you want a family? In purely material terms, you can’t even afford one. A real one, that is. Something more than one and a half children. Some number that would actually grow your numbers. Something that might re-build a nation. Why would you want that? Because without a growing nation, you will have no freedom because you will have no sons and brothers to defend you. You will be alone. Against Caesar and his Mammonite Legions. Good luck, my brother. And farewell.

Caesar is not the primary enemy, just as Bill and Hill are not the root enemies of our nation. If you want to know who the real enemy is, look beyond the Emperor. Look for the root of all evil. Look for the unbridled desire for money. Look for who funds the Empire. Look at how they do it. They’re not doing it as their patriotic duty. No, that only applies to nationalists. That word never describes them.

No citizen, don’t look at who sits on the throne. Look for the ones who stand behind it, and who finance it. Look for the ones who ride in the back of the limo. And who offer you a ‘free ride’, if only you will be faithful to the Empire. Who is our real (earthly) enemy? Forget the White Nationalists. Look for the White Internationalists.

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  1. Watt! Home run!

    Thanks very much for this cogent, cryptic, and clearly written article.

    This is your home turf, and you know it intimately. Pointing fingers is exactly what’s needed, and this is a fantastic job of it!

    The only weakness in your point of view is missing the 200 years of effort required for the English to re-establish America as part of their power structure.

    America is unique in the Empire. We are the only English colony that revolted, threw off our colonial oppressors and created an exemplary model of freedom, independence and liberty.

    Not “Anglish” at all, but American–100% American. When the English came back 20 years later, attempting to re-enforce their Empire, we again beat them back. The Imperialists marched on our Capitol and burned the White House–but we beat them back.

    After 1814, it took another 100 years for Perfidious Albion to nose its way into our tent again. But there they were–in 1914–twisting the poor provincials’ point of view until we thought German threats to England threatened us.

    And it’s been downhill ever since. However, the point is that America is NOT a natural piece of your Anglish Empire. We spanked them, and sent them running across the ocean. Only through perfidious covert influence operations did they achieve their goal of the English tail (and its financier friends) wagging the American dog—see WW1, WW2, Falklands, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Malaya, Africa, Hong Kong, more.

    Other than that, great analysis and explication. Thanks.

  2. Brian (bulaoren)

    BACK IN THE 1980s there WAS AN english TV show I USED TO enjoy. IT WAS called “Yes Minister”. I FOUND IT pretty funny. NOW I realize IT WAS never a comedy.

    Sorry ABOUT THE caps. I can’t control MY fonts ON THIS HUAWEI phone.

  3. Hoyos

    @Brian, get another phone man! 🙂

    Yes minister and yes prime minister are required viewing for understanding not just government but any sufficiently large organizations. Don’t think, “oh it’s just some British comedy”, it’s powerful stuff written by a former labour hack and Tory hack who united when they realized that none of what they thought about politics mattered since it was going to be the civil service in charge from now until the end of time,

  4. Dean Ericson

    ”If you want to know who the real enemy is, look beyond the Emperor. Look for the root of all evil. Look for the unbridled desire for money. Look for who funds the Empire.”

    “I killed the bank” – Andrew Jackson

    The bank, like a vampire, is back.

  5. Yonason

    I would submit that it isn’t all America that’s the problem, but the American Left. As evidence, I submit Trump’s election as a vilification by the majority of America of the polices of the Left.

    If you want to know who is not your friend, look at who is embracing the instruments of deceit, like the climate change scam which is the biggest and most lucrative of them all. Richard Lindzen clearly and succinctly cuts to the heart of the matter – the goal of those pushing the climate scam is domination of their inferiors.

    (Listen starting where I set it at t=35:39 to about t=36:55)

    The world’s wealthiest and most powerful individuals want to increase their own wealth and power at the expense of the middle class and the poor.

    So, yes. The “Great Game” is perhaps more dangerous than when it was a competition between rival empires.

    Now it’s the elite of them all against the rest of us.

    I’m optimistic, though. It can’t last forever. These things never do.

  6. Mike Ozanne

    “In the Boer Wars, where concentration camps were invented. ”

    Concentration Camps were “invented” in the Spanish Cuban war of 1895-98.
    The US Army was operating them in the Phillipines in 1901…

    So no..

  7. Mike Ozanne

    “Winston Churchill. Who, like Rhodes, had also earned his initial reputation in South Afrika”

    Churchill earned his initial reputation in India and the Sudan with the publication of “The Story of the Malakand Field Force” and “The River War”.

  8. Mike Ozanne

    Ooops my mistake… The US Army began using concentration camps in the Philippines in September 1899.. a year before Lord Roberts initiated the policy in South Africa in September 1900

  9. Nate

    Interesting observations, but you seem to ignore pretty much all European History in favor of a British-centric view of Europe.

    Where do the Valois/Bourbons/Napoleons come into this? The French even stood up their own pope.

    You also vastly ignore the role of the HRE and the Hanseatic league (in finance especially), along with the Spanish Crown and the Italian Republics.

    If your ‘Empire’ went anywhere after the fall of Constantinople, it went to Venice *years* before, after the 4th crusade.

  10. Michael 2

    I am reminded of Grima Wormtongue in “Lord of the Rings”, the king whisperer, the CEO whisperer, or as I call it, the “beta”. A target is on the alpha; they come and go. It is the Beta that can hang around for a very long time.

  11. C-Marie

    Thanks Mike, regarding the clarification of the internment camps.

    Also, am wondering if Mr. Ianto has read Churchill’s own books? The real man is very present and fully admits his strengths and weaknesses. Yes, he saw the British Empire with great pride, but that was the tenor of things then, as was war to keep power. Winston Churchill was one of the most gifted of men in the way of leadership, and he was preserved through thick and thin by God for the leadership of World War II.

    All of the Millard interview is from the books that Churchill wrote…..much better to read his own words.

    Today they cannot go about empire building in much of a recognized by the general public, or in a seen way due to all of the politics, but do know that even Pope Francis appears to be for a One World Government….so do watch out and pay attention and go as God shows you to do.

    God bless, C-Marie

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