Register Your Predictions for 2020!

Register Your Predictions for 2020!

As has been our tradition these many years, it’s time to register our predictions for the coming year. We look at how well we did last year tomorrow.


  1. Everybody should have a go at the election.
  2. Number your predictions, using numbers, like this.
  3. Limit your predictions to 5, a number less than 6 or more.
  4. No sports.
  5. Be specific and provide a way to verify your projections.
  6. Attach a probability word if you are less than certain.
  7. Verified predictions of our coming Doom will receive very little weight unless they are quite specific.

My guesses:

  1. The Most Controversial Book Of The Decade will cause at least seventeen splenetic fevers, and century of conniption fits, a goodly number of strokes, one serious infarction, and, with the blessing, at least one reasonably sized riot. It may also talk at least one person out of believing asinine things. Buy as many copies as you can—when it is announced.
  2. Seven or more readers will gaze upon the above prediction and tell one colleague about the book, and these colleagues will be psyched. The title has not yet been released, because I may change my mind. Though this one is growing on me: The Most Controversial Book Of The Decade.
  3. Trump, if he survives, wins 2020 in a canter. Very high chance. I still give assassination low probability, but I do not discount it entirely. Trump, as little as he has done, has drive the left mad. Reason and rationality have long exited the scene. As the election draws near, and the insane among progressives sense the inevitable, I still suspect at least one attempt.
  4. Alien life, of the rational kind, is announced. I do not say discovered, but announced. We have been led this way the past few years, when even “official” sources are giving UFO stories credence. Low chance for this, but if it happens, I won’t be buying it. Our elites in charge of disseminating “information” for us to “consume” have proven themselves utterly untrustworthy.
  5. Last year I predicted we’d see an announcement a named company adopted a university-style Diversity oath to be employed. It’s rare now for universities not to have them, and as university graduates infiltrate businesses, and particularly HR, they will take with them the indoctrination they received. I did not see such an announcement, but I cannot believe that no company hasn’t done this—for hiring, not after being hired. Prediction: this year we see the announcement.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Enter your sagacious foresights now! Send this post to friends who are always bragging about how great they are at knowing what is to come. Time to put up or keep quiet.

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  1. BB

    1) (Get it out of the way first) Buttigieg to win the democratic nomination. Trump to win the election, but very narrowly.
    2) Impeachment for Trump to fail in the senate vote.
    3) Brexit to occur on January 31st, entering transition period. The transition period will be extended beyond the end of 2020 (despite Boris Johnson’s promises in the election). UK economy to perform better than Germany and France (in terms of GDP growth and unemployment figures).
    4) Average temperature for the year to be slightly up on 2019, but not by as much as the IPCC model projections.
    5) At least two people in the UK will be fired from their jobs because they say or write something which goes against the “diversity” agenda (or state enforced hatred, as I like to call it). All such people will lose any appeals to employment tribunals.

  2. Sheri

    Does predicting your ego will never shrink and we’ll have a year of book bellowing coming? You could title the newest one “My Book Hawking”. Yes, you annoy me with this. I’d stop reading, but I like being aggressive and tearing up egos, so that won’t happen. 🙂

    Sadly, I no longer give out insight to the future. It’s completely worthless, a parlor game without any merit. People are complete idiots and it wastes time (and honestly, if there’s a time period attached, it’s no different than throwing dice. Time limitations ruin future predictions. All us psychics know that an avoid it like the plague. Or else we lose our dollar-a-minute California psychic gig and have to get a real job.) If I want kudos for being able to predict the future, I go to climate web sites and predict doom of any kind any year. They never check, have zero standards, so I always come out right.

    Predictions are useless anyway. One cannot even predict wind in Wyoming, contrary to all the legends about wind. Didn’t someone write a book on that??????

    (As noted, and very, very seriously, NO ONE who understands predictions ever attaches a time limit or even an estimation. One can know with near certainty the direction humanity is going, but not the time table. EVER. One could also explain what will happen if Trump wins or say Crazy Bernie, but you cannot predict with certainty which will win. That only worked once—with Obama’s first term and that is a great rarity. So, predict away. I’m going to waste my time reading MSM lies and eating cheese, my latest addicition, while you folk pretend to have a crystal ball.)

    Happy New Year that looks like every other year.

    The Wolverine of Reality

  3. Sheri

    I do predict my crappy typing skills will land me in moderation at least 50 times, like just happened. One down and 49 to go.

  4. DAV

    1) Republicans will be voted into control of both House and Senate
    2) Bloomberg will be the Democrats nominee to run against Trump
    3) Virginia will attempt to enforce its gun ban but will fail
    4) California will go bankrupt and will ask for Federal bailout
    5) I will get 5 out of 5 correct predictions

  5. DAV

    Oh, yeah!
    Happy New Year!!

  6. Dan Diego

    1. The impeachment fiasco will die in the Senate.

    2. Biden will team up with a powerhouse VP, such as Warren or a repub, to take the dem nom.

    3. Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

    4. The market will take a couple big hits during the year and still end on historic highs.

  7. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    1. Senate Republicans will push for lower taxes as hard as contestants push in a flatulence contest.
    2. Jews will be the top five money spenders in this election cycle so they can continue to control the evil party and the stupid party.
    3. Elon Mush will announce he is perfecting tube travel so man can travel from New York to Miami in 45 minutes.
    4. Bergolio will approve an “experimental” program, in which women in the Amazon region will be ordained as Deacons.

  8. Jim Fedako

    1. Trump gets another term.
    2. US deficit hits a new record as Trump and Republicans continue to scale back spending and size of government (huh).
    3. In the name of democracy, US will wage open conflict in five countries.
    4. UK will completely rule out health care for those whose beliefs are not fully woke.
    5. The Left will eats its own in the Democratic primaries when they finally realize only privileged people run for president.

  9. Sander van der Wal

    1) Trump will win the 2020 American President election (one has to be very specific here as there are lots of elections).

    2) Boris Johnson will strike a deal with the EU so the UK will leave without a Hard Brexit. The deal will be announced before the end of 2020.

    3) Merkel will invent a reason not to relinquish control of the CSU in 2020 as she has promised to do.

    4) Salvini will win the next Italian elections and become Prime Minister of Italy after the current Leftwing government collapses.

    5) and finally close to home, the Dutch government will not fall in 2020. None of the 4 participating parties are do well in the polls. Current social unrest is bought off by increasing government spending.

  10. Scott aumuller

    The election will be between Michelle Obama and Trump . It doesn’t matter who will win no one will accept being the loser . The Chinese will make their move all over the place and this all will usher in the end of our stupid , doomed to fail , Protestant ” republic “

  11. Plantagenet

    1- The Republicans win the senate, White House, possibly the House mostly as a reaction to an extreme progressive agenda. However the victory is so divided between social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, neo-cons, disgruntled Democrats, evangelicals, reactionaries, libertarians, small c conservatives, and other independents that coherence seems elusive. On the other hand Progressives continue to move towards uniformity of a sort. Worrisome!
    2- Boris Johnson delivers brexit on January 31, and a workable deal before the end of the year.
    3- Peter Mackay, Rona Ambrose, or Jean Charest win the leadership of the Canadian Tory party. The new leader retreats from most overtly conservative social policy, making them likely to defeat Trudeau when his minority government falls…probably 2021.
    4-Signing a deal between UK and EU triggers a resurgent Scottish independence movement.
    5- Ianto Watt produces a post of less than 10 paragraphs. Several readers require help in liquid or pill form!

  12. Uncle Mike

    1. After #1 fails, Dems will impeach Trump again.

    2. Trump will win reelection. Dems will immediately go on impeachment #3 rampage.

    3. FBI/CIA will initiate Coup Two, funded by Crowd Source. They will fail but will get book/movie contracts worth $millions.

    4. Despite raving idiots like Musk in charge of most major corporations, the S&P500 will grow to 3,500.

    5. The climate won’t change, but everybody will think it did. Autistics United will demand that all cattle be exterminated in order to prevent forest fires. (Whoops, that actually happened last year. But it will happen again.)

  13. Carol Hanson

    Prediction No. 1: Joe Biden will become the Democrat nominee for president & will choose a Republican Vice Presidential running mate. Former Security Advisor, Condaleeza Rice, will be resistant but will be drafted & talked into running with Biden;
    Prediction No. 2: We will have the first Asian pope. Pope Francis will resign and Filipino Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle will be elected pope. However, there won’t be two popes emeriti living in Vatican City, because Bergoglio will move back to Argentina to live & work in the slums.
    Prediction No. 3: There will be a world-wide recession of massive proportions. Stock markets will collapse after a major Earth change occurs.
    Prediction No. 4: Extraterrestrials will finally make themselves known to the world. They will send a note first in the form of a crop circle announcing when & where they will land & with whom they want to meet. It won’t be Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or AOC.
    Prediction No. 4: A 25% shift in the Earth’s axis will cause wide-spread crop failure and economic collapse. Denver, Colorado will be the new West Coast. The East Coast will go under water.
    Prediction No. 5: The ETs will finally explain to us who we are; why we are here; and whether there is a God.

  14. pouncer

    Trump v Biden.

    In this event I have repeatedly “predicted” that an asteroid that could have ended civilization if it impacted would pass close to Earth and be detected only after it passed. THIS year that event already happened.

  15. C-Marie

    Here you go!!

    1. President Trump will be re-elected by a landslide.

    2. Many Democrats will publically speak up against impeachment as they see the troubles and upsets that continuing such will cause themselves and their families.

    3. Vice President Pence will become more prominent and many will consider the kind of President he would make if President Trump became unable to continue his duties.

    4. Biden will be the Democrat candidate and the money supliers will choose his running mate.

    5. The almost unbrideled access to power and prominence of those who live and speak out against God’s creation of heterosexuality and instead promote counterfeit seuxality in all its forms, will lose ground as parents see the effects of confusion on their own children.

    God bless, C-Marie

  16. Shecky R

    1. A Supreme Court vacancy will open in first half of the year and Democrats will successfully block anyone being named to fill the position before 2021.

    2. Trumpsky will resign the presidency (or be carted off in a straight-jacket) and Mike Pence will (prematurely) announce that ‘our long national nightmare is over,’ before pardoning Donald and then being impeached himself, as the full level of treason in this Administration is exposed.

    3. Mick Mulvaney leaves the Administration (perhaps on a stretcher) before June.

    4. After a long stint of unemployableness, Sarah Sanders accepts a job offer as a Walmart Greeter.

    5. Briggs’ blog will be hacked into and taken over by a bunch of pseudo-scientific, right-wing, Putin-controlled Q-Anon types…. but, no one will be able to tell the difference. 😉

  17. PK

    1 – Your controversial new book sits on my shelf alongside your previous award eligible volume, while Brexit still has not happened.

    2 – The news media pooh-pooh and ignore blatant voter fraud, foreign election meddling, and collusion as they announce Michelle Obama the clear winner of the 2020 Presidential election. Technical difficulties shut down Donald Trump’s Twitter account while Congress and world leaders demand that Michelle take office immediately due to climate catastrophe and rampant transphobia.

    3- Greta Thunberg leads the first group of UN Peace Keepers and election monitors up the Mississippi River. As they fan out into Red State America, a reissued Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton enters the Billboard top 10.

    4 – The irrational war on plastics continues to escalate.

    5- We find out who Ianto Watt really is, or what he really means to say.

  18. JTLiuzza

    1. Trump wins re-election, Republicans hold on to Senate and gain the House.

    2. Ginsburg makes it to the 2020 election.

    3. At least two states will have no abortion facility.

    4. The Bergoglian anti-papacy ends whether it be through faux resignation (you can’t resign an office you don’t hold), or more properly an outright declaration of anti-papacy.

    5. The problem of open borders will continue as it has and will actually play a factor in prediction #1, not instead of the impeachment charade but in addition to it.

    And I get to add #6 because this isn’t a prediction:
    6. Bergoglio gets videoed slapping and berating a desperate Asian woman.

  19. GamecockJerry

    1. Trumpslide 2020. At least 375 electoral votes.
    2. 50+% troop draw down in Afghanistan.
    3. Trump reveals the corruption/spying by Obama administration, including spying on Ted Cruz. Actually, it will be determined they are spying on every American.
    4. 2 Republican Senators will resign when they are caught up in spying on Americans.
    5. Slick Willie kicks the bucket.

  20. 1 – Biden will withdraw or otherwise be forced out as more and more Obama administration corruption surfaces – just before or after Super Tuesday.
    2 – RBG will be gone by July
    3 – Sanders owns the nomination until the second ballot – then loses to someone like Hillary or Michelle. No matter who wins, the dems will pick for electability and completely ignore the fact that the VP should be qualified to act as President in an emergency. .e.g If Sanders survives the second ballot, he’ll pick Stacey Abrams or someone just like her.
    4 – Iran’s protesters finally topple the regime after a minor (and probably secret) military shove from a combined US/Isreali force.
    5 – China crushes hong kong protests, waves the sabre at Taiwan, and – eventually, but not this year – loses both to internal rioting and collapse.

  21. Hun

    1) Trannies will fall out of favor after too many black women get publicly humiliated by white ex-men in sports
    2) DJIA will crash below 20,000 but starts recovering relatively quickly. This will be the start of a nasty recession.
    3) Impeachment will be dragged out to longest time possible for maximum effect. Mostly in the form of media hysteria.
    4) Democrats will nominate the most boring candidate available, surround him with a hysterical cries for “change” and win.
    5) Italian government will collapse and Salvini will win a huge majority. Media will describe it as a “fascist takeover”. Italy will enter a new era.
    6) V4 will either fall apart or lose unity; Poland and Hungary will align with Italy, possibly dragging Austria with them.

  22. Gary

    1. Sheri will continue her wonderful foaming at the mouth.
    2. Watt will continue his kryptic komrade analyses.
    3. Ken will continue his cynical debunking efforts.
    4. Joy will continue making references I can’t quite figure out.
    5. Briggs will continue to bring news of doom with unfettered glee and a typo in every post. It’s his enemies at work, don’t you know.
    6. A variety of other commenters will continue to provoke thought or consternation.
    7. Nothing else will change much as events come and go. The names will change but the themes will stay the same. Nothing new under the sun and all that.
    8. Because the rules say I need to predict the election — Trump wins.
    9. I have no skill at predicting specifics so I won’t win the contest.

  23. Fred

    1. Trump will once again lose the ppopular vote and win the EC.
    2. The left’s collective head will explode because of 1. There will be much screaming at the sky, fantasies of assassination, and, more seriously, violent destructive riots in deep blue cities.
    3. Republicans will retain the Senate but Democrats will retain the House.
    4. RBG will shuffle off this mortal coil. The resulting confirmation hearings will make the Kavanaugh hearings look like a Sunday school picnic.
    5. Iran will continue to provoke us. We will respond, but there will not be a war.

  24. Nate

    1. Almost certain Trump wins. Even chances that R’s retake the House and keep the Senate.
    2. Likely that S&P 500 ends lower on the year than it started.
    3. About even chance that Tucker Carlson is fired from Fox.
    4. Mr. Briggs receives a well-deserved prestigious award for scholarly excellence. Wishful thinking?

  25. 1. The slow slide into a hot WW3 will spike hot and cold. Suicide attacks against American interests will be the most effective, deadly and least likely to be stopped. These attacks will occur in multiple locations around the world.

    2. President Trump will continue his segue into complete immersion in the neocon warmongers’ goals (Forget MAGA, make it MIGA!). Their constant push for war against Iran will finally bear fruit. Tit for tat attacks (e.g. a suicide bombing in Kuwait answered by cruise missiles into Bushehr) will escalate throughout the year. Americans will die in these attacks. Maybe not where/who/how is expected, but there will be casualties.

    3. Global warming alarmist rhetoric will continue to escalate. Doomsayers will issue multiple predictions of imminent catastrophes–ice, heat, snow, rain, drought, sea level, dry/wet/hot/cold. Not one catastrophe will occur that is caused by CO2 in the atmosphere, much less by CO2 from mankind’s activities.

    4. Virginia’s new Democrat power will attempt to seize arms belonging to private citizens. This issue will energize Normal Virginians to resist. Resistance will result in more voters turning out. But the gun-grabbing, as a full blown PC-Prog platform plank, will continue, as Normals will be out-numbered, and out-voted by the PC-Prog strategies of seizing control via Lawfare–enabling felons to vote, increasing illegal alien voters, and other tactics. The end of 2020 will see Virginia stumbling down the path to another split–Southwest Virginia will begin the process to become its own state.

    5. President Trump will be re-elected as the impeachment implodes. In response, the vile PC-Progs and the Deep State will accelerate their demonization and de-legitimization efforts–aimed more at Trump Voters than Trump himself. Like Virginia, America will stumble down to the path to another split. The end of 2020 will see more conversations/movements towards some sort of secession/split/Civil War (hot or cold).

  26. Erica H

    1. Trump will win in a landslide.
    2. Assassination attempt on Trump (65% probability). Assassination attempt on Dem (either Congress or presidential candidate). This will be blamed on Trump supporters initially, widely reported by all MSM and later found to be a far left loon.
    3. God makes a comeback in culture in a very public way on the world stage. This was started by Kanye but at least 3 major public figures will find God. many miracles will be reported around the world. The church will prosper.
    4. SJW in-fighting will occur with violence and Murder, as factions form within the nutty groups. Average Democrat Americans, including some public figures, will become more vocal against these groups.
    5. Federal regulations on marijuana will be rolled back as it becomes legal in more US states.

  27. Chalkie

    1. Trump and Pence impeached, removed from office. Speaker Pelosi become indisposed, a former first lady elected speaker in her stead, assumes office of the president. Melania wins 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico.
    2 Vampires will open infusion centers in Oklahoma City and Miami.
    Virgin blood only!
    3. Asian cross dressers will become so plentiful, skilled, and annoying that no will notice or remark on the fact that 100 million women are “missing”.
    4. “That’s not funny!” Animal communication researchers announce an animal having a “Helen Keller” moment when it pecked in Morse code the above sentence in response to the question why did the feminist chicken…
    5. Trump baby boom. Marriage and childbearing will be the new rage, prediction or new years’s resolution?

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