How’d We Do On Our 2020 Predicitons?

How’d We Do On Our 2020 Predicitons?


Lousy. That’s how we did on our 2020 predictions.

Nobody saw the global insanity of the lockdowns, the Cult of the Mask, the covidiots, the scale of the election cheating, and that the results would be thrown into dispute. We all missed the Black Luciferian Menaces, a.k.a. Black Lunatic Marauders, and Antifa riots, the wholesale destruction and massive state-approved smashing and thieving, the fall of statues and monuments, again with the tacit approval of government, the rise of anti-white fervor. Though there were some minor victories along that front, too, as when Trump banned anti-white training in government offices.

Johnathan Pollard receiving a hero’s welcome from Benjamin Netanyahu (rumor is he will receive Israel’s coveted USS Liberty award). Barr interfering in the election by pretending not to interfere. From the view of the Deep State, he’s a hero. The FBI marshaling all their considerable forces and investigative powers to examine a garage pull string in Florida. “Conservative” Neil Gorsuch peeling back lawyers of the Constitution to discover the heretofore hidden right that men who say they’re women must be called women. The suicide of professional sports and their transmogrification into political organizations.

All the big events were missed by everybody, including Yours Truly.

So nobody wins nothing. No prize can be given out. Here’s the list of entrants, with edited and winnowed picks (to keep only the most interesting).


1) (Get it out of the way first) Buttigieg to win the democratic nomination. Trump to win the election, but very narrowly. NO & YES.

2) Impeachment for Trump to fail in the senate vote. YES

3) Brexit to occur on January 31st, entering transition period. The transition period will be extended beyond the end of 2020 (despite Boris Johnson’s promises in the election)… YES


1) Republicans will be voted into control of both House and Senate NO

2) Bloomberg will be the Democrats nominee to run against Trump NO

3) Virginia will attempt to enforce its gun ban but will fail YES

4) California will go bankrupt and will ask for Federal bailout NO

Dan Diego

1. The impeachment fiasco will die in the Senate. YES

2. Biden will team up with a powerhouse VP, such as Warren or a repub, to take the dem nom. MOSTLY YES

3. Trump will be re-elected in 2020. MOSTLY YES

Amateur Brain Surgeon

3. Elon Mush will announce he is perfecting tube travel so man can travel from New York to Miami in 45 minutes. NO

4. Bergolio will approve an “experimental” program, in which women in the Amazon region will be ordained as Deacons ALMOST

Jim Fedako

1. Trump gets another term. HMMM

3. In the name of democracy, US will wage open conflict in five countries. TRUMP KEPT THIS LOW

4. UK will completely rule out health care for those whose beliefs are not fully woke. THEY STARTED THIS, WITHHOLDING CARE FOR RACISTS

Sander van der Wal

1) Trump will win the 2020 American President election YES

2) Boris Johnson will strike a deal with the EU so the UK will leave without a Hard Brexit. NO

3) Merkel will invent a reason not to relinquish control of the CSU in 2020 as she has promised to do. YES

4) Salvini will win the next Italian elections and become Prime Minister of Italy after the current Leftwing government collapses. NO

5) and finally close to home, the Dutch government will not fall in 2020. YES

Scott aumuller

1. The election will be between Michelle Obama and Trump . It doesn’t matter who will win no one will accept being the loser. BIDEN IS CLOSE ENOUGH TO BEING MICHAEL OBAMA THAT THIS COUNTS


1- The Republicans win the senate, White House, possibly the House mostly as a reaction to an extreme progressive agenda. NO

2- Boris Johnson delivers brexit on January 31, and a workable deal before the end of the year. YES

Uncle Mike

1. Dems will impeach Trump again. NOPE

2. Trump will win reelection. SORT OF

4. Despite raving idiots like Musk in charge of most major corporations, the S&P500 will grow to 3,500. YES

Carol Hanson

1: Joe Biden will become the Democrat nominee for president & will choose a Republican Vice Presidential running mate. Former Security Advisor, Condaleeza Rice, will be resistant but will be drafted & talked into running with Biden; YES AND NO

2: We will have the first Asian pope. Pope Francis will resign and Filipino Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle will be elected pope. NO

4: Extraterrestrials will finally make themselves known to the world. NO

5: A 25% shift in the Earth’s axis will cause wide-spread crop failure and economic collapse. Denver, Colorado will be the new West Coast. The East Coast will go under water. DUDE, NO


1. Trump v Biden. YES


1. President Trump will be re-elected by a landslide. NO

4. Biden will be the Democrat candidate and the money suppliers will choose his running mate. YES

Shecky R

1. A Supreme Court vacancy will open in first half of the year and Democrats will successfully block anyone being named to fill the position before 2021. YES AND NO NO NO NO NO

2. Trumpsky will resign the presidency (or be carted off in a straight-jacket)… NO

5. Briggs’ blog will be hacked into and taken over by a bunch of pseudo-scientific, right-wing, Putin-controlled Q-Anon types…but, no one will be able to tell the difference. NOPE


1 – Your controversial new book sits on my shelf alongside your previous award eligible volume, while Brexit still has not happened. SOON

2 – The news media pooh-pooh and ignore blatant voter fraud, foreign election meddling, and collusion as they announce Michelle Obama the clear winner of the 2020 Presidential election. CLOSE


1. Trump wins re-election, Republicans hold on to Senate and gain the House. YES, YES, NO

2. Ginsburg makes it to the 2020 election. NO, THANK GOD

3. At least two states will have no abortion facility. NO

4. The Bergoglian anti-papacy ends whether it be through faux resignation…or more properly an outright declaration of anti-papacy. THERE WERE RUMORS…


1. Trumpslide 2020. At least 375 electoral votes. NO

2. 50+% troop draw down in Afghanistan. YES

Paul Murphy

1 – Biden will withdraw or otherwise be forced out as more and more Obama administration corruption surfaces – just before or after Super Tuesday. CORRUPTION WAS THERE BUT IGNORED

2 – RBG will be gone by July CLOSE ENOUGH

3 – Sanders owns the nomination until the second ballot – then loses to someone like Hillary or Michelle. NO

4 – Iran’s protesters finally topple the regime after a minor (and probably secret) military shove from a combined US/Isreali force. NO

5 – China crushes hong kong protests, waves the sabre at Taiwan, and – eventually, but not this year – loses both to internal rioting and collapse. YES


1) Trannies will fall out of favor after too many black women get publicly humiliated by white ex-men in sports NO, UNFORTUNATELY

2) DJIA will crash below 20,000 but starts recovering relatively quickly. This will be the start of a nasty recession. NO

3) Impeachment will be dragged out to longest time possible for maximum effect. Mostly in the form of media hysteria. NO

4) Democrats will nominate the most boring candidate available, surround him with a hysterical cries for “change” and win. YES

5) Italian government will collapse and Salvini will win a huge majority. Media will describe it as a “fascist takeover”. Italy will enter a new era. NO


5. Briggs will continue to bring news of doom with unfettered glee and a typo in every post. It’s his enemies at work, don’t you know. YES


1. Trump will once again lose the ppopular vote and win the EC. YES AND SORT OF NO

3. Republicans will retain the Senate but Democrats will retain the House. YES

4. RBG will shuffle off this mortal coil. The resulting confirmation hearings will make the Kavanaugh hearings look like a Sunday school picnic. YES AND NO

5. Iran will continue to provoke us. We will respond, but there will not be a war. YES AND YES


1. Almost certain Trump wins. Even chances that R’s retake the House and keep the Senate. SORT OF

3. About even chance that Tucker Carlson is fired from Fox. IT WAS CLOSE

Kent Clizbe

2. President Trump will continue his segue into complete immersion in the neocon warmongers’ goals (Forget MAGA, make it MIGA!). Their constant push for war against Iran will finally bear fruit. DIDN’T HAPPEN, THANK GOD, BUT CLOSE AT THE END

3. Global warming alarmist rhetoric will continue to escalate. TRUMP KEPT THIS INCONSEQUENTIAL

4. Virginia’s new Democrat power will attempt to seize arms belonging to private citizens. TRIED AND FAILED

5. President Trump will be re-elected as the impeachment implodes. In response, the vile PC-Progs and the Deep State will accelerate their demonization and de-legitimization efforts–aimed more at Trump Voters than Trump himself. SORT OF

Erica H

1. Trump will win in a landslide. NO

2. Assassination attempt on Trump (65% probability). RUMORS WERE HEARD, BUT NOTHING DEFINITE.

3. God makes a comeback in culture in a very public way on the world stage. NO

5. Federal regulations on marijuana will be rolled back as it becomes legal in more US states VOTING HELPED THIS


1. Trump and Pence impeached, removed from office. NO

5. Trump baby boom. Marriage and childbearing will be the new rage, prediction or new years’s resolution? SIGH

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  1. Sheri

    No one could foresee the “VIRUS”. It’s outside the realm of any predictions. Fauci may have known, but he reportedly had insider information.

    No one would have bothered to mention a crooked election or burning cities, knowing full well they would be laughed out of town. “THAT cannot happen in the United States”. Why bother??? Same for the transmogrification of sports and evil billionaires. Not worth the zeros and ones.

    It would have been impossible to predict “The Turnip in the Basement”. (Our one predictor paired him with a “powerhouse”, which NEVER happened) No one knew the Dems had enough money to buy everyone else off. As for electing the Turnip, that would have predicted the cheating and the virus. The virus allowed them to avoid the “Hillary trap”. Plus a few million counterfeit ballots and a bunch of incredibly stupid sheep in this country.

    Seriously, THEY ANNOUNCED THEIR METHOD OF CHEATING BEFORE THE ELECTION. Even Biden spoke of it years ago. Who could NOT see this coming?????

    Interesting that we are in the realm of crystal balls on a statistics site…..Maybe we should have to show our work. Of course, that would take the fun out of the game and everyone would bow out. Let’s face it, crystal balls are cool and stats are not. (I’d be happy to show my work for “They’ll burn the place to ground” prediction 2021.)

  2. Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.
    Niels Bohr
    I always thought it was Yogi Berra. 🙂

  3. Great work, judge!

    I’d like to appeal the “no winner” decision.

    Look at Fred’s results–he’s 4.95 out of 5.

    Seems like that is a winner.

    Do this appeal need to go a higher level?


    1. Trump will once again lose the ppopular vote and win the EC. YES AND SORT OF NO

    3. Republicans will retain the Senate but Democrats will retain the House. YES

    4. RBG will shuffle off this mortal coil. The resulting confirmation hearings will make the Kavanaugh hearings look like a Sunday school picnic. YES AND NO

    5. Iran will continue to provoke us. We will respond, but there will not be a war. YES AND YES

  4. Hun

    All my predictions for 2021 will turn out to be correct. I can feel it!

  5. Pouncer

    Hanson’s prediction about E.T.s making themselves known … well, the UFO updates come pretty darn close.

  6. J W Wells

    Start trying to predict the future and God knows where you’ll end up.

  7. Amateur Brain Suergeon

    Dear Briggs. TY for all of the work you do

  8. Peter Johnson

    Stop the Steal. Stop the whining. You LOST the election. 😉

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