Blog Year In Review: Top 10 Reader & My Favorites

Blog Year In Review: Top 10 Reader & My Favorites
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Tune in tomorrow to make your 2020 predictions! Results for 2019 coming Thursday.

Reader Favorites

Here were the Top 10 reader favorite posts of 2019, in which the numbers surprised me. One note: this is clicked-on posts. Many just arrived at the site and read articles, but I don’t know what they read per se. So this is the order of posts that were actively selected in the HTML REFERRER field:

  • 10. Elite Occult Practices Becoming More Open: From The Georgia Guidestones To The Illuminati Ball, 26 September. “The first command has garnered the most commentary. Which is not surprising, given our burgeoning new ecological religion coupled with a rise of global oligarchy, an oligarchy that have not been quiet about how they feel about us Eloi.”
  • 9. We Have -12 Months To SAVE THE PLANET, 5 November. “Clearly, with that amount of time left, the only rational response is abject, terror-stricken panic. I myself like to run up First avenue on Wednesday afternoons in my shorts screaming ‘Watch the skies!’ Unfortunately, this kind of thing is not a rare site in New York, so people don’t pay much attention.”
  • 8. The Week In Doom — Lavender Mafia Edition, 29 June. “If the LGBTQWERTY++ clergy etc. were purged Martin says ‘Countless church institutions (including chanceries, cathedrals, parishes, high schools, colleges, hospitals, retreat houses, social service agencies and programs serving the poor, the aged and the sick) would simply grind to a halt.'”
  • 7. There Are No Such Thing As Gays (Or Trannies), 20 March. “The ontological fallacy tosses the concept of immortality onto the scrapheap, for all a person accused of an immoral act has to do is to call himself the name of those that commit the act. Any act. Saying he is this strange creature is the ultimate excuse!”
  • 6. Of Course “Being” A Homosexual Is A Sin, 8 July. “To claim (with serious intent) to be what you are not is a sin. There are no such things as homosexuals (or necrophiliacs, pedophiles, ecosexuals, etc.) in any ontological or metaphysical sense. Therefore to claim to be a homosexual in this sense is a sin.”
  • 5. The Week In Doom — We Are All Seattle Now Edition, 23 March. “It should be no surprise that it is parents, and women especially, who are driving World War T (Steve Sailer’s coinage). This being so, it is not likely that homeschooling will be a general solution from escaping the madness. A better idea is to go back to the wisdom of the ancients, like St Paul. Women’s liberation (from Reality) is a failure.”
  • 4. A Stirring Spirited Speech: Bronze Age Mindset — Reviewed, 19 November. “The Modern Mindset is one in thrall to Darwinanism, to materialism, to determinism, to utilitarianism and libertarianism, to temporality, to immediacy, to celebrity, to a pathetic worship of pleasure, to Equality and its deformed inbred stepsister Diversity, to ‘fairness’ and ‘rights’.”
  • 3. If Nothing Is Something, A Universe Can Come From Nothing, 31 July. “A pre-existing state is not nothing. It is something. And therefore had to be itself created. It had to have a reason for its existence, an explanation. It can not have come from nothing. For nothing cannot create anything.”
  • 2. Canadian Man Fined $55K For Calling Biological Male Biological Male, 4 April. If I could, I’d retitle this to “Man Fined $55K For Calling Man A Man.” You should never used the enemy’s language, as I did here.
  • 1. What’s The Probability Of A Nuclear War?, 25 July. “For readers in a hurry, here’s the answer: There is no probability of a nuclear war. Nor of a conventional one. Nor even of you being victor in your next King Of The Hill Battle.” Nothing has a probability. All probability is conditional on the evidence you suppose.

The Nuclear War post did not just edge out the Canadian tranny post, it blew it away. For some reason, the War post was linked all around, but I think it’s because the title is somewhat click-baity. I wanted to make a philosophical point about probability, and the misuses to which probability is put. Many people who clicked probably instead wanted to know when they were going to die in a fiery ball.

My Favorites

I am pleased to announce there is some overlap between the two lists, Readers’ favorites and mine. My heart soars like a hawk.

  • 10. The Epidemiologist (P-value + Ecological) Fallacy Exposed (Video), 18 September. My first video! Ain’t I pretty?
  • 9. Buttigieg Says God Made Necrophiliacs, Pedophiles, 9 April. “God made gays, so God also made necrophiliacs. Necrophiliacs, at least some of them, don’t want their attraction. They do not choose them. They have them anyway….God made them that way. Therefore, it is only right and proper that necrophiliacs act on their lusts. If you disagree, you are not only a bigot, you are opposing God.”
  • 8. Randomization Isn’t Needed — And Can Be Harmful, 15 April. “Control in any experiment is what counts, not randomization. For one, there is no such thing as ‘randomization’ in any mystical sense as required by frequentist theory. Probability does not exist.”
  • 7. Corruption Of All Authority: An Interim Doom Report, 24 September. “Standing athwart history yelling stop is not reactionary. It is cautionary. And that is what conservativism is: caution, not reaction. Conservatives want to be seen doing carefully what progressives want done yesterday. Reactionaries want to get off the ship altogether.”
  • 6. The Consent Fallacy, 15 May. “The consent argument, however, is an abysmal failure, which in no way can be used to justify the morality of any act. Consider first these scenarios. All are drawn from actual sources; which is to say, none are fictional and represent acts that occur and in which consent is used, by some, to justify them.”
  • 5. New Paper! Everything Wrong With P-values Under One Roof, 8 January. A comprehensive list of arguments proving every use of p-values is a fallacy or mistake. I use proving as in proving.
  • 4. A Stirring Spirited Speech: Bronze Age Mindset — Reviewed, 19 November. “Men did not have to give power to women, especially in those republics where such questions were put to votes. Men could have decided to vote no, and that would have been an end to it. But they willingly surrendered! Which shows that whatever went wrong, went wrong before the matter was ever put to a vote.”
  • 3. There Are No Such Thing As Gays (Or Trannies), 20 March. This post is an early version of a section in my new upcoming book! It has been expanded in the book.
  • 2. Reality-Based Probability & Statistics: Ending The Tyranny Of Parameters!, 3 April. Everything about the old ways of doing statistics has to change. What counts is understanding uncertainty and making useful predictions. No more testing, no more p-values, no more parameters, no more quantifying the unquantifiable.
  • 1. The Limitations And Usefulness Of IQ, 7 May. Nobody has an IQ, which is just a test score. “My thesis is simple. That some are more intelligent than others, that some aspects of intelligence are driven by biology, and thus some are not. Intelligence to the extent it is biological can be imperfectly inherited; that because intelligence is in part immaterial, it can only partially and incompletely be measured, and with greater uncertainty than is recognized.”

I still wish the IQ post got more traction. Everywhere IQ is reified into intelligence, an egregious mistake, though understandable in our mania to quantify the unquantifiable. The g theory is particularly distressing, given it’s a statistical abstraction that is bound to adhere to any set of measurements.

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  1. Sheri

    Buttigieg’s argument is one that says there is zero morality and EVERYTHING is acceptable. God made everything and God made serial killers, they therefore MUST be moral too. (Everyone KNOWS that serial killers were skinning and burning cats as youths, don’t they? It’s inborn, therefore, and not chosen.) As must Hitler, Mao, and all other dictators who all were dictators from childhood in one way or another. Their powerlust is who they are. God also made the people who oppose homosex, so they must be “right” also, but that creates a logical fallacy of contradictory “rights”. Assuming God cannot simply vanquish logical fallacies, then there can be no “right” and no “wrong”. All is acceptable as God made it.

    If one wants to really stretch, God can eliminate logic and allow everything to be acceptable. Atheistics already love that one. They use that argument against the existence of God, meaning ONLY the Judeo-Christian one, of course—Satan can still exist, since Satan does preach hatred, love, right, wrong and all other things are equal. Since Satan worship is now PC, you have the insane lack of logic and what atheists always used to argue against a specific God. It’s here, atheists, the God even you can love—Satan at his finest. Not a creator god, but a god none-the-less. One the atheists can love because you can call Satan science or biology or whatever, as long as you ignore morality and wreck hell on earth. Satan is not a jeolous God with all those silly rules atheists hate. Society will have pedophilia, necrophilia, honor killings, throwing homosexuals off buildings, etc all held to be acceptable, because logic is dead under Satan. This is the world Soros, Zuckerberg, Steyer, all the TDS practioners, etc, are bringing and as far as I can see, people are lapping it up. There is zero love and zero life in this, but humans really are very, very stupid and rarely consider what they are asking for.
    Buttigieg is just a shining example thereof. (I loved when he posted pictures of his defective dog playing with a stuffed avacado—nothing says “macho” and “dog” like playing with a stuffed vegetable—to avoid any news item he didn’t like.)

  2. Joy

    I can’t remember my favourite, it’s all a blur,
    Happy New Year, from London.

  3. C-Marie

    Very fun to review!!! Thank you, Matt!!
    Sent the video to my son.
    Happy and Blessed New Year to everyone!!

    God bless, C-Marie

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