The Rise Of The New Global Church — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Rise Of The New Global Church — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Here’s some food for your empty soul. Globalism is dead. Long live Globalism!

What was Globalism’s supposed Plan A? Very simple, Komrade. It was to make us all totally sated with material goods. Satisfied with life, in the materialist way. After all, grinding poverty hadn’t slowed the spiritual bandwagon for the past few millennia. Which is to say, the Church has been persuasive in her evangelism without the benefits of goods. Material goods, that is. Ergo, from the point of view of some, it was time to switch gears.

Thus, the need for Globalism. From the perspective of those with long-term horizons. There are such beings, you know. Yes, now it was time to spread the wealth. That is, goods for all. WalMart for Africa. Amazon for India. Everyone gets a part to play in this blockbuster.

How can we all get along if we’re all different? Easy, friend. Just dump your national culture and grab some international goods. Get rid of your old beliefs and all will be well. Quit being different. Join the melting pot, and come get your stuff!

Globalism was rooted in the idea that all men can live in peace, as long as we all partake in a common material prosperity. That is, goods are Good. And it must be admitted, this is true, in the natural and neutral sense of the word. There’s nothing wrong with stuff. Stuff is neither here nor there. All stuff can be good. When it is used rightly. So, the goodness of use is what makes goods ‘good’.

But this is not what the geniuses of Globalism intend us to think. They don’t want us to desire something in order to use it. They want us to desire a thing for the purpose of having it. Goodness comes from having. Having? Having what? As long as you want stuff, Globalism can deliver! We’re all part of both the supply and demand side of the equation.

Unfortunately, there were some who were not happy with the paucity of this equation. They weren’t willing to admit that ‘stuff’ was enough. They said stuff wasn’t all there was to life, regardless of how it was used. Let’s call these people Reactionaries, for now. They come in many flavors.

There were also those who said ‘Basta!’ when it came to the accounting side of the Globalist equation itself. They didn’t necessarily object to the lack of anything spiritual in the Global vision. Instead, they said ‘hold on, pardner. I used to make a lot more than I do now, here in the Empire. Why did my job have to move to Mexico? Or India? Or China? Sure, I can buy their foreign things more cheaply now, but my relative purchasing power has gone way down under this Globalist schtick. You never said I would have to underwrite this scenario. What gives? Where’s the upside for me?’ And, by nationalist extension, for America?

That nationalistic thing has to go out the window under Globalism. We can’t be thinking about things from a nationalistic perspective anymore. We have to think Globally. And act Globally, too. Remember, your friends in India are your brothers. Or at least, your poor cousins. We’re all in this together. We have to be willing to give a little bit. World peace depends on this, you know. We can’t just be Colonialist pigs forever. After all, what would Jesus do?

The wheels are now coming off the bus; the rejection of the new paradigm. The rejection of the Globalist Dream. The one that expands the marketplace at the expense of those who built it. That’s you, fella. And, to the amazement of the human Globalists, they never figured you’d reject it. Why? Because they thought that WWJD crap would work. After all, it had worked so well in the past on so many issues. Civil rights, abortion rights, gay rights, trans-rights, animal rights, enviro-rights, ad infinitum rights. Finally, some folks figured it out; the litany of rights never ends. Everyone has rights but you. Because you’re not a group. You’re just a lonely sap with no allies, and no voice. At least, no MSM voice. Because your family (and by extension, your nation) has been eviscerated. You stand alone in the Globalist world.

Here we are, the fragmentary remains of former nations, attempting a counter-revolution. And the renewal of rationality. The renewal of self-interest. Which is to say, the right understanding of the phrase ‘love your neighbor as yourself’. In other words, where is the concept of the right to an authentic national identity in that Globalist perspective? Komrade, it never existed. That is, Little People can never be allowed to re-aggregate themselves into a national presence. The Little People have finally figured that out. And they are not happy.

Ask the Brits why they are revolting against Globalism, in its many forms, whether economic, or migrational, or educational. Then ask the Hungarians. And the Italians. And the Franks. And the Czechs. And the Poles. And even the Swedes. Then ask the American next door why he is fed up. But don’t tell me he says it is because Globalism doesn’t go far enough. That we are not sharing enough of his wealth. That’s what Bernie and AOC say.

Do we just go head-to-head then against the Globalist monster? What’s the chance of winning that war? What do we win if we go back to the pre-WTO world before Globalism arose? Is it really a question of whether locally-produced ‘stuff’ alone will bring us true happiness? Or have we actually lost our way long before Globalism openly appeared?

I’m no great fan of ‘stuff’. Don’t get me wrong. I think a world devoid of ‘stuff’ is a hard world, indeed. But is ‘stuff’ the actual goal? Is that what should make us happy, and more importantly, more charitable? Don’t forget, it is this very concept of ‘charity’ that our enemies use against us when we fail to be sufficiently amenable to their version of what constitutes charity. This whole WWJD thing is jiu-jitsu in the hands of our enemies.

Rightly so. Colonialism, devoid of charitable evangelism is exactly what our enemies portray it as. Which is to say, exploitation. The whole reason this Globalism ploy worked so well (for us, in The Empire) in its initial phase was because we failed to economically raise up those whom we said needed our spiritual leadership. Yes, many of us gained a lot of material wealth during this era. But our spiritual compass went from True North to Magnetic North somewhere along the way. The Empire (which is always globalist in nature) has a way of doing that. After all, stuff has a gravitational pull, to a lot of people.

We claimed to raise them up spiritually, but then we failed to match that with indigenous economic growth. Growth in local production, versus simply herding the folk for the harvesting of their local commodities. The finished goods came from us. At prices which few folk could afford. Which bred the resentment of those who were colonised. But that financial arrangement was not the real crime these colonized folks perceived. They felt the deeper message.

Ask yourself, how many of the colonised were truly welcomed in the Churches of the Anglish colonisers? Say what you want about the Spanish and French colonisers, at least their clergy and Saints stood up for the humanity of those abused or enslaved. Have the Anglish canonized any indigenous saints in the new World? Ask Juan Diego about that.

Let’s move on to the real issue at hand: Plan B. The plan that presumed there would be pushback to Plan A, when those who remembered their nationalist roots said ‘Basta’ to the An-glo-balist Bastards. Whose plan was this? The plans of men, or the gods?

If you don’t understand the gods, and their reality, you are absolutely toast. Yes, I know, you’ve always been taught that they don’t exist. They’re simply the detritus of the ancients. Who, after all, in this practical and empirical world of ours, could possibly believe in them? Remember this, my friend: it was the Globalist educators who taught you that idiocy. Maybe you should listen to Kipling in his understanding of this in The gods of the Copybook Headings.

If you don’t believe in ‘the gods’, why would you believe in ‘The God’? They go together, you know. At least, in this world. No, I am not a dualist. These ‘gods’ of whom I speak were never eternal of their own right. They were created, just like us. But unlike us, they can’t enjoy ‘stuff’. In fact, they seem to have an absolute disdain for the physical world. People, in particular, seem to enrage them. In their anti-physical fury, they seem intent on denying our mutual Creator the pleasure of Him having His stuff. Which would be us. Having us is the whole point of Plan B. Using (or abusing) us comes later.

We’re back to having things, instead of using things. It’s best seen in its purest form, money. Some people think the goal is to have it. Others (fewer in number these days) understand that using money is its true purpose. The real purpose of money is to enable the increase in satisfaction of transactions among all men. The more satisfactory the transaction (that is, the equal matching of values exchanged) the more transactions will occur. That means more people will peaceably interact to be able to obtain what they need. Increase in commerce was meant to increase the satisfaction (and thus, peace) amongst all.

Others, however, felt the purpose of money was to gain power over others. They understand that if they can control the creation and flow of money, they can rise above their neighbors. Then, they can exact unfair transactional value to obtain whatever they want. What they want doesn’t seem too nice. Just ask the gods about that.

Those who seek to control others expend all their energy in life trying to accumulate wealth, instead of expending wealth. I know everyone thinks they are ‘using’ money when they ‘invest’ it. But their whole point is to grow their pile, not lessen it. The reality is that those who think they are using their wealth (by ‘investing’) are actually the ones who are being used. The animate, being used by the in-animate. Under the spell of the magick of interest.

Let’s look at the concept of use. To my simple mind, there are only two ways to use wealth. One is for ourselves, the other is for others. How much can you spend upon yourself before ‘the stuff’ controls your bloated self? That’s the basic question of all moralities. Where does your life intersect your neighbor’s? Does your interest in your neighbor outweigh the interest that grows your pile? Only the nationalities that adopted a belief system wherein their citizens valued interest in their neighbor, versus interest on your principal, can claim authenticity. Once understood, that personal duty accepted as a moral obligation becomes sacred. This sanctifies the nation.

Each authentic culture (‘nationality’) taught its members the need to expend, in some degree, upon others, versus the unlimited expansion of self. In such a setting, the first place to look to find ‘others’ was your family. You spent first on your progeny. True charity begins at home. The primary purpose of the blessings of material wealth was to expand your family. For stable (and growing) families are the authentic reflection of compound interest. The true source of societal well-being, real social security.

Beyond that you gave to the Church, which would also help others beyond your door. Your neighbors, writ small. The world, writ large. The Church knew what Jesus would do. They would do it for you.

The Empire’s globalist paradigm, on the other hand, preaches that we should ‘invest’ our personal wealth for ourselves. To invest in their distant market, versus the local home and its adjacent market. This idea of everyone ‘investing’ requires the existence of large entities to invest in. Faceless, impersonal global entities, none of whom has a local phone number anymore, because there’s no one locally to represent them. But your call is important to us, so please stay on the line until our next agent in Bombay is available. The Globalist concept of true wealth depends on de-coupling the masses from the idea of locality.

They also like to get you to think that statist control of charity (think foreign aid, UNESCO, United Way, etc.) fulfills your spiritual obligation to use what you have earned for the benefit of ‘neighbors’. They lure us into feeling good about ‘helping others’ by supposedly (and un-verifiably) helping those half-way round the world, instead of the family next door, where we can see the real effects, if any. They say it’s for the common good. That’s where that materialist use of WWJD comes in. Just give us your taxes, we know what Jesus wants. He wants you to love a neighbor you’ve never met. And never will.

Plan A was always about trying to get us to swallow the materialist stuff of Globalism, when the gods surely knew it would provoke the human counter-reaction. A reaction that seems to be threatening the well-being of The Empire lately. And, by extension, the well-being of Caesar. Caesar doesn’t like this. It makes him uncomfortable. So, he’s looking for a place to hide. Looking for a Plan B.

Where would be a good place to hide, a place no one would think to look? I’ll tell you where. Caesar will hide himself in the vestments of the priesthood. The Global Church is nearly upon us. To (seemingly) replace the global Empire.

Don’t be fooled. Plan B is really the same as Plan A. Having you is the goal. Both long term (the gods) and short (Caesar). One plan simply tried to fill our empty souls with material goods. The other will try to fill them with counterfeit beliefs. Dead souls, either way. As the beer commercial would say, ‘tastes bad, less filling’. The insult of all of this is that we are expected to pay for this swill, either way.

The only real difference between Plan A and Plan B will be the costume change between scenes. Same actors, new scene. We are now seeing the end of the current act. It’s ending because the audience is rejecting the failed Plan A. The real question for us, today, is whether the current actors can be chased from the stage before the final act, and the people demand a refund of their ticket price. Here’s how you will know if it is to be. Will the Church reform itself before the next act? Or will she give in to the siren song of ‘unity’?

A global priesthood is fast approaching. One that is united, East and West. I’ve been telling you about this. It is coming, and soon. The signs are all about us, for those brave enough to look. View this site and begin to follow the associated links within it, if you don’t believe me. The signs of this in the West are too numerous to cite. Anyone slightly above brain-death is aware of Francis’ myriad moves that seemingly reject all past doctrine and belief.

Soon enough we are going to see the emergence of a new paradigm. A new way of directing the masses. After all, once the pesky concept of the authentic moral (national) State described above disappears, then we will all become subjects of the newly unified Global Church. A Church that is no longer hostile to anything from the doctrinal past. A Church that will appear to have subjugated the Empire. A Church that appears to be at peace with everyone. Hindus and Muslims included. How will this peace be achieved? Through Unity, of course! Yes, there will be a doctrinal cost to this unity, but hey, if it brings peace (as measured by prosperity), who cares, right?

When Unity is achieved (at all cost, of course), doctrinaire pronouncement (versus that vexation of the Empire known as voting) will become the means of moving the will of the people. When we are told that being gay and saving the planet from greenhouse gasses is our true mission in life, then who can resist? After all, WWJD?

This movement towards worldwide religious unity is moving at breakneck speed, although it is little detected or reported by the MSM in the West. Why is this religious convergence happening now? It’s simple, fellow-prisoner. It’s because the Little People have reached the point of rebellion. They’re going all tribal, everywhere it seems, on the Globalists. Which is to say, on Caesar. Or so it would seem, to him.

But not to the gods. They knew this was coming. They know, as stupid men do not, that the reaction of the Little People isn’t just the outrage against a lowered standard of living that is now motivating many of them. No, it is the standard of dying that is at the core of so much of people’s reaction. A standard that asks, ‘what have I left my children?’ Forget whether you’ve left your children anything worth living for. Instead, ask if you’ve given them anything worth dying for?

Poll after poll shows that people resent most the deprecation (and depredation) of their cultural beliefs and by extension, their nationality. They resent seeing that their families are physically shrinking as a result of their gradual impoverishment (in the midst of ‘great’ economic times). But most of all, they resent the idea that the family they could afford will be left penniless in the coin of belief.

We’re mad that the Empire gives us little chance to leave material goods to our children. But that anger now pales when it dawns on us that we will no longer be allowed to leave them any spiritual goods as well. True nationality is a spiritual good.

There are three things worth dying for, my friend. Faith, family and fatherland. They are inextricably linked. The last two have been nearly swept away. Now the gods are going after the first. This is our last line of defense. The last bastion of hope, for ourselves and our children. We can’t take our material goods with us, and it seems we can’t leave any to our children. We can take our spiritual assets with us, while still leaving them with our children. But only if we have them. Both. And if enough of us do, then the question of authentic nationality will be resolved by itself.

In the end, it is really the question of being had. And then being used. Or abused. Who do you want to have you (and your family and nation)? It’s the only question you will be asked. And the only one that only you can answer. What is it then, my friend, that can truly fill an empty soul?

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  1. Artifex

    The Globalist Church is already here. It began, ironically, with the introduction of the new Ordinary Form of the Mass, which split us up by mother tongue, and has been splitting us up more and more ever since.

    Don’t get me wrong. A Mass is a Mass. But one cannot deny that strange, sweeping changes that eerily place the interests of the world over those of God have been coming from the Vatican with an increasing frequency ever since, culminating now in the most divisive and controversial Pope we’ve had in a long, long time.

    Ianto Watt is certainly onto something–he always is–and he’s indisputably wiser in the currents of history than I am. But I suspect that what we are going to get is not the rise of the Globalist Church, but rather the ugly spectacle of its collapse. After all, it’s been tried, and quite earnestly. But it hasn’t done anything to get people back into the pews, or money back into the offertory basket, and ultimately those two things are what matters most in the worldly Wonderland they’re trying to build.

    Fortunately, She is God’s Church, so she’ll be back, stronger and more radiant than ever.

    Interesting times, indeed.

  2. Michael Dowd

    Globalism is the strategy of the devil for his introduction of Anti-Christ in the near future (10-25 years). This introduction started in earnest at Vatican II when the Church signed up to weaken Catholic faith and morality by Pastoral exception. Now we have anti-Pope Bergoglio in the process abrogating the 6th Commandment to further erode morality. Unfortunately, most Catholics are ‘down’ for this sort of thing by giving them license to do whatever they please and get a ticket to heaven in the bargain.

    Surely, the rise of nationalism and Traditional Christians will slow this down a bit but I don’t see Globalism slowing very much. Folks are just to darn happy with Amazon Prime, FB, streaming TV, etc. and the internet to stop using them. Also, the Globalists will find a way to co-opt the Nationalist movement. Bottom line: 666 is on the way. Only an intervention by God would slow it down.

  3. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    There are not a few men who think that what is happening to the Catholic Church is a recapitulation of The Passion and that the entire world will be shocked when she resurrects under a great Pope who will restore the Real Mass and The Sacraments for then there will be no doubt that Jesus is, has always been, and will always be ,The head of His Catholic Church. because the resurrection of His Church will be an obvious miracle.

    But before those days of Glory, the Church will b humbled, humiliated and cursed by the world and the world will cheer its apparent death because diversity and peace and the anthropocentric “faith” Masonry.

    In the meantime, for those with eyes to see and brains to think, the resurrection is already occurring out of the sight of the media. The resurrection is occurring in the Traditional Orders that celebrate the Real Mass and teach the Deposit of Faith once delivered and in those Chapels and Churches (so hated by Francis) are being formed the Pelayos and El Cids who will crush the heads of the modernists.

  4. DG

    Ok Ianto, a fine article. Nonetheless, I think the term “globalism” needs a little more clarification since it can mean different things depending on context. I take it, you basically mean by “globalism” general left-wing ideas like open borders and little to no legal boundaries on immigration, lack of patriotism or national pride, the global warming or climate change myth, and favoring things that are supposed to keep the human population “under control” like abortion and gay marriage. You also mentioned international corporations and trade which isn’t a uniquely leftist idea but can be (and is) favored by conservatives and libertarians as well.

    The term “globalism” can also refer to the idea that there ought to be a world government and that perhaps certain international organizations like the United Nations or/and European Union should ultimately be converted to an international government with their own effective military force to police the world. Bertrand Russel would be one good example of a thinker who thought that a world government should be established to prevent wars and maintain peace. And I suppose globalism in that sense is compatible with leftism considering how Marxist inspired leftists have been trying to undermine patriotism for several years and even more so under the past Obama administration. And I would add that a world government would be a bad idea altogether as well.
    But part the reason for the push to undermine patriotism is to try to install a more socialist and unconstitutional oligarchy replacing what we’re supposed to have – a republic under rule of law. The left and especially their leaders do not want our government operating by our constitution and rule of law.

  5. Linda Albert

    we are the Little Folk, we
    too little to love of to hate.
    But leave us alone and you’ll see
    how fast we can drag down the state.
    We are the worm in the wood
    We are the rot at the root
    We are the taint in the blood
    We are the thorn in the foot

  6. C-Marie

    Pope Francis recommended Lord of the World by Reverend Benson shortly after he became Pope. I have wondered much at why he recommended that book which deals with the Catholic faith undermined by many, and through great trials and difficulties the Catholic faith held firmly by many. The Leader of the world accomplishes his agenda in getting the nations of the world to choose him, nearly beg him, to solve the difficulties of the world, and that holds much with Francis’ desire that nationalism go away, mostly, and the United Nations take over much.

    The content of the story, written in the early 1900s, truly makes one think that God had a hand in Bergoglio recommending this book, because his reign as Pope encompasses so much that is working to turn the Catholic Church publicaly, at any rate, into the leader of the One World Religion which is on its way…..see the document which Francis signed along with the Imam, which unequivocally states that “….God willed diverse religions….”. That the Bishops allow him to remain Pope is unbelievable.

    The glory of Christ’s Church in the earth will be that His people live their lives in Him and through Him guided by the Holy Spirit……and martyrdom may well come to pass. Let us be willing to do all of our Father’s will, and ask Him for the great holy Pope who will truly be His through it all.

    The writing of the book, Lord of the World, is a bit weak some say, but the reward of the ending surpasses the ending of most any book except for the Bible. Do not look ahead to the ending or you will miss out very much!!!

    God bless, C-Marie

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