A German “Migrant” Explains Why Vigilantism Will Increase

A German “Migrant” Explains Why Vigilantism Will Increase

An old argument for a state police force is that justice is removed from family, clan, and tribe to what is seen as an impartial authority. This shift subdues, eliminates, and controls the natural impulse to mete out punishment personally.

Your brother is murdered. You call the cops. Now. But then, before the modern state, you’d gather your other brothers or cousins or clan neighbors and you’d hunt down and kill or otherwise punish the guilty party, or his stand in. The stand in was a relative of the murderer, or a clan member or his who was thought to share in the guilt. Old-style retribution wasn’t always as particular as state policing.

The side with the original guilty party would often take exception to this justice and seek to return the favor. Or they would fear the coming retribution and take steps to cut down the ability of the murdered man’s family or clan to perform the justice.

An iteration was thus often set in motion, hence the vendetta, the feud, the bloody cycle of retaliation, the Hatfield and McCoys, and so on. It came as a relief, but with a cost which is by now well familiar, for the state to arrest the process, if you’ll pardon the pun.

In the modern era this police power is celebrated, as anybody who has ever gone to a movie or watched television knows. Except for the ever increasing police power encroaching upon new and more areas, all was going well—until mass “immigration”.

Enter this guy:


He is a “migrant” to Germany who has words of truth for the populace that welcomed him but did not have to. Some choice phrases:

You can’t do anything…five rampaging people pushed a woman from her bicycle ha ha…What are you going to do about it? Police? Police can’t do anything. Police come and make a report. Your laws….we have lawyers who tell us everything what works here, what doesn’t, right? The police cannot do anything!…What do you want? I have nothing to do with your laws! Why? Because I have a totally different religion and a totally different mentality and a totally different culture. Your laws don’t apply to me at all!

It’s a banality at this point to observe that if a white German man said these same exact things, he’d be decried, and maybe even arrested, for being a “Nazi” or “white supremacist”. As it is, we have the “migrant” announcing he will not play by the rules of his host country—and that he is even assisted in his crimes by parasites in the host’s own culture. (The love of money is the root of all evil.)

Now we have seen crimes committed by “migrants” dismissed because there exist such things called “racists” in the host population. Plus, cops and officials do not wish to be called “racists.” Look at what happened in England, with girls raped and passed around as chattel by “migrants”, the police looking the other way, or even getting in on the action, figuring if you can’t beat ’em etc.

So what? The “migrant” above goes on to say that German men, i.e. non-“migrant” men, “have no balls.” These self-castrated men, says our “migrant”, won’t do anything but stand by and watch as “migrants” reshape and remake the German culture.

This is true. For now, anyway. The German men, and men in England and elsewhere with government-sponsored mass migration, are more frightened of the police and of being called “racists”. They don’t fight back, waiting, as is customary, for the police to do their fighting for them. Only the police aren’t fighting back, not fully or not at all.

It isn’t necessarily insane for German men forgo their balls and avoid retribution. The police, using the massive power of the state, spend more time and energy tracking down “racists” than in pursuing “migrant” criminals. Even self defense is not the argument it used to be, which implies many “migrant” crimes go unreported.

The situation can’t last, though. Our “migrant” in the video is the best argument for the vigilantism which must come. Non-“migrant” men won’t stand for bending over and taking it forever. If the current trends continue in the same direction—and of course they might not—non-“migrant” men will begin to act when it is safe, or safer, to do so. As the “migrants” increase in number, the elite will demand more police resources for their own protection, which will cause cracks in the surveillance state and allow old-school retribution, which will even be ignored to some extent. This so-called vigilantism must come because it is seen the state is no longer fulfilling its side of the justice agreement.

This is what BAP was talking about, perhaps, with his bands of pirates. There will come opportunities in the chaos. If trends continue.

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  1. Hoyos

    Good points, I’ve often thought it was unfair to call men u dee these circumstances cowards. You’re not fighting the malefactor, you’re up against the entire machine, and the cops and justice system will bring as many men as it takes for you to bend the knee. So not only will you likely not get revenge, you will be wrecked as well. There’s nothing cowardly about avoiding pointless destruction.

    Even regular cops can’t enforce the law in the U.K. An underreported part of this story is that when a cop sees what he thinks might be trafficking in the Muslim community and makes a report, the case is grabbed from him and given to a community policing unit, staffed by Muslims natch, and this unit is basically untouchable. There has been at least one case as I recall where the community policing unit didn’t just turn a blind eye but was in league with the traffickers.

  2. trigger warning

    Sadly, WWI and WWII effectively demasculated Western Europe. Present-day EU-niks are obsessed with Joseph Nye’s “soft power” fantasy because they are timid and ineffectual. “Soft power” is touted as a strategy for rich, ineffectual men to claim some success in a competitive world via payoffs and co-option rather than conflict. The “migrants” will win, obviously. Michel Houellebecq’s novel “Submission” lays it out very nicely.

  3. Kent Clizbe

    Ok, that’s Germany.

    How about the USA?

    Yes, there are some “migrants” who flout our laws. Nearly all of those are illegal aliens. Yes, that’s a huge problem. But the German problem is not the American reality.

    See the work of Colin Flaherty for the reality in America:


  4. Soft power (money) always loses to hard power (violence). The wealthy can, however, bribe those directing the violence to act in their favored way. For the time being.

    Possessing weapons is not power. The willingness to commit violence to further your goals is power. As Clausewitz stated, the moral is to the physical as three is to one.

    And like the foreign invader (to call the “immigrants” by their right name), the government of Virginia has stated its goals and intentions of disarming and oppressing the people of the Commonwealth. Everything that follows is merely strategy and tactics.

  5. Kent –
    Ever been to the black slums in many American cities? Ever hear of “the knockout game” or “polar bear hunting”? We already have our lawless “no go” areas, and have accepted them for generations. Our news agencies (and the government) are wholly complicit – when was the last time that black (or even Latino) crimes were reported on as fully as the miniscule amount of crime committed by whites here in the USA?

  6. Leo

    “Once all the Germans were warlike and mean,
    But that couldn’t happen again.
    We taught them a lesson in 1918
    And they’ve hardly bothered us since then.”

    From Tom Lehrer, MLF Lullaby

  7. Kent Clizbe


    Know ’em? That’s where I’m from.

    Colin Flaherty provides a daily dose of American reality.


    That’s why all this focus on the UK, or Germany is hilarious, from an American point of view.

    Europe’s problems are NOT America’s problems.

    Barbarians can WALK from their homelands to Europe. Let them deal with their own problems.

    Meanwhile, America is invaded by a horde that walks from the South, and isdestroyed by lawless hordes within. See Colin’s daily record of this reality. Who cares what the Dutch have brought on themselves? Or the Danes? Or the Brits? or the French? Or the Germans? They all had massive colonial properties, and imported their own problems. Not our problem. Let ’em sort it out themselves.

  8. Sander van der Wal

    It is a matter of time. Once enough women have been beat up, they will want the invaders out. Then the men will kick them out.

    Killing two birds with one stone, teach the women a lesson the hard way and get rid of the invaders.

    Timing is everything, though

  9. Sheri

    Hoyos: Standing by and watching women and children raped and murdered and your culture destroyed IS THE DEFINITION OF COWARDICE.

    Sander van der Wal: Hopeless optimist. There is no timing in this. It’s WAYYYY past time for action. We gave in. Women hate men, men don’t need women. Children are worthless chattel. It simply did not happen.

    Watching California destroy itself, I see zero hope of a good outcome. The fools in CA have their lights shut off, their homes take over by illegals and STILL DO NOTHING. Sorry, the days of old are over. Submission is the norm. Should have stopped them at the dinner roll.

    Vigilantism could not have been less fair or accurate than today’s corruption government and law enforcement. It’s mathematically impossible. So let’s return to it and see if things get better.

  10. Kalif

    Honestly, when I read the title, I thought the post was about our 1 and 1/2 – generation main man.
    Anyhow, regarding those 5 idiots who pushed a woman off her bike, there is the law in Germany and yes it does apply to them as well. As the Stats guy, I would first think that reporting this is beyond cherry-picking. In a country of 80M, how many murders, disappearances, horrible crimes, rapes (non-clergy ones) etc. are committed against women, by the ‘non-immigrant’, ‘native’ population? Yet, if a woman is pushed-off the bike, internet is overheating.
    It is true that one incident is one too many because if a person X did not immigrate, it wouldn’t have happened; but it is even more true that any crimes committed by immigrants are way lower in % terms that those committed by the non-immigrants, when you look at the population level.

  11. Kalif

    ‘…That’s why all this focus on the UK, or Germany is hilarious, from an American point of view. ..’

    Bingo. I love when ‘bad areas’ of Paris and London are described or shown to a US-born person and then watching him/her do a mental comparison and getting all confused, trying to find the bad part, compared to just about anywhere in the US.

    There was a good article on that in The Economist about a year ago.

    European countries started the ‘diversity movement’ long ago, by importing various types of people from Africa and Asia. About 12.9% (US census 2010) of the US population are the descendants of the ‘diversity movement’ from those times too. Funny how nobody complained about ‘diversity’ then.

    Oh, wait a minute, they were in shackles and were called slaves. Never mind //s//

  12. Ilya

    women weaponized
    happy with a kitchen with a murphy bed
    freedom isn’t their cup, security is
    “angie: can’t wait to show the guys what we can do
    when we gain power: Germany 2019?

    https://is.gd/neQZcV eyes open

  13. Hun

    Europe is the Holy Land. To not care, because Americans have problems too is idiotic.

  14. @Kalif –
    Immigrant crime exceeds native crime in many European nations. Just as it does here in the USA.

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