Resist Corona Tyranny!

Resist Corona Tyranny!

World War II buffs will recall the story where General Patton, about the launch a counter-offensive in the Battle of the Bulge, was called into Eisenhower’s office. With Ike was the Surgeon General of the Third Army, one Dr Truffa.

Truffa had convinced Eisenhower that if Patton conducted his attack, Patton would put American soldiers at risk of severe lead poisoning, which caused death in 5% of cases. To avoid this, Truffa advised that all soldiers must shelter in place in their foxholes for at least two months.

The doctor admitted the two-month figure was only a forecast based on a model. At the end of the two months, if tests revealed there were still Germans present, the lockdown would have to continue indefinitely.

Patton left SHAEF Headquarters without saying a word. Later that night, however, it seems Truffa was visited by a party comprised of unknown individuals, who threw Dr Truffa a blanket party. The next day Patton was reportedly not surprised to receive a call from Eisenhower reversing his earlier order, now allowing Patton to commence the attack.

The moral of the lesson is: never put doctors in charge of anything except in handing out aspirins and sawing off legs.

Speaking of armed conflict, we always hear that if women were in charge there would be no more wars: ‘Crossed the line’: Ban-happy Michigan governor blasted for ‘insane’ overreach in response to coronavirus outbreak (here are several examples). She banned buy car seats, traveling between homes, and gardening, among other things.

If women were in charge everywhere, there’d be no more wars, all right. There’d be nothing else, either. Someone might get hurt.

Speaking of that dictatorial governor of Michigan: “Michigan Gov. #GretchenWhitmar Says She’s Not Concerned Over an Extremely Popular Petition Demanding Her Recall. ‘They can’t leave Their Houses, Who’s Going to Deliver It?” She Laughed.”

The BB speculates Governor Whitmar banned gardening equipment so that people cannot purchase pitchforks before the Operation Gridlock rally in Lansing.

Some men are turning themselves into women to hasten the trend of all-female leaders. I don’t mean by turning trans. I mean mentally. Cartoonist Scott Adams has embraced his inner little girl and now shouts that people who aren’t cowering in the dark are “sociopaths.” This should remind you of Nassim Taleb, a fellow cry bully, who called normal men “psychopaths“.

Crises always tell us a lot about people, about who they really are.

Governments all over the USA, and indeed the world over, are unhappy with their citizens. Frankly, these most beneficent people are growing sick of the antics of citizens, and they’re not going to take it anymore. One story among many:

Kentucky will record license plates of those who show up to any mass gatherings, such as church services, and will provide that info to local health departments, who will in turn order those individuals to be quarantined for 14 days, Gov. Andy Beshear says

Citizens should shut up, bend over, and take it. They should accept their lockdowns obediently and with good graces. They should ask no questions. It is for their own good.

If the enforced mandatory lockdowns have to last 18 full months until a vaccine arrives, then dammit, they have to last 18 months. Going outside into the fresh germicidal air any earlier than 18 months could cause somebody to get sick and die. A stroll is no different than murder!

Eighteen months? “UK will have to live with some restrictions until coronavirus vaccine is developed, say officials,” and “Normal life will stay on hold until a virus vaccine becomes available in about 18 months, officials have said.” Another expert says four years!

We are being governed by the same people who insist euthanasia is a right, but that you have no right to catch a cold.

Not everybody is unhappy with our semi-worldwide house arrest. A scientific Naomi Oreskes scientifically tweeted this science opinion “Sobering thought: It’s possible Coronavirus could save lines by decreasing pollution”.

How does a virus save lives? By killing people. You cannot argue against such ironclad scientific reasoning.

Police find dead bodies, feces and unfed seniors at Quebec seniors’ residence

In Dorval, a privately run seniors’ residence dealing with the current coronavirus outbreak has been compared with a “concentration camp” by health professionals. Reports of underfed and soiled residence were shared by the Montreal Gazette who investigated the facility…

“There were (two) patients who were dead in their beds,” the source added. “Their deaths had not been recognized. There were patients who had fallen on the floor. There were patients who hadn’t had any basic care for a number of days, diapers that hadn’t been changed for three or four days, excrement that was covering their skin and patients who hadn’t been fed.”

Old people are icky and might be infected by coronavirus.

Apparently, the man did not answer the police’s request to search his house for illicit closeness. So they broke the door open. After all, illicit closeness could be deadly. You could be a carrier and kill somebody!

They’re boasting of their control over you.

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  1. Sheri

    Remember “only cops can have guns”? New motto. Only cops can have Covid 19. They need no masks and can drag unmasked fools off buses while they remain open-faced. Citizens have NO right to get sick. Let the cops handle that.

    “Normal life will stay on hold until a virus vaccine becomes available in about 18 months” Nope. The zoo animals will rebel and hell will break loose. Stay out of England. (The violent, hateful Chinese couldn’t lock their people down that long.)

    “Sobering thought: It’s possible Coronavirus could save lines by decreasing pollution”. Nope, Naomi is still opening her mouth. And she’s still stupid and cannot do math. Blanket party time? I’ll provide the blanket.

    “If women were in charge everywhere, there’d be no more wars, all right. There’d be nothing else, either. Someone might get hurt.'” Sorry, people would die en masse. Women are violent haters with SUPER long memories that hold grudges. You stupid men have been duped. Now you’ll die alone in a basement eating yogurt and soy-based burgers. You deserve it.

    Women are more violent in gangs and wars than men. It’s why we were not supposed to involve them. So as you lie bleeding out from the throat-slashing woman warrior, reflect on how stupid you really were.

  2. Jeffrey C. Apfel

    The video has the feel of a bad Saturday Night Live sketch but appears to be real.

    I am not sure the same can be said of your tale of Dr. Truffa (“fraud” in Italian) or the Marie Antoinette-like quote by Governor Whitmer. I am assuming the Truffa story is intended as sly humor? And I cannot find any verification of the Whitmer quote (the link to Twitter you provide leads to an empty page).

    I have only recently started reading your stuff and I like it very much. Indeed the gist of this recent post seems completely on point. Do I just have to make adjustments for your humor or are the Truffa and Whitmer passages real?

  3. Briggs


    Welcome—and make adjustments. Whitmer quote genuine.

  4. Michael Dowd

    Agree with Sheri. Genetically women are programmed for insecurity, emotionalism, poor judgement, etc. That’s why they need men to call the shots and keep them in their place. Basically they are dangerous if put in charge, e.g, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmar

  5. Grima Squeakersen

    re: Police smashed a residents door in looking for ‘social gatherings’.
    Apparently this was in the UK. Probably wouldn’t happen in the US as 2nd A. is not yet completely gutted. Here the pigs will just sneak around to a window from which a target is visible and assassinate him (awake or asleep). Web search “Duncan Socrates Lemp”. Or you could begin here:
    Maryland Man Killed in No-Knock SWAT Raid Was Shot While Asleep, Family Says

  6. jim fedako

    Didn’t Dr. Truffa also speak against victory gardens due to the possibility of late July sunburns while weeding and watering?

  7. Jeffrey C. Apfel

    Happy to be a visitor to Briggsworld.

  8. I live in Iowa – so I sent this email to our governor- Governor Reynolds – today – I encourage others to do something similar – so I offer this as a possible prototype letter/email – God bless – everyone here at wmbriggs .com – awesome statistician to the stars 🙂

    Governor Reynolds – thank you for your common sense approach to this Corona Virus issue – and keeping Iowa free from government lockdown – the American people are being lead over a cliff on this issue by non-stop media sensationalism and misinformation – the facts below must be allowed to come out so we can make informed decisions based on facts not on irrational fears:

    Anthony Fauci has already walked back the predictions of reported deaths. He and his team went from 1 to 2.2 million, to 100 to 250 thousand even assuming full compliance with panic measures, to now admitting reported deaths will be “likely closer to 60,000“. Words, you notice, which allow him to claim success if it’s 30,000.…/492007-fauci-us-death-toll-looks-more…

    Number of deaths in the USA from Corona Virus for Americans without pre-existing conditions is 0.9% – so for example as of Saturday night 4/11/2020 11:18 CT 20577 x 0.9% = 185 deaths without pre-existing Conditions – For this we destroy our economy – and suspend all our liberty? See…/numbers-150-americans-d…/

    We have examples of governmental leaders bravely leading their people through this crisis for example Texas governor Greg Abbott “We will focus on protecting lives while restoring livelihoods. We can and we must do this,”…/texas-governor-prepare…

    Please implement common sense procedures here to protect those at risk namely elderly and those with pre-existing conditions – but otherwise – get people back to work.

  9. Gail Finke

    I looked at that tweet about sunbathing, it’s amazing how many people tweeted in to wonder what is wrong with people who dare to sit down on the grass or lie down far away from other people… “can’t they SEE how awful and dangerous they are?” Etc. etc. etc.

    It reminds me of when I briefly participated in an alumni message board a few years ago for my college. The program I was in was very liberal, but I was never more than half-liberal myself even then. Anyway, we had our own dorms, where we lived as a college. The school had just made a rule that no one on the campus could smoke any closer than 20 feet from entrances. I’ve never smoked, but 20 feet??? People standing 10 feet from a door are not endangering anyone. I wrote in that in my day (then, only about 12 years previously) we would have laughed at stupid regulations like that, which were based on nothing. I received only huffy responses about how students would NEVER endanger each other by standing closer than 20 feet from a door. At that point, I hadn’t realized the extent of the totalitarian impulse in progressivism. I still thought that a student who thought he or she was a “free thinker” protested STUPID things, or what he/she thought was stupid, that the administration said. That was one of my lessons in the new “the administration should and will protect us” mentality.

  10. Chad Jessup

    Jeffrey Jorgensen – the pundit link does not work. I would really like to read the actual reference for your claim. Thanks.

  11. BobbyD

    Possibly, if media outlets can scare people just enough, everyone will run to the ‘vaccine’-no questions asked. This will be the perfect time for Dr. Lao to throw in a little people shrinking gene in the vaccine and also solve ‘global warming’. Win win. Hahahahahaha

  12. Kalif

    “Governor Reynolds – thank you for your common sense approach to this Corona Virus issue – and keeping Iowa free from government lockdown ”

    There’s no national lockdown, as of yet, to my knowledge.
    So, where is the “keeping Iowa free” part coming from? Nobody’s imposing a lockdown. He’s not doing anything special, any other state official wouldn’t do. It was left up to states to decide how to act.

    Unless, I didn’t get the latest news, which is possible.


  13. Jeffrey C. Apfel

    agree. i can possibly see a comment like that made in jest or the heat of the moment. but it would be quite a boner for someone as high level as a governor. and i can’t find the exact text string on the web. the quote came in quotation marks, suggesting it is exact. should be able to find it.

  14. JTLiuzza

    @MichaelDowd “… Basically they [women] are dangerous if put in charge, e.g, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmar”

    or better, e.g. Eve. This is revealed to us from the start as a consistent human error, in fact, the very first error. Eve presuming a headship that she wasn’t given and wasn’t suited to by her very nature, and Adam foolishly, and weakly, allowing it thereby abdicating. It’ the very reason for the fall, that’s how serious a mistake it is.

    The author of that lie laughs. He keeps tripping us up with the same ruse.

  15. Fredo

    MD writes-
    “Genetically women are programmed for insecurity,” There are many other
    outstanding genetically programmed features to a woman that I can think of
    than insecurity. But I digress…take Gretchen for instance though intellectually
    stunted she may in fact possess many other becoming ASSets which is exactly
    what God intended. (sorry couldn’t resist)

    U.S. government gave $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab

  16. C-Marie

    Well, no, we women are not programmed for insecurity, we are created by God as warriors, complete defenders of our children and of the sanctity of life. Whether that is fulfilled, is free will choice.

    Mother Mary was chosen by God to suffer the very most excruciating pain of the Crucifixion of her Son, Who was and is God’s only begotten Son. She was/is the complete woman warrior.

    God will remove the coronavirus because He loves us all. But He allows that what we are undergoing at the hands of the government is but a precursor to how life will be under socialism. When President Trump’s time is up, who will follow? Who is there who can fill his shoes with such obedience to God’s will?

    No, women are not programmed for insecurity. God is our security and men’s security, too.

    God bless, C-Marie

  17. Dave

    “Only cops can have Covid 19.”

    Twenty NYPD cops have *died* of COVID-19. These are not old men; cops get a full pension at 50, but a lot of them are fat.

    The last month in NYC has been many times deadlier than September 2001, the previous record-holder, and if you’ve ever been there, it’s easy to see why. The place is absolutely packed; you can’t stay six inches away from other people, never mind six feet.

    I agree with the “twenty feet from entrances” rule. A coworker once came to talk to me after his smoke break and blasted my whole work area with his horrid stench. He must have taken one last deep drag, then walked in the door and ridden the elevator up to the third floor before exhaling on me.

  18. Sheri

    Dave: Lighten up.

  19. Sheri

    Dave: Yes, cops get Covid 19 just like everyone else. That’s good because when they drag people off buses for not wearing a mask, they won’t give the poor guy Covid 19.

  20. Sheri

    Correction: It’s good they are wearing masks, because they are protecting the guy without the mask.

  21. As a long-suffering citizen of the People’s Glorious Republic of Michiganistan, I’d have to say Whitmer reminds me of the mad dictator in the 1971 Woody Allen film “Bananas”

    She’s banned motor boating, but not canoes, rowboats, or kayaks (the LGBTQ types seem to like those, particularly). She’s banned garden supplies and seeds, but not pot, alcohol or lottery tickets (those are “essential”). I can’t even visit a friend’s house to eat popcorn and watch a flick.

    Most trips to the doctor and dentist have been deemed “non-essential”. If you have Covid-like symptoms and you go to the doctor you will be turned away and NOT tested unless you can’t breathe. Even though the latest scientific study shows early treatment with hydroxychloroquine and azythromyacin produces optimal outcomes. She told self-employed people MI would cover unemployment benefits – which it turns out is NOT true, she was talking about eligibility for CARES act funding over which she has NO control. So I guess when you get CARES funding, Gretchen wants to make sure we give HER credit, not the President.

    Getting Covid would be a blessing at this point.

  22. Chad Jessup
    I see John B provided a fix to the broken link on pundit
    The calculation is an easy one – the 0.9% number comes from world meter
    See in the table here “no pre-existing conditions: at this link
    Then you just get the current overall USA death number from say here
    When I looked at 4/13/2020 @ 3:47 PM CT USA death number was 23,462
    Then Number of deaths without pre-conditions = Total Deaths USA X 0.9%
    Number of deaths without pre-conditions = 23462 X 0.009 = 211
    God bless – and thanks for reading my post and thinking

  23. Posted this to about 5 different FB groups where it was well recieved.

  24. John B()


    He has a few of posts about Michigan
    This one touches briefly on his origins.

    In case you weren’t aware, our host Mr. Briggs hails from Michigan
    “like myself, boasts of a “(grating) Michigan accent””

    Do you have a ‘grating Michigan accent’ as well?

    I’ve heard heard him on the odd podcast, I didn’t notice anything

  25. Josh Postema

    As a lifelong citizen of West Michigan, I do find it strange that the Queenthinks my own county (with no Wu Flu deaths to speak of) would be safer if only we could be denied cans of paint and lawn mowers.

    In any case, I wonder now if we are in a death spiral, with the Queen extending house arrest orders to prevent actual signatures from being legally obtained, which in turn ensures online petitions which in turn drives ever longer house arrest orders.

    I’ve got more data supporting the theory than the IHME model.

  26. Josh Postema

    *Signatures for her recall.

    I’m grilling and it’s still winter up here, so my fingers forget important words.

  27. @DAV – well, just went to a couple of stores today and the garden sections (including seeds) were taped off. Didn’t check out the child seats since I don’t have kids. That’s one of the issues with her vague “essential” vs. “nonessential” orders. These edicts sow seeds of confusion (no pun intended), and this is generally followed by more “clarifications” which cause even more outrage and confusion. The “no moving between residences” restriction (which was originally taken to mean you can’t go to your cottage and back), was “clarified” by our dear Governor to include not going to visit neighbors of friends. See what I mean? So I don’t know about Mr. Lehto, but perhaps he is a Whitmer supporter.

  28. DAV

    well, just went to a couple of stores today and the garden sections (including seeds) were taped off

    Yes some are. Did you watch the videos?

    So I don’t know about Mr. Lehto, but perhaps he is a Whitmer supporter.

    Could be but he had the text of the executive order.

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