Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson Goes Full Gibber: Coronamadness Criminalizes Masklessness

Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson Goes Full Gibber: Coronamadness Criminalizes Masklessness

May I remind the reader there is no cure for coronadoom, and that other disease outbreaks were deadlier but without the full blown panic and hyper-mothering reaction.

I take it back. Yesterday I said Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was the worst coronadoom leader. She criminalized—-made citizens into criminals—for not wearing masks inside stores and buildings.

Governor Hutchinson also made criminals out of his citizens for not wearing a mask…EVERYWHERE! Not just in shops and businesses, not just outside, but in your own damned homes.


Adults will be required to wear face coverings starting Monday. It must cover their mouth and nose.

The masks will be required in all indoor areas with non-household members present, if it can’t be assured people will stay six feet or more away from each other.

They must also wear them outdoors where there is exposure to non-household members unless there’s enough space to stay six feet or more away from others.

A violation of the order is a misdemeanor offense. It can be punished by a fine between $100 and $500.

This ludicrous farce is worth marching on the capitol and escorting this lunatic off the premises before he can cause further harm. Asa Hutchinson is a registered Cuck (a.k.a. Republican), and not a Democrat, so you can’t say this critique is party driven.

This is draconian. This is foolish. This is (small-s) satanic.

This is stupid. There is no justification for it whatsoever, morally or scientifically.

Here are the daily reported tests:

As everywhere else, they are soaring. With all these extra, and unnecessary tests, come surges in “new” “cases”. I’ve explained this over and over, so read those links if you don’t already understand why.

Here’s the zinger, the proof that the Governor must have signed some dark compact (Biden promise him a post?), or that he is just not that bright. I’ll let you pick. Daily reported deaths:

Don’t scan this too fast. Look at the scale of the vertical axis. We’re talking from 0 to maybe 7 reported deaths per day. Maybe an average of 2 to 5 reported deaths (meaning the real deaths are lower). That’s it.

Not 500, not even 50. Five. And it’s now a crime not to wear a mask EVERYWHERE.

Arkansas had 516 traffic fatalies in 2018. This is about the same level of reported daily COVID deaths.

Why not ban all driving?

The comparison is even worse, and makes Hutchinson look even more foolish, for coronadoom will go away, but traffic deaths won’t.

This irrational witlessness of Hutchinson’s should anger and frighten you, even if you never go near Arkansas. Our dear leaders appear to be in some sort of contest to see who can issue the strictest guidelines.

The Godmother is likely even now saying to himself, “Even in their homes, eh. Well, I’m going to make it in their homes, and have to prove it by installing Mask Verification™ cameras, so that we can check people’s health. It’s for their own good.”

Hey, it will save lives. That’s all the justification we need in our matriarchy.

Addenda Couple of hours after I wrote the one upmanship prediction, this:

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  1. Michael Dowd

    Arkansas’s state motto is Regnat Populus, which is Latin for “the people rule.”

    We’ll have to see about that.

  2. awildgoose

    The only rational reason I can think of for limiting the number of people in someone’s home is to try to limit the size of gatherings to debate the current lunacy.

    As for Asa…who the heck would ever trust someone with a first name like that?

  3. Kathleen

    A whole lot of this can be laid at the feet of the GOP Texas Gov.

    When he jumped in with both feet on being a mask-tyrant he made himself THE excuse for all the rest.

    “See! The even the GOP **TEXAS** Gov believes CovidDoom! And has instituted CovidTyranny! How can anyone deny it now!”

    If just that one man had held the line this would be playing out differently.

    As ALWAYS in these revolutions the resistance will come from little, humble people. But for it to work, we have to pull in and motivate some men that can really do something. The ONLY time the resistance succeeded against these demon spawn was Spain, with Franco – which to this day still sends the left seething.

    We have an exceptionally pathetic group of men on our side to be prospective champions this time. It will take all of our efforts on the spiritual front and the material front to have any chance.

  4. David B.

    Trump, sign that Executive Order banning mask enforcement. Win in a landslide. It’s our only hope at this point.

  5. Sheri

    “Why not ban all driving?” There is no reason anymore. The argument was we NEED cars, but clearly we do not. We willing locked ourselves in our houses and trashed the economy for an invisible virus. There’s no way to argue that visible, nasty, bloody car accidents that can overload an ICU are not grounds for banning. SO BAN CARS NOW.

    My husband is going to Smith’s grocery for the LAST time ever today. They require masks starting Sunday. You know what they can do with that mask. For anything I can’t buy off the internet and have to get from Smith’s, there’s pickup. Also, stores will ship (upping the number of trucks on the highways and killing more people in 50 truck pileups, but it WASN’T Covid, so you should be happy for that.) It will take a couple of months for them to get that worked out like it did back in March, but it means I won’t have to mix with the stupid people and can just drive up and get the groceries. That’s a definite upside. Personally, I hope the whole country goes broke. Americans are the stupidest laziest people out there. However, I know that humans LOVE being slaves, lorded over and abused from all of history, so I expected this for the last 50 years. Seriously, how can a creature as big a loser as humans be expected to actually care for itself? Weak, spineless little things they are.

    I realize I may have to give in to the mask if there is no other way. I expect a blood-splattered one or one that looks filthy should be appropriate. I saw where someone wore an actual sheep mask into a business and freaked everyone out. That could be fun. Maybe snake skin or bird feathers? The possiblities are endless.

    Has anyone considered that “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” might not be scifi and could account for the death of Republicans?????

  6. Sheri

    David B: Trump is wearing a mask and so is Pence. You have ZERO hope left.

  7. David B.

    Well the good news is mad mask wearing compliance should limit the amount of re-locking down we see, and my portfolio is heavily long a return of economic activity over the next 3 months.
    So, mask up, you fools! Daddy needs a new boat!

  8. Sheri

    Okay, David, I’m good with that. I have considered starting a “How to find dinner in a trash can” project if Joe Biden get elected. By all means, Daddy needs a new boat and I would never stand in your way!!!

    Masks are never sold as Covid prevention because it’s a LIE and the companies can be sued. They are trying to get Congress to pass a law that protects them, like Cuomo did before he murdered nursing home patients, but so far, no luck. The personal liability lawyers are salivating. Fauci admitted that he killed Americans so we could have masks for health workers early in the epidemic and he’s free and clear. He also lied, but it was for a good cause.

    Masks are ordered AFTER THE EPIDEMIC IS OVER. The CDC says cases fall below epidemic level, though they are hoping more will die so they can change that. Covid, the disease people love to have kill Americans. Anyway, it’s not about the disease, obviously. The more deaths, the better is what the government always says.

    Never wonder why I have such a low opinion of humanity. They earned it and deserve it.

  9. John B()


    You sound like God before the flood

    Does David know any good Ark builders?

    (After 35 years, I never underestimate the fury of a woman)

  10. David B.

    Good to know that I am not alone. Thanks for your commentary. It’s pretty much exactly how I feel.

    Long run, I still feel optimistic about humanity, but I also recall that there were like…. six(?) crusades over 200 years??? The madness can go on quite a while.

    Well, that will be a lot of new boats for me.

  11. c matt

    I am not really sure how the tests work, but my understanding is they test for the presence of anti-bodies. But, can they tell how long the anti-bodies have been present? Can they quantify the anti-bodies in some way to determine how long the person has been “infected”? If not, then these are really not “new” cases. If they cannot tell that the anti-bodies are “new” e.g., just been there a few weeks, vs. “old” e.g., could have been there for months, then can they determine if infection rates are increasing, decreasing, or no change?

  12. Referencing antibodies, the B cells first start making IgM. They need antigen prompting and chemical signaling to do it (both up and down regulatory signals). Then they make IgA (mucosal), IgG (blood and lymph fluid), or IgE (tissue). The whole thing is an intricate dance.

    Some will never make any antibodies because they don’t need to. Typically, antibody titers drop over time as folk recover. Those that don’t recover will have various immune system and other tissue/organ system chemical indicators of damage. That folk ‘lack’ antibodies thus doesn’t mean much.

    You need to know: true prevalence (we don’t), the true positive rates for the various tests (we don’t), and the true negative rates for the various tests (we don’t) and who got what kind of test.

  13. GH

    Please, Pray to stop the insanity.
    If you get caught without a mask, maybe you can just tell them you are a protester! The protesters can congregate in super large groups, don’t have to wear masks and don’t have to do any of that social distancing nonsense. (Just don’t tell them what you’re protesting, because for me, I’m protesting the nonsensical, idiotic, masks!)

  14. Er, make that true and false positive and negative rates for each kind of test.

  15. Nym Coy

    c matt, there is an antibody test but the “cases” come from the PCR test which gives a positive even if your infection is over but your body hasn’t completely cleared out neutralized viral debris. It can last weeks longer than the virus itself.

  16. Rudolph Harrier

    We are in the purity spiral phase. For the normies, the lefty politicans are trying to signal how much they care about your health. Anyone who does less than the newest crazy edict wants you to die! For the hardcore base, they are virtual signaling their opposition to President Trump. Anyone who does less than the newest crazy edict is going to get Donald Trump his second term!

    Since none of them expect to experience any personal effect or blowback to their edicts, there is no motivation to keep things limited in any way, and plenty of motivation to one up the last politician in the spotlight.

  17. Malcolm

    Meanwhile in the UK: “Public Health England (PHE) regularly looks for people on the NHS database who have ever tested positive, and simply checks to see if they are still alive or not. PHE does not appear to consider how long ago the COVID test result was, nor whether the person has been successfully treated in hospital and discharged to the community. Anyone who has tested COVID positive but subsequently died at a later date of any cause will be included on the PHE COVID death figures.By this PHE definition, no one with COVID in England is allowed to ever recover from their illness. A patient who has tested positive, but successfully treated and discharged from hospital, will still be counted as a COVID death even if they had a heart attack or were run over by a bus three months later.”

  18. Joy

    Matt jHancock has noted this potential administrative error, for that is all it is, very easy to rectify. Only computers would think otherwise.

    Nobody in general practical terms is concerning themselves with ‘recovered cases or closed cases” since if they didn’t die, they’re still alive.
    Public Health England has enough data to correct this quite easily. One only has to look at the timelines.
    While some patients report symptoms dragging on for weeks, there is a normal timeframe for recovery from the virus which is adequate for analysis. Not enough for international covid olympics though. Who cares?

    The other figure of little interest is the worldwide number of deaths. It’s just a morbid statistic, of no use or ornament.
    Public Health England is adjusting and correcting the numbers all the time.
    on 2nd July, or so, they removed 30,000 cases due to duplication. That’s what one would expect. Or there’s no point collecting data at all if it can’t be trusted.

  19. Martin Dillon

    What puzzles me about this article, and the range of responses to it, is the presumption that Ada Hutchinson is either dumb, mentally ill, or somehow bought by the Democratic Party. Isn’t it possible that he knows more than we do about what is going on with the coronavirus in Arkansas and is acting on behalf of his people? Is it possible, or even more than possible, likely that he is behaving responsibly based on his knowledge? Perhaps he notes with concern the refrigerated trucks parked outside of Houston and Miami hospitals filled with dead bodies and fears the same result in Arkansas. And who can blame him? Cases are going up, up, up, as are hospital admissions. It seems natural to fear that deaths will follow.

  20. John B()

    Isn’t it possible that he knows more than we do about what is going on with the coronavirus in Arkansas and is acting on behalf of his people?

    The post already shows what he knows.

    I would guess many people who read this post are not antimask. I would guess that half the people that comment are not antimask per se. Most people are willing to listen to reason about masks (that’s where leadership would come into play). “Mandating” the use of masks is one thing. Criminalizing the non-use of masks is something else entirely.

    It’s like the other side of the gun debate – if you outlaw guns only outlaws will own guns

    If you make a law about masks only outlaws wear … wait a minute that’s not right

    Oh! I’m thinking of the gun shop where they posted a sign: “please! do not wear a mask inside this shop – we shoot people with masks”

    That was no outlaw, that was the Lone Ranger

    Leadership – bringing a horse to water and all

    Coronavirus Update XXII: Mask Madness: Updates At End
    There are 21 other such updates (usually on Tuesdays)
    (22 just so happens to be about masks

  21. John B()

    I meant to say if you want to know the hubbub about masks and politicians gone wild be sure to read more than this post.

    Coronavirus Update XXII: Mask Madness: Updates At End
    There are 21 other such updates (usually on Tuesdays)
    (22 just so happens to be about masks) Read about Gretchen and Cuomo!

    I’m going to guess that ASA is a RINO and should be shown the door

  22. Edgewise

    *Waitasec*!—is it being suggested that traffic fatalities are contagious/communicable??(!)

    (**Bad** comparison…)

  23. john b()


    don’t be intentionally obtuse

    traffic fatalities are caused by “traffic”

    valid comparison

    Contagious/communicable? Ever heard of chain reaction accidents?
    If not, you’ve never watched CHiPs.

    (IF your obtuseness is unintentional, let me know, I’ll try to generate the patience to walk you through it)

  24. Martin Dillon

    I’m guessing that if deaths from cars were growing exponentially, we would soon find a way to stop them. Of course they would stop by themselves very quickly as the bodies were carried off in refrigerated trucks and the population declined.
    (**Comically bad** comparison)

  25. John B()


    Sure! Just like the virus stops all by itself!

  26. Milton Hathaway

    I find myself subjected to the MSM daily Covid-19 updates, but I tune out; there’s the local/national pandemic-total cases/hospitalizations/deaths numbers, which seem totally meaningless to me (i.e., old news). Sometimes they throw in a daily number, but only if it’s quite bad. Then there’s the you-are-so-selfish-mask-shaming and the back-to-school-in-the-fall-you-want-kids-to-die-shaming and all rest of the virtue-signaling (oh, so boring). As cdquarles says above, anything that would fall into the “you need to know” category re Covid-19 just isn’t there.

    I gather than my State (Washington) is among the more restrictive. But traffic has been back to it’s pre-pandemic levels for quite a while now. Mask usage is maybe 50% at best, even in mandated areas; fear of any sort of fines or other enforcement appears to be near zero – the people who are wearing masks appear to me to be the people motivated by self-preservation, the elderly and /or the unhealthy looking.

    True, the place where I got my hair cut went out of business, but the stylist started working out of her home, with unknown legalities. Overall, I get the strong impression that most people are viewing the Covid-19 rules as unenforceable suggestions. This is driving a percentage of the local population absolutely batty, and their constant shaming is melting away into background noise.

    Where am I headed with this? My point is that where a lot of commenters are seeing a rapid descent into the abyss, I am seeing people act the same way they have always acted my entire life, motivated by self-interest, with short attention spans, with a strong affinity for inertia. Conservative intellectuals try to make it all about lofty principles, but for most people, its about sticking with what works.

    One consequence of this is that Trump will be elected in a landslide – he has now become the known quantity, the comforting inertia in .

  27. John B()

    Milton Hathaway

    Very well said and well put – I’m in complete agreement

    Mask usage 50% – probably about right (it’s the percentage that get the annual flu shot). My NOT-NYC part of NY is well above that at least in and out of stores. Our grocery store no longer stations an employee at the entrance anymore.

    Bringing cars into the issue reminds me of the seatbelt issue. A friend of mine once T-boned a woman who got tired of waiting to cross a major highway, closed her eyes and drove through. My friend said he would’ve killed her if she’d been wearing a seatbelt instead she got pushed into the passenger seat without much harm. I knew a guy who used to drive a wrecker in Northern Minnesota. He couldn’t take it anymore. More often than not he would answer a call and get there ahead of the first responders. When I was a kid, I used to ride in the rear window well of our six passenger car. I guess my point is how long it took to get 90% of people to use seatbelts since the days of Tucker

  28. M Harder

    Here’s how one stubborn hillbilly (me) does it: JUST SAY NO! Walk in to your store of choice, naked-faced and proud! Do your shopping, pay for your stuff, and leave as you have always done. You may be harassed by a clerk/lackey…ignore it! So far they have always taken my money. If the day comes that they won’t, I will abandon their sh!# in the cart, and leave never to return. DO NOT COWER TO THE POWER!

  29. Joy

    Dear Mr hill billy: (buy it from the farmer, Cut out the middle man

    Georgia’s anaesthetist Senator was speaking this morning on the news. He made salient, sensible remarks and didn’t get drawn on the phoney, confected mask division. He also likened it to the seatbelt argument. Pointing out that with freedom comes responsibility and some of the politicisation is adolescent. I think he’s right. Also, as said above, partial compliance will still have a beneficial effect. Just as not everybody obeyed lockup.

    One of the problems with seatbelts is the torsion injuries which they cause due to an inevitable pattern of re-straining force. Then there’s the problem with the fact that the line between the origin and insertion of the belt can cut right across the neck. Us five foot four people run a risk of getting their throat sliced right where you don’t want it. You can get a gadget which lowers the origin of the belt or sit on a cushion. I just take the risk, but then I rode a motor bike for years without a seat belt, nearly jumped off but never fell

    Tis problem is sorted out in racing cars but can you imagine everybody belting up as if they’re in a rally, to go to the shops? And women would have to wear trousers, which is a problem for those men who don’t generally bother.
    With a seat belt the risk and injury is kept to the individual or at least within family or social groups; since it’s on the conscience of the individual if they kill someone else in a car from moving through the cab like a rag doll. So in that instance people wear them for others who they want to protect.
    Not with the mask though, for some, because some time wasters have chosen to make people think they have to choose between their constitutions and their neighbour. A perfect storm.
    The risk for mask wearing is more potentially emotive because ‘strangers’ taking a hotly debated risk, causes bad feeling towards those who people are already prone to disliking or resenting.
    It increases the potential for public disharmony, pavement and trolley rage!
    So if they don’t care about that kind of risk in the heat of the debate, perhaps they could think selfishly and do it for their own conscience.

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