American Psychological Association: Every Institution In America Is Born From The Blood Of White Supremacist Ideology

American Psychological Association: Every Institution In America Is Born From The Blood Of White Supremacist Ideology

Tell the truth: who would you trust more to treat your young son who was just taught at school that he could be a girl if he wanted to, and indeed then announced he is in fact a girl, a witch doctor, or a certified credentialed highly placed award-winning psychologist?

Maybe the witch doctor’s brew of odd bits of flora and fauna is medically inactive, and thus nothing more than a placebo, and the spirits he calls upon false, but his words would be comforting and would contain the higher truth that your son is in fact not your daughter.

The certified credentialed highly placed award-winning psychologist might instead of treating your son have you certified for the crazy idea of denying your son his preferred gender. Your son would be taken away and be placated by these good doctors, whereas you’d be lucky to escape the knife and only be forced to suck down mysterious psycho-active pills until you were willing to admit the truth that males are actually females.

Fevered fantasy, you say?

Forget that it’s already happened, then, and order your orbits toward this story: “A growing school of psychologists believe the trauma of the climate crisis is a key barrier to change“.

The key word in that headline is psychologists, certified credentialed highly placed award-winning psychologists.

They say people aren’t willing to embrace complete control by elites to fix the “the greatest existential challenge of our generation, or any generation” because of the newly invented mental malady they call climate anxiety.

We ignore the peril because some believe, based on observation, the weather is not that bad, whereas ackshually we are facing a “climate breakdown”. I mean, come on, who knows more about the physics of differentially heated fluid flow on a rotating sphere than certified credentialed highly placed award-winning psychologists?

Speaking of the Ackshually Crowd, they like to tease the religious about believing in invisible forces, but at least there are (overwhelming) metaphysical arguments in favor of existence of God. There is no good evidence for the seeping pervasive cosmic evil electric aether of white supremacy, a force said to control, well, everything—even the climate.

The American Psychological Association, the home of certified credentialed highly placed award-winning psychologists, says “the United States and beyond” is experiencing a “racism pandemic” and that—drum roll, please—“Every institution in America is born from the blood of white supremacist ideology and capitalism—and that’s the disease”.

The APA says that white supremacy has it pink mitts on everything, has tainted every institution, every thought. Yet, by what can only be described as a miracle, certified credentialed highly placed award-winning psychologists have managed to escape this vile everywhere influence of white supremacy! And they lived to tell us about it!

The cure must have come upon them suddenly, unbidden, else it cannot have been true white supremacy was pervasive. But I am the last man to say miracles do not happen. Even scientific miracles.

“‘We have the science already, but nobody knows about it,’ says BraVada Garrett-Akinsanya, PhD, a clinical psychologist based in Minneapolis. ‘And we’re not using it to change the culture around us.'”

Nobody knows the science except certified credentialed highly placed award-winning psychologists, of course.

What is the science? “For example,” they inform us, “eye contact is seen as respectful in some cultures and disrespectful in others.”

Who knew?

There are “Other well-established psychological principles”, naturally, one being “implicit bias”, a thing which, like sickle cell for BLACKS!, is a thing whites can suffer from.

To fix this, the APA recommends bringing “people of color” into the ranks of certified credentialed highly placed award-winning psychologists, thereby reducing the influence of people of no color. Washing them out, as it were.

For instance, Dana Jackson, “PsyD”, said “Everywhere I go, I’m the only African American male psychologist.” This implies there might be a lot of female African American psychologists lurking about, so keep your eye out for them.

These nice ladies will help the APA have “discussions among members about white privilege and white fragility” and the “discomfort many white people feel when discussing race and racism.”

Hard to imagine people of no color feeling discomfort when confronted by certified credentialed highly placed award-winning psychologists telling them they are evil racists, but there you are.

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  1. Sheri

    Come on. Every dictator known has used shrinks to imprison and torture the population. The shrinks are evil and always have been. It was their function. You didn’t really believe they wanted to help, did you???? Good heavens, you are naive as they come.

    Actually, the shrinks descended from the witch doctors and just put on nicer suits and made their own “institutions”, rather than run the whole tribe. I am amazed at how many intellectuals fall for this crap. Slap a coat of paint on a witch doctor and put a PhD after his name and voila, superstition, intimidation and drugging are mainstream. How naive and foolish the human race is.

    School psychologists are nothing more than social philosophers. Again, stupid parents yield stupid kids and only a stupid parent hands his kid over to the horrible government to own and indoctrinate. Stupidity runs rampant as does hatred of children.

    Teach your kids experts know best and they will live in hell on earth. I guess Americans do indeed hate their children….Oh, and as I said before, none of this ends until we outlaw all use of statistics, models and anything above arithmetic for the general population. The news media is forbidden from using math whatsoever. Save the planet—outlaw math.

    Whites ALWAYS lie about white supremacy—since they made it up to trick those stupid non-white and white morons in the population. This is an IQ test and most of the world FAILS. If you didn’t hate your kids, you’d stop this hell on earth and remove these people to an island of no return to eat each other like the rats they are.

    Miracles ALMOST NEVER HAPPEN. That’s why they are called “miracles”. I don’t think the lazy people who wanted to live in hell on earth are going to get a miracle. Smacked down by natural consequences, yes, and that is as it should be. Miracles are for the deserving and there are none deserving of a miracle in any of this. This is self-inflicted damage and consequences must apply.

    Scientists=highly paid liars employed by the communists of the world. Paint the whole **** human race the same color and SHUT UP.

  2. L Ron Hubbard alias John B()



    You remind me of somebody else I know of

  3. Michael Dowd

    Isn’t it all perfectly clear? The field of psychology is a business and thus always open to the discovery of new markets, i.e., behavioral disorders which can “benefit” by “professional” treatment. Like any business when markets are lost replacements must be invented.

    My guess is this is motivated by the normalization of previous conditions categorized as disorders, e.g., homosexuality, transgenderism, etc. which they now pronounce as normal (politically correct). Surely, tests have been developed to show most of us could benefit by their “care”.

  4. Dean Ericson

    Dunno, Sarge… yesterday we got Al Capone poppin’ a cap in some miscreant’s pants. That was fun. Today all we get are some wacky psychologists, and everyone already knows they’re nuts. Maybe if you could work in, oh, say, Hitler bustin’ a cap in some psychologist’s pants… or something like that.

    [Suddenly the door bursts open and in goose-steps Hitler. “Sieg heil mein Führer! shouts Ericson as Hitler unholsters his Walther and drops a load of lead in Ericson’s pants, yelling, “take dat you klimate-denying, vhite-zhoopremacist untermensch!]

  5. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Anyone who saw Corey Booker question Amy Barrett. knows that blacks love to talk about their blackness more than anything else.

    Hell, Barack has already written (OK, it was prolly the whining Weatherman, Ayers) two biographies about his blackness. Why do blacks think us whites are just dying to know about what they think about the white race?

    It is no surprise that psychologists want to climb onboard the modern metier of moralism Those people are bad people because they do not…

    It would be much more entertaining to have men ask them to prove their diagnosis of an illness – How do you know it is an illness, Do you have, say, a blood test that proveswhat you call an illness is an illness ?

  6. Uncle Mike

    Directly from the blood-spattered hands of the American Psychological Association:

    Report of the APA Task Force on Mental Health and Abortion

    This research review found no evidence that a single abortion harms a woman’s mental health. It also found that women who report distress post-abortion typically have other risk factors for mental health problems, such as substance abuse, poverty or exposure to domestic violence. The evidence regarding the relative mental health risks associated with multiple abortions is less clear; the report recommends further study in this area.

    So endorsing abortion is not a mental illness nor does having one cause mental health problems in the almost-mothers. Something else is giving them distress post-abortion. Unless they have had a few abortions, and then then question of what’s triggering their mental health problems is still open. The science isn’t settled.

    But climate anxiety is epidemic among the ubiquitous white supremacists. The science is settled on that.

  7. Cameron

    “Anyone who saw Corey Booker question Amy Barrett. knows that blacks love to talk about their blackness more than anything else.”

    Summed up by John Derbyshire thusly: “black, black, black, blackety-black, black, black, black, blackety-black, black, black………..”

  8. BDavi52

    I love the Progressive Motte & Bailey! Coupled with Kafka-Trapping, they become the 21st century’s best version of Orwell’s Double-Think and Newspeak.

    White people, we’re told by the Woke APA, speaking always in crude racist stereotype (permissible, of course, because they KNOW such profiling stereotypes are true), experience “discomfort when talking about race and racism”!

    How fragile and foolish these White Folks must be!

    But this, of course, is the easily defended ‘Motte. [I mean, what rational adult would have a problem talking about race and racism? Isn’t it time White People grow-up!? Don’t they deserve to be helped!?]

    But a Motte & Bailey argument is never, really, about the commonsensical Motte (to which no one can really object). It’s always about the indefensible Bailey. And the Bailey, in this case, is the fact that what is truly being ‘discussed’ (NewSpeak for ‘propagandized’) is not race & racism but rather White Fragility, White Privilege, and Critical Race Theory. And what is truly occurring is the racist, ritual humiliation of every White participant, who is then encouraged to confess & repent (or face mandatory re-education). THAT is the Bailey….and impossible to defend….but it never needs to be defended because what is packaged and sold is the Motte: ‘finally getting White people (despite their discomfort) to talk about Race and Racism.

    And thus the Kafka-trap: if you object to the ritual humiliation, you thereby demonstrate your Fragility and Privilege and prove beyond doubt that you need the humiliation if you’re to have any chance at all of Wokeness.

    But let us take a moment and imagine this inverted.
    How would it sound? How well would it be received? How would it feel?

    Imagine such an upside-down, anti-Progressive ‘discussion of race and racism”. The doors close and what begins is a relentless hammering on…let’s say….Black Promiscuity (after all, 70% of all Black births occur to unwedded mothers) and Black Criminality (i.e. Black dropout rates, Black test score gaps, Black unemployment, Black graduation rates…all leading to imbalances in Black criminal behavior etc.)…. followed by the strong-armed ‘encouragement’ of Black participants to ‘confess & repent’. Would corporate CEO’s be lining-up to book these sessions? Would presidential candidates be guaranteeing that they will be mandated in every State institution? Would we be invited on Oprah and Ellen to discuss our New Ludovico Techniques for Race & Racism Education / Criminality & Promiscuity

    I suspect not.

    So what about the motte-like assertion, “more diverse voices and experiences in the science, education and practice of psychology adds to the richness of our profession”? Gosh it sure sounds good (especially since we all know MORE is better than LESS). But how is this good? And which particular diversity is really being advocated …at what cost?

    Psychology, as ‘science’, is concerned (or should be concerned) with Truth — its pursuit and therapeutic refinement. To improve that pursuit means to achieve a better understanding of what is True…more insight into how those discovered & proven truths can be leveraged to improve human life.

    So are we to then believe that our ability to discover Truth is somehow a function of melanin & genitals? Do we really think that Truth lurks in skin color/gender vaults which can only be opened by those appropriately equipped? Would Calculus be different if Newton had been Black? Would Michelangelo have created a superior Sistine Chapel if she’d been Michelangelina?

    And if, as we seek to ‘enrich’ this finite profession by de-prioritizing Quality and re-prioritizing Melanin and Uterus when hiring “certified credentialed highly placed award-winning psychologists” has our non-selection of the more well-qualified really helped us?

    The APA tells us, ‘the voices of Black scholars need to be elevated’. Again, why?
    Would we equally say the voices of short scholars need to be elevated? Or fat ones? Why would any particular voice require elevation because of demographics? Does our weight make us more worthy of being heard? And inverted, would we equally say that the voices of White scholars … or Men … need to be elevated, as per nothing? (Doesn’t that sound the least bit racist and sexist?)

    Silly Wabbits! Of course it’s not! Neither racist, nor sexist….discriminating on the basis of skin color and gender is ANTI-RACIST. How, you ask, can race-based color and gender discrimination be anti-racist? Because, per Double-Think and Newspeak (more specifically Ibram Kendi-speak), REAL racism is no longer actual race-based discrimination….rather it is simply a demographically unequal outcome. If X is greater than Y, then Racism (this the disease which infects ‘every institution in America’). So of course racism to guarantee equal outcomes CAN’T by definition be racist!

    This the newest Motte & Bailey! Want to end racism? Be racist! But that, of course, is the Bailey. The Motte tells us to end racism we simply must be equal. (And Gosh, Isn’t Equal Always a Good Thing??)
    And if you object, well then the KafkaTrap: you demonstrate only your own desperate need for Race ReEducation!

    The beatings will continue until morale improves!

  9. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    This research review found no evidence that a single abortion harms a woman’s mental health. It also found that women who report distress post-abortion typically have other risk factors for mental health problems, such as substance abuse, poverty or exposure to domestic violence. .

    That is a lie. A pregnant woman who contracts with a doctor to kill her unborn baby routinely suffers from suicidal ideation and/or drug use/sexual depravity close to the anniversary date (day of the killing) snd that is well known.

    The putative “risk factors” are not that at all; they are consequences of the memory of her malign actions.

    Why would a woman who conspired to kill her innocent and defenseless unborn chose to pick a fight with her drunken boyfriend on the anniversary date of when she killed her baby?

    She knows she deserves punishment and the chances are good the boyfriend may slap her around or beat her.

    Speaking of abortion, aren’t folks courting brain death pretending a woman who hires a hit man
    doctor to kill her defenseless innocent unborn child is a victim? That’s its what “pro-life” folks do. Pretend the perp is a victim.

    She should be prosecuted for being an accomplice to premeditated murder.

    If the neighbor of ABS continues to irk him and ABS decides to ice the bastid, will some group publicly claim ABS is a victim?

  10. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    What do you know? These guys recognize who is the cause of the great western institutions. They express it thebest they can, which is not very impressive, but still. I mean, it’s not “whites”, but Christians; and, nevertheless, it’s fine, acceptable. It seems they want to present that as something negative, but, como ON, what are we talking about here? The university, the schools, the hospital, the comercialcompanies with stock participation, accounting, economy, science, philosophy, theology, scientific academies, the distinction public-private, the Church, the distinction among political authority-wisdom-religion… and keep on going. Yeah, we did all that. Thanks for your acknowledgement

  11. Fredo

    Something like 1% of the U.S. population ever owned slaves… guess which 1%.
    They can get their reparations from that mob, it’s not that hard to track down
    the descendants. Poor white people never had it any better and a much higher
    proportion of indentured white slaves had it a good deal worse. We still live in a
    slave state and now they’re tightening the screws setting people at each others
    throats with this hog wash. Once the tsunami of foreclosures and bankruptcy’s
    sets in a new and bleaker black and white paradigm will emerge.

  12. Psychologists aren’t scientists, nor are M.D.s They know little of how science is supposed to operate, its limits, nor its history. Unfortunately those deficits are shared by a great many worker who are recognized by the public as “scientists.” And also unfortunately, the great majority of Americans don’t know that these people aren’t scientists, but still bow to the great idol, science, because of all the material comforts it has bestowed on them, and take what the “scientists” have to say as gospel truth.

  13. Anon

    This is in the same United States that voted for a Black president not once but twice. The underlying motives of the electorate have not been plumbed to a sufficient depth–were they in ideological agreement? Were they anxious to show the world and each other how “not racist” they really were in their heart of hearts? Were they huge supporters of the endless wars in the Middle East? Were they 100% on board with an economy that was limping along, with taxes escalating, and with pay stagnant? Mysteries abound!

  14. Ann Cherry

    This quote Briggs used, from one of these Psychotic Phds, was so telling: “We have the science already but nobody knows about it.” This one statement totally spills their beans: Their brand of Psychology is just Gnosticism, the belief that they have special, transcendent knowledge.

    Only about 20% of all U.S. medical doctors belong to the American Medical Association (AMA). I wonder what percentage of Head Shrinkers belong to the American Psychological Association? Probably not the smart ones. Doesn’t matter, the APA are the lunatics with the media mouthpieces. I’ll bet plenty of real Head Shrinkers are cringing over this PC insanity, but don’t want to endanger their careers.

    We’ve come to this, needing good “social credit scores” to keep our jobs. Maybe someday, to keep our property, and even our lives.

  15. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    50% to 67% of all whites arriving in the colonies of America were slaves and even though historians, and other liars, describe them as indentured servants (Slaves with teeth?) they were slaves and documentary evidence from that epoch show exactly that.

    The conditions in the colonies were so ghastly that 50% of the slaves died before their seven year slavery sentence expired and there is not one documented case of a slave being so well treated and fed that the slave became as large as Candy Crowley.

    The facts can be fond in such books as Ji Goad’s Whiteness the Original Sin and the works of Michael Hoffman

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