Ecoheroes For the Climate Join Global Warming Superheroes!

Remember Global Warming Superheroes? A site where I—cough, cough—made villain of the day? While glancing through my logs, I was led to Timberati: Reasonably green thoughts. The folks there were kind enough to have a chat about my elevation under the title “You cannot be serious.”

Timberati’s incredulity was directed at the GW Superheroes of course. Anyway, one of the commenters to that piece was by “Alicia” who said,

OMG! There must be a virus spreading! We have a similar website in Spain (cyclo-idiots?): . BUT, while yours look like a “harmless” kid indoctrination tool, the spanish site joined 10,000 (10,000!!) college students to “pedal against CO2”. All Andalusian Universities involved. They had to pedal on STATIC BICYCLES to fight CO2 emissions, of course, without moving from their location:

I don’t know if I should worry about California or Spain. Both maybe. When are “they” going to wake up? This is too sad.

The green-clad Ecoheroes apparently battle under the motto “O Cambiamos Todos, O Cambia El Clima”! Rousing, no? Eco Heroes

Now, I searched diligently both the Ecoheroes and GW Superheroes sites, but I was unable to discover what super powers any of these badly dressed people had that would be useful for battling climate change. None has, say, super lungs with which to inhale and absorb CO2 (and eventually excrete coal). Nor do any have supermega laser vision powerful enough to convert that gas into its constituent parts (carbon and oxygen).

None can spread out his body into a molecular shield that, when placed in orbit, blocks incoming solar radiation, thus lowering temperatures. And not one has super frigid breath that can be used to create clouds (at the appropriate height) which would also block evil solar rays.

The only thing that any of them are able to do is to whine, carp, and insult. Not in a super way, either, but in the mode of an overweight, angry, confused teen dressing up for a comic book convention, and using language that would not even be considered elevated on a middle school playground.

The only point of bringing this up is to offer one more (minor) piece of evidence that the fight about “climate chance” is an ideological and not a scientific one. Evidence has little to do with it, belief is everything.

Regular posts to return to normal soon.


  1. Wow, Bruce Foutch has just solved my gift giving dilemma for several Christmases.

    Those two cartoon super hero sites reinforce the notion the whole “impending climate doom” claim is as authentic as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. [Sorry, kids].

  2. Thank you for the link.

    Ideology is dead on.

    Michael Crichton gave a speech to the Commonwealth Club in California about environmentalism as religion, “The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda…We must daily decide whether the threats we face are real, whether the solutions we are offered will do any good, whether the problems we’re told exist are in fact real problems, or non-problems.” (

    As with a belief system, facts morph around the belief, always proving the belief to be true. And, like religions of the past, every prediction of apocalypse does not occur and the date get pushed off into the future. Repeat after me, “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

  3. Spinning their gears? The motor is running but the car doesn’t move?

    If they were hooked up to a toaster or something, then all that expenditure of effort would have been partially worthwhile. Is there any way to get 10,000 Spanish college students to power my electric blanket? For free?

    The Sturm und Drang about “climate chance” is comical, not ideological. To be ideological there would have to be an idea behind it, and the whole thing is terminally clueless.

  4. Ray

    Just think, all those gerbils madly racing around inside their wheel are actually fighting global warming. We can solve global warming with more gerbils.

  5. Mike D. Which one? Does Briggs wear curlers in his hair?

  6. Niner, those are flowers, not curlers. Can’t say if Dr. B wears either.

  7. Bill Kropla

    I always visualize him as a sort of Blackbeard character with burning fuses in his hair.

  8. Bill S

    I’m getting too far behind. I’m still trying to decide if Gaya Girl is real and when I jump
    To the present you all are trying to figure out what kind of hair curlers Brigg’s uses.
    Maybe I’ll have to go back to the Bishop’s site and continue me education on English.
    Great example was finding out a tot of English rum did not weigh anywhere near a tot of American rum – after I decided I should try to be able to drink as much as an englishman!

  9. DAV

    I rather like the texture of the irregular posts.

  10. Atomic Hairdryer

    Re Mike D

    “Is there any way to get 10,000 Spanish college students to power my electric blanket? For free?”

    You’re not optimising efficiency. If you have one or two willing students under the blanket, you may not require the electric blanket, just some replacement calories. I appreciate this option may not work for those who are attached, or supervising students though :p

  11. Dear Atom,

    Ran your suggestion by the wife and she nixed it. She is willing to let me sleep with the dog, however.

  12. Bill

    Climate Change is not really a threatening idealogy. Marxism was a threatening idealogy, Climatology is comic opera.

    It’s very very entertaining spending a half hour a day trawling the Web – just to see what these loons will believe next.

  13. hr

    I can’t find Michael Crichton’s speeches on the link you provide. His site seems to have been altered since his death.

  14. Alicia

    Ouch! I just have seen this post. My most sincere congrats to you for being a Climate Villain. I do my best to win the same prize but I´m just a naive beginner (and gosh, how many awkward situations I´ll face up while learning english?). Many thanks for your blog 🙂

  15. an outsider

    You and Global Warming Superheroes deserve each other. All immature. Just in different ways.

  16. Briggs

    an outsider,

    Aren’t you the shy one.

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