Three Words — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Three Words — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Our Summa Contra Gentiles picks up again next week.

There are two words that are widely used today, and a third that is relatively unknown. None of them are really understood. But all three are apropos of this moment.

The first is apocalypse. It is thrown about to describe all manner of things, whether financial, environmental, medical, but especially political. All events are now said to be apocalyptic. Hyperbole abounds. But what does the Greek word ‘Apokalyptein actually mean? Simply, away from – the veil. To unveil. To reveal. To make known to all. In an undeniable sense.

That is what the past four years represents, in my muddled mind. But not in the usual sense that everyone expects. Everyone seems to think that the unveiling (of whatever) will happen instantaneously. Like the heavens un-scrolling to reveal the heretofore hidden reality. And indeed, it can. Just look at Fatima. But it doesn’t have to be instantaneous. Again, to my mind, our current unveiling hasn’t been thus. Instead, it has been a four-year slow-motion unveiling of the evil that has captivated us these past five hundred years or so. It is true that at the end of any cycle, time speeds up. And yet, seemingly slows down. Slo-Mo, as they say.

What do I mean by that? That we have been held in thrall to the Anglish Enlightenment until 2016. We have swallowed whole the idea that all of reality can be measured by Man. And anything immeasurable cannot exist. This belief has blinded us to the reality beyond matter. And this raises the question no one can materially prove: is there anything beyond matter? Is matter all that matters?

Which leads us to the unveiling. What is there to unveil if there is only matter? How can you unveil the visible? What else can there be? Dark matter? Hahahah! Yes, what a puzzle! Matter is visible, but cannot explain our measurable physical state. Ask any honest physicist. Either of them. They’ll admit it.

The dishonest among them must posit the material existence of invisible Dark Matter to explain the visible reality we inhabit. And so, they invent the impossible to explain to the possible. Sounds like Faith, eh?

What’s my point? Well, how can you unveil something Dark? Simple, my friend. You can’t. You can’t see into the Dark. That is the purpose of Light. Not to unveil the Darkness. Rather, to banish it. After all, true Darkness doesn’t have a material existence. It’s simply a lack of the presence of Light. It can’t be unveiled, because it has nothing to reveal.

Let us now look at another word. The second term widely used today. That word is Resist. That is, to go against something. But the something must be defined, or else the resistance is meaningless, and futile. They must be opposite terms. If you can’t describe the one, you cannot resist it. At least, not coherently. In which case, you cannot prevail. If something is indefinable, it cannot be resisted. How can you resist something unveiled if it cannot be seen (and thus defined)? And better yet, how can it be said to be unveiled?

Which brings us to Donald and the resistance to him. While they are truly resisting him, they have done it by mis-defining him. Which is a classic trick from the Alinsky handbook, Rules for Radicals. But don’t get me wrong, they haven’t done this by mistake. No, they deliberately seek to re-define Donald. And in that way, to define what they despise. In other words, they seek to unveil one thing (racism, for example) and attribute the image to another (Donald, of course).

In other words, if you can’t unveil something (because it doesn’t exist), unveil something else and re-name it. This usually won’t work, unless you have an echo chamber that reinforces the original lie. But that’s not a problem today. Unless you’re Donald. Resistance is now personalized. It only applies to the person, and not the policy.

What we are witnessing today (and the last four years), is not an un-veling, but rather, a re-veiling. An attempt to cloak Donald with a veil that is, not amazingly, a veil of hidden racism. A.k.a. a Klan robe. And since we can all see the implication intended, there is no reason (if it is true) to veil him at all. Face it, no one has ever been more visible (‘unveiled’) than Donald. For his entire life. We all know who he was, and is.

But that doesn’t fit the needed narrative. And so, we now see the veiled attempt to veil the visible. The attempt to cloak the aggressive act of assault with the defensive veil of ‘resistance’. And the act of unveiling (apocalypse) with the act of veiling. Thus is truth subverted. Semantics is everything. At least, in war it is. And if you haven’t noticed, this is war.

Let’s look at the third word. A word which is relatively unknown, but whose presence is widely felt. That word is also Greek in origin. It is Katechon. It means one who restrains. The one who holds back. Holds back what? Simple. The appearance of the Anti-Christ. You’ll find it used in II Thessalonians. In reference to the coming Apocalypse—the Great Unveiling.

We are now at the point of discernment. Who is the Anti-Christ? Well, if I named him, I would be wrong, automatically. Why? Because we are told, no one will know him before his arrival. Let’s assume that is true. But let us also acknowledge that there will be many precursors of him. In which case, a question arises. If there is a lesser-someone who advances the agenda of the ultimate Anti-Christ, and no one currently resists the lesser-one’s unveiling, is it possible that the agenda of the this Dark One might advance to earlier fruition?

Yes, a silly question. But remember the Wedding Feast at Cana? Where Jesus replied to his mother’s plea (on behalf of the hapless wedding couple found without wine), ‘Woman, what is this to me and thee? My time is not yet come’. Yet, He did as she wished. He moved up his timetable. Which, by the way, simply added to His glory. And hers too, if you’re smart enough to notice.

If Jesus could allow his mother’s plea to move time, and the Anti-Christ is the perfect knock-off of the original, hey, why not? Especially if no one stands in your way to the cookie jar. After all, we know there is an end-game, correct?

So then, we know that we cannot know the exact personage of the Anti-Christ. Does this also apply to the Katechon? The one who restrains. The last roadblock to the ultimate and visible appearance of the Anti-Christ. Interesting question, eh?

Let’s be clear. There have been many pre-figurements of the Anti-Christ. Nero, Diocletian, Justin the Apostate, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, just to name a few. Just as there were precursors of The Christ. Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, again, to name a few. History is simply the repetition of these dual appearances, giving notice to each generation of their responsibility to make their own choice of allegiance. We all do. Or don’t. Woe unto the lukewarm. Their fate is most pitiable.

Where does this leave us? Are the actual (final) end-times upon us? Is Biden the final Anti-Christ? And more importantly, is Donald the final Katechon? I think the second question I have posed is more important to us than the first. For while it is extremely hard to imagine Joe Biden as the most cunning member of the Tribe of Dan ever to live, it is not hard at all to see Donald as the final nemesis of whoever that might be.

In the absence of any effective resistance to what Biden would truly allow (and the one who might immediately follow him), Donald may very well be the last appearance of the Katechon. And the true and genuine Anti-Christ may, in imitation of the real Christ, move before his scheduled time. Prideful as he is, he may have a hard time resisting that temptation. Will this be The Last temptation of the Anti-Christ?

So then, my fellow man, remember that we all must die. Regardless of whether Biden is the immediate precursor of the Apocalypse, or whether Donald is the last Katechon, the final question of life, every life, is this: did you resist the unveiled evil? Were you a Katechon in your own right? Are you unsure? Let me help you then. Here’s how you will be known for all eternity?

Upon whose battlement will your body be found?

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  1. Sheri

    I do not see any unveiling. Humans are as they always have been. Early America is the closest to unveiling, and it still fell short. Now, things are as they always have been and will be for another 500 years or more. Humans live in darkness by choice.

    I thought the hatred of The Donald was just projection…..

    Historically, what “antichrist” figure was loved by the entire world and adored, before taking over. I believe that is the description of the antichrist. I don’t recall any such person, but I’m not that much into history. Pretty sure I’d remember one, though. (No, Biden is not the final antichrist, unless you completely rewrite Revelation to suit your fantasy.)

    Donald is not Christ 2.0. I know you all WANT that, but that’s laziness and trying to get out of doing what is right.

    Honestly, trying to interpret prophecy is just a fantasy trip that people who fail at reality take. There are hundreds of interpretations. Sometimes I think God gave us Revelation just to keep us busy thinking about nothing. The world ends when it ends. It matters not when. You live your life the right way and that’s all that is needed.

  2. Michael Dowd

    Somehow all of this has to tie in with Our Lady’s promise that a Great Chastisement will come if the hierarchy of the Catholic Church refused to obey her requests. As the Popes and the hierarchy did not obey, particularly with Pope John XXIII in 1960, we are overdue for a reckoning.

    I also see Archbishop Vigano playing a key role as a stand-in for a Catholic Pope since “Pope” Francis has abandoned his given role and become an acolyte of the devil.

  3. Fredo

    Who says the antichrist has to be a male are you forgetting Kamala…

  4. awildgoose


    Kams is obviously the Whore of Babylon.

    Lightbringer Obama is the Anti-Christ. He’s loved by all the, “right,” people and has spent the past four years running a Shadow US Government.

  5. Fredo

    Goose could well be, but what are the odds Kam’s a tranny and Obama’s married to one??
    Check out that Flynn video counter coup in play!

  6. It is not Biden it is a man Jorge Bergoglio who calls himself Francesco…

  7. C-Marie

    Amazingly wonderful, Ianto!!! Thank you!!
    God bless, C-Marie

  8. I find it surprising that “The one that restrains” is seen as a human agent.
    To evangelicals, it is often imputed to be the Church (the Body of Christ) that is removed at the Rapture.

  9. spudjr60

    Not all pre-figurements of the Anti-Christ have to be leaders, they just have to deny the Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
    They are also wolves in sheep’s clothing. Whether or not he actually existed Mohammed fits the description. His legend and his followers enjoy acting as sheep, while devouring like wolves.

    Other very influential deniers of not just Christ, but God would be Karl Marx and Ayn Rand. I consider both to be heresiarchs for they use phrases, symbols, and lofty ideals of Christianity while rejecting most concepts along with Christ. Someone with far greater wisdom than I, once said “If you take Christ out of Christianity you get inanity”

    The final Anti-Christ might well rise to power from the Mohammedan/Marxist alliance, but I pray that I will not live to see it.

  10. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Many men think the Antichrist will come during a period of turmoil. He will not. He will come during a time of peace.

    The “exceptional nation” has produced many cranks, weirdoes, mountebanks and criminals – who can forget the limaceous lunatic Madeline Albright? – but America will not be the birthplace of The Antichrist;

    Sure, The Exceptional nation will becomes another Russia (This isn’t Russia is it Danny?) commie POS country but we can’t anticipate The AntiChrist being an American.

  11. C-Marie

    Thank you, ABS for the info…

    Yves du Pont book … His book, The Popes and Democracy is at:
    Looks interesting!

    Also, interesting as suggested by ABS:

    But, how did any of those Popes, scholars, saints, learned people, handle that The Dome of the Rock would be built where it is. Is not that where the new temple will be built?

    The Dome of the Rock (Arabic: ??? ??????? Qubbat al-Sakhrah, Hebrew: ???? ????? Kippat ha-Sela) is an Islamic shrine located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem. It was initially completed in 691–92 CE at the order of Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik during the Second Fitna on the site of the Second Jewish Temple, destroyed during the Roman Siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE. The original dome collapsed in 1015 and was rebuilt in 1022–23. The Dome of the Rock is in its core one of the oldest extant works of Islamic architecture.[2]

    God bless, C-Marie

  12. Bobcat


    I seriously doubt Ianto is saying that Biden is the anti-Christ, considering that Biden doesn’t even have the mental capacity to be an anti-Christ figure or to be the president in the first place.


    I don’t know Ianto. I’m not much of a theologian when it comes to future prophecies and anti-Christ.

    I practically know one thing though, if Biden and Harris get in we’ll return to more of the same tomfoolery that we’ve had under Obama – more government burden on the economy and less rule of law. Biden and Harris won’t be very popular among the general public since the majority of Americans including many democrat voters will know that they got the presidency in part through voter fraud.

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