Fauci’s Frauds, Elite Errors & The Noble Lie

Fauci’s Frauds, Elite Errors & The Noble Lie

Back in the spring—we have this on camera—the Fabulous Fauci told the truth. Don’t wear masks, he said. They’re useless.

He was right about that, and should have said what he said. But he said it before the Cult of the Mask became politically and culturally powerful, before the experts knew it was the perfect visual symbol of compliance. It was only after that that Fauci “moved on” from his earlier remarks and insisted people should wear masks. That shift put him back in with the mainstream again, and allowed him to remain its “science” spokesman.

He now says “Wear a mask”, but he like many elites don’t bother wearing one when they thinks the cameras are off, as we all know, because they know the true value of masks, which is none. Take yours off and stop spreading fear.

Here’s another instance, this one about herd immunity.

Note that this is a friendly site, CNN. The Fabulous Fauci cannot find a more sympathetic interviewer.

The talking head asked him about his ever-in-flux estimates about herd immunity, and he temporizes about learning more. (I don’t think the 70-85% is far wrong, but that includes those who have had it or are vaccinated, a much easier total to reach than just vaccinated. How those who have had it are forgotten in his calculation is telling.)

This was brought up because earlier Fauci said 60% vaccinated to get herd immunity. In other places, he now says even 90%. Why the major change upwards? And what does polling data have to do with it?

The NYT provided the answer: Fauci’s desire to stay aligned with elite opinion.

In the pandemic’s early days, Dr. Fauci tended to cite the same 60 to 70 percent estimate that most experts did. About a month ago, he began saying “70, 75 percent” in television interviews. And last week, in an interview with CNBC News, he said “75, 80, 85 percent” and “75 to 80-plus percent.”

In a telephone interview the next day, Dr. Fauci acknowledged that he had slowly but deliberately been moving the goal posts. He is doing so, he said, partly based on new science, and partly on his gut feeling that the country is finally ready to hear what he really thinks.

This is a lie.

Either he was wrong in his previous calculations and found an error, perhaps realizing there was better data, and didn’t want to admit his mistake, or he just plain came to the understanding his correct calculations didn’t fit with the narrative. Which is that “everybody” has to get vaccinated. What our elite and rulers mean by “everybody” can be debated, but they surely mean something closer to 90%.

To pretend he knew all along the proper number, but burdened himself alone with this terrible knowledge, only to realize that now was the time to tell the truth to a weak and hopeless population is utter bullshit.

Besides, if that is true, then he is a liar for handing out the wrong information for so long. Plus it means we can no longer trust him, or any our great scientific elite, who may be lying to us for our own good. We’ll never know when they’re telling us the truth, for the new things they are telling us to replace the old lies may still be noble lies.

Just think, if this noble lie business is true, how many scientists not yet elite used the numbers provided by the elites to go off and do their own studies, or make decisions for themselves and others? All these works will have to be retracted.

That is, they’d have to be retracted if elites still cared about the old ways of doing science. Which they do not. Not when they can issue proclamations in the name of Health.

In any case, I don’t buy his explanation at all. Fauci is a pretender, and man more eager to get in front of a camera than even Chuck Schumer.

Lord save us from celebrities.

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  1. John Garrett


    Thank you for this unimpeachable evidence.

  2. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Tony The Teeny Tyrant was kept on by Trump for way too long.

    The number of misfits, mountebanks, and morons he chose to be part of his circle of advisors speaks volumes about his judgment.

    We have met the enemy and he is in DC and he is legion.

  3. Dean Ericson

    There will never be herd immunity, regardless of what that bureaucratic quack Dr. Fraud says. The New Abnormal is an endless series of panics terrifying people into submission. So the virus will be always mutating with dangerous new strains popping up all over the place and going, Boo! And there will be dangerous foreign enemies on the Tv beating their chests frightfully, and comets and asteroids and flying saucers will menace, and fires and riots and assassinations and stuff blowing up and white supremacists under every bed… a real fright fest. That’s the New Abnormal; the terror never ends. Because that’s how they demoralize and control a hostile population.

  4. Dennis

    “…but that includes those who have had it or are vaccinated, a much easier total to reach than just vaccinated. How those who have had it are forgotten in his calculation is telling.)”

    Yes, as I pointed out on a thread yesterday, the WHO recently changed – in line with “The Science” I’m sure! – its definition of herd immunity to exclude any natural immunity and define it solely as being vaccinated. What a surprise, wince the WHO head is an unqualified Ethiopian grifter appointed at the behest and solely to do the bidding of Gates, Big Pharma, and China. WHO, Fauci, CDC…none of these alleged “expert” institutions have any credibility left whatsoever. If only it were a question of being incompetent…but they are actually willfully malevolent.

    As for “noble lie,” as BAP pointed out recently on Twitter, the Noble Lie in the Platonic sense was “…supposed to refer to certain methods of founders of states and religions, like Lycurgus. Not short-term policies by guy who runs post office, etc.” Nothing noble about the mealy-mouthed BS of self-serving bureaucrats like Fraudci.

  5. Sheri

    ABS: Yes, that is my contention also. Trump needed a spine but could not find one….

    Speaking of lies and idiots, my drugstore gave away part of my prescription yesterday. Seems a doctor wanted the med (insulin) so they gave it to him, one vial. My prescription said THREE vials and I’ve had the prescription in there since 12/20. So it begins. The pharmacies give your meds, you peons, to those with higher value. Medicine has become a cruel, nasty profession, including pharmacies. Everything is “for your own good” and “because we said so”. Things are going to get very, very dark. This is also why Walmart (whom I do not like but use) is winning. The lazy idiots elsewhere just don’t care to actually do their jobs. At least Amazon and Walmart ship as requested. Everyone else gives some whiny excuse for their FAILURE.

  6. Sheri

    I think we should start using “The Science”TM (I’m too lazy to code for superscript…) for what is called “science” today. It is NOT “the science” it is “science”. And it has nothing to do with politics. Let’s make them stop pretending and demand to see “the science” before we do anything. Of course, the government did rewrite science into “the science” and produced their desired results, so that may not work…..

  7. Jim Fedako

    ABS / Sheri –

    I disagree with the Trump analysis. His pool of candidates is made up of those vile enough to rise to the top of a political institution and have the power of persuasion. Ben Carson is not vile yet (nominally) leads a directorate of the nomenklatura. However, he is also ineffectual. So the issue is not Trump per se, the issue is a bloated bureaucracy that can only be constrained by the most vile. A sad state of affairs, and one not dissimilar to the defunct USSR. Happy 2021!

  8. awildgoose

    Fauci is also on camera saying asymptomatic spread is never a pandemic driver.

    I believe Birx is as well.

    Scientism is our new globo-totalitarian god.

  9. Johnno

    Whenever people wonder “How can so many smart and intelligent people be so wrong?”

    I tell them, “Gather all these smart people in a room and show them an obvious picture of a man cross-dressing as a woman. Then ask them to state publicly in front of everyone whether or not the person they were looking at is a man or a woman.”

    Then see how dedicated to ‘science’ at least half of these cretins really are.

    Some science and facts are simply impolite and inexpedient to state so, much like religious dogmas and morality that counter the feelings of the zeitgeist.

    Every now and again, the general public can be mass hypnotized and conned into believing in something completely absurd based solely on how hard you push it and with the circumstances just right. Some magic spells really do work!

    A hyper-scientific and technological age has produced a population that will ironically never be certain about anything, and therefore default to blind trust in authority. So long as we have a device that lets us take pictures of ourselves and put pretty hearts on it and post it online and bask in the soma of likes and shares, that means the people who make these things all collectively know what they are doing and only have our best interests at heart. There’s no distinctions between fields and disciplines. Like ‘The Science’ ™, everyone is ‘The Scientist’, especially if they are on the TeeVee. If you ain’t on the screen, you can’t know what you’re talking about.

  10. Uncle Mike

    They lie, have always lied, and will always lie. This simple fact is obvious and undeniable. If you believe anything the Government or Media tells you, you are worse than a fool. Your stupidity is self-imposed in direct opposition to your entire life’s experience.

    Why Trump didn’t fire FoulXi on Day One is beyond me. Trump was elected because of his TV show tag line, “You’re fired!” But then he didn’t fire anybody even though he was surrounded by traitors.

    He lied, of course. Said one thing, did another. So it goes. I’m used to it. But I never ever believe any of them.

  11. Dale

    Yes, I understand that the alternative to Trump, ‘Dark Winter’, was even repugnant. But if only because Trump rebuffed the likes of Ioannidis, and elevated the likes of Fauci … he didn’t deserve to be re-elected.

  12. Stephen J.

    “Why Trump didn’t fire FoulXi on Day One is beyond me.”

    He may have been operating on the assumption that somebody who was right some of the time, and listened to at least some of the time, would be more useful in the long run than somebody who was right more often but (by virtue of being a publicly known hand-selected replacement) would virtually never be listened to.

    Of course, that assumption also assumes that the times Fauci was right (are there any?) and the times he was listened to had at least some overlap. This has become considerably more questionable in hindsight.

  13. awildgoose

    People claim that Trump cannot fire Fauci because his appointment is not controlled by the Executive.

    If true, doesn’t this demonstrate the Presidency is not that powerful?

  14. Dennis

    Lot’s of people Trump should have fired or never hired – ‘Stache Bolton, for example.

    But, on “day one” Trump himself probably didn’t know enough about Covid or Fauci personally to know that Fauci was a fraud and a Gates-owned shill. Also, federal personnel regulations may have made it difficult simply to fire him because he didn’t like him, since I think he’s not technically considered a “political” appointee who serves entirely at the pleasure of the President (in fact, just after the election Trump issued an executive order making it easier to fire a greater class of federal employees at will, which most thought would be a prelude to Fauci and others being fired, but it hasn’t happened yet, and likely never will now). Also, Trump knew if he simply tried to fire him, he’d be raked over the coals and accused of being an “anti-science” idiot who wants to fire the nation’s alleged “top infectious disease expert.”

    Nonetheless, Trump should have done more to elevate people to counter the Fauci-Brix narrative and isolate the latter from influence, even if he couldn’t technically just fire either or both at the time. Even when he finally did bring Atlas on board, it was too little too late – the mask-loving, lockdown-loving narrative having been embraced by all as the default position (and even Atlas has been weak on countering the pro-mask narrative). In the end, Trump has been vacillating and only occasionally good on Covid (though obviously better than Biden’s Dark Winter approach will be), because at bottom he’s a low info guy who’s basically embraced the disaster narrative that this virus is indeed a grave crisis and danger to mankind and that vaccines are the key to getting back to “normal.” Sure, Trump wants to get back to normal sooner, but he still accepts the faulty premises behind the whole criminal political and media response to Covid in the first place.

  15. Plantagenet

    O Tempora O Mores – This has been going on for awhile now, those in power telling us what we want, then taking it back, or turning it round, or saying “ There, there my poppit it was for your own good.” When Caesar in effect said “I’m doing it all for the Plebs, not my own vanity or monstrous ego”. Though to be fair to Caesar I doubt he much cared what most anyone thought. In any event the Plebs believed, or didn’t care much because they would happily follow an incontinent hippopotamus with a poor sense of direction as long as they got their bread and games. Where is our Cicero when we need him? Of course he got whacked by Octavian another monstrous ego.

  16. Dennis

    Cicero – most over-rated Roman ever, especially by American and British liberals. Cicero was part of the phony, corrupt establishment pretending to uphold “the Republic” (i.e. the personal wealth and privileges of the degenerate senatorial class) in the same way that grifter RINOs and Con Inc. pundits spout on about the “Constitoootion” and “norms” and left grifters further enrich and empower themselves and their WallSt-Silicon Valley-BigPharma paymasters while pretending to care about “the people.” The Republic was in crisis and dying long before Caesar came along (and contrary to common belief, he wasn’t the first general to “Cross the Rubicon”); he just put it out of it’s misery.

    We need not a new silver-tongued establishmentarian Cicero who’s all talk and equivocation, but men of power, vitality, and action, like Caesar or Octavian (and/or women of similar caliber, power, and vitality, such as, say, Empresses Catherine the Great or Maria Teresa, or St. Joan of Arc).

  17. Dennis

    “…its misery” should be. Damn typo.

  18. Fredo

    It’s really stupefying the entire free world has been conquered by a Chinese virus
    and a coterie of international and domestic enablers. Not a shot fired.
    Let that sink in…

  19. Dennis

    “It’s really stupefying the entire free world has been conquered by a Chinese virus
    and a coterie of international and domestic enablers. Not a shot fired.
    Let that sink in…”

    And the WHO is already warning (or perhaps threatening, more like) that this wasn’t “the big one,” and that we can expect even worse pandemics to come…which will, of course, necessitate even more stringent and tyrannical measures than we’ve had so far. How long until Covid-20 or 21 (or whatever they call the next thing) is unleashed on the world if we dare attempt to “go back to normal” and live like sane, free human beings?

  20. Uncle Mike

    Gotta love all the excusing of Trump for his failures/lies, especially “He’s better than Dark Winter Joe.” The parade of liars has no “best”. It’s always a choice between two snakes.

    Trump was weak. He talked big but did small. Traitor Joe is a vegetable. His lies are scripted; he doesn’t know what he’s reading off the teleprompter. The government/Media/Academia left-wing jackalopes are imploding. They are increasingly irrelevant, but then they always have been — you just didn’t notice.

  21. Rogelio García

    Knowing that this is mainly an american forum, with people who usually support Trump (or at least detest, and rightfully so, the alternative to him) I will say two things from abroad:

    First, you could not believe the magnitude of the manipulation of Trump´s image outside the USA. I´ve never seen such consensus in caricaturing a public figure. Although I consider there were too many picturesque charactheristics in his persona, it was a despicable move from international media, as big as Obama´s unexplainable international raise to the altars.

    Second: USA´s position on basically anything has a reverberating power in most countries, mine included, so although I am well aware of the kind of demented opposition he had in the most radical wing of the Democrat Party (ultrafeminists, gender/climate/race obsessed, violent, censoring, totalitarian,…you know…), and I supported him from the distance because of that, some of his Covid accurate claims were articulated more as Twitter outbursts than well reasoned points. That was a total mistake, in my opinion.

    To have a president in such a powerful country with those unconventional ideas, and brave enough to tell them to the world, has been a huge wasted opportunity. One TV/ internet program for the whole world, with Trump+prestigious scientists giving REAL data, with statistics along the lines of the ones shown by Mr. Briggs, infection/death toll lines in countries or states with and without hardcore measures (masks, quarantines.), etc., and it could have really made a difference for us all. It could have created serious DEBATE, something that has been obliterated. That scenario didn´t happen, and we were left with only sporadic, not well reasoned claims in Twitter. That made the international media job of ridiculing the Covid dissident movement too easy.

  22. Briggs


    I have a hard time disagreeing with your criticism.

  23. Ann Cherry

    Good heavens, Dr. Briggs, your commentators are really piling on our POTUS for his Covid response. I feel like I’m in a scene from a Greek tragedy, the chorus in Sad Masks, pointing to their fallen leader and braying like mules over his failures. The real tragedy is this: we were given a GREAT President, and we failed him, not the other way around.

    Consider his accomplishments on our behalf, in less than four years, despite incredible opposition, often from other Republicans, and as what we claim to want, a non-politician:

    Lowering taxes; ending unnecessary and expensive regulations; ending trade agreements and tariff practices that harmed the U.S., and implementing ones that help the U.S., while keeping farmers, etc. afloat during rocky negotiations and a malevolent media; shining a spotlight on the malign influence of China, Iran, and others bad actors; Initiating peace treaties between Israel and various Arab countries, and with Serbia, et al., that earned him three Nobel Peace Prize nominations; quickly rooting out ISIS in the Middle East (Africa would be next); pre-Covid employment and economic numbers unparalleled in U.S. history;

    Some of the cleanest air and water in the world, and speaking that, a new bipartisan legislative act to dedicate fully half of all energy tax revenue from public lands, back towards much-needed maintenance/improvement our precious national parks and recreation area infrastructure; and that revenue is significant, because under Trump, we became energy independent, a net exporter, for the first time in history. (And one of Trump’s first acts, as POTUS, was to travel to Eastern Europe and sign natural gas deals w/ Poland et al., so they could bypass Russia.)

    I am just putting things down off the top of my head, there are way more. What a record of achievement. But maybe most important, he got people to thinking and talking about things like The Swamp and The Deep State and The Fake News and he opened up many peoples’ eyes and ears. Whether we decide to close them again, maybe already have, we’ll see. Is it more comfortable for us under tyrants in 2020, than it was in 1776?

    Think about it: In 1776, they started a revolution over “taxation without representation.” In 2020, they hold our kids hostage (no school re-openings unless we meet their demands, but we’ll still pay), force us and our children to wear masks over our faces, force us to take “vaccinations”, shut down our businesses on a whim, order us to stay in our homes on a whim, and mandate where and how we shop, eat, live, work, interact, and assemble; then, as frosting on the cake, they de-fund our police forces and take away our personal firearms, at least in the public square.

    Not only have we let them shut down our schools, churches and businesses, we’re all standing around in masks, re-breathing our own CO2, mooing like cows, chewing our cud behind our face diapers, like a bunch of helpless babies. Some retired generals recently bemoaned the poor physical condition of young people, but that’s just the half of it. Our entire country, along with most of the world, has become infantilized. Like lambs, ready for the slaughter.

    On the other hand, as the great Rush Limbaugh likes to point out, pessimism and negativity is our most natural state, and we must strive and strain to stay optimistic when things look most dark. Otherwise, we might despair, which is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

    A good start might be a gratitude list, including the accomplishments by DJT, because he is already becoming cancelled, even here. Ungrateful ninnies behind keyboards can say almost anything, and I include myself.

    Then, let’s get out in the fresh, maybe cold, air, take off that face diaper, and let the world see our smiling faces. Have a blessed New Years Eve enjoying God’s creation.

  24. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    scroll down to entry 2 at this link


    Trump chose as his UN Ambassador a foreigner, Nikki Haley, who hates historic America and hates him and everybody knows it. In her role as a republican who was chosen to respond to Obama’s final SOTU speech, the Nikkster warned Americans not to follow the siren call of angry voices – gee, who was this Mario Rubio backing, Never-Trumper talking about?

    He let Jared, his son-in-law lead the movement to let blacks out of prison – way to pay back your white law-abiding working class supporters – and he campaigned endlessly on that topic as though that successful plan would excite his white working class law-abiding base.

    Good grief. He is a knucklehead who has videos of him on You Tube showing him in a faux attack on The World Wrestling Owner, Vince McMahon, and Trump chose Vince’s wife. Linda, to be the chairman of The SBA.

    He is our POTUS but, Lord have mercy…look at who he is, what he says, what he does and, yet he still is better than Beijing Biden

  25. Ann Cherry

    Well, this site ate my comment, so I’ll try again. Mr. (or is it Dr.) Brain Surgeon (in case we are tempted to doubt your brilliance), who cares if Nikki Haley supported Rubio in the primary? I listened to most of her UN speeches, and she knocked it out of the park every single time, and stood up to those thugs quite brilliantly. We never doubted for a moment, her loyalty to the President and our country.

    Is that really the best you can do in your criticism, that she “hates historic America”? Seriously? Perhaps warmonger Amb. Bolton would have been more to your liking.

    Honestly, Brain Surgeon, your comments are often downright racist, like this one: “He let Jared, his son-in-law lead the movement to let blacks out of prison – way to pay back your white law-abiding working class supporters – and he campaigned endlessly on that topic as though that successful plan would excite his white working class law-abiding base.”

    Oh dear, you left out the part about Jared being…..a Jew!!

    The prison reform bill addressed problems in the Clinton crime bill, which made, for instance, sentences higher for crack cocaine then other, more expensive, forms cocaine, and put people behind bars for decades over non-violent offenses, even when they’d been model prisoners for years. I think most of Trump’s “white working class base” are more concerned about drugs pouring over our southern border, and about white-collar criminals getting off Scott-free, than they are about some people getting a break on their sentences after many years behind bars.

    But your last comment just shows garden-variety ill will: you really care if our POTUS, before he even ran for President, pretended, as an entertainer, to wrestle Vince McMahon? I watched the performance on YouTube, and it was hilarious, and the crowds loved it. Are you implying that Linda McMahon, a powerhouse in her own right, who did a good job as head of the Small Business Administration, got her job because Trump wrestled her husband?

    “Good grief” and “Lord have mercy.” You got those right, anyway.

  26. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Ann. Trump didn’t care that Nikki was a never Trumper and warned the country not to listen to his insanity in a response to Obama’s SOTU address. That is a problem, Trump befriends his enemies and abandons his supporters. As to why you can not understand such things is a mystery.

    How is a comment that Jared led the let-black-criminals-out-of prison racist? Too accurate? ABS heard that some of the more intelligent inner-city blacks reasoned that if they did not repeatedly commit crimes they would not go to prison for a long time. Racist?

    It was Black Ministers who belabored Congress to pass those laws because the dark dopers were ruining their cities. There’s that racism again.

    Trump anchored his rallies by bragging about how many blacks supported him and he lost many white voters because of that. He adopted and then intensified identify politics. Its typical loserville GOP tactics. Have you never heard or read of Steve Sailer’s GOP white strategy?

    Dancing publicly to YMCA? What sort of message does that send? Sending a sodomite, Ric Grennell, all over hell and creation to threaten countries to publicly support sodomy or lose USA support. Backing so-called gay marriage.

    Yes, Trump is the lesser of evils, but that does not mean he is a good POTUS. However, he has your support for his destructive and stupid actions. No, giving Vince’s wife the SBA gift has nothing to do with anything.

    You are prolly behind the GOP and its new attempt to recruit BLM into the GOP Big Tent.

    ABS is deep wounded you think he is a racist and he fears you also think he also may be guilty of the worst crime in the world – antisemitism.

    O No…

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