Men! Join The Trigger Squad!

Men! Join The Trigger Squad!

The culture rots. Our elite turn inward, turning their backs against us. The children have become self-satisfied terror-filled know-it-all shivering brats. Adults never grow up. Things have fallen apart. The center has not held.

The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

Surely, something is coming. But it can be forestalled. We can still do something! We can delay the rough beast. We can fight. We can at least go out smiling. How?

Join the Trigger Squad!

Bands are forming now in your locality. Men only. Sorry, ladies. You’ll have to sit this one out and leave the serious work to the menfolk, as is proper.

What’s that? What’s the Trigger Squad? Glad you asked, friend!

We are band of Merry Men, happy warriors, who mount our trusty steeds (mechanical or biological) and ride onto the campuses, university and business, of this once great land—-yes, right into the lairs of the Beast!—and fly our banners, triggering the kiddies and their nervous minders.

The mere sight of Truth flown high and boldly and without apology is enough to causes paroxysms. We leave behind literally shaking masses who are powerless to do anything except soil themselves. When The Triggering is done by bands of mustachioed* men bearing arms, men who refuse to ask for forgiveness for their temerity, why, it can even cause conversions. Some of the triggered have been known to turn their backs on wokeness and walk toward the Light.

For many brats, which increasingly includes those in charge, this will be the first time in their lives they were exposed to raw unadulterated Reality.

You should see it! The effects of the banners on the woke are like mixing sodium and water, like Dracula gargling a garlic smoothie, like a 40-year-old feminist suddenly realizing the kid she had killed was her last chance. The smell of their fury and sight of the woke’s sweat is sweet. sweet.

Join the movement! We will ride and roll through all enemy encampments, one by one, triggering the masses.

Here are only some of the banners that left them literally shaking.

Men Who Pretend To Be Women Are Men!

Abortion Is Immoral!

White Men Invented The University!

The Races Are Not Equal!

Women Are Different And Unequal To Men!

Being Judgmental Is Good!

Two Men Cannot Be Married!

Eliminate Black Privilege!

Do Not Believe All Women!

Ban Porn!

Anti-racism Is Stupid!

Sodomy Is Disgusting And Immoral!

Fat People are Ugly!

Blacks Are More Violent Than Asians!

Eating Meat Is Good!

Being White Is Terrific!

Some Are Naturally Smarter Than Others!

Discrimination Is Good!

There Is No Such Thing As Systemic Racism!

Morality Is Objective!

Diversity Is Our Weakness!

Equality Is Impossible AND Undesirable!

The Music You Listen To Is Harmful!

Believe it or not, the last one triggers more than any of the others.

Feel free to submit your own Triggering Phrase below. Pithy ones will be elevated.


* Moustaches are optional in all lockdowned venues.

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  1. Michael Dowd

    How about: Trump 2024!

  2. John B()

    ALL Lives Matter

  3. Jerry

    TheScience is not SCIENCE.

    Love is not love.

    Illegal means illegal.

  4. Mike H

    Cultural Marxism Is Anti-American

  5. Mike H

    Biden Didn’t Win

  6. vxxc

    Our Common Duty

    Men’s Duty is to Defend

    There actually exists Constitutional and legal mandates for all men to band together in local militias.

    2D Amendment Mandate
    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.
    This isn’t the individual right to bear arms, its a mandate for all men to be in a militia. This was a necessary duty we fell down on, its not about crime, self defense, or hunting. Nice GOP scam on that one NRA, an individual is nothing in war.

    Legal Mandated Militia Duty
    All adult males 17-45 are in the militia, if National Guard organized militia, the rest in unorganized militia – which is in no way a prohibition from organizing to be “well regulated” that is organized and trained. 10USC, Section 246-the Militia.

    These aren’t rights.
    These are duties.
    If you want to ensure our survival and a future for our children; Form Ranks.

  7. Sheri

    vxxc: I notice that most Second Amendment fans forget the “well-regulated militia” part. Thank you for reminding them.

    That’s okay, Briggs. WOMEN (not ladies) already have their own trigger squad and will back an annoying snowflake against a wall and melt them if they are a problem. We just don’t join together. We’re the independent type that know who we are and what we need to do. You men can have your “squad”.

    “Women are Different and Unequal to Men” Yes, we are better.*

    “Do not believe all women” Change it to most women and you have something. Women lie and lie a lot. They despise reality and love the Matrix and Soma.

    “The Music You Listen to is Harmful” What music? It’s vile, violent, horrible crap. There is no music. Best ride by all NPR stations for naming Cardi B’s slut song “song of the year”. Who thought NPR stood for “National Pervert Rapists”?

    Wear your masks—facial recognition fails in all masked cases. I also hear dark hoodies from Walmart are all the rage. Rather than a banner, a truck with a rotating signboard on each side and a loud speaker might be good. Ask Dennis Prager.

    *not in the evil, stupid feminist way

  8. Leo

    Pray the Rosary

  9. Dr. Bruce A. Wineman

    Women/Men or Men/Women, are different by design. Without the difference there would be NO PEOPLE! The differences have been “Perverted” by design as well, mostly to bring about a “Divide and Conquer” situation and to initiate “Power and Control”. There may be some benefit in looking backward to see how we functioned to make the system work. The real trick will be knowing how far back to look. This Conversion/Perversion, has been a long time in the making. Don’t forget the “Take Away”, none of it works without the difference between us!

  10. trigger warning

    I’ve been warning the world about your ilk for quite some time, Briggs.

  11. PaulH

    My banner: “There is no climate emergency”

  12. Phillip Makowski

    YES, God is REAL !

  13. Nate

    It’s okay to be white.

  14. patrick healy

    Dear Professor Briggs,
    Great piece and comments as usual. This is not a pithy comment like those above but more of a (sad) reflection on the past year, if you will indulge this old Irishman.

    2020 – Annus most Horribulus

    Twenty twenty – the year of Big Fraud
    Real news censored at home and abroad,
    The WA comPost and the New York Slimes
    Did a cover up of Bidens crimes;
    The populance eMasculated
    By daily Fake News promulgated,
    The world lies prostrated on its knees
    By this newest bug from the Chinese.

    The smoke of satan fills Peters Dome
    As marxist doctrine is preached from Rome,
    Big Brother wants no State or border
    With Gates and Soros’ New World Order;
    If we don’t oppose the Great Reset
    We will fill our children with regret,
    WHO would trust scientists in this age
    I prefer my stuffing with some SAGE.

    We watch pampered players genuflect
    Democratic rioters who wrecked,
    When our House of Worship was shut down
    We were taught some New Speak called Lockdown;
    The young and old were rightly puzzled
    By seeing herds of sheep being muzzled,
    Sadly there was just a tiny few
    Who recognised – it was just a flu.

    A year which saw new vaccinations
    Fake news from the United Nations,
    Computer warming from the IPCC
    The usual lies from the BBC;
    Bilderberg, Masons and the Skull and Bones
    The Deep States spying on us with Drones,
    The Wuhan Flu brought mass hysteria
    Like fear of biblical Assyria.

    The Election fraud in the USA
    A Trumpian Witch Hunt by the CIA,
    Senile Joe won the Presidents S(t)eal
    Boris Corbyn gave us the Green New Deal;
    Pope Francis forgot to mention Our Lord
    As he pushed the Climate Change Accord,
    So let us bid this year ‘Good riddance’
    We’ll trust next year to Gods providence.

    A happy New Year to all you and yours Professor

  15. Rogelio García

    Leaving aside some remarks in this post I totally disagree with, I´ll say that there are several youtube videos where people start messing with undergraduates at the campus. The results would be extremely comical if they were from a movie, but it is not: it is real life.

    There you can see how these kids answer questions like (not literally) “if there is no gender, there is no age, so what if I tell you that I am 4 years old?”, “what if I tell you that I am a tall asian?” (he was a short white), etc., or and your jaw will drop, because you could see their brains shortcircuiting, and finally acting like they´re supposed to, that is, denying reality, and telling the interviewer that of course it would be all right for them to consider him a 4 year old boy and to let him take classes with their younger brothers.

    I also remember that a person jokingly made a petition drive about banning “White Christmas”, by Bing Crosby, because (wait for this…) snow can become dark in contact with the ground, so that turns the song into a racist one (!!!!) He collected dozens of petitions at the end of the day.

    That´s the world we´re living in…

  16. Dean Ericson

    Sarge, that’s an awesome list of top-drawer triggers.

    I can’t think of a needed addition…


    Jesus is Messiah!

  17. Nicholas=VictoryofthePeople

    I think wearing a MAGA hat matches banners for effective triggering. MAGA hats quickly warn the wearer of the id, location and even condition of brainwashed bigots and zombies. To truly identify with a hated minority and to fight systemic oppression, leftists should wear MAGA hate detectors around for a week or 2.

  18. Stephen J.

    Jesus Loves You, But He Hates A Lot Of Your Choices

  19. Stephen J.

    Oh, and purely as a persnickety nitpicker, to ask about the last slogan listed: Is it music being held to be harmful, or is it the lyrics and messages of particular pieces of music? I would hope the latter, as almost all the stuff I listen to these days is either instrumental-only or over twenty years old.

  20. Ron

    Consensus Is Not A Result Via The Scientific Method!

  21. Dean Ericson

    Reading through those “triggers”, they are ALL of them common sense things understood not only by our ancestors but by most people everywhere, in all times, barring the odd local aberration. This highlights the massive campaign of psychological warfare, stupendously successful, that has been waged to turn everything upside-down, where lies are the new truth, ugly is the new beautiful, wrong is the new right, and stupid is the new smart. Astoundingly, these counterfeits were not easily detected and rejected, but were eagerly embraced.

    This fact destroys the foundations of liberal society: that men are capable of directing their own destiny through reason alone; that free speech results in the best ideas winning; that evil can be overcome by reforming institutions; that progress is the natural result of liberal policy. All rubbish. So we have reached the end of the liberal illusion.

    Build Back Better? — Bring Back the Christian Kings!

  22. Joy

    Mary is not God

    transubstantiation is a fancy word for representation. Claiming otherwise is cultish,.

    God loves everybody. Including those who do not believe.

    The truth matters,

    Life is fragile, short, brutal and unhappy for many many people through no fault of their own whether they believe in God or not.

    It’s no different to be a sycophant on the far right or the far left. Thinking for yourself is the only true way to operate but try not to always look like you’re doing so,

    feaux righteous anger is as ugly as phoney outrage!

    God doesn’t need our help. It’s the other way round

    Men cannot multi task and the ones who do it well are probably gay.

    Having a thing against women is leaning towards homosexuality.
    Same for women having a thing against men.
    I’m not finished yet.

    It’s okay to be white and glad of it but “It’s not easy being Green”
    (Kermit the frog. )

    Oh yes!
    men who shout the loudest about the lack of morality of other men are probably guilty of all sorts of skull duggary and deception!
    *with about three exceptions at my last coun t!

  23. Louis IX

    Joy, who claims she is God?
    Dean, right on!

  24. Wilt

    As usual, you provide excellent fodder, for thought and discussion, Briggs. Truth be told, a few of these “triggers” I would place in the category of “Things I Disagree with, Fervently.” (As well, and not surprisingly, a larger few of them I would place in the “Hell yeah!” category.) AFAIK, that is why we are here. To learn, to agree, and to disagree on occasion. I came across a piece I am examining, and since it is all about masks, and does not, as far as I can tell, appear in your existing list, I pass it on. I suspect it is FOS, but would love your view as well. Link:

  25. Fredo

    A date to be remembered is the 6th of D.C.

  26. Stephen J.

    “Joy, who claims she is God?”

    An old 19th-century anti-Catholic Protestant canard (I don’t remember what particular denominations claimed this, and it’s not much repeated these days, I think) claimed that Roman Catholics worship the Virgin Mary as effectively a Fourth Person of the Trinity — related canards claimed that Catholic saint-reverence is basically repurposed pagan polytheism.

    This has never been true, but it was sometimes, conceivably, an honest mistake given the degree of Marian reverence held by many Catholics. However, with the ease of looking up official Catechism answers today, it’s a much less forgiveable piece of vincible ignorance.

  27. Frank

    Trump for Nobel Prize for Medicine

  28. Fredo

    The London Lockdown has failed to prevent ‘The Son of Covid II’.

  29. Louis IX

    Stephen, thank you, yes, ignorance indeed.

  30. JTLiuzza

    Jesus Christ is King!

    And just for the fun of it to trigger obstinate, ignorant protestant fools:
    Mary is god!

    To all of you in the light: Happy Feast of the Solemnity of Mary tomorrow – our Mother and our Queen!

  31. BrianH

    “Studies” degrees are are easy to obtain and therefore worthless.

    Many (if not most) homeless are there by choice.

    Teachers want to be thought of as professionals yet go on strike more often than iron workers.

  32. Sheri

    “Jesus Loves You, But He Hates A Lot Of Your Choices” You’ve got my vote on that one, Stephen J!

  33. Kim




  34. Just Me

    My whole existence is a trigger warning, deal with it…..

  35. Joy

    Stephen J and Louis this is the triggering post. We do it every so often, nothing new.

    Of course it isn’t an argument and not terribly grown up, either but hey! When in Rome.

    Here’s a few more:

    ~Lockdowns work when you define lockdowns and work as if you intend to make a proper case;

    ~SARS C2 has the same infection fatality rate as was estimated from the beginning by those scientists worth their salt.

    Wearing surgical masks, good ventilation and good hygiene are sensible measures to take in helping to limit spread of reparatory and airborne diseases.

    ~Being Catholic doesn’t mean you must behave like Mel Gibbon

    *He got a mention in parliament yesterday for his fantasy a-historic movie about freedom.

    “Only this time, it’s true”!

    ~Most of our Conservative politicians don’t actually believe in the climate alarm.
    There are a lot of fig leaves being used in strategic places. They’re going nuclear.

    ~Boris Johnson’s a hero

    ~Trump has broken ice that will not freeze easily again.

    11:00 GT, the only time there is, will be
    Brexit o’clock., precisely.

    “the Parting Glass” is a better option this year than the usual and for obvious reasons.
    Here’s to:
    “peace and friendship to all nations.”

  36. kawaii_kike

    “The Music You Listen to is Harmful”
    Can someone explain this one? Harmful in what sense?
    Spiritually, morally, societally? I think music is just music, the message of a song only affects you if you let it.

  37. Mike D

    Virus gonna virus, gonna virus, gonna virus, gonna virus…… Bam! HERD IMMUNITY!

  38. Joy

    I mean GMT 11:00.
    Not even G and T. More like Champagne.
    Even the remainers are cracking it open…the media and a politician said it so it must be true

    did I say cheers?

  39. BDavi52

    What a great invitation!!!
    Some of my favorites:


    EQUALITY (save before God and the Law) IS IMPOSSIBLE.

    or, if you prefer,



    SEX IS A FULL-CONTACT SPORT (expect the occasional foul…along with a lot of usual misunderstandings)


    Oh….one of my favorites: LIFE IS HARD….(followed by a shrug and….and) …. SO WHAT?

    And some corollaries: HARD WORK IS ALSO HARD….AND….IT’S ALSO WORK.


    FOLLOWING YOUR HEART DOESN’T PAY WELL (unless you’re unusually lucky or unusually talented)



    WESTERN CIVILIZATION WAS BUILT BY GREAT MEN (with some few exceptions). (feel free to add, SO WHAT?)





  40. Fredo

    Guns have triggers emotions are all tears, giggles, and spittle.

  41. Uncle Mike

    Banner waving? Go for it if it makes you feel better, but banner waving isn’t going to change anything. That being said, here’s a classic:

    Live Free Or Die

  42. Dean Ericson

    Kawaii Kike,
    The harmful music to which our host refers is that monstrous mongrel: Hawaiian Klezmer. In their black hats and tzitzits, grass skirts and coconut brassieres, playing ukuleles, accordions, slack key guitars and clarinets, dancing the hula-horah, their whole schtick is schlock kahuna puku-puku. But a lot of fun.

    Mahalo Shalom

  43. Fredo

    Oh man that’s funny Dean! Made my day…

  44. L Ron Hubbard alias John B()

    All men are Gods – L Ron Hubbard

    Some are more God than others – L Ron Hubbard alias George Orwell

    God be God

  45. John B()

    Uncle Mike

    O Holy Night

    As early as 1864, the Revue de Musique Sacrée, a distinguished journal focusing on Catholic liturgical music, opined:

    Adolphe Adam’s [“Minuit, Chrétiens”] has been performed at many churches during Midnight Masses….it might be a good thing to discard this piece whose popularity is becoming unhealthy. It is sung in the streets, social gatherings, and at bars with live entertainment. It becomes debased and degenerated. The best would be to let it go its own way, far from houses of religion, which can do very well without it.

    Further church criticism of the song itself focused on its militant tone and dubious theology.

  46. Whitney

    How about “TV shows are brainwashing!”

    I’m on the ACLU mailing list. I don’t know why but they send me an envelope ready to be mailed back so I just send the pledge sheet back with “You Are In A Cult. Free Yourself” written on it with a red Sharpie. It’s fun for me

  47. John B()


    I’ve heard you’re supposed to stuff prepaid envelopes with as much as you can cram in

  48. C-Marie

    Transubstantiation is the conversion of the substance of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, at the consecration of the Catholic Mass, with only the appearances of bread and wine remaining. Only God could and does work that!!

    And the Trinity .. One God … Three Persons … Each is wholly God in entirety … yet only One God exists.

    And on skin colour, God gave to us our natural skin colour … so have no shame nor remorse as He knows what He is doing, always.

    Pray and be led of by the Holy Spirit before setting off with any banners, etc.

    God bless, C-Marie

  49. Joy

    Uncle Mike, funny you should say that, I first heard of the Celtic women, from your suggestion for ‘number one’ and you were right. I’ve played it many times cove the years, sang it with choir, and although the song has always been a favourite carol,THAT rendition is my favourite of all.
    It inspired/reminded me, to have singing lessons and join the choir, so thank you, you were never forgotten.

    I also have William Briggs to thank for providing the space so that people can find out what they really think about all sorts of things.

  50. Shan_Paramus

    -Social justice is neither

    -white people exist
    white people have a right to exist
    white people have a right to exist as white people

    -proud to be black
    proud to be latino
    proud to be asian
    proud to be white

    -Black Lives Matter- except for the 24 out of 25 black murder victims not killed by cops

    I put this alongside a BLM sign in the yard in an affluent, virtually all-white suburb:
    -“black lives matter- just not near us”

    from Havel:
    -no freedom without equality before the law
    no equality before the law without freedom

    -bring down the Big Tech & Big Media Oligarchy

    -feminism is an extinction-level event

    (probably not that effective since most ppl aren’t aware of the below-replacement level birth rates of western/ feminist dominated societies and hence the reference)

    -Virtual Signaling Has No Home Here

    -science is real- junk science isn’t

    -“science is real”- who knew?

    -the climate is always changing

  51. C. P. Benischek

    Trump Won

    Biden Lost.

    Put CCP-Sleepy Joe Back in the Basement.

    Agreed (once again) Briggs! ‘Bout two weeks ago I ran a Trump 2020 flag (3×5 Std. Size) up my pitchfork (Remember Buchanan’s Brigades). Just a regular 5-fine black instrument w hickory wood handle. Then I Put the pitchfork thru the sunroof of the platinum black on black Ford Expedition I’m toolin’ around in these days. Then drove 60 miles or so over the Hudson and n theTAPP’n ZEE Bridge (NOT the Bridge of the Fairy Godmother) from Nyack, a libtard paradise, across WestcHester County NY up to Stamford Connecticut, then down the Merritt and Henry Hudson Parkways straight into the Lion’s Den of NYC, Sodom on Hudson, or The Big Bagel (Hattip Taki).

    Well I had 33 positive gestures and 4 negatives overall. A Cabbie in Central Park gave me astonished stares then A smile and a thumbs up. A bus driver in Stamford mask on chin stopped abreast of me, honked, and gave me a thumbs up. The driver of a Mercedes S on the Merritt slowed, beeped and pumped his fist. Same, Yukon driver. Same, Silverado HD pickup in Yonkers.

    Bottom Line: Folks know Trump won.

    Get in the face and of the Left who know too and remind them.

    Never underestimate TrumPotus.

    C. B.

  52. Uncle Mike

    Dear Joy,

    After listening to that “discard” 100 times, it still brings tears to my old eyes. Makes me think all is not lost, that there is still hope for our species.

  53. I don’t need a banner, I typically trigger people by just being there.
    Without a mask on.

  54. Shan_Paramus

    a few others:

    -(trans)gender is a social construct

    -progressives are destroying our inner cities

    -no, YOU are the racist

    -Black Lives Matter except to Black lives Matter

    -smash the collectivist hivemind

    -check your victimhood privilege

    -White Supremacist on Board
    (no, I wouldn’t have the guts for that, not by a long shot. I’d give 100 USD to anyone who drives around with that in a blue area with evidence. Hell, maybe add a zero to that reward)

  55. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    transubstantiation is a fancy word for representation. Claiming otherwise is cultish,.

    Transubstantiation refers to a china of substance, not representation, which is a sly word denoting heresy.

    The six chapter of John makes this clear but persons like Joy are trying to bring another Gospel.

  56. swordfishtrombone

    * Abortion Is Immoral!

    So don’t have one. And reduce the number of abortions by improving access to contraception and sex education.

    * Being Judgmental Is Good!

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. (Possible get out: that passage isn’t authentic.)

    * Two Men Cannot Be Married!

    Sure they can. It’s already happened.

    * Ban Porn!

    I thought you were against state intervention?

    * Sodomy Is Disgusting And Immoral! (But incredibly interesting, apparently.)

    Then don’t do it. Surely you don’t advocate for the state to enter the bedroom as well?

    * Eating Meat Is Good!

    But animals could be farmed and killed in more humane ways. Male chicks by the thousands being sent on conveyer belts into meat grinders while still alive can’t be necessary.

    * Being White Is Terrific!

    Because of white privilege?

    * Discrimination Is Good!

    Sure, sometimes. Discriminating against people who won’t wear masks during a pandemic is a good example. Didn’t that happen to you?

    * Morality Is Objective!

    Example of “objective” Biblical morality: slavery is fine.

  57. Bobcat

    Oh easy Briggs, anyone can come up with trigger statements. In my illiberal town, there are plenty of signs that say something like this:

    “Women have rights
    Black lives matter
    No one is illegal
    science is real
    love is love
    kindness means everything”

    I don’t entirely agree with all this, nor do I entirely disagree with all of it. Yes women and blacks have natural rights. I don’t even think too many illiberals understand the concept of natural or inalienable rights as described by John Locke and our Declaration of Independence with all the cultural marxist and moral relativist baloney they parrot, but that’s another issue all together. You would also think that the left would learn that protecting borders would be important now with the spread of the c-19 virus but I guess boneheads never learn. And yes, kindness generally is a good thing but there’s times where you have to out jackass the jackasses and stand up for yourself. And while science can be real like it’s supposed to, it can also be faked and fabricated like in the case of the global warming crisis scare or in the classic example of phildown man.

    I have something list of propositions to better top the illiberal jargon and that may stir some heads! ….

    All lives matter – including the preborn (yes, I’m a real equalist when it comes to human dignity here!)

    Dump Big Tech A.K.A Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube – They don’t respect your free speech rights and the free flow of information. Or, if you use their software, become a very active troll that spreads information!

    Dump the MSM since they lie to you all the time.

    The Democrat party is not the party of human equality. It never has been and nor it is the party of equality today. The democrat party was the party of white supremist racism, slavery, segregation and the Klan and it’s still in line with its white supremist roots with its support for planned parenthood. The democrat party supports abortion which means they’re against the idea that “everyone is equal”.

    Socialism produces debt, shortages and surpluses and poverty for the citizens and socialism always leads to totalitarianism. “Democratic socialism” is an oxymoron! And, yes, the nazis were socialists too!

    Keep Obamacare and universal healthcare out of our system!

    Capitalism is the only way to secure economic and political freedom and wealth!

    Keep the 2nd Amendment in – the right to bear arms and weapons! Keep the Constitution and enforce it!

    Okay that’s my list of statements there Briggs. You have a good new year!

  58. JC

    Remember you will die!

  59. Milton Hathaway

    If one is serious about triggering sheltered liberal college students where they live, one would be hard-pressed to do it more professionally or more effectively than the Genocide Awareness Project, run by the Center for BioEthical Reform.

  60. Johnno

    9/11 was an inside job.

    Transubstantiation only happens in a Catholic Church, because NOTHING happens in Protestant ones.

    Galileo was wrong, the Church is right, and your precious science supports that fact.

  61. Karen

    Thank you for openly admitting you think women are shit and that you’re a racist f***wit.

    Also, can you all please specify whether liberals are fragile snowflakes or terrifying Antifa monsters? You vacillate between one stance and other depending on whether you need to feel powerful or mistreated. (You really prefer feeling mistreated.)

    Finally, quit pretending to be patriots or Americans because you’re not. You’re Nazis, and you will end up like Nazis, who, since you’re also entirely ignorant of history, LOST.

  62. Stephen J.

    “Also, can you all please specify whether liberals are fragile snowflakes or terrifying Antifa monsters?”

    Consider water. A tossed glassful is harmless, and controlled doses are actually necessary for survival and health. A tidal wave of it destroys cities and kills hundreds of thousands. Yet it’s the same substance.

    The original sentiments of liberalism are a necessary part of virtuous life. Taking them out of context and using them to paralyze people, unless as part of a raging mob, is a classic totalitarian tactic.

  63. Leonardo Burci

    Fat People are Ugly!

    Why insult? Be charitable.
    You might say that fat bodies are ugly, but fat people is referring to the persons more than to their bodies and persons are ugly or beautiful generally regardless of their bodily state. (generally, not always!)

    Anyhow, provoke if you like, even insult if helpful but don’t insult injustly.

    kind regards and thanks for the list.
    where are the photos of the motorcade?

  64. These so very much don’t belong with the others (maybe they’re just there to see if the reader is paying attention?):
    Anti-racism Is Stupid!
    Fat People are Ugly!
    Blacks Are More Violent Than Asians!
    Diversity Is Our Weakness!

  65. swordfishtrombone

    There is no evidence that God exists.

    There is no logical argument for God which works.

    There is little evidence that Jesus existed.

    There is no evidence that we have a soul.

    The evidence for miracles in the Bible isn’t good enough.

    Naturalism explains literally everything better than does theism.

    Cosmologists do not claim the universe came out of nothing.

    Evolution happened.

    Christians behave no better than anyone else, and often worse.

    Thomas Aquinas’s works are worthless.

  66. A.G. McNeil

    “Men cannot multi task and the ones who do it well are probably gay.”

    Women (and leftist males) who believe that are incredibly stupid individuals. Nobody “multitasks” well, and multitasking is just a made-up word for mediocrity. People with superior intensity of focus, who tend to be men, are better, not lesser.

  67. Dean Ericson

    Briggs, the triggering here is epic.

    Congratulations, and well done.

    Oh, and Karen — Fat People are Ugly!

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