Register Your Predictions for 2021!

Register Your Predictions for 2021!

As has been our tradition these many years, it’s time to register our predictions for the coming year. We look at how well we did last year tomorrow. We did very, very badly.


  1. Number your predictions, using numbers, like this.
  2. Limit your predictions to 5, a number less than 6.
  3. No sports.
  4. Be specific and provide a way to verify your projections.
  5. Attach a probability word if you are less than certain.
  6. Verified predictions of our coming Doom will receive very little weight unless they are quite specific.

My guesses:

I don’t see any tumultuous event; rather I foresee our inexorable slide toward the Pit to continue, falling faster at times, stalled temporarily on occasion. Our elite has entered the steal-everything-in-sight phase of our fall. The majority doesn’t yet see or believe this, which means the gettin’ will be good for some time. By the time most realize what has happened, it will be too late.

The cornadoom panic must fade, after the typical wholly expected peak in deaths in the next two weeks or so. The vaccine will help; the elite taking credit for the natural subsiding will be nauseating. The Great Reset, the program of stealing from the poor and giving to the rich, will continue, not in any official organized way, but re-oriented back toward global cooling.

Specific, testable predictions:

1. Given the worst happens and the election theft goes unpunished, which is most likely, I see an internecine war between the powers upholding Biden and those behind Kalama. Kamala. Whatever. Biden still has fight in him, on the days he remembers who he is, and he has more experience, so he’ll draw first blood—while issuing proclamations of effusive praise about Black Lady (her promotion to the sacred race from Indian will become complete). Her side wins in the end, though, because there aren’t enough drugs to keep Biden’s corpse propped up.

2. The GOP will surrender on everything, without exception. But they will begin a massive new fundraising scheme to warn how awful the world will be without them. Sadly, many will be duped. We will go through a succession of at least three political saviors, all of whom will turn out to be like Dan Crenshaw with two eye patches.

3. The Corpse That Was Biden says he’ll ask Americans as part of their patriotic duty to wear a mask for his first (and last?) 100 days. I can think of nothing that will break spell of the Cult of the Mask better than this. Can he really think that he is that beloved that people will follow him? The blow back from his effrontery will be the first good news of 2021.

4. The Supreme Court now has three lockstep leftist ideologues, whose votes may be forecast with unerring accuracy on any question, four center-left progressives, and two conservatives. Breyer, one of the ideologues, who will be 83 next year, will likely let himself be replaced. They will be tempted to pick a man who thinks he’s a woman, but they’ll end up with a man who will either not be of no color, or he will be a sexual pervert in some public way.

5. Tony Bobulinski, who gave us the proof that Biden sold the office of the Vice Presidency, will either emigrate under an assumed name, or will “die” of COVID, should the election be stolen.

The best prediction of all is that a miracle happens, the election is not stolen, and we wake up on 21 January with hearts full of joy, laughter, and song. God bless us, everyone.

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  1. Dan Diego

    It’ll be a goat screw of a year. The Harris/Biden administration will make a series of outrageous and predictable decisions to move America farther to the left. Biden will make a series of embarrassing dementia-related gaffes on the domestic and international fronts forcing/allowing Harris to step into the Oval Office while Joe is slowly wheeled off into a dark room.

    The Constitution will be attacked on several fronts —especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments—as the SCOTUS sits helplessly by and is rendered useless.

    A huge amnesty will be announced creating a crisis at the border not seen in decades. Immigration enforcement agencies will be roundly attacked on an unprecedented scale. Law enforcement in general will be relegated to mild security duties as criminals and illegal aliens are coddled and held up as Model Citizens.

    The COVID19 scam will continue to plague Americans and American businesses, mainly used as a means of scaring the population into compliance and further dividing the left from sane people.

    The investigation into the massive election fraud that put the two frauds into the White House will fizzle as the DOJ will be weaponized against Conservatives and any talk of overturning the election will be stifled by National news and social media.

    Surprising or not, the economy will power along after a brief, hard fall; it’ll finish 2021 at record highs.

    Donald Trump will be held up as the only sane option for an ailing and failing country and will be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024.

  2. Sheri

    The entire country will burn to the ground.

  3. Albert Jay Nock

    1. Lockdowns will be implemented in some form that is not virus related. They are not a side-effect, the deepest aim is normalising them so in future “emergencies” people know the drill. The Elites will do another experiment, some other problem will be found that has lockdown as the solution. That is, lockdown will go from not a thing to a tool on the government shelf in 2021. If it’s global warming and people go along with it, then we are really and truly screwed.

  4. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Trump, who has been making moves and comments suggesting he will Cross the Rubicon, invoke The Insurrection Act, declare marshal law and file scores of charges against members of the Deep State Swamp, will declare that “For the good of the country” he will not do any of those things.

    His loyalists will claim that means he moves America more than you.

  5. Gunner

    1. Biden will be inaugurated. It will be lackluster. Trumps Jan 6 rally will be a cry in the wilderness of spin. BUT, the government and media have now started the long fall to destruction. Trump is a catalyst, not a solution.
    2. Face mask mandate/suggestion will be Biden’s major play, Kamala will give tacit support, but Biden will be the promoter and pitch man. It will lead to further societal division.
    3. COVID-19 WILL start to be reduced by Summer, credit will be given to mask mandate and vaccinations. Though both are actually ineffective. The fear of a looming Fall/Winter will renew cautionary lockdowns and pats on the back as it dissipates.
    4. The fumes of the Trump economy will keep the country treading water, but that will change by mid-2022 with Biden’s unpredictable foreign/domestic mistakes and social spending programs.
    5. Once COVID-19 has been “reduced” we will still be asked to wear masks as a sign of respect. The narrative will shift towards unity, reconciliation, and racial justice. Kamala will make this her major play, Biden is just setting the table. In fact though, Kamala does not care about these things but power and status quo, her own record shows this. My prediction being, Biden will not make it to midterms 2022. Most likely by abdication, an unprecedented move by and unprecedented man, Biden = new Lincoln for Obama and now Kamala.
    6. Trump will start running for 2024, not sure when but it will be either directly said or fairly obvious.

  6. Plantagenet

    I like things formalized with numbers and everything ergo…

    1. The Republicans will keep control of the senate.

    2. Canzuk- The movement/economic integration of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom creating a loose but functional edifice of the largest global geographic zone, and its 4th largest economic block will move from theory to the beginnings of practical implementation. 3 of the 4 countries will be completely onboard and will announce this in the mainstream media.

    3. Justin Trudeau will call an election with only one “ policy” in his favour- to whit his hardline stance on virtually all things Coronavirus. He will win a majority and be the anvil around the neck of Canzuk negotiations. With his majority the poster boy for dilettantes and debutants will have 4-5 years of opposition free “fixing” of the great reset. Minor addendum if by some unlikely happenstance Erin O Toole and the Tories win Canzuk officially is “on” and we will hear less talk of Wexit.

    4. Scotland officially announces breakaway attempt Part II. No amount of whiskey, haggis, or North Sea Oil will stop them. It’s all about the fish yknow. Brussels erupts in a fit of giggles.

    5. Once COVID wanes immigration becomes the front line in the Culture War, in the USA. The centrists in Demparty Inc. maintain control (thanks Wall St) but the fact that there are two parties in the camp sees calls for a formal split. Major talking point December 2021!

  7. Michael Dowd

    1. Trump 2024 Presidential campaign begins.
    2. Kamala Harris becomes President during the year.
    3. A new Liberty Party forms under Trump.
    4. Pope Francis is no longer Pope by end of year.
    5. Big Business, in cahoots with Chinese Communism, becomes Trump’s primary target and the true enemy of the people favoring the One World Order, not Biden or Democrats who are merely spear carriers..

  8. Sander van der Wal

    1) Trump will stay president.
    2) Lots of mid-tier Democrats will go to jail. Not the top, though.
    3) The UK will experience an economic boom with regular people making more money.
    4) The EU muddles on.

  9. Albert Jay Nock

    2. “Papers please” – the cliche from communist countries of yesteryear – will somehow, in some form, become normal.

    Again, this is the deeper aim, the virus only a convenient mechanism. You know that situation where you lend your friend something and then have to keep asking for it back, and it gets awkward, and then eventually the tables turn and it seems like he’s doing you a favour by hearing you out and considering or actually giving you it back? The same thing is happening here. We are being conditioned to consider freedom as somehow selfish and soon we will have to ready at any moment to demonstrate with “papers” that we are doing something approved and for the common good.

    This will take time to set in, but some experiment will be performed to normalise this – likely with vaccine ID cards.

    3. Prediction 2 can’t, as a matter of principle, be in line with reality. It must be based on a lie, the coat much actually have been mine to start with, for it to work. So vaccines for a bad flu or carbon credits both fall into this bucket. The aim of these is to force submission, they are to humiliate and demoralise – and so the further from reality they are, the better.

  10. huerfano

    It’s hard not to descend into “we’re all screwed”. Overall, the thumbscrews on the non-elites turn ever tighter this year. It will be interesting to see which way we break: civil disobedience and violence or prostrating ourselves further. Also, the ship of the American Empire will continue on its intended course over the edge, the rudder now firmly back in the hands of the uniparty/bureaucracy. Onto the predictions:

    1. Ghislaine Maxwell DOES NOT kill herself!

    2. Trump does not succeed in his efforts to overturn the election results. If I’m Trump, I’d take a long vacation outside of the United States. They are going to try and arrest him and his family. He’ll likely end up in the same cell block as Ghislaine. Maybe a visit to the in-laws in Slovenia?

    3. New FAUXVID variants will be billed as even more harmful and dangerous, justifying further restrictions. Politicians will continue to take even more and longer vacations abroad in support of those stuck at home and unemployed.

    4. At some point this year, civil violence breaks out due to FAUXVID 19(20?) restrictions. I think it might be in the spring, when people have finally had enough and just want to get back to work/business in the sun. The MSM will claim it’s a right wing plot, and police/Nat Guard/military will crack down hard. Heck, I would not be surprised if BLM/Antifa helped with the enforcement of “public peace and order”. Due to media slant and propagandizing, this prediction will be near impossible to verify. Normies are going to learn good and hard to stay in their pods this year because NO ONE in power has their backs.

    5. President-Elect Biden maintains a pulse long enough get sworn in. The media will pay a lot of attention to what VEEP Harris does, a lot. To show how competent and strong and powerful and blah blah blah she is, of course. Eerily, the media will be propagandizing to prepare the masses to be acquiescent when Harris takes over. In reality, there is going to be a brawl amongst factions in the Democratic Party when they try to get Biden out and put Harris in, but this will be kept under wraps. I don’t think they succeed in 2020, but they will eventually.

    and breaking the rule, 6. The US increases its military deployments around the world. To counter Russia, China, Iran…blah blah blah. But in reality, it will be a blatant attempt to provoke some small opponent into fighting so the US can claim victim status and retaliate, buoying public sentiment while distracting them. It’s going to be a rough year in the latest Gulf of Tonkin.

  11. Albert Jay Nock

    4. Someone, somewhere, will be forced – either literally by threat of a gun, or by having his means of income taken away which is nearly the same thing – to take a covid vaccine.

  12. Mike D

    My Sheri Amor, not the whole country. Just Washington D.C. Thanks to Trump’s Space Force.

    “Nuke the entire site from space. It’s the only way to be sure”

    Probability: Slim to none. And slim left town.

    Long sigh.

  13. Natoshi Sakamoto

    1. Bitcoin will go to $100k.

  14. Don B

    1. Antifa and Black Lives Matter sponsored riots, arson, looting and mayhem will disappear if Biden becomes President.

    2. Antifa and Black Lives Matter sponsored riots, arson, looting and mayhem will reappear and intensify if Trump has a second term.

    3. The U.S. stock market will begin its long-awaited and well deserved major bear market, the inevitable outcome of record overvaluations.

    4. In the major bear market Big Tech will collapse the most, the inevitable result of having become the most overvalued.

    5. My predictions will win, and I will be disappointed in the value of the prize.

  15. Nym Coy

    I prefer to ignore the large international events and focus on the smaller things free people can do in response to all the changes going on.

    1. Though it is still maybe 10 years from legit nationhood, the nobility of Beartaria will begin to take shape with several landholders swearing fealty to Owen Benjamin, and gaining surfs, i.e. sharecroppers fleeing the economic destruction of the coronavirus response and willing to trade farming/skills for rent in a community of like-minded individuals.

  16. Uncle Bob

    1. Newsom will be recalled. Close to 900K signed. Need 1.5 million by 3/2021.
    2 RINO will assume power. Welcome to CA.
    3. “Until it’s safe means never”. Dennis Prager. “For your safety and security “ Chancellor Palpatine”
    4. Senate stays in RINO world.
    5. And Disneyland opens Spring 2021.

  17. Zundfolge

    1. At some point (probably by spring) there will be a mass casualty event where the shooter(s) use either an AR pistol with a pistol brace on it, or it will have been built with an 80% lower (or both).

    2. There will be much noise about Kamala becoming President, but it won’t happen (Biden will cling to power until he is dead … and he could easily live more than 4 more years).

    3. There will never be government mandates to get the vaccine, but there will be so much pressure from corporations that most people will get it against their will anyway (and for most people it’ll be “get the shot or you’re fired”).

    4. China will make some sort of move to expand in the South China Sea that will go completely unchallenged.

    5. 50% chance that this is the year that our fiat currency finally collapses.

  18. Aaron Glover

    1) A move towards debt forgiveness will emerge, as in an ancient Jubilee practice
    2) Private property will migrate towards being non-existent…because we’re all in this together.
    3) Contrived global food shortages, especially in Western countries
    4) Military/Armed conflict in France,Germany, Poland
    5) UN usurps more control and influence over member and non-member countries

  19. I predict, with 100% confidence, that my predictions on any subject other than this, will be wrong.

    Experience matters..

  20. Hun

    1) The easiest one – no revolution, no civil war. There will be the usual tough talking from the MAGA/2A types and then they will just go back to grilling.

    2) Same on the left. Black lives won’t matter much anymore. If there are some localized flare-ups, they will fizzle out very quickly. We will hear much less about antifa too

    3) Stock market will crash. This is the year. When that happens, it will take gold down with it and US dollar will go much *higher* despite super low fed rate. Chances of US dollar collapsing (let’s say at least halving in value) this year are 0.0001% at most.

    4) After a tough period of winter lockdowns, the managers of the planet will declare victory over Covid-19 before summer (But “We need to stay vigilant!”). However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a new reason to lock down again next November.

    5) Biggest wave of “refugees” since 2018 will flow to Europe.

  21. Fredo

    It’s a real coin toss on this one…
    Xi Jing Ping dies of natural causes.(brain tumor)
    Xi Jing Ping’s brother takes over
    Xi Jing Ping taken out by rival faction
    Jiang Xi Ming’s faction takes over
    Jack Ma reinstated

  22. David Bowne

    1. At least one state will submit an alternative electoral vote count on Jan 6.
    2. The 30 yr fixed mortgage rate will rise to at least 5.00% at some time during the year.
    3. Joe Biden will not hold political office by the end of the year.
    4. Masks in public will still be required by at least one US state in Dec 2021.
    5. Pelosi will not be Speaker of the House by the end of the 2021.

  23. Suzie Katz

    1. Congress will implement “AIRES” taxes — an income tax on those earning over $1 million, a wealth tax on those with personal assets over $1 billion, and heirs’ taxes on intergenerational wealth transfer.

    2. Major cruiselines will sail regularly from the US to the Caribbean by December 2021. Many start new routes & will sail to/from US only ports only.

    3. Baby boomers retire in record numbers. Many leaving work earlier than initially planned.

    4. Another banner year in the stock market – DOW especially.

    5. Continued mass exodus from blue cities and states to outlying areas, small cities, Florida, Texas, Utah.

  24. Albert Jay Nock


    “3) Stock market will crash. This is the year. When that happens, it will take gold down with it and US dollar will go much *higher* despite super low fed rate. Chances of US dollar collapsing (let’s say at least halving in value) this year are 0.0001% at most”

    Curious about this. I think there is a bifurcation, and dollar collapse or rise has to happen, and that gold will do the opposite. But my money is (literally) on a dollar devaluation. The only way it could climb in my view would be as a final blow off top to an even bigger collapse (one that would not be pretty). Is this what you see long term, or do you see the dollar gaining because of decreasing value in the yuan and elsewhere?

  25. Nate

    1. Our predictions for 2021 will be almost as off-target as 2020.

    2. Briggs successfully publishes another book.

    3. The EU may have another member state announce its intention to leave.

    4. James Webb Telescope is *finally* launched.

    5. The Bidenreich cancels the Space Launch System. Perhaps sending all the funding to diversity programs to teach the engineers a lesson.

  26. Yawrate

    1. Biden becomes and remains president through 2021
    2. Laws against bigamy challenged in higher courts
    3. The deep state comes after Trump

  27. BrianH

    1. Viewership at CNN will collapse and Bezos will buy the failed network.

    2. Possession of marijuana will be made legal in all states except Utah.

    3. Proliferation of alternate streaming services will explode resulting in Netflix losing over 50% of its subscribers.

    4. Billboards will appear around the country featuring Trump’s smiling face along with the caption “Miss me yet?”

  28. Uncle Mike

    1. All charges against Traitor Joe Demento and his crime family will be dropped, as well as those against the Soros Mafia for stealing the election. The Durham Investigation will disappear into a black hole. Other known subversives in Congress and the Deep State will skate.

    2. Lockdowns will continue for the ChiComFlu (despite “vaccines”), for global warming hoax scams, and finally for nuclear war prep, causing the US economy to collapse into runaway stagflation as Davos Reset globalist robber barons loot the Treasury and strip the country of its wealth.

    3. Schools will partially reopen for the purpose of teaching children Marxism and have tracking chips implanted, along with their weekly shot. Childhood itself will be destroyed as children are recruited into quasi-military Marxist cadres.

    4. Crime will skyrocket. Roving gangs of arsonists, looters, and drug terrorists will become commonplace with the tacit or open approval of mayors, DA’s, and governors. Cities descending into anarchy will be increasingly abandoned as refugees flee to Depression-style hobo camps at government-seized farms.

    5. War will break out around the globe, as Iraniacs, Norkos, and the CCP flex their muscles. Taiwan will fall, and Israel, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea will be nuked. Europe will revive Fascism but call it “Unity”.

    Bonus #6. Churches will be converted into “free” heroin injection clinics. Religion will be transformed from the “opium of the masses” to opioids for the masses. A large percentage of the population will become addicted and go on the nod.

  29. The cabal we have been watching during late 2020—big tech, the media, the academics, and the political class—crave power and our money and are willing to tell any lie to get it. Although we have been suspicious of their foul play for decades, now the penny has dropped, the scales have fallen from our eyes–many of us see clearly. The unprecedented censorship, election fraud, and the apostasy of the supreme court have stunned us. It happened in a few short months and we have not yet had the time to muster, react, or even process the crimes.

    I predict a tsunami backlash from a newly awoken group who understands history and can recognize mobsters. I predict that we will find our institutions more robust and capable than they seem at this early juncture. I predict this will turn around. We are not hopeless Britain in World War II nor occupied Europe.

    We cannot be otherwise than optimistic and sanguine, for without that, rational, decisive action is impossible.

    There is much that we can do. Our opponents are juvenile thinkers and criminals. These are mortal weaknesses.

  30. 1. By year end, the state will begin to take away the children of those who fail to comply with ‘public health’ orders, for the kids protection.
    50%. Verification method (VM): The news will broadcast this latest triumph of the state

    2. A cold war will grow between the schools and those parents who (finally) see what the schools teach. The schools demand absolute and exclusive power to ‘educate’ everyone; failure to comply with the state’s claims will result in children being taken away. Parents will fight back. The schools will win the short game.
    VM: again, the news will tout this as a triumph of reason over superstition and ignorance.

    3. The lockdown it simply too intoxicating to ever end. A new strain will be ‘discovered’, CHILDREN ARE DYING!!! Whatever – it will not end in 2021. Instead, the pattern of arbitrary relaxation and tightening will continue in accord with the best Skinnerian conditioning.
    VM: it will be obvious.

    4. Websites such as this will either be simply eliminated, or, if small enough, shadow-banned such that finding them if you don’t already know where to look will become very difficult.
    VM: tough, as they simply won’t be there – but we who frequent such sites will know.

    5. This last one is my doozy: The election fraud stands, but something else – the inevitable power struggle among the victors, the sudden, unexpected collapse of China, somebody key breaking ranks, enough people starting to actively resist – something, some combination of things – destroys the Left. Fast, dirty and complete.
    VM: We all find ourselves, stunned, pulling up a chair and popping some popcorn.

  31. Hun

    Albert Jay Nock, I see dollar rising in reaction to a stock market crash. Flight to safety is to dollar, not gold. Gold gets crushed. This will be temporary.

    Slow devaluation is the second most likely scenario, accompanied by irrational growth of equities. But that is going to be increasingly difficult with Covid.

    A fast collapse in the value of USD is very unlikely this year, IMO.

  32. 1. The sun will rise and set each day, by our Creator’s design.
    2. Humans will breathe in and breathe out, until they no longer can.
    3. Those who can, will reproduce more humans, despite the Doom.
    4. Music will bring solace and beauty to all who choose the correct frequencies.
    5. The US will have two presidents, for a while.

  33. In Pace Requiem

    1. Large companies will shed non-bottom line jobs typically occupied by whites in large numbers. Diversity-related positions will multiply exponentially and they will be integrated in all areas of big business like never before. If you are white and let go in the US, you will find a new position with a very small business only. Innovation will continue to be hoovered up by MNCs and sent overseas.

    2. Animal protein will increasingly diminish from the menu both at home and in restaurants. Foreign demand and feed prices will drive offshore consumption at the expense of the US consumer. Bacon and other pork-derived foods will be available in short supply and at elevated prices. The PRC has the money and the requirement to placate its residents.

    3. The US and state governments will jump whole hog into virtual currencies. They are going to regulate and skim every transaction above board. Holders will be encouraged to pay tribute, i.e., bribes, under the table in order to facilitate any large transfers. Virtual currency payment mechanisms will spread widely.

    4. The barriers to pedophilia will actively continue their decay. So long as kiddy love does not happen to your brood, you will look the other way despite the pattern is recognizable in order to keep your position in society.

    5. Three years from now we will have a fully-implemented social credit scoring system that will follow you everywhere. Speed dial your contacts and their social credit score will pop up on the screen as the phone places the call. Wanna get to know your new neighbors? Order a full report on the various aspects of their evaluated lifestyle. Minorities and other protected classes will enjoy artificially elevated social credit points whereas white males will be disadvantaged ab initio. 2021 is the year the system will be instantiated.

  34. Gull Fire Over Leningrad

    01. Racism will be public health crisis number one under preezy of the steezy fierce warrior wymyns Kamala.
    02. Those who fail to wear a face diaper or get the mystery concoction vaccine will be shunned by the Branch Covidians and eventually a Final Solution will be implemented to the problem of non-conformist deplorable kulak untermenschen thoughtcriminal scum.
    03. The dollar will become Weimar Wheelbarrow Zimbabwe Wallpaper as part of the cashless Great Reset leap forward.
    04. Hollywood will go bankrupt after Mission Impossible Part 87 generates less than $3000 and the movie theater goes the route of the all you can eat buffet due to the Kung-Flu.
    05. CCP/PRC will open Coviet-American Friendship branches in all American cities and mandate fairness and equality of results for all comrades of the glorious people’s collective.

  35. spaceranger

    1. Following a cliff-hanger runoff in Georgia, the Republicans will breath a momentary sigh of relief. But then Mitt Romney, in another desperate attempt to be relevant, will announce he is fed up with the Republican party and is switching to the other side.

    2. Trump will win the Nobel Peace Prize as Biden gets the US entangled in another conflict.

    3. By March, the numbers for 2020 will all be in and show a remarkable decrease in influenza, cancer, and heart disease mortality and the Democrats will take credit for it.

    4. Boeing stock will plummet when a newly recertified 737 Max crashes. The remaining planes will serve the rest of their lives as cargo carriers because no one will underwrite them for passenger use. Boeing will never recover.

    5. A Republican will wind up being Speaker of the House and the next four years will be filled with investigations and subpoenas and committees about HunterGate.

    6. I will finally finish the manuscript and get the book printed.

  36. Simon Platt

    1. Boris Johnson’s three weeks to flatten the curve will still be going strong as it sails past a year and three weeks on 13 April, as measured by the continuing division between essential and non-essential businesses, key workers (and their children) and the rest of us, et cetera. Of this, I am certain.

    2. Creepy Sleepy China Joe Biden will become President of the United States of America on 21 January. Of this, I am almost as certain as I am sad, which is a lot.

    3. We shall have a new pope. We might even have three popes. I give that (the new one, not the three) an even chance.

    4. China will go to war with Taiwan. This I think is not very likely, but, the consequences! That would be a real doom scenario, for many if not all of us.

    5. The official cause of death of President Biden will be given as a cytokine storm caused by an exaggerated reaction to an otherwise benign new strain of coronavirus as a result of his having been vaccinated against SARS CoV 2. The doom is instantly replaced by some other bogeyman. Sadly, I fear that this one is just wishful thinking.

  37. Michael Dowd

    Jim Kunstler predictions of interest:
    A Bill of Particulars for 2021

    The election is re-adjudicated, fraud subtracted from the tally, and President Trump is declared the winner.
    The mail-in vote for the Georgia Senate seat runoff is disqualified as systematic fraud is revealed. Stacy Abrams is indicted for organizing the fraud.
    A number of political celebrities, DC swamp rats, K-Street hustlers, media figures, and tech company executives are arrested and charged with serious crimes around election fraud.
    The CIA is purged and reduced to a strictly analytical role for advising the executive.
    The FBI is likewise purged; Director Wray is charged with obstruction of Justice.
    Following the reversal of the news media’s election narrative (and the actual election results), Black Lives Matter and Antifa are loosed upon a number of cities and wreak considerable destruction, but eventually get their asses kicked by federal troops. City mayors who allowed the havoc to proceed are arrested, charged with abetting insurrection, and removed from office pending trial.
    Nancy Pelosi replaced as Speaker of the House. Mitch McConnell replaced as Majority Leader.
    US Attorney John Durham brings charges against lawyers involved in the Mueller Investigation, including Andrew Weissmann, Aaron Zebly, Brandon Van Grack and Jeanie Rhee. Mr. Mueller is named as an unindicted co-conspirator due to mental incompetence.
    A special Prosecutor is named to investigate the Biden family business operations; indictments follow late 2021.
    Stock market enters long, deep asset value deflation through first and second quarters and bottom-bounces the rest of the year. S & P falls to 550 range; DJI under 10,000; Nasdaq under 3000.
    The dollar DXY index falls under 80 by 2nd quarter, 60 at year end.
    US GDP down by 40-percent year end 2021.
    US oil production (minus natural gas liquids) down by 40-percent, year-end 2021.
    Banking system thrown into disarray due to non-payment of rents and mortgages. Federal government intervenes with direct renter relief payments. Home owners in default are allowed to remain in their houses on provisional basis (which is never reconciled).
    Bubonic plague outbreak among homeless of Los Angeles as rats proliferate in their encampments.
    Pension funds collapse as broken chain of rent-and-mortgage payments destroy Real Estate Investment Trusts.
    Federal government forced to organize massive food giveaway programs.
    Millions enrolled in make-work projects a la the New Deal (some of them of value).
    New York City forced to curtail subway service to bare minimum as money runs out.
    California Governor Gavin Newsom recalled out of office.
    George Soros and several directors of Soros-funded NGOs charged with racketeering and election campaign finance crimes.
    General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford are back seeking bankruptcy protection. This time, their assets are sold and reorganized into smaller companies. No bailouts.
    Covid virus fades from the scene by 3rd quarter, but economic carnage remains. Huge amount of restaurant equipment sold for dimes on the dollar.
    Bitcoin “Hodlers” becoming Bitcoin “Sodlers” as cryptos tank.
    “Woke” hysteria evaporates as Americans struggle with desperate reality-based problems of everyday life.
    Collapse of higher education begins in earnest as college loan racket implodes. Scores of colleges and even some universities shutter; others shrink drastically in desperate effort to carry on.
    Hollywood celebrities apologize en masse for past “Woke” behavior, beg forgiveness from cancel victims and fans. Nevertheless, collapse of the movie industry continues as, post-Covid, Americans desperately seek the company of other people instead of canned entertainments, which they have grown sick of.
    Professional sports collapse as business model fails. Impoverished Americans start-up low-cost, local baseball and football leagues.
    Twitter and Faceback become public utilities.

  38. RussO

    1. The “president” will suddenly be depicted as courageous in movies and television again.
    2. Religious institutions will be forced to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies or lose their tax-exempt status.
    3. Newsmax will become the most watched cable news outlet by the end of the year.
    4. Illegal immigration will reach unprecedented levels.
    5. Two members of the cast of M*A*S*H will pass away.

  39. Pouncer

    1. During 2021 Biden will become more and more reclusive, paving the way for a Harris Presidency before the 2022 Congressional elections.

    2. A Near-Earth Asteroid (comet, space-thing) will pass between the Earth and Moon but only be detected on departure. (This seems to happen EVERY DANG YEAR.) This year Elon Musk will try some sort of stunt related to such rendezvous.

    3. There will be a federal gun law enforcement action go wrong, spectacularly, in the vein of Obama’s “Fast and Furious” or Clinton’s (Janet Reno’s) “Branch Davidian” fiascos. Democrats always try this. It rarely works.

    4. The dispute about whether or not “2+2” must equal “4” or may in circumstances be “5” will continue. Relatedly the proposal to strike platinum coins with face value of $1 trillion, supposedly to pay down US federal debt, will general similarly oddly reasoned argument.

    5. A majority of redistricting and re-apportionment decisions made by Republican led state legislatures will be overturned in federal court. (Hard to measure though…)

  40. John F. Opie

    1. The 2020 election will not go away except in the minds of Democratic Party Operatives, aka the main-stream-media.
    2. The Chinese Communist Party will learn that regaining control over their economy as per Xi’s decrees means that GDP goals cannot be met, resulting in massive fraud and loss of faith in their statistics and resignation in the aging population that they were screwed, but a lack of means to revolt and severe societal controls will force the mandate of heaven
    3. The slow take-over of the US by the Chinese Communist Party will accelerate under Biden and become visible to most except Democratic Party Operatives (see 1), but is increasingly thwarted by a population with the means to revolt
    4 Increasing default rates of Chinese state owned enterprises will severely hit financial markets as foreign investors learn their investments are sunk
    5 Commercial space flight will face major legal and policy challenges as involved parties realize that is the only way to stop space flight privatization from making a mockery of government space flight. The UN will become involved as its Chinese masters remind them of their oaths of fealty

  41. jeff melcher

    1) North Korea will test newer longer range rockets and attempt (but fail) to launch a “Sputnik” style satellite.
    2) The Australian electrical power grid will collapse during a winter (U.S. Summer) storm, and stay out for days.
    3) Ukraine will leverage the Biden family connections to pursue full NATO membership — (replacing Turkey?)
    4) The PLO will reject peace proposals made by a new Israeli government, formed after Bibi, in late 2021.
    5) The African nation of Comoros – 3 islands — will suddenly find itself threatened by rising sea levels (like Tuvulu) and declare default on prior IMF/World Bank grant/loans while demanding UN “reparations” for climate change.

  42. spudjr60

    1) Nancy Pelosi will re-elected Speaker of the House with at least 15 Republican votes.

    2) At least one “Justice Democrat” member of Congress will be sanctioned by the Ethics Committee and criminal charges referred to the US Dept of Justice. My guess Tlaib

    3) Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and AOC will be forced to run against a Corporate Democrat after Congressional districts are re-drawn as a result of the 2020 census.

    4) Supreme Court justice Breyer will retire before Oct 2021.

  43. HGS

    1. Biben is president, right through the year.
    2. US, EU and UK economies wane, GST increase no more than 2%
    3. China moves against ‘intruders’ into south china sea; US navy shows the flag then leaves.
    4. The China flu is defeated (ie becomes a common flu) by June (except in NZ and Australia) to great praise for our Team Pilot saviours.
    5. China flu Vaccination becomes compulsory by mid year for interstate and international movement, and school and job attendance.

  44. Dean Ericson

    1) Satan joins the Biden Inaugural Parade in a flaming carriage drawn by six stupendous serpents in sulpherous livery. Satan is wearing a mask. The crowd cheers.

    2) Archbishop Viganò crowns King Trump in Washington Cathedral on January 20. The new King’s first act is to launch cruise missile strikes on the headquarters of all Fake News media, arrest all the survivors, and seize all their assets.

    3) COVID-19 terror keeps mutating into ever more frightful strains, including some that cause eyeballs to pop out and ears to fall off. People are ordered to wear goggles and earmuffs, in addition to masks. People fearfully comply.

    4) The Federal Reserve Board passes a resolution condemning the practice of usury and asking God’s forgiveness. The Fed is disbanded and its Governors don hair shirts and retire to monasteries.

    5) Klaus Schwab is inaugurated as President of Planet Earth. His first act is to announce free mandatory injections of Microsoft Biological Operating System for everyone on the planet. Despite some grumbling from Apple fans the people eagerly comply.

  45. Ann Cherry

    If past performance predicts future activity, here’s my five “predictions”:

    1. I predict that the usual Surrender Monkeys will form the usual circular firing squads, imagining Trump is at the center, and continue tossing feces at one another, thinking they’re tossing their little “grenades” at Trump.

    2. I predict that the Conservative™ Surrender Monkeys, will continue to pretend they want freedom, or smaller gov’t, or lower taxes, or [fill in the blank], but what they really want is Ivy League Pedigree, a Crease in the Trousers, a Thrill up the Leg, Good Press, and Invitations to the the Right Cocktail Parties, even if they’re “Virtual Events”, (at really nice restaurants, wink wink.)

    These Conservative™ Surrender Monkeys are embarrassed by Trump, and glad the professional blackguard politicians and robber barons are back fully in charge. These ones used to publish glossy magazines and give lectures on cruise ships before adoring dozens; now they Zoom in their PJ pants or no pants at all, and plan their triumphant return to the RINO herd or the Democrat herd they once knew, when it will again be like 1992, with Bill Clinton blowing a saxophone out of his… on Late-Nite-TV, and New Yorker cartoons still funny (they thought), and all was right with the world.

    They really haven’t a clue.

    3. I predict that the Holier than Thou™ Surrender Monkeys, will continue to take offense at Trump having relations with a military officer’s wife, and then having the officer murdered. ….Oh wait, that was King David.

    To the Holier than Thou™ Surrender Monkeys, it matters very little that Trump’s the most pro-life President in modern history, and a steadfast friend of (most) of their other causes, because [fill in the blank]: He tweets too much. He’s so brash. He wrestled with Linda McMahon’s hubby Ed (or was it Johnny) or he dances the YMCA homo-anthem at his rallies, or he picked homos and harridans and half-wits for his cabinet heads, or he gave early release to Black Criminals™ (and are there any other kind)….or, oh who cares, Orange Man Bad. He dines with sinners and his table manners are atrocious, and worst of all, he’s from Queens.

    Or is it the RINOs who hate that he’s from Queens? It’s all so hard to keep track, when you live on the wrong side of them.

    The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, fought and died for by generations, are now dead letters at the mere whim of a Governess, and along with fair elections, are deemed “non-essential”, by not just our enemies, but by our purported friends. And so, last prediction:

    5. Mass (mask-less) protests will break out, but the Surrender Monkeys (see above) have already killed the King and waved their white flags. Fortunately, not a single war was won or lost based on the actions of Surrender Monkeys, they just make the most noise; the Men and Women who haven’t surrendered, will rise up, mostly peacefully, and save this country once again.

    Because, really, they have to. This is just nuts. Satanic Temple abortion rituals are now advertised on Clear Channel billboards:

    Donald J. Trump was, and is, the best President for this our day and time. Because of him, the masks are coming off Satan’s sock-puppets, awkwardly and before they were ready to fully expose themselves.

    Abortions for Satan, not gruesome enough for you? How about, grafting murdered babies’ scalps to mice, to watch the hair grow? It’s the new frontier!

    And so, I predict that if enough people, just starting showing and telling what is actually happening in the world around us, and taking off their masks to do so, knowing there’ll be a cost, we might just have a snowball’s chance. But probably not, in this life. Because of the “cost” part.

    Happy New Year!

  46. Michael John Grobaty

    1. Biden will still be publicly wearing a mask everywhere as of Dec. 31, 2021.
    2. Biden will step down as president due to “health reasons” before 2021 concludes.
    3. Trump will start up a new conservative news television station.
    4. Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilary will move to Spain.
    5. Dr. Fauci will win the Nobel Peace Prize.

  47. MikeW

    1. Republicans will win at least one of the Georgia Senate seats, thereby retaining nominal control of the Senate.
    2. Biden will be inaugurated, and will make it through the entire year as president. (Harris will wait until at least Year 3, so as to remain eligible for two full terms of her own.)
    3. Trump will stay with the Republican Party, and will make election integrity the number one issue.
    4. Trump will start his own television network, which will quickly become number one in the country.
    5. The Rush Limbaugh radio show will end. Sean Hannity will move his radio show to noon, and it will become the number one radio talk show in the country.

  48. Bernard of Clairvaux

    1. Pence will not do anything as part of his constitutionally defined role to prevent the stolen election from going to Biden. In other words, he will let Trump get rolled by the Democrats.

    2. Far fewer serious Catholics will pay attention to Pope Francis.

    3. Mitt Romney will try to remain in the Republican party.

    4. Neither Facebook nor Twitter will be broken up by the government, but both will decline in influence.

    5. Fake news will get even faker.

    6. The Babylon Bee will have to start a daily “Missed Opportunities” feature, as reality will become even more bizarre.

    7. A major earthquake will strike in southern California.

  49. Phileas_Frogg

    1. The NYS government will continue to build an increasingly totalitarian rolodex of laws which upstate Law Enforcement will continue to refuse to enforce, leading to a sovereignty crisis which will go largely unreported as upstate (barring the Finger Lakes and Hudson Valley regions) continues it’s silent rebellion against the megalopolis. Specifically Bill A416 will pass and be ignored by anyone outside of the aforementioned regions. Long Islanders, those of Suffolk and Nassau county, will be punished for their wrongthink and suffer under it however.

    2. There will be one major right-wing terrorist attack which will be used as an excuse to accelerate the expansion of Federal Control and increase the fear of, “Fascism,” in the public. The perpetrator will be a legitimate right-winger. Depending on the target, the extent and the identity of the collateral damage, the Right will either disavow or quietly cheer. If the latter, I expect repeats and copy-cats.

    3. Mitteleuropa will be pressured and sanctioned to return to the fold by Globo-homo now that the major insurrection against their schwerpunkt has been defended. I expect color revolution in at least one of the following: Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia. This will not necessarily happen next year, but within the next TWO years. Not sure if that counts.

    4. Donald Trump and at least one member of his family will go to prison if he does not Cross the Rubicon. Biden, Pelosi, and the merely power hungry Dems will try to let him go as they understand this is their path of least resistance; they will however leave an option to go after him if they deem the time right. The Radical Leftists will mindlessly demand punishment. What happens to Donald Trump will signal who has control of the Party.

    5. The 2022 mid-terms will be a whimper, with low Republican turn-out (in comparison to the recent election trends). They will still win seats because Democrats will feel secure and unmotivated after their White House win. The GOP will gawk and quietly complain about their base for not showing up in the 2022 mid-terms, failing to realize in their ineptitude that they did nearly everything in their power to demoralize their own voters and are ultimately responsible for their own unimpressive gains.

  50. deb

    IF GOD is for WE the people even though WE are not a nation wholly following him then
    1 President Trump remains President for four more years and a person of like Christian being will next be President for eight years and so on.
    2Ivanka runs in 2024
    3there will be much unrest, rioting, racial and snowflake nonsense that will need to be squashed
    4the military might need to be domestically utilized to take care of the unrest
    5the United States of America survives
    IF GOD is not for us
    1 prez biden
    2higher taxes
    3 starvation, health disasters, gov waste,
    4international takeover, one world gov

  51. Yancey Ward

    (1) While the election results are challenged on the 6th, only 3 Senators vote to uphold the objections, and Biden is declared the winner by Wednesday night. Biden makes it through his first year in office, but his advancing dementia will become increasingly obvious and it will be dutifully reported by the propaganda offices at the NYTimes and CNN, paving the way for Kamala Harris to be installed as President in 2022. Durham quietly goes away without any indictments, and if he does file indictments, the indicted will be pardoned by Biden. Trump and his family will be indicted by the end of the year with whatever nonsense the public persecutors can throw at them.

    (2) The stock market, the S&P 500, the Dow, and Nasdaq drop by at least 20% at some point in the first half of the year. The improvement in unemployment stalls starting this coming Friday, and unemployment is above 7% by Summer, causing another round of 2 trillion dollar stimulus by Fall. The dollar will reach a nadir during the Summer, and will then mount a serious rally that will cause extreme financial conditions by early next year.

    (3) Cycle runs of the PCR COVID test will be dialed down to 30 the day after Biden takes office, causing a clifflike fall in positive results for which Biden’s team will claim as “amazingly successful policy results”. Also, dying with a COVID positive result in the past will no longer be counted as a COVID death- all magically happening right around January 20th (you already see the preparation for this new counting policy in the news). We will still be wearing masks next year, though, by state mandates in at least half the country.

    (4) The Chiefs win the Superbowl, Gonzaga wins the NCAA basketball tourney, the Lakers win the NBA championship, no one will even notice who wins the Stanley Cup, and the NY Yankees win the World Series.

    (5) All of these predictions turn out wrong.

  52. Yancey Ward

    I did forget on prediction for #1 in my list- the Democrats win both runoffs tomorrow and take control of the Senate, and if the Democrats don’t win both seats, Republican Senators in states with Democratic governors will come down with COVID and die by Summer.

  53. BB

    1) There will be a major Islamic terrorist attack in the US.
    2) Biden will be president on Dec 31 2021. Don’t think he will last the full term, but he will survive the year.
    3) Trump will be charged and convicted by a state court of various financial and legal misdemenours. (He will appeal, which he might or might not win.) The forces of the woke must have their revenge.
    4) At least one European country will default, or require a large financial settlement from the ECB.
    5) In the UK, COVID restrictions will be lifted by mid summer. The economy will bounce back strongly over the second half of the year, but not by enough to reduce unemployment to below what it was in March 2020 (before covid).

  54. 1. Trump’s win will be clinched by Jan 10 at the latest, with Jan 8 being a decisive turning point.

    2. Biden and Harris will be invited to the White House and given presidential medals of freedom for heroically conceding once confronted with conclusive proof of fraud.

    And that’s all I’ve got. Beyond a month or so, hard to see the future is.

  55. A little late, delayed by events. Predictions for 2021:

    One: Coronadoom: The Harris/Biden regime will impose nation-wide emergency regulations on commerce, travel, personal relations, masks, and more. Being vaccinated will be required for many activities. After they run this drama for a short time (till March? May?) the PC-Prog machine (media, academia, Hollywood) will joyously proclaim that Harris, the front man for this campaign, is a genius who “beat the virus.”

    Two: Harris/Biden: The PC-Prog machine will present a unified image of Biden as cool yet passionate, competent, engaged and articulate man of action and compassion, saving the USA from hatred and each of the tenets of the PC-Prog belief system. At the same time, Harris will be portrayed as a super-intelligent, problem-solver (see #1 above). Toward the end of the year, Harris will be portrayed as more and more in charge, in preparation for her (2022 election cycle?) elevation as the nation’s savior. Just as with the last PC-Prog administration, though, it’s all theater. They are both puppets, with their handlers actually making decisions and calling the shots.

    Three: Normals: Ostracize, vilify, outlaw, silence, deplatform, detain, deligitamize, arrest, charge, prosecute, imprison–take your pick. All these verbs will be unleashed on Normals and Trump supporters this year. The only unpredictable item is what will the Normal response be?

    Four: Neoconmen: Never Trumpers and MIGA advocates will celebrate and be giddy. They will take their rightful place at the feet of their PC-Prog masters, and play the role of tame and fake “Conservatives.” They’ll pour out their hatred and contempt for the unwashed deplorables who threw a 4 year mini-kink in the good thing they had going. Meanwhile, their hostile foreign master continues to fund both sides of the Swamp, and get exactly what it wants. Only unpredictable item here is Iran. Will they get their war? In 2021, they’ll get some version of it–maybe a mini-version, but for sure a prelude to an operation to make Iran just like Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Five: “Conservatism”: An attempt will be made by Normals to split “Conservatives” off from the Republican Party. It will be penetrated by neocon operatives and the effort will collapse. GOP Inc will be the only Establishment-approved voice of “conservatives.” Normals, distracted and confused by influence operators within their own groups (see Q, tick-tock, wait-till-Barr-announces-indictments, etc, etc, etc) will babble about “communists” and “sharia,” while the PC-Progs solidify the social, commercial, political, and cultural deplatforming of Normal America.

  56. S.Billings

    1. Calls for a “10% global wealth tax” start to appear all over media alongside 2020 buzzword “reset”.

    2. By year’s end, Biden is no longer President, via either failing a mental wellness exam or by being dragged into his son’s case.

    3. Japan violates its own constitution and implements first ever lockdowns.

    4. Riots begin throughout Canada, specifically in Quebec and Ontario over the endless violation of the Charter via lockdowns after recalls of local MP’s get dismissed.

    5. Texas secedes. In 2022, many other states follow.

    Hon Mention: Lots of good stuff happens but no one notices because they are too busy being owned by their social and moral superiors.

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