We Fought The Good Fight And We Lost—This Battle.

We Fought The Good Fight And We Lost—This Battle.

The riots ran rampant over the summer. Black Luciferian Menaces and Antifa ran amok—stealing, looting, burning, beating, and even killing. Murder. Do you recall declaring cities “autonomous zones”? The terrorizing of citizens?

All with the open and loud support of the media, government, academics, corporations, everybody in the elite.

The flaming riots were called “mostly peaceful protests”. We were told not to worry about it, because people had insurance. We were told the riots were good. And necessary.

AOC, speaking for many, said (ellipsis original):

The whole point of protesting is to make ppl uncomfortable.

Activists take that discomfort w/ the status quo & advocate for concrete policy changes. Popular support often starts small & grows.

To folks who complain protest demands make others uncomfortable… that’s the point.

Fredo, brother of New York’s Godmother, at CNN said this:


The elite was united:

The Wisconsin Capitol was overrun and occupied. In March, the nation’s Capitol was on fire:

No shots were fired then. Not by law enforcement. There was only applause. The mayor, following many others, to honor her city’s lawlessness and burning had “Black Lunatic Murderers” painted on the city streets. Nancy Pelosi led the House in reverent kneeling to their new masters, an act repeated by all the best people everywhere.

The riots and mayhem continue in Portland, even to today.

The National Guard was never called anywhere. The rare calls for law and order were angrily dismissed.

The best the elites could come up with to quell the disorder, including Thief Biden, was the chant “Defund the Police”. Strange that none of the elite was saying that yesterday when Congress had an unarmed Air Force veteran shot and killed.

We all saw the large crowd press their way into the Capitol following Trump’s rally. Some say that this group contained Antifa infiltrators. This may be so (and then there’s this tell). There was certainly a large share of LARPers. Anyway, it’s all irrelevant today. Our elite have decided these were all deplorables, and that perception will become “reality”.

Yet the crowd, by doing very little, by remaining inside the tourist ropes inside the building, even, forced the startled regime into hiding. Their first reaction was fear. This is a good sign, and we should take comfort in it. It shows how weak our rulers really are.

The reaction from the left was as expected, and of not much interest. Except to note that this time the National Guard was called in, and even supported by other states’ contingents like New York’s. The corporate part of our government, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, began pulling down and forbidding videos of the protest, just as they didn’t do in their sponsored summer riots. The color revolution concluded, as these things do, by silencing the opposition. Trump was removed from all social media. Questioning government will soon be illegal.

Never mind all that. It was what happened on the ostensible right that concerns us.

They went into hersterics. Laura Ingram gibbered. Erik Erickson called for our side to be shot. Yes. Ben Shapiro, like many who forget the Boston Tea Party and other historical events, said protest is “un-American”. Cernovich wondered what grift would be left to him.

Ted Cruz, safe behind men ready to do violence on his behalf, and echoing many, said “Violence is always unacceptable”. Rod Dreher peed himself. Twice. Ross Douthat tsked tsked so hard doctors aren’t sure they can save his tongue. David French disappeared up his own backside. Dan Crenshaw switched his eye path to the other side. Sohrab Ahmari, after being forced to endure the sight of a Confederate Flag, did a number two to Derher’s number one.

Bill Kristol grew tumescent posting revenge fantasies. Marco Rubio could not be placated until somebody found his choo-choo, and he stopped annoying the adults. Rich Lowry looked to Rubio in admiration for his tantrum.

Boris “Lock ‘Em Down” Johnson, a damned foreigner, lectured us on proper behavior. Will somebody buy this poor man a comb? Nigel Farage joined Boris in his disapproval. As did many other foreigners anxious to curry favor with our rulers.

The Turtle announced the fix as if it were news, which caused Guy Benson to gush, and Wesley J. Smith to concur.

On and on and on it went, in the most disgusting display of cowardice and abject surrender we’re likely to see in our lifetimes.

This shows, again, why conservatives always lose. As I said on Twitter (all my tweets die of coronavirus after seven days), a handful of people emulated in the most minor way the actions of the violent left, the summer riots that were cheered and excused by every authority, and the Big Con rushed to the microphone in tears to condemn and surrender.

Then there was Trump.

Edward Luttwak, a respected man who knows more than anybody about coups, reminded us archly that Nixon, when he had his election similarly stolen from him, “patriotically” surrendered for the good of the nation.

The Lincoln Project called for Trump’s immediate removal from office, which must have had Pence heavy breathing.

This call became a cacophony with every polite organization saying Trump should be removed via the 25th Amendment. We still don’t know how this will play out—but Trump did run away.

He conceded, not officially but in effect yesterday evening, when he told the supporters he welcomed to go home. He had a chance, he had a moment, and he chose not to fight. This could be because, as some say, he was forced out. Or because the fight wasn’t in him. Either way, his supporters were left out in the cold, in every sense of the word.

The conclusion was early this morning, when Surrendering Pence made the steal official. Trump put out that the transition of power will be happen.

We fought the good fight, and we lost. Some of us will be in deep kimchi because of this, but there are no regrets.

This is all too fresh to say what will be the result of all this, and there is much left out of the story. One thing is certain. They will be coming for us.

Update Did I say they’ll be coming for us?

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  1. Michael Dowd

    My guess is Trump will not be up for continuing the battle beyond his presidency. But if not, someone else will rise to the occasion.

  2. Mike H

    Americans, eager to get on with their lives and fearful of cultural-Marxist ostracism, have been kicking the conservative-sellout can down the road for generations.

    All that denial got torched yesterday.

    It is not a stretch of imagination to envision the Uniparty presently causing American blood to flow in torrents down the gutters of the Deep State. That is the bad news. The good news is that this will not affect most Americans, who will merely be coerced into submission at rather a faster pace than before.

  3. Pistol Pete

    No one fought a good fight. There was a moment of hope but it was like a vapor in a breeze. Almost no leadership turned out for the fiasco, just a large rabble of lost souls. No plan or direction. Trump played out his part also, ran the clock out..

    Yesterday was our best hope, we had close to a million people on site and did nothing. yes we are the party of politeness and civility – Ha, fools, they are at war with us and we wanna sit down and have tea with them, discuss our feelings.

    We did not lose this country, we gave it away along with our freedom.

  4. Dean Ericson

    Either Trump has some super-duper ace plan up his sleeve to redeem his… rally, and turn things around, or that was the lamest piece of generalship imaginable.

  5. Dean Ericson

    Trump: “We are the party of Law and Order – Go Home.”

    Why did he call for the rally in the first place? And say, “It’s going to be wild!” He had to know what was going to happen, calling for a million of his troops to advance deep into enemy territory, Washington DC. And then this big fizzle? If there isn’t some plan here that redeems it, we’ve been had. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but you can hear her warming up in the wings.

  6. Exring

    Divide and Conquer+No Leaders = Defeat. The Troops show up but there is NO ONE to lead. In some defense of POTUS Trump, a Sea of Lance Corporals and a General do not make an effective Military Force!

  7. Simon Platt

    Hey! Boris Johnson is a native New Yorker!

    It’s normally we Englishmen who complain of his being foreign.

  8. Last night, Congress declared war on the American people.
    They drew first blood.
    So be it.
    “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

  9. The inevitable consequence of profligacy is currency debasement. That it has not happened yet is a miracle. No amount of theorizing about infinite digital wealth created from nothing will turn aside this juggernaut. We have forgotten so much other history, but we will be soon forced to reckon with this as it repeats itself.

    On the hopeful side, there is now a small market cap (600 billion now) system, Bitcoin, which is immune from degradation. It cannot be destroyed by any government, is utterly independent and robust, and depends on no counterparty. All other encrypted coins have founders who can control their supply. Bitcoin is divisible and portable. Its acceptance dwarfs that of other digital systems. It has already run-up, but the trend is inexorable after what has happened. No other system in history has its structural integrity.

    What happens next is unknown, but currency ruination is painful. Predictable disaster preparation involving bug-out bags, weapons, and food supplies may not help. It is a black swan.

  10. Sheri

    The schools are right, according to the wussy cowards out there—America is an evil country that killed First People and stole their land. They enslaved blacks. And THEY DID NOT NEGOTIATE A PEACEFUL, WONDERFUL SEPARATION FROM ENGLAND WHERE WE ALL REMAINED BFFs. Violence was involved and we never should have fought a war for a free country. That was soooooo wrong. Thank you Trump, Hannity, and a multitude of other cowards for showing us America is a brutal, vile country founded out of the violence of a revolutionary war. Keep tearing those statues to the evil imperialists that started this god forsaken country. It’s the right thing to do. Submit to the evil and learn to love it.

    Dean: Agreed. The Right is NOT the party of law and order. The party of law and order does not give away an election. They don’t stand with the thieves proudly. All of which the Republicans did, so they are not law and order whatsoever.

    Exring: I hope there is no leader. The violence is greater and more widespread without a leader. It is true mob rule. This is apparently what Americans want since they had zero interest in law and order.

  11. Dennis

    Spot on about the hypocrisy of the way months of endless BLM and Antifa rioting was treated by politicians and the media, versus how a handful of people let into the Capitol building are being treated as an “insurrection”, and used as an excuse to still try to remove Trump from office before Jan 20. The real coup attempt is coming from the left (and I suspect the whole thing was a setup designed precisely to disrupt effort in Congress to contest certification and put the media focus instead on a few alleged troublemakers rather than on election fraud. Right on cue as soon as Congress came back the GOP capitulated even further on the cert process. If they were real “insurrectionists”, then why did they just lark about the building doing things like taking selfies in Pelosi’s office instead of smashing sh*t and burning it down? What a farce. The whole thing was an op designed to be used to try to discredit Trump supporters and the right in general, and to make the GOP establishment and fellow travelers kowtow and engage in more hand-wringing about “our dumbocracy and norms,” etc.).

    If nothing else, the event of the last two months since the election have brought out in clearer relief who among the alleged right are merely grifters, phonies, LARPers, etc. – from GOP politicians, to legacy media like FOX, NRO, TAC, etc., podcast and social media celebrities, many candidates for lustration…and good riddance.

  12. Now what?

    One idea? Mr. Trump could use his own money and connections to start a national multi-media news service dedicated to rebalancing media coverage. That would start by buying and staffing some existing services (especially small town newspapers and radio/tv) , building a social media site to replace the google/twitter/facebook combination, and committing the entire thing to honest journalism coupled with free experession.

  13. Sheri

    Paul Murphy: The horse is out of the barn, too late to shut the door. You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. And you can’t fix this without violence. The PATRIOTS in 1776 understood this. Apparently, the idiots today do not. Keep on shutting the door and hoping the horse comes back and you won’t actually have to deal with reality. Learn to love being subjects and tortured by those who stole the election.

  14. Sander van der Wal

    Not the first battle, more like the first skirmish. And this is global, as I don’t believe the Europeans will let pass a change to get the election results they desire. World Cyber War I.

  15. Uncle Mike

    Best post of the year. So far.

    The two-faced hypocrite lying sack leg-peeing Ruling Elite are quaking in their Gucci boots today. We The People have really had enough of their bullcrap. And they know it.

    Boycott ’em. Cut off their money. And if they send their storm troops into your town, well, the jig is up. The governed do not consent. The walls are crumbling.

  16. Dennis

    “We the people have really had enough…The governed do not consent. The walls are crumbling.”

    Is that why so many sheeple nearly a year into a PCR test-induced pseudo-pandemic are still walking around in face muzzles and meekly acquiescing in allowing schools, businesses, jobs, and all normal life and social interaction to be destroyed in the name of Covid as the oligarchs and politicians just consolidate more power in their own hands?

    No, there will be no “insurrections” or “civil wars”…the American people of today are too weak and cowed – Nietzsche’s Last Men who fear nothing so much as the loss of their banal bourgeois pleasures and comforts and material possessions, and for whom a risk-free life is the highest goal (I think this explains the easy acquiescence to Covid mandates and regs said to be done in the name of “keeping us safe.” Even the most minuscule risk of death from a fairly routine respiratory virus strikes fear in the heart of the Last Men, for most of whom life on Earth is all there is or ever will be, so they cling to it ever more desperately, no matter how pointless and joyless their efforts make the actual living of life).

    The system will have to collapse by other means, probably just natural inertia…it may be a long drawn out decades long process like that of the USSR, and probably won’t happen until very long after I am gone, but it will crumble eventually…a society built on utter lies cannot sustain itself indefinitely.

    The best one can hope for in the near term is to cultivate one’s own garden and try to find a way out if you have the means. I’d give anything to be able to up stakes and leave this sinking hole, because the only other viable way out right now may be by means of long term residence in a literal hole in the ground.

  17. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    ABS watched Tucker “The Cucker” Carlson last night and laughed when he made this claim:

    Political violence begets political violence. That is an iron law. We have to be against that, no matter who commits the violence or under what pretext, no matter how many self-interested demagogues assure us the violence is justified or necessary. We have a duty to oppose all of this, not simply because political violence kills other people’s children, but because in the end it doesn’t work.

    (Well, so much for the colonialists going to war against the British Crown)

    As Christopher Caldwell has amply documented in his book, “The Age of Entitlement,” Civil Rights Legislation was a direct result of blacks rioting all over hell and creation in the 1960s America which changed the idea of “Civil Rights” into the revolutionary doctrine of Human Rights.

    Page 28, Mr. Caldwell avers The riots were the civil rights movement – not the whole of it, certainly, but an important element of it.

    He is a conservative with his eyes wide open which is why he would never be asked to appear on Tucker the Cucker.

    The Capitol Building and what has gone on inside it lo these many years is, to ABS at Least, a Whited Sepulchre teeming with spiritually dead persons, white on the outside with evil being done on the inside as The Turtle and his buddies and Schumer and his tribe work to dispossess Historical America (and all whites) of their legitimate posterity.

    And yet still, most whites have not the first clue how much the political class hates them and desires their elimination by any means necessary.

    Sure, electing a new people is working – ABS was 12 years old in 1960 when America was 90% white and Christian but now it is becoming Yugoslavia. But, if it becomes an idea that whites must simply be killed because they are evil, then, that will be done.

    Keep voting though… that is sure to work

  18. Uncle Mike

    The people who stormed the Capitol building were Antifa infiltrators. It was a false flag operation. Even so, the fat is in the fire. There will be no peace, no matter who calls for it. We have gone over the edge.

    Many of you wanted this. Your wish is granted. The non-violent option has come and gone. Shoulda coulda woulda, but now it’s too late.

  19. Johnno

    If there’s any lemonade to be made from this, it’s this –



    There’s no ‘Vote Harder Next Time!’ icing on the cake here.

    You saw it with your own eyes. The system from top to bottom is illegitimate. Every Check and Balance failed. Trump was your opportunity to test it out. So he’s been useful if only to learn the truth. You’ve got the results. Stop providing legitimacy to it with your participation. It’s over.

    Sure, I guess you can continue to support some local level stuff, like who gets to be your sheriff. But outside of what you can directly control in your vicinity, it’s time to withdraw.


    Support only those who have remained consistent and truthful. Ignore the rest. There’s nothing more to expect from these. They’re done.

    They’ll continue to bleat out, “PEACE! PEACE!” But what they really mean is that only those with the blessings of the state can engage in violence. So sit there and take it. Unless it’s somebody with a State badge doing something, you must not, because to be in possession of a State Badge means your violence is legitimate. But because you are not recognized, you must be a good little sheep and go back into your pen. Because, after all, if you are dead, then who is going to continue subscribing to their Patreon, buying their books of watching their videos to generate ad revenue? They need you peaceful and alive to continue to fund their living. You can’t have your market going on suicide runs here. I mean… just think of how badly this will reflect on them! They might have to put up with a bunch of mean tweets labelling them violent instigators! They can’t have that! That’s career-ending! It’s bothersome! They’ll have to suffer such slings and arrows! They might never be able to post on Facebook again! They’ll be shamed in their Wikipedia entries! Won’t someone please think of the poor career conservatives?

    Well, okay, let’s give them what they want! Let’s all be SOOOO PEACEFULLLL that we refuse to even engage in their Grima Wormtongue politics ever again.

    That’s step one. If you can accomplish that, then you’re ready to do what’s next. But if you can’t get over that barrier, you’re going nowhere. Because you have to be at least this tall to ride what’s coming next.

  20. Dennis

    “ But outside of what you can directly control in your vicinity, it’s time to withdraw. STOP. VOTING. REPUBLICAN. STOP. BUYING. THEIR. BOOKS. UNSUBSCRIBE FROM THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA & YOUTUBES”

    Spot on John. At least Trump has had the salutary effect of laying bare the fraud and corruption that lies the heart of the system, and recent events have exposed a lot of pseudo-right grifters and a RINOs for who they truly are.

    I’d recommend Rolf Dobelli’s recently released book, “Stop Reading the News: A Manifesto for a Happier, a Calmer, and Wiser Life,” for anyone hoping to try to detox from the endless cycle of news noise and BS over the coming months.

  21. Milton Hathaway

    You certainly have a way with words, Professor.

    I really hope Trump stays visible and doesn’t shut up in the slighest. If nothing else, someone needs to keep the troops rallied for 2022. I had some fleeting hope in others, like Ted Cruz, but its clear now that all of them are pre-owned swamp dwellers. (I never had any hope for Pence from the beginning, he speaks fluent mush.)

    The one glimmer of hope is that its a safe bet the Demonacrats will overplay their hand badly. Liberals can only win the battle slowly, by boiling the frog. With total control of government (minus SCOTUS?), I predict they go full blast, and the frogs will finally jump. But, as always, it will be pocketbook issues, like higher taxes and 401k confiscation, not principled conservatism, that finally triggers the revolt.

  22. Milton Hathaway

    Stop voting? No way.

    But I would agree that we need to stop vote-by-mail. Is there an example of any place in the US with 100% vote-by-mail that ISN’T hopelessly deep blue?

    One could make a convincing argument that if Trump had used every means a president has at his disposal to prevent the lockdowns, he would have won in a massive landslide.

  23. I keep thinking, there’s gotta be another way.
    I find it hard to believe God intends to let this stand.

    Yeah, I know….

  24. Rudolph Harrier


    He did win in a massive landslide. To believe otherwise is to believe that Biden has been by far the most popular candidate in the history of the nation, who won with many suspicious voting patterns which no one is allowed to question. You even know that Biden’s win was illegitimate because you want to stop vote by mail.

    What you mean is that the president could have won with an even more impressive landslide, to the extent that not even this year’s blatant level of fraud would have led to a Biden victory. But even if that is true, is that really the game you want to play in the future? That Republicans need to have record breaking levels of support just to have a chance to break through the fraud? And even if that is true this year, what’s to stop the dems from ramping up the fraud to the point where even that level of support isn’t enough?

    You’ve got three options:

    1.) Reform the system. However, this is impossible since neither party supports it (a handful of Republicans do support reform, but the majority of them and all of the establishment have gotten on the “there has not even been a hint of fraud” train).
    2.) Join in the fraud yourself. It’s an acknowledged part of the process.
    3.) Walk away.

  25. Johnno

    “Stop voting? No way. But I would agree that we need to stop vote-by-mail.”

    Stop Vote-By-Mail??? Never! You want people to get sick and die??? Don’t worry, there will always be room for another pandemic if things aren’t going the desired way.

    But why stop at the Mail? You’ll soon be voting through Facebook and Twitter. Much safer! Contact-less! All from the convenience of your phone. Hell, just set it to automate and it’ll vote for you every term! It’ll figure out who you prefer based on your Youtube and Search history. What could go wrong?

    Actually, let’s just let Technocracy and Cyberdyne run the show. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. Just keep working at your assigned tasks, wear your mask, and if you feel the need to complain, there is an empty toilet into which you can yell in to as much as you like (which will also be bugged by the NSA).

    You guys are playing on the enemy’s field where they control all the variables.

    So here’s Step 1 – Get off the field.

    That will be your first demonstration of actual courage. To go along with it when you know it doesn’t do anything is no different than wearing those useless masks. It’s a demonstration of your subordination. A sign of your loyalty to the Party that just so happens to wear red or blue depending on how it is feeling.

  26. Johnno

    “I keep thinking, there’s gotta be another way.
    I find it hard to believe God intends to let this stand.”

    God doesn’t. However, He warned us and we didn’t listen. So we decided to do things the hard way.

    “In 1947, Professor William Thomas Walsh authored a book about Fatima, titled Our Lady of Fatima, at the end of which he recounts in an epilogue an interview he had conducted with Sister Lucia of Fatima the year before.

    Speaking with the seer in 1946 about the Blessed Mother’s earlier request that Russia be consecrated by the Pope together with the bishops in the world to Her Immaculate Heart, Sister Lucia told Professor Walsh:

    “What Our Lady wants is that the Pope and all the bishops in the world shall consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart on one special day. If this is done, she will convert Russia and there will be peace. If it is not done, the errors of Russia will spread through every country in the world.”

    “Does this mean,” Walsh then asked, “in your opinion, that every country, without exception, will be overcome by Communism?” And Sister Lucia answered: “Yes.”

    As the translator of this interview, Father Manuel Rocha, was later to reveal, Walsh then asked explicitly about the United States of America, adding: “and does that mean the United States of America, too?” Whereupon Sister Lucia responded once more time with “yes.”

    That is to say, the seer of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, which have been approved by the Catholic Church, predicted that the United States, under certain conditions, would also become Communist.

    This answer might have sounded somewhat unrealistic in 1946, just after the end of the Second World War and the beginning of the Cold War. However, today, in light of these revolutionary riots that seem to change America in a very deep way, they might strike an even stronger tone.”


    Those certain conditions of course meant that the Pope and world’s bishops were to publicly perform a Consecration of Russia, akin to baptising or exorcising a specific individual. That time was requested around 1929. But because we human beings with our clever politics and understanding of geopolitical strategy always know better than God’s own Holy Mother, we decided we’ll ignore her, do things our own way, then pretend we did what was asked and well, here we are…

    The Vatican was filled with Mike Pences and RINOs long before America had ’em. Little wonder now that most of the dopes we call ‘bishops’ vote Democrat. But well, charity with other people’s money is good business.

  27. Albert Jay Nock

    Johnno – interesting, in a macabre sort of way. There has always been a sense of inevitabililty to it.

    I think I’ve reached the end of my tether. I don’t have kids, I’m no longer with my one true love and I’m in my 40s. I’m going down fighting, no interest in living like this the rest of my life. I’m going to hatch a plan. At least in the US you have guns and some people who understand freedom, a tradition of it – I’m in the UK, it’s a joke here. Really. They aren’t just getting on the trains, they are helping the drivers fix problems with the engine and giving it a lick of paint on the way.

  28. Pat Cusack

    Didn’t you Americans “coin” the phrase “In God We Trust”???
    So, stick to your “guns” Guys & Gals. It ain’t over yet. How many times did Trump say something like, “The Best is yet to come!”?

    Trust in God is not meant to be easy, and it can’t work if you stop doing it! Stopping becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  29. George Christiansen

    Not exactly sure where the alleged lost battle is. The media is portraying Deplorables badly again?

    There does seems to be an utter lack of historical perspective and imagination going around like false positive Covid results.

    “You’ve got three options:

    1.) Reform the system. However, this is impossible since neither party supports it (a handful of Republicans do support reform, but the majority of them and all of the establishment have gotten on the “there has not even been a hint of fraud” train).
    2.) Join in the fraud yourself. It’s an acknowledged part of the process.
    3.) Walk away.”

    I’m not personally advocating for anything, but I still cannot find that bit where Ben Franklin convinced Jefferson and Co to just wait for the next election to vote in a better King.

    Maybe the defeat is simply folks having to face the fact that their entire “battle plan” was to try and shame the shameless into defeat. In which case there was no chance of victory anyway.

  30. Dean Ericson

    Now we’re seeing Trump’s brilliant plan: send your dupes to Washington, with no plan and no leadership, tell them to go wild, and when the hair-brained scheme fails spectacularly, killing some, denounce your own dupes and call for their prosecution.

    If this were a comedy it would be funny.

    “We condemn it — the president and this administration — in the strongest possible terms. It is unacceptable and those that broke the law should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

  31. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    Dear Dean. Trump is a world class egoist and one imagines he was excited at the size of the crowd and understood it as his adoring legions coming to worship him and not a rally for Liberty, honor, truthfulness etc.

    He has always been all hat and no cattle and ABS is ashamed to confess he is among millions of men buffaloed by his bluffing, BS ing, and braggadocio because ABS so wanted Trump to be a man of action rather than who he is, a man of acting.

    He leaves the American stage a world class sissy, especially after having his lawyers make all of those charges publicly, and with his incessant tweeting that this fraud would not stand.

    Hell, he even had Mike Pompeo, in November, publicly saying that Trump would still be POTUS come February.

    Bye Bye Trump, go back to wrestling Vince McMahon and living the life of debt so damn large the banks wouldn’t foreclose on you.

  32. Amateur Brain Sugeon

    Unless it is Art Garfunkel, life imitates art.

    Consider, Trump is channeling Bluto, and, collectively, his supporters are Otter:

    Otter (Tim Matheson): Dead! Bluto’s right. Psychotic, but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards. Now, we could fight ’em with conventional weapons. That could take years and cost millions of lives. No, in this case, I think we have to go all out. I think this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.

    We’re just the guys to do it…LET’S DO IT!

  33. Albert Jay Nock

    ABS – I think I agree. I thought he was a man of action, and now I think I was wrong. The protest was a terrible idea, there was no clear thinking at all, for that and for the whole election investigation. I’ll admit that getting things done when all the gov agencies are plotting against you is difficult – maybe it’s even more difficult than it seems and he really tried? But for sure, while the Dems are emotional childish morons of course, the people pulling their strings are not – they are smart, and no doubt, they spanked the Trump team on this.

  34. 86General

    Dennis and Johno – Spot on. We need to tend our own garden and stop engaging. Because it’s pointless. The game is rigged.

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