Biden: Globohomo On The March!

Biden: Globohomo On The March!

You will have heard Gropin’ Joe appointed the man Levine as Assistant Health Secretary.

The man Levine, father of two, was formerly in the same job in Pennsylvania. He infamously, à la The Godmother, crammed coronadoom patients into nursing homes—after first removing his own mother. Of course.

Failure is no obstacle to promotion, though, not in the Land of Progress(ives). As I often say, you can never get fired for being wrong in the right direction.

None of this would therefore be in the least notable, except that the man Levine believes he’s a woman. And because nothing says health like a man in a dress popping pills.

Incidentally, the NYT put a twist on this story, saying the man Levine would be the “first openly transgender federal official”.


Is this going to turn into some kind of Joan Rivers revelation thing?

Anyway, it is an open question how much Biden now realizes what he is doing, his dementia rapidly on the increase, and how much is done in his name. It is clear here that the man Levine has no qualifications for the job of lording over us except for his lunacy.

The message, sent by Biden or one of his crew, is: you will submit.

It could well be Biden sending that message, for he also said recently that the choice of prison cell, boys or girls, would be up to the convict. If the male convict says he is a girl, off with the ladies he goes.

Biden’s words led many to make the obvious quip, but if it came right down to it, I’d bet most comedians would stick with Reality. But, as the prisons might soon swell with deplorables and “white supremacists”, it could become easier to follow through on the joke.

There is still notable friction over transgenderism, but most will soon say, or will be made to say, a man is a woman, and vice versa. I use as guidance the battle over gmarriage (government-defined marriage).

The Big Con and other professional conservatives were initially against it, even publicly, even loudly. At first. But they grew too fearful of being called “homophobes”, and of losing money, and so they caved. Didn’t take long, either. Now we have many conservatives sending warm congratulations to men saying they will pretend-marry other men.

(Which is why you mustn’t be a conservative: be based.)

“Briggs, you ass, you’re always exaggerating. It’s not like somebody’s writing The Conservative Case For Transgenderism or anything.”

No? Then how do we class NRO’s right-after-the-appointment article “Biden Taps Dr. Rachel Levine, a Transgender Woman, as Assistant Health Secretary“?

The authoress of that article repeatedly calls the man Levine “she” and “her”, and says nothing about his lunacy. Except for mentioning the nursing home scandal, the authoress only praises faintly the man Levine.

World War T, to use Sailer’s phrase, is over. Except among we few based dissidents. And the occasional rare piece of good news: doctors won’t be forced to quack. For now.

Biden is mandating delusional males may compete in sports as females. It’s the only way these sad men can ever win anything.

Biden is already reversing the ban on the insane in the military. The sex-confused will now be allowed access to weapons of mass destruction. Prediction: given our penchant for quotas, there will be within a year at least one high-ranking insane person.

Our upcoming Secretary of State is Anthony Blinken—who, though the evidence is weak, I think identifies as a man. ABC says, “In confirmation hearing, secretary of State nominee Antony Blinken says he will appoint LBGTI envoy, pledges U.S. embassies will be able to fly Pride flag.”

Be of interest to see who his general, or “envoy”, will be. Ru Paul? James Martin?

At any rate, War or Battle Flags are not unusual. You might recall—though hurry before the images are entirely purged—the Confederacy had a famous example. So did Japan, an ensign now also banned. In any case, these were flown to tell the enemy It’s On. Same thing here.

We all know the Pervert Pennant, which looks like this:

Like him or hate him, we have to admit Martin nailed the “How appropriate that she is weeping” part.

So the US Globohomo complex will take the battle to foreign soil. They’ve already conquered Europe and most (all?) of the Americas. Significant territory has been seized in Japan. The only real holdouts have been a strong Muslim lands, parts of Africa, and China.

I’m skeptical they’ll fly the PP outside the Chinese embassy. Inside the walls, any number of things can and likely will occur. But outside, flagrantly flouting China’s culture? I don’t believe our leaders are yet insane or greedy enough to use as casus belli China’s refusal to stage parades celebrating the “right” to sodomy.

I’ve been wrong before, though.

Regardless, it is fitting to end with this:

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  1. Jan Van Betsuni


    “The ASH serves a four-year term of office at the pleasure of the President. If the appointee is also a serving uniformed officer of the regular corps, (he or she) [emphasis added as ()] is also appointed as a four-star admiral in the regular corps. The President may also nominate a civilian appointee to also be appointed a direct commission in the regular corps if the nominee so chooses.” ||So, prepare now to imagine the present appointee (RACHEL (nee Richard) LEVINE) decked-out in starched USPHS Dress Uniform (which cut I am unsure). || USPHS:

  2. Huerfano


    Yup. This way others can bravely come out as Transgender, saying they lived in fear, and then enjoy the subsequent promotion and pay raise for their courage.

    All we really need is another war where we send sane people off to die and we’ll have Anthony Burgess’ ‘The Wanting Seed’ as reality. Are there any dystopian novels left to turn into reality?

  3. Mike H

    When cultural-Marxist neuroses become sacramental icons to be shoved down the throats of Americans in this way, Americans do not always take it lying down. Sometimes they rise up. One doubts that last week’s protest at the Capitol will be the last uprising.

  4. Sheri

    If that’s a woman……UGLY. I can’t stand to look at the picture. Trans is a way to erase reality, nothing more except body mutilation and poisoning with hormones. A wonderful life. This creature is not like many of the other trans male to females as he/she/it must have run out of cash. Usually, you get a much better looking woman. Of course, this is reportedly a hybrid, still having the dangly parts in case it changes it’s mind. And people laughed at unicorns……

    The MOST EVIL result is the multilation of children, making Hitler and Mengele look absolutely wonderful and caring. The abject HATRED Americans have for their offspring is stunning.

  5. Michael Dowd

    At least Biden is making it perfectly clear where he stands complete with all the symbols.

    How long will America put up with this?. The election two years hence should be a demonstration. If the Republicans don’t control the House and Senate after the 2022 election we are doomed.

  6. awildgoose

    Uh, the State Department has been promoting the alphabet soup thing for years.

  7. Desert Rat

    I keep reading comments and articles about how “we” will be seizing the congress and senate in 2022 as Americans wake up to the lunacy being enacted. Given that a national election was just stolen in plain sight with no repercussions beyond threats and silencing of anyone of consequence daring to mention the fact I fail to see how we can expect any outcome of any election to be anything other than what our rulers wish it to be.

    There is no voting our way out of this.

  8. Dennis

    It’s amusing how people still think there will be some “uprising” among outraged Americans who just won’t put up with this or take this lying down anymore dammit! and/or vote them out in 2022, 2024…etc.

    No, they will take it like they always have for the last 150 years, like the overstuffed, lazy bourgeois Nietzschean Last Men that they are, as long as Netflix keeps streaming and Amazon keep delivering, and the government sends a paltry check now and then. And if elections already hardly mattered before 2020, they clearly don’t now (After all, what has ever prevented the endless march of leftism/progressivism, globohomo, and abortion-on-demand treated as the nation’s highest sacrament after all the various GOP Presidential, house, and senate victories over the last 25-40 years? How successful was Trump in “draining the swamp”? Conservative Inc. has been the biggest con for the last 40 years). No matter who wins, the progressive march through the institutions, the destruction of culture, and of everything Good, True, and Beautiful continues on its grim and merciless way.

    This country is finished. Indeed, at this point, with Covid tyranny reigning almost everywhere with no end in sight, and with vaccine passports and CCP-style Social Credit Systems coming everywhere soon, the entire world may be finished. Best to plan a withdrawal from engagement, let it all go to rot, cultivate one’s own garden, and prepare for one’s own end in as much peace and isolation as possible from the hell that surrounds us.

  9. As most insanity today, it started with well intended moves. There´s no reason to mistreat, abuse a homosexual or a transgender person for the sake of morality, even if you completely disagree with both options. But the magnitude of the double somersault that takes you from simply stop being cruel and start being kind to others, and the absolute negation of reality we live nowadays takes more than a logical bridge, and is the examplification of the difference between modern society and the end of a particular civilization. We (or they) have already chosen the second option.

    As I said the other day, when society opens the door to insanity, then it can´t complain or choose. It has to go all the way down. So I think the better chance we have is not confronting them, but just wait for the self-destruction of this trend.

    This happen when the inconsistencies of their “logic” start flooding and overtaking them. When men start asking for women´s social aids because they are women inside . When an increasing number of guys with genital surgery apply for a job that has a quota for women. When you play in the NBA, get convicted for gender violence, and you get away with it because you say you are gender fluid, and you feel you are in a lesbian relationship most of the time. Or when a white ultrafeminist lesbian loses her chance to have a role on a TV show because the other choice is not only a lesbian, but transgender and black. And when an average tennis player becomes a millionaire because he cut his penis and started blowing up the women´s competition, winning 4 Grand Slams each year for a dozen years. You get the idea…

    So I wait, in sadness, but I wait…

  10. Doghouse Riley

    It’s the very sane, fake fake women (second-rate heterosexual athletes) dominating girls sports and terrorizing their locker rooms, not the weak insane homosexuals, who will blow this up.

  11. Stephen J.

    “There´s no reason to mistreat, abuse a homosexual or a transgender person for the sake of morality, even if you completely disagree with both options.”

    Agreed. But the rather genius-level dishonesty the libertine advocacy movement adopted was to frame the simple public expression of disagreement, or personal abstention from support, as abusive mistreatment in and of itself. When a simple reluctance to use a demanded pronoun is treated as functionally equivalent to playing Russian roulette with someone’s life, there can be no room for “reasonable compromise” any more.

    For myself I consider it basic courtesy to not poke someone’s psychological weaknesses; I’ll address someone with gender dysphoria however that person wants to be addressed, for the same reason I expect someone who knows about a particular phobia I have to not deliberately force me to confront that phobia. But the trans movement would have a lot more sympathy from me if they gave anything like the same recognition to others’ concerns as they demand everyone give their own.

  12. Doghouse Riley: There is a quite funny excerp from one of Dave Chappelle´s comedy specials where he speaks about LeBron James in the WNBA and the aftermath.

    I don´t post it because I suppose it goes against the rules of this website, since I never saw a link, but he says, more or less literally: “Let´s just say Lebron changes his gender. Should he play in the NBA or, because he is a woman now, should he go tho the WNBA, where he would score 840 points a game? If women were actually equal, there would be no WNBA. They would be good enough to play in the NBA. OR, here´s another idea, that´s going to be very controversial: you could…just shut the fuck up…”

  13. Dennis

    “As most insanity today, it started with well intended moves. There’s no reason to mistreat, abuse a homosexual or a transgender person for the sake of morality, even if you completely disagree with both options. ”

    Indeed, “well intended motives” is how they start sneaking things in, then keep pushing the envelope from there. No one advocates mistreating or persecuting homosexuals or people who think they are “trans,” but we’ve gone from “non-persecution” to “you must ratify and celebrate me in my delusion and pretend you agree that I am truly a woman and not a man, including letting me play women’s sports, etc.” (why are not more real women athletes outraged at this subversion of their own competitions?) instead of getting people proper mental help for things like Gender Dysphoria (which many in the mental establishment are trying to erase as a legitimate category of mental illness altogether. Any doctor who treat patients for it nowadays increasingly risks loss of job or even medical license for being “anti-trans”).

    What’s amazing is how the left has moved from its core legacy issues women’s rights and feminism to the outright erasure of women and the feminine with it’s new trans obsession. It’s increasingly common to see people on the left outright refuse to even use the word “women,” and instead resort to euphemisms like “people who menstruate,” “people with uteruses,” “people with penises”, etc., because in their delusional bizarro-world “some men menstrurate, have vaginas, etc.” and “some women have penises.”

    The great 20th century mystic and Catholic convert, Valentin Tomberg, once wrote about the ancient cults of Baal and Moloch in terms that read as if a description of our own times ripped from today’s headlines: “The details of that dark cult cannot be discussed with decency; suffice it to say that in every detail it was designed to banish everything spiritual or holy from the relationship of father, mother, and child. Sex life was intended to be torn away from its divine source, leaving it prey to demonic forces, and birth was to be mechanized…”

    We are not progressing, but regressing to a more primitive, dark, and demonic state.

  14. awildgoose

    Agree there is nothing with a live and let live approach.

    However, the slippery slope is very real, and incrementalism is very effective.

    The real problems start when power centers start promoting the unnatural and abnormal as natural, normal, and exemplary.

  15. Sander van der Wal

    Hehehe. Probably too late to add another prediction for 2021, but anyway: the USA will not have heterosexual male convicts at the end of 2021, while the female convict population will have risen exponentially. Social scientists will be flabbergasted, and are increasingly more desperate formulating hypotheses. Is it a chemical in the water? Climate Change? Covid-19? Moar research is much needed.

  16. BDavi52

    There is, beneath the insanity, an interesting paradox to consider.

    IF MY reality is a valid deriviative of MY, subjective feeling (“Man I feel like a woman!” as Shania would say), then equally we must say that YOUR reality is an equally valid deriviative of YOUR subjective feeling . There is no reason why our two realities should coincide. As a matter of fact we would expect that they not.

    Therefore it would seem that Richard Levine’s subjective (albeit perversely twisted) feeling that he is really a ‘Rachel’ (whatever that means in Richard’s head) is irrelevant to OUR subjective feeling as to who and what he is in our reality. In other words, if Richard wishes to — in his reality — self-identify as SHE (and we consider feeling-based reality to be ‘real’) then equally we must consider our self-structured reality (that Richard is a man pretending to be a very ugly woman) equally valid.

    In such a universe Richard can call himself Rachel and we can call him Dick.

    If Richard believes it’s ‘socially unjust’ for us to impose our reality upon him (after all, only he truly KNOWS what he is), then it must be ‘socially unjust’ for him to impose his on us!

    At that point, then, we would assert that two worlds exist in parallel (just considering Richard and Us): one in which he’s magically become a girl…and the other (that the sane people inhabit) in which Richard is a loon playing-pretend.

    Of course the whole notion that there are TWO realities (let alone 330M realities) is insane…for reality by its very nature is singular….but if that is the game we must play, let’s play it full-out. And in OUR reality, Richard is just a butt-ugly guy who likes to wear lipstick and high heels who would make of the Department of Health & Human Services an idiot farce.

    Of course that’s probably not new for the DHHS.

  17. Forbes

    I’m uncertain if I’ve previously expressed this idea here, but…

    Surely, some near point in time, it will be declared that your affirmation, support, and championing of gay/homosexual behavior is insufficient, and that in order to prove your bona fides, you will have to engage in homosexual relations–otherwise you’re a bigot. Conformity of thought demands conformity of behavior.

  18. C.R.Dickson

    The problem of Deviated Preverts, introduced by Col. “Bat” Guano and solved by Clint Eastwood and by Capt. Kirk is given in this 3 1/2 min video.
    Video link
    The Deviated Preverts (spelled as pronounced by Keenan Winn ) have been around forever. The Potato’s topologically transformed health expert is #3A and #3B.

  19. Rudolph Harrier

    Identity politics is going to be ramped up to a level even beyond where it was before.

    Local news had a story slamming Republicans for criticizing Deb Haaland. The story briefly mentioned Republican policy disagreements with her, but then came down on them for trying to block the “historic” appointment of the first “indigenous” secretary of the interior. Such a move, they warned, would alienate all American Indians across the nation. At no point did the story bother defending Haaland’s policy decisions.

    The same day the outlet had a piece about how despite our differences, everyone was excited about having Harris as the first female vice president and how she was an inspiration to us all. Again, her policies and “accomplishments” in government weren’t even mentioned.

    Since trannies never shut up they of course will be given quite a lot in this age of identity politiccs.

  20. Dennis

    “…that in order to prove your bona fides, you will have to engage in homosexual relations–otherwise you’re a bigot.”

    I saw something of the sort recently. I can’t remember exactly where now to give a link, but some study showed that the overwhelming majority of men (like 98%, duh) said they would not knowingly (leaving open, I guess, the possibility of being duped “Crying Game” style – remember that film? Probably couldn’t be made today. Nor could “Silence of the Lambs” – very “anti-trans” in its depiction of “Buffalo Bill”!) date or sleep with a transsexual “woman,” and an ad campaign was mounted in response to the study aimed at shaming and converting these “trans-phobic bigots” among the male population.

    We’re already going from “You must affirm my trans identity and my made-up pronouns,” to “You better date and sleep with that tranny, or you’re a bigot!”

  21. awildgoose


    I believe what you describe will be a heavily weighted factor in the social credit system they plan to roll out.

  22. Shecky R

    Tsk tsk, so much bitterness, so much delusion from someone who supported a deranged lifelong atheist over a competent lifelong Catholic. Look on the bright side, your unemployable sons may finally find bonified work.

  23. Dennis

    Biden is no Catholic, troll.

  24. Cary

    Apart from the trans denial of reality, the promotion of letting “former” men compete against women is so crazy and potentially dangerous depending on the sport. Even most on the right have no real grasp of how massively more powerful men are than women. For example, I looked up the last Female 400 m Olympic champion time, which was 49.44. I live in Ohio, which has 3 divisions in high school. The women’s Olympic Champion time would not have made the state finals (9 boys) in division 1, would have placed 6th in division 2, and 2nd in division 3. The women’s Olympic record is 48.25. That would have been 5th in division 1, 3rd in division 2, and would have won division 3 by 0.19 sec. These types of differences are common across activities where the best women athlete in the world is equivalent to a good but not elite teenage boy.

  25. Bike-Anarkist

    Shecky: it could be worse for Dick Levine.
    He could end up like you.

  26. Dennis

    Cary: That comparison of Olympic women’s times with HS boys reminds me of the exhibition game the US women’s soccer team – supposedly the greatest women’s team ever – played against a team of 15 year-old high school boys a few years ago before the last World Cup. The boys won 5-2, which qualifies as a blowout in soccer.

  27. Kathleen

    >> in order to prove your bona fides, you will have to engage in homosexual relations–otherwise you’re a bigot. Conformity of thought demands conformity of behavior.

    It has already begun with the trannies.

    The trannies that favor keeping their private parts and envision themselves as big, hairy, ugly dykes are screeching that actual female dykes that won’t hop in the sack with them are phobic haters. The female dykes are whining that they’ve had to close down many of their dyke establishments as a result so as to avoid the unwanted attention.

    The trannies that favor men are also squealing. In their case, that men that won’t participate in sodomy with them are phobic haters.

    And both wretched examples ARE getting considerable sympathy.

    Must not be a hater!

    This slippery slope is gonna be pretty darn short.

  28. Uncle Mike

    Executive Order? Since when did autocrats issuing dictats replace our legal system?

    Impeach Traitor Joe Dementia today!

    For Abuse of Power, Corruption, Sedition, Subversion, Perversion, High Crimes, Misdemeanors, and Incapacity due to Senile Dementia.

    Vapid Joe China is a Criminal. Lock him up.

    Resistance is Vital.

  29. Uncle Mike

    This is better: Resistance Is Crucial

  30. Johnno

    Right now… some women’s sport coach/team manager/owner somewhere is on the phone trying to recruit as many dudes as possible.

    If you can’t beat ’em, then have them join and together you beat everyone else to victory. Next stop – the Olympics! All them Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are up for grabs!

    The trans-athletes, who are actually male, will be in demand for many mighty fine contracts! This is golden ticket stuff folks!

  31. Vssc

    Perhaps outside statistics you find it difficult to be cold, Mr. Briggs.
    Well, learn then.

    Step back. Look at them.

    How long can these freaks hold?
    How much power do they really wield, as opposed to Drama? They tremble behind their Green Zone. They certainly can’t make their dreams come true outside of govt buildings, and left wing industries.

    The reach of Stalin::The Grasp of Weimar.


    Solve that ratio.

    Its not what an enemy wants to do, its what he can do. – napoleon paraphrased.

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