It’s Mourning In America

It’s Mourning In America

Bit more than four years ago I wrote, “Trump is a respite, not a solution.” A slight lessening in the downward slope on which our culture is sliding into oblivion.

I also said:

If Trump wins [the 2016 election], state media hacks will be mollified and will duck and cover for, what, two weeks? And then they’ll be back to normal. Some will, as is natural to their breed, suck up to the new administration, seeking to do for the new power what they did for the old. But most will recognize Trump is naught but a respite. They’ll soon reorganize to restore the old elite, and themselves.

There will not be a wave of honesty among flacks, nor will there be a reduction in gullibility among the indigenous populants of this once United States. Unless Trump turns out to be an American Vladimir Putin, it will very soon be business as usual.

Trump was not Putin, and it is now business as usual, though accelerated. Trump, implementing policies that would have been classified progressive twenty years ago—except he only bombed Syria once and tried with little success drawing down troops elsewhere—drove the debased mad. Mostly for the reason he affronted their fine sensibilities.

That has to be the best thing Trump did. Send the debased over the edge. He was responsible for a massive surplus of splenetic fevers, seizures, angina, conniption fits, and, yes, sour indigestions. That part was glorious.

The rest wasn’t so good. That is, not nearly so good as we would have preferred. How about when he—

—yet why talk about that now? It’s all in the past. Today is the Current Year. Onward!

The debased are out for revenge. They won’t have Trump to chase with lit torch and pitchfork, but they’ll go after those who supported him. I have talked to several people the past few days, and the stories of persecutions, from minor to significant, are building (Yours Truly is growing a superior disguise-level moustache).

The question will be how long before the (metaphorical, for now) blood lust is sated, or are we in the strong swirl segment of the leftist purity spiral? I don’t have answers for that. My hope is our elites will be so distracted by all rich pickings to be made available that they’ll tire of chasing after the inconsequential.

Still, there is no theory more certain sure than that the debased must needs have an enemy. It doesn’t have to be a real enemy, but it does have to be a distraction-worthy enemy. It can be Trump and Trump supporters for a few weeks, yes.

But after that? Probably things like “white supremacists”, those evincing “whiteness”, non-self-hating whites, or white orthodox Christians, and so on. Biden did call out in his inauguration speech “white supremacists”. His perpetually angry Secretary of War elsewhere agreed with that.

Good news is that “white supremacists” will be easy to spot.

The real change from Trump is that Biden’s handlers have already opened the spigots wider. The standard swamp crew is already wafting their way DC-ward, carried on the powerful field lines of Official Graft.

Prediction: the rich will grow much richer over the next four years. The poor will increase and do the opposite. Your money will increasingly make its way into the pockets of the oligarchs, all in the name of saving the world.

The reason for people growing poorer must be blamed on the enemy, though. So it will be interesting to discover just how “white supremacists” are robbing people.

Global cooling is back, for instance. Meaning money will flow into those pushing, and owning, “greenback” energy. (I was able to ignore the tedious subject for four years; sadly, we’ll have to return to it. Look for a guest post on Saturday.)

Few believe it will Biden wielding the golden pen for the entire four-year tenure, but that doesn’t matter. He’ll do what he’s told what to do, and she’ll (you know who I mean) do what she’s told what to do.

Money will start bleeding, liberties will keep disappearing, the bombs will start flying (who Israel is mad at is a good bet for the first target), the people, well, the people won’t be getting any happier.

It is mourning in America. But now is our chance to work toward morning.

Enjoy this tweet while you can. It dies of coronadoom in seven days.

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  1. Lucy Tucker

    Bless you, Sarge. Until the end, there is the good fight. But boy is it hard to pray for one’s enemies. So I pray for their defeat and then their conversion.

  2. Michael Dowd

    Question: Will America take all this lying down? Open question.

  3. Sheri

    Lucy: Great idea!

    Michael: Absolutely. Unless they get tired of Antifa. Americans have zero backbone and I’ve heard about that 2nd Amendment for years, and not a **** thing has happened. It’s past action and into submission. Hey, Americans hate their kids, give them to the government to raise and seem intent on making the future hell to get even with the little monsters. So yeah, lying down on the politics.

    I’m not worried about Joe. Everyone panicked when Obama won another term. Yet we are still here. Joe’s use of Executive Orders tells us the Dems DO NOT HAVE CONGRESS or they’d be passing laws. The EO’s are word salad, as is common among the Dems. It’s Antifa that will eventually save America, either by burning it to the ground and forcing a do-over or starting a war. Joe is irrelevant, as is Kami.

  4. Shecky R

    So in-other-words, you are grievously mourning the loss of 1930s Germany in America.

  5. Michael Dowd

    Sheri–well said. The coming of Biden is the enthroning of Satan in America. Evil will be celebrated, good condemned.

  6. Briggs

    Our troll has returned.

    Okay, Shecky, I’ll bite. Just how was American like 1930s Germany? Be specific. (Besides the Weimar Republic-like degeneracy.)

  7. Ye Olde Statistician

    Nah. One would have to first grasp 1930s Germany to understand why it can’t pass here because it was not here in the first place. I recommend Evans’ The Third Reich in Power and Lukacs’ The Last European War for background.

  8. NIdahoCatholic

    As a non communist white Traditional Catholic Federal employee, I am immediately concerned with the face burqua mandate. Up until now it has only been necessary in common areas – hallway, break room, etc. I’ve managed to sort of wear it, keeping it under nose unless passing a known Branch Covidian. But now?Not so sure I can comply. Will be considering options.

  9. awildgoose

    Trump was out of office less than 3 hours and the MSM were already shrieking in unison about the ISIS boogeyman.

  10. BDavi52

    “Still, there is no theory more certain sure than that the debased must needs have an enemy. It doesn’t have to be a real enemy, but it does have to be a distraction-worthy enemy. It can be Trump and Trump supporters for a few weeks, yes.”

    No question.

    Eric Hoffer described it thusly, speaking of the rabid fanaticism of the “True Believer:: “Hatred is the most accessible and comprehensive of all the unifying agents. Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a god, but never without a belief in a devil.” For the last 4 years+, Trump, indeed was that Devil.

    And since — for the True Believers — they were battling Satan, no tactic was forbidden, no course of action out of bounds, no ‘means’ which could not be pursued to achieve the Glorious End. That End, of course, the fall & ruin of the Devil Trump….and all his henchmen (and henchwomen)…and the media which had the temerity to NOT vilify him…and all those who spoke in favor of ANYTHING he himself preferred — be that border security, a strong military, free speech, the Anti-1619 Project, the end to Lockdowns, election security…anything.

    Hoffer goes on: ““The enemy—the indispensible devil of every mass movement—is omnipresent. He plots both outside and inside the ranks of the faithful. It is his voice that speaks through the mouth of the dissenter, and the deviationists are his stooges. If anything goes wrong within the movement, it is his doing. It is the sacred duty of the true believer to be suspicious. He must be constantly on the lookout for saboteurs, spies and traitors.” And now — good news for every Progressive out there — they have the Insurrection, the Palace Coup, the White Supremacist (THE most dangerous terrorist movement in the whole gosh-darned world!) Treasonous Rebellion!!!

    Sure this summer the Righteous did burn down major chunks of any number of American cities, injuring 2000 policemen, killing 19, and causing $2B worth of property damage…..but that pales in comparison to the shudder-worthy image of the monster with his feet on Nancy’s desk. THE HORROR.

    As Mephistopheles to Faust: “Why this is Hell, nor are WE out of it.”

  11. Dennis

    At least Trump ruined Hilary’s life (though not as much as he should have – waited far too long to start getting serious about releasing classified info related to the Russia collusion hoax, among other things; and should have pursued prosecutions for all involved. He didn’t go near far enough in draining the swamp).

    Trump also made great strides on the pro-life front (undoubtedly the most pr-life President ever in terms of action and results, despite many doubting his pro-life bona fides when he first ran since he was a somewhat late convert), especially internationally with the Geneva Consensus Declaration (which Biden will of course attempt to destroy), and also in fighting against racist CRT indoctrination (though he also took too long on that, at least he brought it to the forefront of attention). But it’s all for naught, as Biden has already reversed the CRT EO and I’m sure he’s got PP cranking up the abortion mills to full capacity as we speak. In light of last year’s DACA ruling, the GOP should fight every Biden EO in court and find some GOP judge somewhere to issue nationwide injunctions like leftist judges did all the time to try to thwart Trump admin actions…but that would require the GOP suddenly growing a spine.

    Trump and the GOP should also have taken action long ago on Section 230, and since Big Tech favors the Left, we can be sure nothing will be done now at all, and Tech censorship, deplatforming, and monopolistic consolidation will continue apace (though perhaps international action may force changes despite the US admin being in bed with Big Tech, since many overseas are becoming alarmed at the extent to which they and their own people’s speech and access to tech are in control of a handful of US monopolists).

    Oh, and he was the first President in 40 years not to start or otherwise get us entangled in any new wars. The swamp military-industrial complex, and the creatures enjoy revolving door between the Pentagon and arms manufacurers really despised him for that! But, no worry, I’m sure the new Secretary of “Defense” for Raytheon will fix that problem. Any bets on which country gets bombed first? I’ll go with Syria [Saw a darkly funny cartoon yesterday: At the top was a recent Biden tweet from November saying “America is back.” Below was little wojak labelled “Syrian Children,” and over his head was a US bomber decorated in LGBT rainbow colors with slogans like “BLM” and “Love Wins” painted on the sides as it rained down bombs on little wojak below].

    I expect the Left and the mainstream media to act as they do. What angers me most about the Trump years is the way so many supposedly on the right, not only fellow GOP politicians, but also media figures like Dreher, Douthat, French, the whole NRO/TAC and Never Trump crowd basically…went out of their way to thwart so much of Trump’s agenda themselves. I think some of them, like Dreher, actually have some sort of psychological addiction to losing. They love being in the role of Cassandra, playing prophet of doom, fanning the flames of the culture war and turning it into a profitable gig…but when it looks like possibly winning on some fronts, suddenly they balk at anyone who dares take action or support those who do, and instead lament the alleged loss of “decorum” (decorum in US politics went out the window by 1992 at the latest) or lack of respect for “muh dumbocratic norms and procedures,” cravenly accept mass election fraud, and the spout blasphemous nonsense about the Capitol as the “sacred temple of democracy.” They’d rather be praised by the NYT-NPR crowd – whose acceptance they desperately crave – for their reasonableness, moderation, etc. read “capitulation to the Left” – than actually accomplish anything for the Right. I think people like Dreher would actually rather have Biden cranking up the abortion mills and pushing CRT so long as he doesn’t send mean Tweets like icky Trump and instead spouts kumbaya nonsense about “unity” and “overcoming divisiveness,” and occasionally throws in a scripture or saint reference to pretend he’s really a devout Catholic, etc. (in Left paralance of course, “unity” and “overcoming divisiveness” means everyone accepting the Left’s agenda!).

  12. Rogelio García

    Now that you mention global cooling/warming…About a pair of years ago, I heard an interview with a supposed world top climate scientist. She spread what I considered surprisingly baseless fearmongering for about 20 minutes, and at a particular moment in that interview, the host asked her if present era´s temperatures have no match in previous ones. Now, this was astounding: the conversation went on with something like:
    –“Oh, well, there was no ice in the arctic, we found rests of baobabs there, and Spain was a tropic, and there are many more examples…So yeah, temperatures were much higher than today in several periods in history…”
    –“OK. Then, why this alarmism now?”
    –“Well, because at that time we were not there. Now we are, so we have to do something”…

    While the first lines are quite accurate, the punchline IS literal. Believe it or not, that was a “world top climate scientist” example on how you can create a world scientific trend based on a premise, then destroy it yourself in national radio, and end up babbling the most stupid thought you can get from your muddy mind, knowing that you will win anyway.

    So now that we are trained in lunatic global waves, it is going to be reeeeeally interesting to see how the same dudes blackmailing scientists who didn´t buy the climate lunacy are going to blackmail the same people with the opposite argument. I mean, if the Apocalypse is coming, let it come with some fun…Just imagine Miss Greta Thunberg. Just imagine her forehead vein while she shouts at the NATO headquarters that we can´t afford the sudden decrease in temperature. Oh, my…

  13. Spence

    Dennis – I won’t comment on much of your post, but the past year and a half has proven that Dreher specifically is more concerned with being right about his prophecies of inevitable doom and persecution than with doing anything to stop them, including mild legislation. I have been reading his blog the better part of a decade now, and every post over the past year-plus ends with “and there will be a social credit system to clamp down on dissent as part of soft totalitarianism”, and that doing anything to prevent it will bring it upon us even faster.

    He’s even allowing over the past several months for the very real possibility that this surveillance will be used to bring state and paramilitary violence against dissenters, including moderate Christian conservatives like himself, but he insists on calling this “soft totalitarianism”. At what point would he just call it totalitarianism, whether soft or hard? At what point does he say, “No, I won’t accept this”? He’s a popular blogger with a big following, why doesn’t he organize a large campaign to petition GOP legislators, and it doesn’t even have to be federal as it could be done at the state level, to introduce the legislation he wants? Because that’s hard work and would actually accomplish something, he’d rather write all day crying about coming persecution and how there’s nothing that can be done to stop it.

  14. Sander van der Wal

    Oh dear, Leftist Yankees seeing Nazi’s behind every blue checkmark. Their Chinese overlords will have such fun with them.

  15. Dennis

    ““OK. Then, why this alarmism now?”
    –“Well, because at that time we were not there. Now we are, so we have to do something”…

    It’s always driven me nuts that almost no one ever confronts climate change alarmists with the fact that there has always been climate change since the earth was formed, including massive changes in eras when there could have been no possible anthropogenic aspect to it as they claim now. Just like this person being interviewed, it’s always assumed that “we must do something” (sound familiar? Just like with a virus that 99.98% survive contact with) and they are almost never pushed to really justify their alarmism (not that I expect anything from the media other than helping top push alarmism in countless areas). This desire by politicians and so-called “experts” to constantly “do something” about everything causes far more trouble than doing nothing in many cases. As Pascal said, “All mankind’s misery derives from not being able to sit quietly alone in a room.”

  16. Rogelio García

    Dennis: “This desire by politicians and so-called “experts” to constantly “do something” about everything causes far more trouble than doing nothing in many cases. As Pascal said, “All mankind’s misery derives from not being able to sit quietly alone in a room.”,

    Exactly. With all its intrinsic difficulties, life flows relatively easy when we don´t try to manipulate the stream like crazy beavers in steroids, which is what we increasingly get from whoever has the power to do it.

  17. Dennis

    Spence: You are correct sir. And right on cue, Dreher’s latest (I really have been trying to wean myself from wasting time on him and several others lately, I promise! Once things settle down a bit form the initial impact of the Biden early days onlslaught, I really do need to cut back on my intake of some news sites, blogs, etc….and just sit in a room quietly as Pascal recommmends) complains about Biden’s EO today implementing more woke trans ideology, especially in schools and athletics. Oh but isn’t it nice, as Dreher tweeted yesterday, that Biden “speaks like, and comes across as, a normal human being” when making his cultural drone strikes instead of saying mean or sarcastic things on twitter!

    But let’s cut the guy some slack…he’s huddled in a corner jonesing for Ambien and shivering with fear that Covid might be in the air! (His unquestioning acceptance of the mainstream Covid narrative has done more than anything in the past year to shatter my overall respect for him and his analytical/intellectual abilities and insights).

  18. jim fedako

    Sheri/ Michael –

    Keep in mind a more robust America surrendered its gold some 90 years ago.

  19. patrick healy

    Dear Professor,
    Is it rude to intrude into an American wake? Coming from rural Ireland where we celebrated death just as earnestly as birth, i penned the following little piece of doggerel.


    RIP America
    It is sad to see you go
    The way of past great empires
    For to you a debt we owe;
    A light in the great darkness
    You kept satan in his place,
    A bastion of freedom
    Guardian of the human race.

    But while you were distracted
    The deceiver took your youth,
    They were indoctrinated
    Contradicting Christian truth;
    Now they have taken over
    As their teachers had conspired,
    The marxist coup completed
    Without any bullet fired.

    We get to twenty twenty
    With the great election fraud,
    Many dead ones voted twice
    More imported from abroad;
    Total votes do not matter
    Just ignore your vast amount,
    We’ve decided on the winner
    We manipulate the count.

    Old Joe O’Bama’s senile
    He is just an avatar,
    It’s Harris ‘they’ have chosen
    As the Chinese rising star;
    When ailing Joe is sectioned
    Into his shoes she’s poised to jump,
    The coup de gras accomplished
    They’ve got rid of Donald Trump.

  20. Briggs


    Now we need only set it to music!

  21. Don

    It fits the melody of “I’m a Good Old Rebel” perfectly. Too bad Hoyt Axton isn’t around anymore to sing it….

  22. Dean Ericson

    ”Now we need only set it to music!”

    For klezmer band. And we’ll all dance the hora.

  23. HanSolo

    @patrick healy…thats brilliant and true!

  24. Milton Hathaway

    ” . . . the bombs will start flying (who Israel is mad at is a good bet for the first target) . . .”

    Well, I can’t argue with the bombs part, but Israel? Near as I can tell, the libs hate Israel. Remember the Iran Nuke Deal and the all the Bama cash air-dropped on Iran to fund Islamic terrorism? What am I missing?

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