Diversity Is Our Weakness: Families, Spies & Colleges Edition

Diversity Is Our Weakness: Families, Spies & Colleges Edition

Update I’m in Twitter jail again! HAHAHAHA. Supposed to be released 7 PM tonight, if I behave myself. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

What our elders wisely called the clash of cultures has under the hands of our new elite morphed into the religious mantra Diversity Is Our Strength, always spoken with proper reverence, with a touch of defiance, with an I-dare-you-to-disagree tone.

I disagree. Diversity is our weakness.

Diversity, as our rulers define it, is not only our weakness, but it is dumb. Not just dumb, it is so obviously dumb it takes no effort to see it’s dumb. It is so obviously dumb it has to be true that those calling for Diversity know they are lying about its strengths. They therefore know, as well as you and I, that Diversity is a weakness.

So why do they call for ever more of it?

Because they are in it only for themselves. They are trying to rise on top the mob, with which they no longer identify or care about. They are getting as much as they can out of a dying culture while the getting is good, throwing aside brother and father, friend and neighbor without regard, caring only for their all-too-ephemeral status.

Of-colors who call for Diversity want spoils they believe they can scam from normie of-no-colors by guilting them through the false crime of “racism”.

Of-no-colors who cry for Diversity do not see themselves as having a people; indeed, they feel (not think) the act of saying they have a people is repugnant, heretical. If an of-no-color follower of the god Diversity even suspects the r-word might be used against him, he will retreat faster than a woman seeing Joe Biden stumbling her direction.

Only of-colors have peoples, which they are expected to celebrate. Of-colors can say “I prefer to be among my own kind in things like marriage and living”. This receives sage nods of agreement.

Of-no-colors are rootless, or must be made so. If an of-no-color says “I like to be with my own”, he is labeled an of-no-color “supremacist.” And the calls for Diversity grow louder—until, at last, no of-no-color dares speak his mind.

Incidentally, before we wander too far off topic, there doesn’t have to be rigid lines dividing peoples, no strict genetic determinism. Peoples can be, and are, no more than extended families, including very distant cousins. Therefore, to be against the idea of belonging to a people is to be profoundly anti-family, because peoples are formed by groups of families. And peoples form nations.

So much for the introduction. Here’s our first item: MI6 is recruiting foreign-born spies for the first time in bid to increase diversity among its secret agents.

This isn’t recruiting agents and spies in-country, but people chose to spy for good old England because they are Diverse (which everybody knows means of-color), which is to say, not of-no-color. This may seem to you supreme idiocy, but don’t worry: “any dual citizens may be asked to give up their non-British citizenship”. My sorry emphasis.

We have emphasized hundreds of times that calls for Diversity always lead to mandatory quotas, and mandatory quotas always lead to a lessening of standards, and to lying speeches from elites who swear the standards were never necessary.

The same will be true here. Look for a speech, perhaps only available to historians, that says, “Spies were never really meant to be loyal to their country.”

Item two: Critical race training in education, a site put together by Bill Jacobson from Legal Insurrection (have they pressured him to change that name lately?).

Site tracks the Diversity programs of “higher” (a word that doesn’t mean what you think it means) education, state by state. Naturally, I looked up my alma maters Central Michigan and Cornell (I believe I still have the occasional readers from both places).

Diversity is worshiped at CMU, though not as strongly as Cornell, which has gone full cult. Still, at CMU, “As part of its Anti-Racism Plan, members of faculty and staff search committees will be required to undergo mandatory implicit bias training.”

Mandatory. Anybody from CMU want to comment?

Near as I can tell at Cornell they require everything short f the sacrifice of your first born to the god. Instead of sacrifice, they settle for indoctrination.

Among many other things, they do this: “The six-module, ‘Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Cornell’ mandatory course will be launched for staff. Faculty will be required to go through a ‘required educational program’.”

Required. Anybody from Cornell want to comment?

Mandatory quotas being implemented, standards will fall next. The rate they plummet is directly proportional to ardor Diversity is worshiped.

Bonus Diversity! Embracing the differences: Neurodiversity in the workplace. That’s enough Diversity for one day.

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  1. RT

    Many times, politicians, edcuators, celebrities,… conveniently cite successes in smaller countries and question why we cannot achieve same in the United States. They consistently omit or forget that these countries have had homogeneous populations.

  2. Hun

    > MI6 is recruiting foreign-born spies for the first time in bid to increase diversity among its secret agents

    That may be a good thing. The sooner the UK fails the better. They have been poisoning and damaging Europe for well over a century.

  3. Jerry

    Reading this morning, I’m also struck by the use of the words mandatory, mandate, required. The debased love those words. Such power in them to make people do what they are supposed to do.

    I’m surprised some fool hasn’t ventured forth with “womandate”. Give it time.

    BTW, the SF diversity meeting lasted over 8 hours. On that basis alone, you know you only have idiots that want others to hear them talk. So they can be empowered, and talk truth to power.

    I’m done.

  4. @Hun –
    I think you misspelled “France”.

    Leftism is defined as the abject denial of the existence of reality.

  5. Hun

    McChuck, no I didn’t, though France isn’t innocent either.

  6. Sheri

    Mandates only work with a willing or powerless population. As stated previously, I always knew the Second Amendment was a joke. Where there is no will, guns mean nothing, mandates everything.

    Twitter jail! I am so proud of you!!!!!

    Diversity is designed to created chaos, from which certain people can rise as “gods” to save us, though more than likely, they are doing so enslave us, as a common language allows for dissent and forming of opposition groups. If the only people who speak the same language are the oligarchs, the rest of the population are slaves. We are headed that way.

    “throwing aside brother and father, friend and neighbor without regard, caring only for their all-too-ephemeral status.” Remember, Americans do not love their children. Children should have been included in this. PARENTS SHAFT THEIR CHILDREN BY SENDING THEM TO THESE INDOCTRINATION CENTERS, OR THEY ARE TRUE BELIEVERS THEMSELVES and don’t care if the brats live in communist hell later on.

    The left eats another one: Mandalorian star Gina Carano for saying America is becoming like Hitler’s Germany. “Carano fell under heavy criticism after she tweeted, then deleted, “Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…. even by children.”” Soon, they’ll completely devour each other. When they run out of money for shows no one watches and advertisers pack it in and go home, TV will be government only.

    Standards ALREADY fell. See AOC and Jen Psaki (ANOTHER OBAMA LEFTOVER. It IS Obama’s third term, 100%. He figured how to cheat his way into a third term.)

  7. Diversity is a condition not a goal, one excellent example is language. Imagine any police or military or sports team that can’t well communicate due to speaking different languages. When diversity exists it is correct IMO to dissuade discrimination; however when/if successful the achievement is moving back to neutral. There’s no added strength just the absence of discrimination.

  8. Dr. Bruce A. Wineman

    I had to say something because it was “Mandated”. I was an undergraduate at Albion College (another too-far left leaning school, in my opinion. I loved Albion when I was there but would not send anyone there today. CMU was the where I was enrolled in a Masters program in Microbiology but am one Thesis or 2 (two) research papers short of that degree. It has not, likely, sunk so far as the more major “Ivy League” schools into the abyss because of its location in central MI. Having been the “Token White” family in my neighborhood on the south side of Chicago (around 67th and the lake), I believe people are people and it has only been the “politics” that has driven us apart. The time tested ‘Military’ approach of “Divide and Conquer” still works and we are seeing the results of such a frontal assault. My ‘Black’ neighbors/friends that were intelligent, ambitious and supported, succeeded. Those, Black, White or otherwise didn’t do so well. We all benefited from the help of others, forget the “Diversity”. I do not know where to start but people need to get back to being “NEIGHBORS”, again.

  9. “This summer, the CIA launched its first-ever national streaming video ad targeting young, minority potential recruits. The agency also continues to foster ties with Historically Black Colleges and Universities for job recruitment initiatives.

    “We created strong partnerships with academic institutions with diverse populations to ensure students have continued access to CIA to learn about the Agency careers available to them,” said CIA chief of talent acquisition Sheronda Dorsey in a statement to ABC.”

    CIA recruitment video:


  10. Fredo

    Hun writes: “The sooner the UK fails the better. They have been poisoning and damaging Europe for well over a century.”

    Actually the British conquest kicked off in 1066 with an injection of distinctly French
    psychopathology. It then spread from there covering the entire planet some say collectively
    with the contagion of empire annihilating upwards of 500 million people. Prior to that
    the British had confined themselves to devouring their own along with a smattering of Romans.
    Though the Romans certainly deserved what they got.

    Diversity and racism are but the two leading conspiracy theories of our time.

  11. Mr. Einstein

    According to the Legal Insurrection website on diversity, my alma mater, U. of Virginia, will be spending $950 million on anti-racist programs. Who would have thought that Thomas Jefferson’s University would become one of the leading cultural-Marxist universities in America.

    The university is a swamp of multi-cultural and latinx and alternative fantasy gender centers. They even have a full time professional in the student health department to treat “toxic masculinity.”

    The university is now the apotheosis of a university. There are more than 600 security cameras in and around university buildings, and the university hires a firm called RMC for security services (in addition to university police.) The RMC folks walk The Grounds in yellow shirts to spy on people.

    For months the yellow shirts have been enforcing university policies on masks. If you’re walking on a public sidewalk on university property, outdoors, in the open air, university policy is that you have to wear a mask. The yellow shirt Stasi will stop you and tell you to wear a mask, and if you don’t comply they’ll get on their walki-talkies and report to their superiors (university police) that there is an un-masked person on the grounds!!

    The insanity of the left on diversity and every other topic is past the point tolerance. Good-bye UVA!

  12. Ann Cherry

    Oops, prior post went goofy, I’ll try again:

    Dr. Bruce, I loved your comment, neighbor. Sheri, nailed it as always, thank you.

    It’s always edifying to read Briggs’ embedded articles, and “Embracing the Differences, Neurodiversity in the Workplace” is no exception.

    In this Reuters article, we learn there’s a profitable new group known as the “Neurodiverse”. Elsewhere, we learn they are “people on the spectrum”.

    A diverse people, a People on the Spectrum. By implication, a people “Of-color”.

    We may wonder, what happens when the “neurodiverse” individual is also the dreaded “white” un-color, or holds “un-color” values?

    By imputing “of-color” value to their “neurodiversity”, they become honorary of-color, and welcome into the Woke-place! Other groups include radical queerness, transgenderism, and those “un-color” holding any Woke™-approved forced-collectivist ideologies.

    This exacting moral balancing act, this clash of un-civilizations, amongst The Woke™, has apparently become commonplace, as reported in that tweet about the SF school board meeting from hell.

    The Reuters article about one company’s embrace of “neurodiversity” also shows their embrace of capitalism and entrepreneurialism, as we read here:  

    “Our Neurodiversity Center of Excellence developed a COVID-19 tracker, to assess impact on a client-specific basis. It tracks experience against our initial expectation and runs scenarios about what impacts will be.

    It’s been incredibly helpful, and we believe it has impacted the firm in the range of $300 million-$500 million.”

    “In the range of…”. It’s wise to be vague about $ome matters, including “scenarios about what impacts will be.”

  13. Dennis

    “Only of-colors have peoples, which they are expected to celebrate… If an of-no-color says ‘I like to be with my own’, he is labeled an of-no-color ‘supremacist’…”

    I was thinking about this very thing this morning when I saw yet another in-your-face demand on Amazon that I join in “Celebrating Black History Month.” Why is it that whites are the only people not allowed to have any “pride” or to celebrate their historic and cultural accomplishments? We hear endlessly of “Gay/Trans/LGBTQWERTY+++whatever Pride,” (and woe betide those who fail to bow and proclaim their “allyship”!), “Black Pride,” etc…Mexicans even have a national group devoted to their causes entitled bluntly, “La Raza”! Blacks get an entire month of endless marketing of often fictional or overblown alleged “achievements,” claiming dubious credit for everything from traffic signals and incandescent lamps to peanut butter and the moon landing. But if a white person demanded a White History Month, proclaimed pride in his people’s historical and cultural achievements and the greatness of Western Culture, or started an organization called “The Race” dedicated to white causes, he’d be denounced by all (even some milquetoasts on the Neo-ConInc “right” ingratiating themselves with liberals) as the embodiment of bigotry and hatred.

    Only one race today is expected to hate itself, to denounce its past, disavow its people’s accomplishments, forever apologize for its history (re-packaged as re-interpreted as the embodiment of all historical evil) and abase itself before those who claim privileged status as victims. The only “systemic racism” or racial “privilege” that exists today is that against whites – the system (from government, to corporations, to universities, to media) bends over backwards to worship and privilege blacks and other minorities in every way, and to abuse, denigrate, and denounce whites and white culture and history.

    Similarly, those on the Left who proclaim their devotion to “indigenous rights” deny those rights to the indigenous people of Europe – they alone have no rights to protect their people and cultures and must be forcibly “diversified” (as the latest example, witness Saddiq Khan’s continued assaults on British history and culture in London – renaming parks named after Prince Albert, taking down more statues of alleged Bad White Men of the past, etc.).

    But if one asks, “where is the African Chartres Cathedral, who is the African Dante or Shakespeare, the African Bach or Beethoven, who is the African explored who discovered new continents or mapped out the globe, or reached the poles, or invented rockets to take us to the moon…etc., etc…” one is denounced as racist for daring to even ask (Charles Murray’s book Human accomplishment is a good comparative resource on this kind of thing).

  14. Fredo

    Dennis I sense you rising to the defense of your kindred no need I’m half English myself
    and make no apologies for the race. War famine disease and conquest have driven the human
    experience to it’s greatest heights throughout history. What I can’t abide is any form of moralizing
    especially in that catatonic English accent. There are moldering mountains of corpses stacked up behind
    every great civilization, intelligence always rules over ignorance. It’s time we saw ourselves for what
    we are not some delusion of what we have never been.

  15. Marisa

    OT: Did you say Cornell? Does the date 5/8/77 mean anything to you?

  16. GamecockJerry

    Personnally I have decided to go Galt and starve the Diversity beasts. They can insult me to my face but I don’t have to participate when I have a choice. I am fortunate to live in a red state that is open. I am reducing or eliminating my interactions with Big Box retail stores. Will only go to small local restaurants and pay cash. We already grow a lot of food, but am going into hydroponics this year. I plan to find farms where I can buy meats for cash. We are just hitting our heads against a brick wall if we think we can fight these guys. Starving them is the only way out.

  17. Briggs


    It do.

  18. C-Marie

    The strange thing is that the peoples termed no color, are actually of many colors, just not visibly of darker colors, usually, unless tanned. How can anyone with certainty know there is not Asian yellow or African black, or Middle Eastern brown or European white in their own bloodline.

    We all started with Adam and Eve …so same original parents. Then all of those people but for Noah, his wife, sons and their wives were drowned. So we are still all descended from the same. No new line of original parentage was created.

    What did happen was the Tower of Babbel at which the human race decided to reach heaven and rule.
    But, God said “No!” and He Himself dispersed all of the people over the whole earth and changed their language so they could never do such in unity again.

    Just changing the language would cause much change, and moving all peoples to separate areas of the world would help, but I believe more occurred, and that would be that at that same time, God also changed outward features, knowing well humans propensity for gathering same to same.

    And now we know that only in Jesus Christ can there be full true familial love and relationships among all people, which Life in Christ is without regard to colors of skin, which we all have. Th variations in our colors is gift from God so that will seek unity with Him and each other, through Him Who is Love.

    God bless, C-Marie

  19. ” Equity as a career path
    By Monica Fike, Editor at LinkedIn News
    Updated 3 hours ago

    Following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and several others at the hands of police, there has been a shift in how companies address and handle equity in the workplace. According to LinkedIn data, hiring for roles in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) was up over 90% in 2020. Equity leader Dr. Darnisa Amante-Jackson says we have to understand equity before we can achieve it. She defines it as providing those who have been marginalized with a “chance to be their fullest, authentic selves in absence of prejudice and systemic oppression.”


  20. Briggs

    I looked up Darnisa Amante-Jackson, and, surprisingly, she is not a person of no color.

  21. tmatsci

    One of the reasons that I believed the USA was so strong was American Football. (yes I mean it!!). American football epitomises specialisation and teamwork – exactly what is needed to run complex manufacturing operations, fight wars and other complex activities.

    The specialisation within American football is very broad compared to other football codes where players are not restricted in their roles in their game. So for example where all football codes incorporate offence and defence, no other code replaces the whole team when possession of the ball changes. However in my view this high degree of specialisation has imbued in the American public the necessary attitudes to produce competitive manufacturing and thereby promote economic development.

    It is also clear that coaches in American football also develop teamwork to a very high degree. They suppress individuality and spend a great deal of time fostering cooperation which is necessary because of the complexities of the plays that make up the game. My evaluation is that American football plays are much more complex than other football codes. Development of the plays also requires a lot of experimentation and practice to develop the coordination between players in their execution.

    The different roles in the game require different physical attributes in the players but generally defence and blocking needs big strong players and while backs need to be able to run there is considerable advantage in size and strength. Diversity in size and strength of players in the professional teams is therefore fairly limited – most players are 180 lbs or bigger and a smaller (more diverse) player would be at a considerable disadvantage. So I don’t think you will find too many 150lb players in the professional leagues and funnily emough I have not seen any women playing either. (Sorry I meant persons with a womb or other bits).

    Given all of this, it is incredible to me that anyone would be wandering around saying “Diversity is Strength”.

  22. Forbes

    Regarding the question of diversity, I’ve always noted that everyone has a unique DNA. You can’t get any more diverse than that. So it’s not about human diversity, it’s politics–they say, “Jump!” and you say, “How high?”

    Regarding this DIE training in academia, it’s a bit ironic as the corporate world ran through all these consultants in the ’80s and ’90s with sensitivity training and its off-shoots, teaching the barbarians to be “nice” to their co-workers, especially those with feminine sensibilities. And as with every idea the Left has, more indoctrination is always better.

    I had a trading assistant (ca. ’01) the firm sent to a session (he was a bit rough around the edges), who was reprimanded by the trainer, “If you keep challenging my talking points, we’ll never get through the material.” He thought the participants were supposed to interact with the presentation–he didn’t realize you should just put your head down and suck it up. It’s not substantive, it’s about superficially going through the motions–a form of performance theatre where everyone is given a participation trophy for showing up.

  23. Dennis

    French writer Renaud Camus on “Diversity” as “Genocide by Substitution“: https://www.cnre.eu/communiques/173 (see also https://twitter.com/RenaudCamus/status/1359987251929825287)

    Camus also recently tweeted about this grotesque new British series about the Tudors, featuring a black Anne Boleyn: https://twitter.com/RenaudCamus/status/1359926632367194114.

    Can you imagine a TV series about Mandela or MLK featuring a white actor in the lead role? Ha! Of course not – “Diversity” only works one way, in the direction of erasing white people and European and Christian culture and history.

  24. Dean Ericson

    I’m picturing Briggs in Twitter jail, his striped suit, ball and chain locked ankles, hammering away at rocks, the hot sun, the Overlord in sunglasses, slung rifle, polished boots. Hey Briggs — how many hard-boiled eggs can you eat?

    What we have here, is a failure to communistifornicationaliciousnicate.

  25. Dean Ericson

    Just don’t get put in the Twitter cooler.

  26. Uncle Mike

    Marisa, Winterland 12/31/71 was better. Maybe you had to be there…

    That era ended shortly thereafter. The Big Slide had already started. We’ve been headed downward ever since. It’s snowballing now. There’s no going back, and the future is bleak. I wish it wasn’t, but I see no light at the end of this tunnel.

  27. Rudolph Harrier

    Peak diversity occurs when only black lesbians are hired.

  28. Jan Van Betsuni

    The 2020 Winter QUARTERLY from my Ivy Alma Mater arrived recently in the usual cellophane wrapper. Gracing the cover was an artsy parallelogram polaroid of George Floyd captioned : “SAY HIS NAME ” Teaser contents: “Facing homelessness, voting rights, racial justice and more.” Work towards this vaunted neuro-diversity is taking great strides already.

  29. DavidC

    A quote from Jethro Tull’s 1972 Thick As A Brick – ‘We are geared to the average rather than the exceptional’.

    How true.


  30. Tom Welsh

    “Because they are in it only for themselves. They are trying to rise on top the mob, with which they no longer identify or care about. They are getting as much as they can out of a dying culture while the getting is good, throwing aside brother and father, friend and neighbor without regard, caring only for their all-too-ephemeral status”.

    Very true. One of the main symptoms of cultural decay is the weakening or complete destruction of the bonds that hold society together. Bonds of duty, respect, kindness, pride, honour… It’s nothing entirely new, of course: the ancient Greeks and Romans were familiar with it, as no doubt were the Chinese, Egyptians, Sumerians and others.

    Reading that paragraph, I was strongly reminded of a compelling passage written by Frank Herbert nearly 70 years ago.

    “The interesting thing about this man was the wounds on his shoulders–made by another fisherman’s claw-boots. This fisherman was one of several in a boat–a craft for traveling on water–that foundered … sank beneath the water. Another fisherman helping recover the body said he’d seen marks like this man’s wounds several times. They meant another drowning fisherman had tried to stand on this poor fellow’s shoulders in the attempt to reach up to the surface–to reach air

    “…the drowning man who climbs on your shoulders to save himself is understandable–except when you see it happen in the drawing room”.

    – “Dune”, Frank Herbert

    Or, one might add, in the public arena.

  31. Tom Welsh

    The terminology of “Of-no-colors” and “Of-colors” is a little awkward.

    The SF author John Brunner anticipated the need for such terms in “The Jagged Orbit” (1969). Drawing on official South African terminology, he used the words “blank” and “kneeblank”. (Phonetic versions of the Afrikaans for “white” and “not white”).

    I got half way through the book before I realised what the words meant. But they are handy once you get used to them.

    In an ideal world, of course, such words would not be needed or used. People are not “white” (actually various shades of pinkish-brown), “black”, “brown”, etc. They are just people.

    Why would one specify the shade of a person’s skin, and not the colour and texture of their hair, the colour of their eyes, etc.?

    Moreover, skin colouring is a spectrum with albinos at one end and some truly coal-black people at the other. We are told that Mr Obama – for example – is “black”, but in fact he is coffee-coloured, having had a “white” mother (I haven’t troubled to investigate her lineage) and a Kenyan father. Books could be written about the prejudices and twisted thinking that cause Mr Obama to be labelled “black”.

  32. Tom Welsh

    ‘Faculty will be required to go through a ‘required educational program’.

    Well, thank goodness no one is being required to go through non-required programs. That would be silly.

    Then one pauses to consider that such drivel is coming from what used to be a respected university. It is increasingly obvious that Western governments and institutions are being used to destroy Western culture and society. It’s not obvious to me exactly why, although I am reminded of Robert Conquest’s Third Law of Politics:

    “The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies”.

    And our societies are becoming extremely bureaucratic…

    There is also Jerry Pournelle’s Law of Bureaucracy:

    “In any bureaucracy, the people devoted to the benefit of the bureaucracy itself always get in control and those dedicated to the goals the bureaucracy is supposed to accomplish have less and less influence, and sometimes are eliminated entirely”.

    Yes, that one is a well-nigh perfect fit. Suits you, sir!

  33. Tom Welsh

    Much as I like “blank” and “kneeblank”, I must say the phrase “not a person of no color” has its attractions too.

    Abbreviated, it yields the charming acronym “Naponc”. A person of no colour is a “ponc”, but a person of colour is just the rather unpleasant “poc”. So instead of “poc”, we should all adopt “naponc”.

  34. Darren R. Cole

    I just want to make one quick point. By definition I am “of color” but by practice in this nation I am just treated as another white person. I am of American Indian decent (sorry to tell the woke but that it the preferred term because everyone born in America is a Native American) and it is not recognized in anyway by anyone. They just treat me as a strange white person that has a tan all year around. I can’t speak up about it because people just laugh it off. We are one of the most oppressed groups in the history of this world but just keep being treated as second class citizens or maybe better defined as third class. We were not enslaved like the black people because if we were used as such they were shipped off to Barbados, Bermuda, Jamaica, the Azores, Spain and Tangier in North Africa. Around 5.5 million Indians were enslaved in the period of 1492 and 1880. This is one of the reasons that many of my ancestors would vow to fight to the death. Many also served as slaves in the New England territories. After the Revolution they could not longer be called slaves in New England because they did not support the practice so they became the vague term indentured servants.
    Also never forget the genocide that was committed against Indians in this nation. Approximately 9,700,000 of the Native population was outright slaughtered by the citizens of the US. Some in wars, some just in invasions of their camps where they took women & children and performed unspeakable acts on them before killing them and taking parts of them as trophies. They would purposefully spread diseases like small pox by gifting them infected blankets.
    So basically after my clear rant is that diversity is a subjective measure and that some of us that should have some way of being included in their vaunted color group still get marginalized into being classified as “just white.” I am not looking for free handouts and if I wanted to I could easily join my local Seneca Tribe but I just have never looked into it. I will visit the Pow Wows and other events when I can to be involved with my heritage but I just have not looked to get a membership yet. I am sure it would help me in some ways but as I said I am looking for respect as an American Indian not free handouts.

  35. Ray

    “They would purposefully spread diseases like small pox by gifting them infected blankets.”
    How do you infect a blanket? The Germ theory of disease didn’t become common until the work of Pasteur in the 1850s.

  36. BDavi52

    Too kind.
    Diversity is weakness?
    Lots of things are weakness.

    Diversity is garbage. Diversity is crap. Diversity and all its progeny: Inclusivity, Equity, and Social Justice — ALL of that idiocy is absolute poison.

    NOTHING, quite literally, (save the insane tallies assembled by the Progressively Woke (the unbased)) is valued because of so-called diversity. NOTHING.

    Not football teams, not cardiac surgery groups, not rocket scientists, not gardeners, not plumbers, not our groups of friends, not our work departments, not our families, not our neighborhoods, not our national parks, not our airline crews, not the cooks back in the kitchen, not the remodelers who rebuild our bathrooms, not this years swimsuit models, not the movers, not the shakers, NOTHING. Say it again.

    But what is valued — extraordinarily valued, valued higher than anything else — on ALL of those teams and within all of those groups is QUALITY, is ABILITY, is EFFECIENCY, is EFFECTIVENESS, is — quite simply — the ability to get the job done right.

    That’s it. That’s all. That’s the only thing that matters. And that has nothing to do with color, gender, or ethnicity. It has nothing to do with demographic cosmetics at all.

    And the bizarre thing is (it’d be funny if it weren’t so pathetic): EVERYONE KNOWS THIS. We’ve always known it. (Too many, though, are scared to admit it.)

    We don’t want the people who are getting ready to crack our chest, to save our life, to be chosen because they’re differently colored, or have the ‘right’ kind of genitalia. We don’t care at all about that. We want them chosen because they are THE VERY BEST at what they do.

    Same when I choose my plumber, my electrician, the person who runs the cash register at the store, my dentist. I want them all to be GOOD. To hell with being ethnically or racially diverse. Or not. I choose all those people not because of the way they look or because they have or have not been demographically “under-represented”. I choose them because they do what they’re supposed to do very well.

    I want to win the Superbowl. I choose my team because they can block, and tackle, and throw, and catch, and run like mad. The only color I care about is the gleam of the Lombardi Trophy, the banner which will fly above my stadium. Nothing else matters.

    This is not a racist or sexist way to do business. This is the only sane way to do business. It is the only sane way to live.

    And we all KNOW that!

    And if we are to defeat this idiocy, and send it back to the swamp from which it hatched, we must begin by first absolutely refusing to accept what it seems we almost always accept: “Well, we all know Diversity is important!”

    Bullshit. It isn’t. Not only is it NOT important it is the exactly opposite of important and worse; it is corruption. And it will kill us. It must stop!

  37. Darren R. Cole


    Facts in history are that small pox was spread through infected blankets.
    This is the main account of the attempt:
    Captain Simeon Ecuyer, a 22-year veteran Swiss mercenary in the British service. Ecuyer, whose native language was French, also spoke German, the predominant language of his native Switzerland; the British had retained him because many settlers in Pennsylvania also spoke German. Smallpox had broken out among the British garrison, and during a parley on June 24, 1763, Ecuyer gave besieging Lenape warriors several items taken from smallpox patients. “We gave them two blankets and a handkerchief out of the smallpox hospital,” Captain William Trent of the garrison militia wrote in his journal. “I hope it will have the desired effect.”

    That would be how you infect a blanket.

  38. BDavi52

    Appreciate the insight your comment provides.
    A response and a question.

    You make the observation that about 9.7M Indians were slaughtered by the Westward moving Americans. [That’s an interesting count (I’d be curious about the source). ] But the count (regardless of magnitude) is essentially meaningless (save as a historical note). In the history of the world, it’s estimated that about 107B people have lived. Conservatively I’d guess that at least 20B of those have died violently at the hands of others, directly or indirectly. War, conquest, and bloody subjugation has always been a fact of life.

    That we’re all here talking about this tells us that more of our millions of ancestors won than lost those battles. It also means that of those millions who preceded us, there’s a bunch who themselves also fell victims. That’s how life goes.

    The question:
    You say you are “looking for respect as an American Indian”. Is that really true? OR, are you more simply just looking for respect? (The same kind of respect that we’re all looking for, regardless of which collection of groups we might happen to belong to?).

    Why is it important (to you or to anyone) that their group membership must somehow be recognized and respected? Why does that matter? I guess, from my perspective, we all — each one of us — belong to multiple demographic categories….but I don’t want to be respected because of any of those category memberships (that I had nothing to do with anyway); I just want to be respected for ME…and more particularly for what I do.

    I’d guess you feel the same way.

  39. GRA

    It’s utterly bizarre on how BLM let open the flood gates of moronic logic masquerading as “dialogue” as the Rainbow Flag expanded its reach. I thought this was about police brutality and racist cops, or something like that, not pumping more money into college diversity centers. Good grief.

    If any flag that should be burnt and buried in the US it’s the Rainbow Flag (the updated version with the transgender and POC colors added to it). Once you burn that vile thing the diversity offices won’t be so bold.

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