The Military Purges And The Oligarchy

The Military Purges And The Oligarchy

Let’s hope no foreign power decides to attack us or any of our sworn friends (I use the term reluctantly) the next two months. The military will be too busy to respond.

They’ll have laid down their arms, or rather turned them inward, in the hunt for occult “white supremacists” and other “domestic extremists”.

The incoming Defense Secretary, the perpetually scowling Lloyd Austin, ordered a “pause in operations”, so that the military can begin the purges we usually associate with lesser countries.

The Stars and Stripes pointed out that ex-GI Austin is a capital-B race member. Which, the paper implies, gives him insight into victimology and into the minds of “extremists”.

Never mind all that. Our interest is in the size and scope of these purges, and how they might be used by our oligarchic rulers. Everything will be driven by how many “white supremacists” or other “extremists” they “uncover”, and what the highest ranking member purged will be.

The seriousness, the true peril, of the purges depends on how high up they go.

If the purge turn up only ghosts, not men, then we’ll know the whole thing was a show. The purge will have been a PR event. A way for Austin to demonstrate to his superiors, and his superiors to us, that they have a “handle” on the problem they pretend exists.

Everybody will congratulate themselves that they have convinced the armed forces enlisted members that extremism is bad thing. We will be told “experts” will be monitoring the situation in case it gets worse, which they will say is not unlikely.

That’s the best-case scenario. The next worst is that an actual private or simple sailor, or maybe a handful of grunts, are “exposed”. They will be made to publicly renounce their hate as a show to discourage other “extremists”.

We may never learn their names, but may be shown images like Pepe the frog or a Celtic cross that some of the men sported. Maybe we’ll see a grainy image of one of the soldiers flashing an “Okay” sign, which the fund-raising SPLC organization swears is a “white supremacist” symbol.

If purge masters say they found an NCO—non-commissioned officer—then our proper response is moderate fright. The level of fright depends on if they announce the sergeant was a “loner” or a leader of a small group of “conspirators.”

If Sarge is said to have led an underground band of bad people, the oligarchs are trying paint a picture of festering “hate” among the ranks, one that they caught just in time.

It’s then that mandatory “educational” training programs would be instituted, likely based on satanic critical race theory.

It will be tough to convince many white recruits and officers that they are intrinsically evil because of their race. But then we have to recall the main point of purges is to remove those seen as potentially causing trouble for the oligarchs.

The most worrisome announcement would be that an officer was discovered to be a “white supremacist”. Maybe he—none of the culprits will be female—attended a Trump rally and will be discovered to own guns. What more proof of “white supremacy” do you need?

The bit of news about owning guns would be greeted as shocking by the media, as if a warrior would have no interest in weapons or hunting. But then we don’t really expect our military members to be warriors anymore. It’s even a tad tasteless to say the word.

Again, the higher the rank the more dangerous the purges will be. Anything colonel or over and we’ll soon have the public Truth Commissions called for by the New York Times.

The Washington Post is already demanding militias be banned to combat non-BLM, non-Antifa “domestic terrorism”, forgetting, as is their wont, the Second Amendment. If an officer or officers are purged, look for Congress to act on the WP’s demand.

A month ago we warned Congress was in the mood, as it was twice before in history, to pass anti-Sedition laws. If you heeded that warning, you weren’t surprised when the feds began using the s-word after January 6th. Journalists, too.

My own guess is that the purges—this time—will be minimal. We’ll hear that a few people were warned against using memes the oligarchs don’t find funny, but normal people think hilarious.

This article first appeared in edited form at The Stream.

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  1. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    Just to help, if you needed further proof of their traitorous character…

  2. Michael Dowd

    My guess is that most of the NCO’s were/are pro-Trump. In a real sense, the oligarchy is surrounded and had better watch their step.

  3. awildgoose

    Uh, Obama spent most of his eight years purging the upper ranks and installing his people.

    That’s why you saw all the pushback from the military during the riots and why invoking the Insurrection Act was not a realistic possiblity for Trump.

  4. Dave

    I hope American Deep State and oligarchy gets its ass kicked by Russia. This will bring this evil illegitimate regime down

  5. cameron232

    The guys who are good at making peoples heads explode from hundreds of yards are disproportionately white male conservatives.

  6. Darren R. Cole

    Sounds horrible but will end up just a smokescreen in the end. I will just encourage compliance and a move from radical conservatism. Unless we get hoarded into concentration/reeducation camps it will not change.

  7. Sheri

    Sounds fine to me. True patriots will have plenty of time for their own patriotic activities, whatever those may be, while the haters of America die in the sandbox or wherever Joe decides to bomb and invade, making sure no transgenders are injured or killed, of course. Let the Left sacrifice their own.

    Whenever voices are silenced, they merely go underground, where in the end, they are far more effective. Silencing one’s enemy is never a good choice. Assuming there are any patriots and voices actually out there.

  8. Jan Van Betsuni

    Deep in the bowels of the Pentagon JAG (Judge Advocate General) Corps, dishonorable-discharge cases for thoughts unbecoming service-members are already being contemplated. Hate and/or the promotion of hate or any hate conspiracies must be quashed, nipped-in-the-bud, eviscerated, nuked, ground out, reduced to ashes, crushed before they hatch, taken down hard, obliterated, driven from the earth and sent to the devil.

  9. Zundfolge

    Yeah, lets piss off and fire the guys with the greatest rooftop voting capabilities for wrongthink … that won’t have any negative consequences.

    Lets take the best trained generation of door kickers in history, and give them a grievance and a lot of spare time on their hands.

    *grabs popcorn*

  10. “It’s then that mandatory “educational” training programs would be instituted, likely based on satanic critical race theory.”

    That was implemented two decades ago.

  11. Liberty Mike

    Let us not forget that the “warriors” of whom Mr. Briggs writes freely and voluntarily volunteered to do Caesar’s dirty work. What have they done to defend and protect the following?

    (1) Freedom of association, including, but not limited to, (a) the right of an Islamic bakery owner to refuse to bake birthday cakes for dual-passport Hebrews; (b) the right of a pacifist restauranteur to service active duty military; (c) the right of a white resort owner to refuse to service negroes; and (d) the right of a negro operator of a private chauffeur and limousine company to hire only straight males.

    (2) Liberty of travel, including, but not limited to, (a) the right of every individual to walk upon public thoroughfares without having to produce identification to armed government workers; (b) the right of every individual to operate an automobile without wearing diaper rags; and (c) the right of every individual to access jet travel unimpeded by Caesar’s molestation officers.

    (3) The right to keep and bear arms, including, but not limited to, (a) the right to acquire, own, and possess firearms without having to obtain a license from the local constabulary; (b) the right to acquire, own, and possess firearms without having to register the same with Leviathan’s firearms commissariat; (c) the right to use deadly force against the state’s officers in defense of the individual’s life or property; and (d) the right to openly carry firearms notwithstanding how that makes others “feel.”

    (4) The right to keep all of the fruits of one’s labor, including, but not limited to, (a) the right to be free from income taxes; (b) the right to be free social security taxes; (c) the right to be free from workers’ compensation levies; and (d) the right to be free from gift and estate taxes.

    (5) The right to anonymity, including, but not limited to, the right to be free from the panopticon.

    (6) The right to conduct a business or ply one’s trade, including, but not limited to, (a) the right to engage in a trade without having to secure a license from one of the King’s lackeys; (b) the right to hire and fire upon the basis of color, creed, national origin, race, religion, or sexual orientation; (c) the right to compensate employees as one sees fit, without having to comply with communist commands such as minimum wages, family leave, and unemployment insurance.

    What is it that the “warriors” are actually defending and protecting?

  12. Dennis

    I don’t know how anyone in good conscience can even serve in the US military these days. The globalist oligarch regime is not worth defending, and they are basically just being used in endless unjust wars and “police actions” in places like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, etc. (perhaps Burma coming up!) where we don’t belong and should have pulled out years ago (bringing troops home and definitively ending perpetual wars is another area where Trump did not do enough or waited too late – though, of course, we learned the military leadership simply lied to him about things like the number of troops left in Syria – though any number above 0 was too much, and those military leaders who lied to Trump and resisted lawful orders of the C-in-C should have been been court-martialed!), and now they are being groomed too go after Americans deemed “domestic terrorists” by politicians pushing ideological purges (though I’d bet the majority of military voted Trump, so how’s that going to turn out?).

    And the top brass like Austin are basically just wholly-owned by Raytheon and other arms manufacuters. It’s their corporate financial interests Austin and others serve, not the interests of the “troops” or US public at large (and its telling that the spinless GOP nearly all voted to approve Austin and most other egregious Biden nominees – as a minority now, they couldn’t stop them, but not even bothering to put up any token resistance is a joke, as is their refusal to simply boycott en masse the farcical impeachment proceedings, instead of participating and lending a patina of legitimacy to a political show trial. The Dems alone can’t convict, so just let them bloviate amongst themselves, just like the “squad” want to use the House as a personal “trauma” therapy theartre).

  13. Cloudbuster

    You can always tell the posters that know nobody who actually served as an enlisted man or NCO.

  14. Rudolph Harrier

    While there has been some success in replacing the upper staff, there aren’t many true believers among the enlisted. Even if they can purge the wrongthinkers those that are in the tank for the woke cause aren’t going to enlist to replace them.

    So the most that the left can do is remove the wrongthinkers until all that is left are the soldiers with no ideology and are just there to get paid or to get college funded. Making the army essentially a standing force of mercenaries. And history has shown how risky those can be for careless leaders.

  15. Forbes

    Politics is theatre. The Deep State is massively corrupt–if it wasn’t, they wouldn’t be going to such lengths to assure the oligarchy that these superficial steps are necessary. How else to heighten the fears of the oligarchy but to claim the military has been infiltrated?? Brings out the paranoia in the weak-souled. Keeps the mobs enraged.

    As has been repeatedly pointed out, if election fraud wasn’t widespread, they’d investigate and transparently expose the supposed non-event that it was. Instead, they squash any mention. Because they know there was widespread fraud.

    The country was hijacked long ago–the evidence of which was kept hidden so long as it was an insider game. They were surprised and shocked by Trump’s win as the Deep State no longer could control what might transpire.

  16. Gator

    “It will be tough to convince many white recruits and officers that they are intrinsically evil because of their race.”

    It isn’t going to be that hard. You seem to think that the average high school graduate who has been spoon fed this nonsense for years is different than your average recruit who joins the military out of high school. There will be less and less ‘legacy’ types, as many of us are not allowing or at least discouraging our children from joining. I’m not saying which branch or anything like that, but I can tell you that recruiters get praised for bringing in minorities, especially minority females. I’m sure it’s the same all over. We have a recruiting problem in that we have too many people trying to join than we have boot camp space for, and the priority isn’t getting the best quality people we can, it’s getting the most ‘diverse’ people we can. So, if you have a white guy thats 22 with some college and scores a 90 on the ASVAB, he might wait 6 months or more for a slot. A black or Hispanic female, 18, C student, 40 on the ASVAB, she will be in there in less than 2 months. How hard will it be to convince her that the white conservatives are bad and evil people? What about when she gets promoted over competent white people?

    Obviously such a force is not going to be sustainable or competent in the long term, but it sets the trend, and the trend isn’t in our favor.

  17. Gator

    Obviously it’s easy to assign the label of cognitive dissonance or normalcy bias to someone who says that ‘back in my day’ we weren’t retarded’ blah blah blah. But it’s getting a hell of a lot worse with new people in the military. They can’t do anything. They are hopelessly stupid in far too many cases. It’s gotten noticeably worse over the past 5 or 6 years too. Yes, I’ve gotten older, and more cynical. But it’s not just that. If you train these morons to point the long metal thing over there and pull the trigger, they are going to do it without any thought or hesitation.

  18. Jan Van Betsuni

    Here’s a Tale of Two Twins – who were royally shafted by their service recruiters. It is a fairly representative experience – although these dynamic fellows are by no means standard issue. Army National Guard Mistreated?:

  19. Cack3225

    I remember a joke from my Navy days over 20 years ago…

    “I was telling my civilian coworker a story from my Navy days, it goes like this: Back in the day, our military leaders told us we couldn’t be gay (no, Bad, we’ll kick you out!), next, they told us, it’s OK to be gay (just don’t tell us), soon thereafter, I decided to leave the Navy. My co-worker asked me, ‘why?’, to which I easily responded, ‘well, the military being the military, I figured I’d better leave before they mandated that I BECOME gay!'”

  20. GRA

    @ Liberty Mike: You’re speaking about politicians, not the military.

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