QWERTY Propaganda Works: Almost 18% of Gen Z Have Fallen Into Sexual Fantasy

QWERTY Propaganda Works: Almost 18% of Gen Z Have Fallen Into Sexual Fantasy

Gallup has its 2020 poll on what sexual fantasies people most identify “as”—our desires now make us what we believe.

The lesson to be learned from this is that QWERTY propaganda works. With increasing vigor and even ferocity the young are told to be their desire. That wish can remake Reality. And they believe.

The figure touted by most of the media is the dramatic change in those who have replaced Reality with Fantasy. Some 3.5% in 2012 to 5.6% last year identified “as” QWERTY people—those admitting it, anyway. The trend is up, and appears to be accelerating. I make it about 2030 or so when we hit 10%.

The real proof of propaganda’s effectiveness is in this chart:

There is always a base of insanity running through any culture, which is easy to see in the so-called Traditionalists and Boomers, with rates being about the same. The inflection point came, as we all know, in the 1960s, the Sexual Revolution. Like all revolutions, this one was destructive.

The change to the very young, the Gen Z kids, from Boomer-Traddies, who say they are “bisexual” is 38 times. Which is to say, thirty-eight fold.

There is no such thing as “bisexual”, or course, nor are any of the other Fantasy terms anything but behavioral descriptions. Bisexual, unlike the others, is more of a catchall, a vague indication that people are open to indulging themselves if the opportunity presents itself. It is an anemic, meaningless identity.

The real changes are in “Gay”, unhappy people who enjoy sodomy, “Lesbians”, ugly women or those unhappy with men, and “Transgender”, the hottest assault against Reality, a term applied to people who hate themselves and are mad at the world.

Gays and Lesbians, as labels, represent people who accept a well-laid-out definite mind set. The culture tells them exactly what the Fantasy is, and what roles to play. Bisexual is perversity for the lazy. Trangender is those who have energy and are determined to do something. And not just that. It is perversity for those with the largest egos.

All this is relevant in the changes. Bisexual label use we saw was up 38 times in the young. Gay labels are up 7 times, Lesbians 4, and Transgender 6 times. Whatever “Other” is, and it is largely collegiate LARPing, is up 4 times.

Adopting a Fantasy label in the young (Gen Z) overall is 17.2%. Versus 1.2 in the Traddies.

Well, quod erat demonstrandum as far as proving propaganda works.

The only possible counter-argument is that people were “really” desiring to adopt these labels all along, only society prevented them from doing so. Now, barring certain impediments from white supremacists and other boogey men, they are free to pick whichever label they like.

This is absurd. Because no one is really these things; they are only labels people pick to match their desire and behavior.

Anyway, given the next step down in age, the Millennials, have a 9.5% Fantasy rate, the huge jump in Gen Z can only be caused by the relentless propaganda.

And what an astonishing jump it is! Almost double. I would tend to doubt the same doubling rate for whatever they call those born after 2002, but I wouldn’t even bet against myself on this. I’d say at least a quarter of the kids, a number which will only head north.

I wonder what it was in Sodom and Gomarrah.

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  1. Patrick healy

    Many years ago when I worked in the offshore oil industry, we had wooden rigs and men of steel – now sadly reversed – my auld mate Sandy said of the British government legalizing sodomy “I don’t mind them legalizing it, but the next thing it will be compulsory”
    Truer words.

  2. JR Ewing

    I have a 14 yo family member who insists she is “lesbian”. Her parents indulge her and celebrate her instead of saying, “STFU, you’re 14. You don’t know anything yet.”

    Similarly, my own junior high kids come home from school and talk about “so and so is gay” or “that girl is a lesbian” and I very clearly tell them, “Being gay is a choice that adults make. Kids can’t be gay. Kids can only do what they see on TV or the internet.” My kids seem to understand that. And they also seem to understand what I’m telling them when I say that that homosexuality is a behavior that is voluntarily engaged in, it’s not an intrinsic identity with a force on its own. It’s nothing more than a lack of self-control and manifested disrespect for one’s ancestors and one’s god.

    These poll results seem to prove that. Excellent post.

  3. Sheri

    The reason your headline is true is PEOPLE HATE THEIR DAMN BRATS. They despise the little rats and want to make their lives hell. It’s really that simple. They zip the brats up in plastic for band. The insanity is rampant. But it’s PARENTS that caused this and only parents. Just like Adam failed to keep Eve in check, so have parents failed their hated little maggots.

    Yes, the 60’s are when the USA went to Hell. At least you, Briggs, can see this. Many are totally blind to it and many deny it because they CAUSED the mess.

    All humans are bisexual. Most find the same-sex attraction repulsive, which is the normal reaction. Only those steeped in Satan’s world embrace the sin of same-sex fake marriage and sex. It’s called SIN. The feelings have to be in everyone for the temptation to work and to avoid the sin, one has to find the feelings repulsive. Until the 60’s and bang whatever moves while higher than a kite, it was repulsive. It is not an “identity”, it’s sin and self-destructive behavior. 35 MILLION died from AIDS and many to most were homosexual males. That’s self-destructive, on steroids as the government used it to kill its own citizens.

    Transgender MEANS SEX ORGANS WERE REMOVED. All other definition are nonsense and stupid and destructive. Trans males CANNOT have normal sex and trans females CANNOT have babies. Otherwise, they are IT. Ever notice males trans more than females. DEFECTIVE MALES trying to compensate.

    Propaganda only works in lazy, uneducated, and/or stupid societies. If it works here, that is what America is.

    Sodom and Gomarrah was just a free-for-all that apparently always existed. I read no evidence that it was ever anything but Sin City on steroids. Like people gathering for a “good time”. We exceeded that a couple of decades ago.

  4. Douglas Skinner

    Quite recently I thought, “go ahead, keep pushing this stuff until people start throwing it back at you.” But when I look at Gen Z, especially the males, they are so flaccid they may just allow themselves to be drug in from the streets into some dungeon to receive sensitivity training. “Just don’t take away my smartphone…pleeease!”

  5. You’re talking about what I call “the existentialist fallacy:”

    “Fallacy: if you want it to be true, then it is. This fallacy (the existentialist fallacy) assumes that reality is whatever you want it to be. It is suggested by the philosophy of existentialism, which argues that people must define the meaning of their own lives. It’s also a kind of ‘get out of jail free’ card to justify the other fallacies. For example, it enables 52-year-old men to claim they are six-year-old girls and make everyone else pretend to believe it.”


  6. awildgoose


    They will attempt to compel us via financial incentives tied to the China-style social credit system that is coming.

  7. Johnno

    A big told-ya-so to the ‘born-dat-way’ stupidity.

    All this has always been learned behaviour.

    And why not hop on board the wagon? Clearly all this ‘coming-out’ has been a pathway for social praise and success. Why not take advantage of that? It’s like possessing diplomatic immunity! Just tell your potential employer that you’re dis-or-dat and you’re practically guaranteed a job and quick promotions to fulfill the diversity quotas. Any slight against you can be deemed bigotry and will see your opponents or obstacles destroyed.

    Much like how in certain societies your socio-economic ladder was determined by belonging to the right religion and group, this here is the new religion. But unlike most other religions, this one requires neither reality nor consistency.

    Do What Thou Wilt is the whole of the law.

  8. Dean Ericson

    The Revolution is revolting.

  9. swordfishtrombone

    It’s far more likely that young people have simply realised that there is nothing wrong with being LGBTQ, so they are free to be themselves rather than to conform to the norms of previous generations.

    If you want a real example of a “fantasy label”, how about “Christian”? That is, people who believe they have been created by a loving being, and are going to live forever in Heaven, yet still somehow manage to do nothing but spread hate.

  10. Parents today don’t parent. They cater to their kids.
    They indulge them. They certainly don’t know how to deal with them, or the porn infested world they are exposed to at such a young age, one where all this is portrayed as acceptable.

  11. Forks_made_me_fat


    To spend any amount of energy to examine Christians in a negative manner, while ignoring any postive traits is very revealing about ones character…

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