US Army Attacks! … It’s Own Citizens In Propaganda Blitz

US Army Attacks! … It’s Own Citizens In Propaganda Blitz

So Tucker Carlson poked fun at the military making maternity flight suits. Which as ideas goes is right up there with hockey mitts for surgeons.

Don’t laugh! The worst is yet to come.

Yes: Transgender surgery is now free for military, thanks to Biden executive order.

Quacks who cut the peckers off of men so that these men can pretend they are women are being hired by the brigade by the military. Apparently, the Army thinks the best soldiers are those who have had part of their colons shaped into a faux vagina.

You have to admit a platoon of these men running at you, while adjusting their lipstick, would scare the hell out of a Chinaman. He’d think he was seeing demons. And that’s before the smell smell from those colons hits him. So maybe the plan isn’t so crazy as its seems.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, taking a break from searching for white supremacists in the ranks, said “This revised policy will also ensure all medically-necessary transition related care authorized by law is available to all Service members.”


What about the women who want to become men? They don’t need surgery. They can pretend they are warriors already.

After Carlson’s segment, the woke Army responded in force.

At the official Defense Department website we have this headline: Press Secretary Smites Fox Host That Dissed Diversity in U.S. Military.

Smites. Smites. Smites!

The military sees fit to attack its own citizens. Excuse me. Smite its own citizens.

The flak smited Carlson with pictures like this, proving how Grrl Power makes mighty women:

If that wasn’t comedic enough, there was also this:

Those masks just reek of bravery, no?

As proof women are equal to men, the Smiter said “No job in the military is barred to women”. If that doesn’t convince you, this will:

“To be sure, we still have a lot of work to do to make our military more inclusive, more respectful of everyone, especially women,” Kirby [the Smiter] said.

There is a lack of women at senior ranks, Kirby [the Smiter] said. “We pledge to do better, and we will,” he said. “What we absolutely won’t do is take personnel advice from a talk show host or the Chinese military…”

Not so sure ignoring advice from the Chinese military is a good idea. They may just be trying to save us from ourselves.

Then this guy pops up. He admits Carlson said that women make the military less fit, less able, weaker, and so on. Yet the guy justifies this by saying….wait for it…wait for it…experts said it was okay.

You bet! Doctors, presumably of the same stripe as those refashioning colons, said women in the combat made forces more lethal. How can they be wrong? They’re experts.

Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston grunted, “Women lead our most lethal units with character”.

Sure they do, Mikey. When I was in, women dominated only one field: Sick Call. They were always sitting there, every morning, with their thick folders on their knees, looking for ways to get out of duty.

At least they won’t be able to use pregnancy as an excuse any more.

This wasn’t the end of the attack. No, sir. The Army then went full bore with a propaganda blitz that would have caused Goebbels to blush. Here’s a small sample.

Looks like she’s saying, “He’s too heavy for me to carry. I think I’ll cut him and leave him.”

I doubt she could even lift the weapon, or, if she could, that she could carry it more than ten paces.

Wait. That one looks real. From a DMV file photo, I believe.

Tucker’s Charge really stung. Which is why the response was in force. Every big name rallied to the microphone to say how they know, they absolutely know, women are identical with men, Equality is real and true, and necessary. And that it will continue to be forced onto an unwilling, backward people.

It’s as if the Army’s mission is no longer to protect the nation, but to conquer it.

Bonus Reality Check

Update Carlson responds to his smiting.

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  1. Sberi


  2. Tina Stone

    Thank you so much for this very disgusting but appropriate description of all of this “reprobate stupidness”! I’m sharing it with many as I think most folks are clueless to “colon smelling faux vaginas”. I think I’ll start calling them “CSFV’s” in my reference of men who do this. It’s hard to be Christ like when you see these things. I think today I will wear a dress and pearls to celebrate what God made me, a born female. So glad to have found you on Point of View.

  3. BrianH

    Question for the brass: When does mandatory registration with the Selective Service begin?

  4. Hun

    Haha, this is some funny shit!

  5. anon

    International Women’s Day was a few days ago, I believe that was why this came up this week.

  6. awildgoose

    It’s just disgrace after disgrace to the oath and the uniform.

    On the flip side Smiles Taylor is inspirational!

  7. DAV

    re: tweet from U.S. Space Command, Command Senior Enlisted Leader @US_SpaceComCSEL

    The jobs in the U.S Space Command are mostly desk jobs.

    Really telling is one tweet in response:

    I sat on my bathroom floor last night and cried over that horrible clip. Words matter, and even though I place no stock in his words, they still hurt….alot

    Yes, curling up on the bathroom floor is just the kind of reaction we expect the military to employ when faced with adversity.

    If women in the military were truly effective, you can be the Chinese would use them.

  8. Zundfolge

    Well the silver lining in the left’s weaking of our military means they won’t be nearly as effective when they decide to turn the troops against the people. The downside, of course, is that if the Chinese or Russians invade we’re screwed.

  9. Darren R Cole

    Um I of all people can’t think of one thing to say about this. I am usually more that willing to share my views on anything but all I can say is God help us!

  10. C. R. Dickson

    Although it appears that some females believe they can have all the advantages with none of the disadvantages upon assuming certain male occupations, one should not completely discount females serving in the military. I relate a true story about a female Israeli army sergeant who fought in the famous six day war of 1967.
    In the early 1970’s in NYC, it was not uncommon for muggers to beat their victims unconscious and then check for money. Needless to say, college campuses (and the surrounding areas) were not immune to crime.
    The Israeli sergeant joined our research group as a Post Doc and was confronted one evening as she returned to the off campus student housing for married students. The muggers were of the darker persuasion, with one being about 6’4” and the other about 6’6”. The female sergeant was about 4’4” and pleasantly unassuming in stature.
    Both muggers were taken unconscious to the hospital with fractured skulls and an assortment of broken arms, legs, and ribs. The usual question by the NYC police was “What were you doing there at this time of the night?” They did not ask her that question. She viewed the episode as a rather routine matter, but it was clear she enjoyed dispensing pain onto the muggers.
    Of course, like most things in society, rigorous standards have been lowered, and these days the Israeli army may not be so well equipped with female sergeants.

  11. Dean Ericson

    The purpose of the American military is to protect the corrupt and illegitimate globalist revolutionaries from the American people.

  12. Dean Ericson

    The American military is the corrupt enforcer of satanic revolution.

  13. Simon Platt

    Good for Smiles! I don’t think I could lift twice my own body weight. (I’d like to be able to try, but Her Majesty’s Government has closed all the gyms, permanently in some cases.)

    But what really struck me was this: that the average lady soldier can only lift 160lb.

  14. Simon Platt

    CR: was the admirable Israeli lass really only 4’4”, or was that a typo?

  15. c.r. Dickson

    The Israeli sergeant’s height written as 4’4″ was incorrect. Her height about 5’4″ …. Not a typo, I just did not re-read before posting. I hope I’m not suffering from the dreaded President Potato affliction of diminished mental capacity.

  16. Michael Dowd

    It’s all OK!? After the Great Reset war will be a thing of the past, peace will rule and armies extinct along with most of the world’s population.

  17. C.R.Dickson

    Response to Simon Platt: The correct height was about 5’4″ … I’m not careful about filling in boxes … so this may end up as a repeated comment because I failed to fill in all necessary information.

  18. Dean Ericson

    Kool-Aid is an amazingly powerful drink. Look at all these he-man looking American men —-soldiers!— advocating for the most depraved, disgusting, crazy-ass stuff — trannies, dick-chopping, poophole-poking, killer women — with absolute conviction of their moral superiority. Imagine if Patton drank Kool-Aid before addressing the Third Army prior to the D-Day invasion:

    ”Listen up men; no man ever won a war by dying for his country. We win wars by chopping off our Johnson’s, and dipping our wicks in each other’s poop-chutes, and putting pregnant women on the front lines. That’s how we win wars!

    Imagine what any general in the history of the world, anywhere, would think of this obviously insane, unprecedented, bizarre, suicidal military policy. Ah, but our great military Kool-Aid drinkers are better than any of the previous world’s militaries. They have risen to the very pinnacle of moral, religious, and civilizational superiority by overthrowing all previous moral, religious, and civilizational norms, which were antiquated, and bigoted, and wrong. All civilization prior to the present day was wrong. But the Kool-Aid revolutionaries have finally got it right. Utopia is here, at last. So drink up, lads, drink your Kool-Aid and you too shall become as gods!

  19. Sander van der Wal

    Seems the kind of US Army you want as a state when you are about to secede.

  20. Dennis

    Do they not see how weak, paranoid, and just plain ridiculous they look posing all lined-up in those face diapers? I bet the Chinese and Russians are laughing their asses off right now. If we ever get into a real war again with any kind of close combat, the Russians and Chinese would kick our asses. Deservedly so at this point.

    Same goes for Biden constantly walking around in a mask (even two now at times!), and that all-mask photo he did the other day with Harris and those two lady generals. Just looks weak. No real leader should ever project such utter weakness and fearfulness to the world over possibly catching a virus 99.98% of people survive (even in his age group the survival rate is over 95%, and supposedly he and Harris have been vaccinated – and probably the lady generals too – so why are they still wearing these absurd muzzles around each other?)

    As for this: “I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America, in close combat.” This really is beside the point. The fundamental question people ignore – because it has been made un-PC to even ask – is a philosophical and moral one of weather women should be in the military or in combat roles in the first place – not whether some could do the job well enough if they are allowed. No decent, civilized people should be sending women into combat to kill or be killed in the first place – especially when it is not absolutely necessary to national functioning or security, or a last resort needed for national survival itself. But today’s politicians and top brass see the military more as a social welfare or HR project to promote fashionable ideologies – while they are all on the take from arms manufacturers, like the SecDef from Raytheon.

    Pregnant women (oh, sorry…that term is banned now too – “people with uteruses who are pregnant”) especially should not be in combat roles or doing other very dangerous things like flying fighter jets. It’s an appalling affront to the very nature of womanhood and femininity, and deeply un-chivalrous – but then again, so is so much of modern society (and the trans movement taking over everything now is fundamentally about erasing women altogether (sorry, I keep using another banned word…I guess that’s supposed to be “womxn” now! How does one pronounce that woke-ist monstrosity? Wom-shin? Puke).

  21. JoeFL

    I am sure that many of the enlisted women are stronger and faster than the average American male. However, when you compare elite athletes (as with elite soldiers) there is no comparison. There are over 280 high school athletes under 18 years of age that have better 400 meter times than the women’s world record holder. This same situation exists for all track and field and strength events. To have large numbers of women in a combat unit MUST lower performance.

  22. Bob's your uncle

    I have heard boot camp training is a a joke. Future Soldiers spent most >50% of their time waiting for something to do. Idle. No fitness, no hand to hand, no pepper spray. MP Training the same.. 75% idle. minimal hands on with weapons. No fitness. Miles “Smiles” Taylor could complete the training no problem.. .

  23. Dennis

    “The purpose of the American military is to protect the corrupt and illegitimate globalist revolutionaries from the American people.” Indeed. This is also why the Capitol is still basically under military occupation as well – allegedly because of the threat of “white nationalists” – to protect the illegitimate Biden regime. If any of those misused national guard “soldiers” had an ounce of courage, they’d simply walk-off the job.

  24. This was a great post! Very informative! Anyways, I agree this stuff is getting out of control.
    Please check out my blog:

    I am a new blogger, trying to shed some light on how cancel culture is affecting our education and youth.
    Lately, NY is trying to pass a bill that would teach children as young as 8 about hormone blockers.
    It’s truly sickining in how they are not only doing this to the military, but also our children.

    please check out my lastest article and let me know what you think!

  25. Johnno

    “the Chinese or Russians invade we’re screwed.”

    I think there’ll come a point where American will be so far gone that either the liberal ilk will side with the Chinese against the right, or the right will partner with the Russians to save themselves from the libs.

    Anyway, this isn’t really about women in the military. There are certainly a few who genuinely qualify, and even suitable roles for many of the rest.

    The problem is the lowering of standards and the granting of positions to those unqualified for them because “EQUALITY”!

    This whole reaction proves Tucker struck a cord. So much so that they literally can’t respond other than with repeating the empty mantras of equalism and empty photo ops.

  26. Johnno

    Also I have a feeling that morale and recruitment for the US military is so low, that this pivoting towards opening it up for more women along with including them in the draft is a pathetic attempt to make up for the shortfall so necessary to maintaining America’s #1 business.

    I believe even the intelligence bureaus have the same issue. Nobody wants to sign up anymore. Therefore this means even more unqualified people being roped in, if only for salary over ethics and the worst sort have been filling the vacuum.

    Hence all this woke pandering. They think it’ll attract the kiddies.

    If you thought the experts can’t get any worse, just wait.

  27. awildgoose


    If I were the governor of a red state right now I’d be reaching out to my fellows to set up some discreet meatspace discussions to discuss the unthinkable.

  28. awildgoose


    You’re right about the country being gone.

    Yesterday, I drove through an upper-middle class exurb outside a blue city.

    90% of the houses weren’t flying an American flag.

    The few that were had flags that obviously violated the flag code.

    I counted more BLM signs than flags in good condition.

  29. Zundfolge

    awildgoose … I really want to believe that’s happening. But I’ve seen enough inaction and stupidity from Republicans and conservatives to realize it probably isn’t (in fact more of them are probably conspiring with Democrats to keep their little fiefdoms after the engineered collapse).

  30. Dennis

    “90% of the houses weren’t flying an American flag.”

    I’ve never seen any neighborhood – of any economic level or ethnic makeup – where 90% were, or where flying a flag outside was considered an expected thing to do for everyone, or where not doing so was deemed ipso facto “unpatriotic.” To be honest, I find Americans’ obsession with the flag (especially considering the grotesque regime it stands for these days), and some of its tackier displays (big poles mounted on trucks, for example) to be a bit silly.

  31. Sheri

    awildgoose: Does the Confederate flag count?

  32. BDavi52

    Oh you doubters! Oh Ye of little faith!
    Of course women are just as tough (tougher!)….just as strong (stronger!)… just as fast, just as quick, just as everything as men. How could they not be? Heck, they can become men just by saying so! The only distinction between the two sexes is intent.

    Watch me! I’m a man. I’m a woman. I’m a man! Bingo… did you even see a difference?

    That’s why, when we watch the NBA, so many of those players on every team are women! They’re just as good as men…they can run as fast…jump as high….rebound as well! It’s obviously true. That’s why they’re there! That’s why, LeBron’s biggest challenger is Sally Edwards on the Celtics (6’10”, 300 lbs, 48″ vertical leap, and a 22 ppg. scoring average).

    That’s why, when we watch the NFL (another warlike competition requiring the use of force and concentrated power exercised against other men)…we see so many female linewomen playing Offensive Left Tackle (protecting the QB’s blind side). I mean BAM, the ball’s snapped, Hell’s unleached, and Mary, Debbie, Denise, and Tiffany are just blocking the hell out of those Defensive linemen who average 6’3″, 310 lbs. Flatten ’em! Brady wouldn’t have won the SuperBowl without them (and I believe the Center for the Buccaneers was 4 months pregnant when the game was played!)

    Hockey, Soccer, Rugby….we could go down the list.

    We see women in this mano-a-mano contests CONSTANTLY.
    So heck, if they can play in the NBA…and the NFL….and the NHL….and the MLS…and they clearly dominate the hell out of the PGA …it’s SO PAINFULLY OBVIOUS they can be Seals, Rangers, Marines, and Combat Infantry…out there at the point of the spear!

    Who better?

  33. Shecky R

    Anyone see the irony of someone obsessing over manliness only to then using Tucker Carlson as a reference (ROFLMAO). I s’pose next we’ll have to hear about bone-spurred, micro-penised, estrogen-laden Donald T….

  34. Jerry

    China should attack now – the time is ripe and don’t think they don’t know it. Maybe they’ll give it another year or so to let the infection settle in good and deep.

    Dear Lord in Heaven, there has to be SOME leadership in the military that is beyond this silliness?

  35. Zundfolge

    Jerry, they’re waiting until their minions take our guns so that they don’t have to deal with the “rifle behind every blade of grass.” :p

  36. Dennis

    Jerry: What would China actually attack for? However absurd the US military these days, it would still be a futile exercise, with mass death worldwide, risk their own country (and perhaps most everyone else) being annihilated in a nuclear war…and to what end? They already basically have the US and the rest of the Western World over a barrel economically since we’ve basically outsourced all manufacturing to them, and it’d be no advantage to them to try occupy the US militarily, etc.

    They may as well just continue to squeeze the US and rest economically and politically as they have been for the last several decades (6/4/1989 is long forgotten and apparently forgiven by everyone who could have put more pressure on China years ago). And the Wuhan Flu showed they can be very successful at biological warfare without even having to risk a really super deadly virus. They must be laughing their asses off right now at how they played the rest of the world over Covid (and still are – look at that online conference a few days ago where Fauci basically kowtowed before the Chinese and WHO reps), and everyone destroyed their lives and livelihoods and wrecked their economies over nothing.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they finally make a play for Taiwan though. And there won’t be a damn thing the rest of the world can really do about it. Does anyone seriously think we’d risk WWIII to defend the independence of Taiwan?

  37. Forbes

    My nephew served in a parachute infantry regiment in the 82nd Airborne–where jumping out of airplanes in the middle of the night was their regular training. Oh, did I mention the 80 lbs of equipment they take with them. Each of the three PIR serves an on-call rotation for a month at a time, ready to go anywhere in the world, on 24-hr notice, with the necessity to sustain themselves for at least 72 hr prior to arriving support.

    I don’t see many women desirous of that duty–there’s just no way to lower the physical strength and stamina necessary to fulfill the assignment. But if she can, god bless her–she’s a physical freak who found her purpose. But it’ll be lonely because she’ll never be one of the guys.

    These women “warfighters” get to be supply truck drivers of the Jessica Lynch variety and company clerks of the Max Klinger variety. Actual warfighters are about 1/8 tip of the spear, and 7/8 logistics tail. Like every other institution in the US, the back office (admin) is where the jobs are. This goes a long way to explain why there’s so little economic growth in the US over the last half century–the increase in dead wood (admin) jobs compared to front line workers executing the mission.

  38. Jan Van Betsuni

    The top job of the DoD, Uniparty-politicos and NATO “executives” is drumming up fear of imminent existential threats – justifying bottomless “defense funding” amidst economic uncertainty. This is government by illusion and confusion. The CCP Navy has zero chance of winning any protracted naval battle against the USN in the Pacific or any Blue Water Zone. The USN has been ‘showing the colors’ in CHINA’s territorial waters since gunships plied the Yangtze 1854––1949 and has always maintained an overwhelming superiority. But, maintaining Admiral Rickover’s nuclear navy (especially its submarine silo forces) presents a budgetary challenge that would cow even Croesus. Tacking on additional costs for gender transition surgery on-demand doesn’t even make a scratch. But, if you dare question this or any other policy measure for rolling modernization of the services then you are labeled an unpatriotic transphobic bigot. Thems fightin words~![Commenter BrianH raises a key point about transitioning the U.S. Selective Service Registration laws – which are presently gender based. “Selective” reeks to high heaven of an intolerable discriminatory intent – and old fashioned common sense.]

  39. fitzhamilton

    I just saw a clip of a harridan in the House of Lords say that she wants a 6 pm curfew for all men, because a cop killed an upper middle class white woman in Britain this past week. Men must stay home, because rich white women are scared of them.

    The cops will still be roaming about free to kill women, because without the cops there will be no one to enforce Lady Shrew’s curfew. We need male cops to keep the normal guys in line.. Men are so dangerous to women, we need to send them to their rooms, those dangerous naughty boys – after supper now, forever.

    The all male Chinese and Russian militaries, though, are not dangerous to women at all. Our all female military will lick them easily. Girrrrrlpower!, see. Helpless in the face of ordinary men in the streets after 6 pm, but invincible against those Chinese and Russian dudes.. Feminist power is paradoxical like that.

    Empty street at 9 pm? Ladies scared of Boogie Man.. Chosin Reservoir or the Steppes before Moscow? No problem, ladies got ’em licked.

    Her ladyship wants them to know that our all female special forces will be very, very angry at Xi and Vlad if they break their rules, invade, then refuse to obey them..

    We don’t like you. We’re bored of you. So we’re going to take you to court, take your children, your house, half of your salary and everything else you have, and you must obey us because we are women! It’s the International Court of Family Law in Brussels. China and Russia are finished.

    You can’t shoot, kill or rape a woman, because that would be unfair. They’ll lodge a gender injustice complaint at the UN, have a pink pussy hat march to “take back the Night, Tibet, Hong Kong and the Crimea, too!!!”

    Premier Xi and President Putin are terrified. No! Not the Pink Pussy Hats! Please! No!!

    Stay in your rooms, Xi and Vlad, or else the ladies will scream and chant slogans at you.

    Make them quiver in their boots, just like Western men do. Oh, no! The feminists so, so angry!! Please don’t sick Hilary on us, we so scared!

  40. Cameron

    Be all that you can be! Get an ugly wife and a messed up life in the Army!!!

  41. L Garou

    The General and Co. also look like fat slobs who couldn’t march 5 miles if their cookies and milk depended on it.

  42. SPQR70AD

    c r dickason you are a liar and are dominated by a woman totally puzzy whipped to even dream up up a bul crap story like that

  43. Sarah

    “at least they won’t be able to use pregnancy as an excuse anymore” this line shows the value you have on women. I was in complete agreement with you until I reached this point. Pregnancy should be an excuse. Both for the heth of the mother and the child. A women should not have to face combat with a child in her womb. This is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard. We are putting two lives on the line instead of just one.

    What ever happened to men protecting women and children? The fact that so many people agree with this Commander on women serving while pregnant is mind boggling. Our country has gotten so flipped around and backward.

  44. dorothy

    Well I just curled right up on my bathroom floor and started crying because I’m a senior citizen and could really use the extra income but no one let’s me in the military for free medical care too. I bet there are lots of jobs I could do and be equally as effective as those other women and I can’t get pregnant. I bet there are older men who could use an income too but are not let in because of our age. Ageism is real.
    I’m going back to my bathroom now. 🙁

  45. Realist

    Great article…plenty of sarcasm…duly deserved.

  46. Vonu

    We need more Grace Hoppers and fewer Chelsea Mannings.

  47. Johnno

    “What would China actually attack for?”

    Answer: They know and see the stupidity of the woke. They know the woke will one day be in total power. They have to decide one day if that stupidity will or won’t one day risk launching a nuke at them or other acts of war or aggression for offending some woke sensitivity and mistaking suicidal tendencies for a luv & tolerance crusade.

    They don’t have to occupy America. They just need to ensure the threat is neutralized. Aka – that the U.S.A. is non-nuclear capable. At some point, however they pull this off, it’ll mean boots on the ground for a time ensuring such things are permanently dismantled and removed.

    They are essentially learning how to do things the American way. First economically through buy-outs and usury. Next step is to arm local militia, just as the USA armed ISIS/ISIL and other insurgents since the Afghan war against the Russians. Given wokeism is a new religion no less zealous than fundamentalist Islam, they’ve got no shortage of patsies willing to do the work for Uncle Mao, who learned from Uncle Sam.

    All it needs is time, and the Chinese if anything are patient.

  48. Zundfolge

    “All it needs is time, and the Chinese if anything are patient.”

    And that is the one monkey wrench in all of this. China doesn’t have much time. They’re sitting on a demographic time bomb that is going to blow within the next decade or so. Generations of one child policy have the first generation of childless hitting retirement age. There won’t be enough below them paying for their care and they don’t have enough babies in the pipeline (and unlike America, they don’t have enough wealth in those older generations for them to sustain themselves). Add to that the massive instability that you get in cultures where most men aren’t allowed to breed (which you get when men way outnumber women like they do in China or in polygamous societies where a handful of high value males scoop up all the females into their harems).

    If China doesn’t take over the world soon, it’s going to collapse into a huge pile of excrement. This makes them desperate, this means they may not just want to wait out our slower (but just as inevitable) collapse.

  49. Briggs


    Sure they do. As in this horror story from actual quacks at UCSF: “Vaginoplasty procedures, complications and aftercare“. I quote:

    … approach to vaginoplasty is the use of either colon or small bowel to line the vaginal vault. This technique has the advantages of diminished need for dilation, greater depth and is naturally self-lubricating. However, this approach requires abdominal surgery with a risk of serious or even life-threatening complications. The primary indication for an intestinal approach is the revision of prior penile-inversion vaginoplasties. Since the secretion is digestive there is a risk of malodor and frequent secretions, and secretions are constant rather than only with arousal. Wearing panty liners or pads may be necessary for the long term. Bacterial overgrowth (diversion colitis) is common and may present with a greenish discharge, treatment includes. The bowel lining is also not as durable as skin. Use of intestinal tissue also places the vagina at risk of diseases of the bowel including inflammatory bowel disease, arterio-venous malformations (AVM) or neoplasms; screening or diagnostic evaluations for these conditions should be performed as indicated.

    The whole page is hours of fun, as it lists all the things that go wrong. You should see some of the stories told out there about revisions. But since this is a family blog, I leave the search to you.

  50. Dennis

    Sarah: I’m pretty sure Briggs meant that line about pregnancy no longer being an “excuse” ironically, throwing their own logic and ideology back in their faces.

  51. Dan

    Will women POW,S who get raped and become pregnant be listed as having a military disability and recieve a permanent disability because she was raped by the enemy?

  52. Millie Tarry

    The contrast between Tucker and the chihuahua generals in the military, it stark and telling. All they can do is bluster and blow and say nothing more than what a cheap schoolyard bully would say. Tucker is rational, logical and calm, and nails point after point. It’s like Einstein talking to 3 year olds. This country has been screwed.

  53. TheTruthBurns

    The Only people in the “Military” who support this are: Communists, Lesbians, Transgenders, Pedophiles & Rapists – Oh & Soy Boys.

  54. John B()

    I quote Colonel Kilgore:

    Smell that? YOU SMELL THAT?

    It smells like … victory

    Sorry it took so long…

  55. john b()

    I just heard that the US Army is going after Mike Flynn

  56. Blade

    Well I was in the military and I have your back Tucker. And the joint chiefs are a bunch of pencil pushing jockies. And you know where the joint comes from, it’s what their smoking. All except the Marine Corp General. And Mr Biden will transform our military into a panzy force that China and Russia will exploit and get their laughs with.

  57. John B()

    Al Pacino as Lt. Col. Frank Slade

    The Scent of a Trans-Woman

    Sorry … I’d blame you … but it’s me

  58. william

    I wonder if the enemy combatants will back off when the see the “Baby on Board” decals on the vehicles that contain pregnant women.

  59. william

    Would you take your two year old on a sortie? your 1 year old? a 2 month old child? a 2 week old baby? pregnant?

  60. Publius

    There is a quality spread in any group of people. Some are relatively high performers, some average, some below average. The scale for men in terms of strength, aggression, athletic performance and visual-spatial abilities, ie things that go into fighting and performing military duties, is higher on an absolute level than the corresponding range of abilities for women. So, it is certainly true that some women, at the top of their scale, can beat the crap out of some men, those in the middle or at the bottom of the men’s scale. There is some overlap of scales. But the top woman is nowhere near the top male. We see this in sports, as well, as one commenter mentioned. And MOST men are more able in military-relevant abilities than MOST women. So even if you have the few outlier women who can beat some men, does it justify the cost and friction of trying to build a policy around it? Used to it was said, at least in the military, that “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. Analogously, although it’s really two versions of the same thing, in the larger society we see the interests of a miniscule percentage of the population driving policy and debate for the entire nation. How many people are truly gay? How many are transgender? Why are such issues seemingly all we hear about these days? Of course such people’s rights should be fully respected as for anyone, but their fringe issues shouldn’t dictate priorities and policies to the rest of us.
    Unfortunately our military has long been more of a social experiment than an organization purely dedicated to effectiveness and combat-readiness. Tip of the spear units tend to hold out the longest against the PC nonsense, but are not totally immune. And often promotion to high-rank has little to do with combat-readiness or performance. Futhermore, top-ranking officers, even if they were warriors in their younger days, seem to have an annoying habit of turning into leftist politicians, or at least pretending to. It is sickening and somewhat confusing, as someone mentioned, seeing soldiers ape leftist talking points and thinking it confers all-star virtue upon them. But the sad reality is most people don’t think for themselves, perhaps especially in the military. This combined with the fact that most people are desperate to fit in and be approved of means many will parrot whatever they are taught to and whatever they anticipate will earn strokes from those around them. Alfred Adler taught that all people strive for superiority. Another way of saying it is that all people strive for significance or esteem. The question is how does a person fulfill such striving? There are healthy and not-so-healthy ways. All this virtue-signaling, leftist crap is nothing more than people desperately searching for significance in really ridiculous ways. Would be somewhat amusing if it weren’t tragic.
    Of course Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, and China don’t suffer such nonsense. And a bullet or explosive doesn’t make special allowance for the woke factor of those units and personnel at which it is directed.
    Make no mistake, there are certainly military members who are dismayed at what they see around them but likely know that to voice dissent is to commit career suicide.
    Truly disturbing. But the logical extension of a failing culture, failing schools, failing families. The old adage “politics is downstream of culture which is downstream of religion” applies.
    I wish I had solutions to offer as I don’t like to complain for the sake of it, generally, but I don’t see any simple, easy or quick solutions here. In many ways our society is a victim of its own success and has become apathetic, indulgent, and divorced from the harsh realities of survival. A nation or group fighting for its very survival can not afford to harbor illusions, it is focused solely on what works to win and survive. We’re living off of past success. It won’t last forever.
    Unfortunately, you cannot reason with the proponents of leftist nonsense, and they generally have no reverence for the pillars and icons of our civilization and heritage. You could point out all day long how something is unconstitutional, or immoral, and you’re likely to receive a ‘So what?’
    How our enemies must be truly laughing and rejoicing, in fits.
    Sadly, despite multiple generations of military service in my family, I would not advise anyone to join the military today. It blows me away that anyone does. The only thing I can see helping those of us who love the American republic and its ideals is to start small and local, do what you can for your family, your friends, your neighbors and communities. Withdraw as much support as possible from leftist organizations. Support likeminded, liberty-loving people.

    God bless the USA

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