The Bishops Have Failed Us: Here Is What We Do– Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Bishops Have Failed Us: Here Is What We Do– Guest Post by Ianto Watt

There’s been sufficient water under the bridge, so maybe I can intelligently comment on our political fate. More than enough water. But I wanted to be charitable. Or I tell myself that, at least. The tea leaves are more than legible now. They practically scream out to us if we would simply look at their form. I don’t think anyone can mistake the trajectory we are on. But it’s the speed of its onset that has been breathtaking.

That suddenness is certainly understandable, given the absolute chutzpah displayed in The Steal. A boldness not seen since Babel. A boldness both political and ecclesial.

I’ve been a political creature for much of my life, a part me which never really dies. Man, after all, is a social animal, and politics is not inherently evil. In practice, it usually is. I’ve had vast experience, at levels low and high, in both parties. And both parties, because they are made of men, are full of sinners.

In my experience, here’s how the sinners break down, in their ranks. Republicans are retail, Democrats are wholesale, but the Oligarchs (who own both sides, effectively) are industrial-strength. Almost on a Manhattan Project scale.

As delineated by the now-infamous Time magazine jubilant ‘confession’. The secrecy of the planning that went into this effort (which surely took all of the four years needed) is almost admirable. It means, in my mind, that something along the lines of omerta was (and still is) at work. Fredo found out the hard way, back in that day. Seth Rich found out in our day. The lesson is crystal clear, in every age. Most of us figure it out pretty quickly. And then we lay low.

We are now captives. The question, of course, is by whom are we captured? Some say the Left (domestically), others say by China, geo-politically. Others say the Oligarchs, and even the Dem’s say (of course), by Vlad. Others say it is the Globo-Masonic Cooperative, an idea which seems to embrace all of the above. I agree with it all. But only at the level of subsidiarity. For while each of these player-factions has a dominant role in their relative sphere of influence, there is another force that no one pays any attention to. But only because its strength seems never to be exercised.

Who would that be? Who else is there with the global reach that could effectively paralyze nearly the entire world, without the force of arms, no less? Well, I’ll tell you—it is The Church.

No, not just that vague description that seeks to embrace all ‘Christians’ in that particular term. After all, there can be nothing fearfully powerful in Protestantism, fractured and feckless as it actually is. And no, it doesn’t include the Orthodox either, as they are simply the original Protestants. But wait. Am I saying that the indefectible Church is the source of our enslavement? Yes, but in two opposite ways. For two opposite reasons.

The first, of course, corresponds to reality, which in a well-ordered world should be true. In this sense of the word, the enslavement is both knowing and willing. The members willingly submit to the institution, and by logical extension, to its Founder. This is the properly ordered vision of The Church. A vision that ends with the enslaved becoming adoptees of the ruling family, after a lifetime (here) of faithful service. This is not the version I am writing about here.

To be truthful, this version has largely faded from view (and practice). But not entirely. The fact of the matter is that most open members of this institution today do not serve it (and by logical extension, its Founder). In fact, they are actually resisting it. Most do it passively, and much of it is due to incorrect (or non-existent) catechesis. But many are in open rebellion. Their ranks include the political ‘leaders’ of our time. Ask Nancy, Joe, Sonia, Brett, Amy and John if you don’t believe me.

So, no, this is not who has actually captured us, though they are surely our Kapos. JudenRats all. The rats of New Israel. But today’s rats are just as effective as their spiritual forebearers. All for the carnal regime they serve. And the pay they get.

Who owns them? Is it Soros? Gates? Zuckerberg? The Koch Brothers? No, they too are Kapos. Just at a higher level. But not the highest. And besides, most of them aren’t Catholic, in the legal sense of the term. The few who are, are simply the openly rebellious kind I have already mentioned. No, these larger techno-rats are simply the wholly-owned subsidiaries of a larger conglomerate. So the question becomes this: who in the world could effectively own these Oligarchs (and their many minions)?

The answer is quite simple. The owners are those who, if they wished, could destroy them. Not without cost, mind you. But certainly, they have this power. History and prophecy both attest to this. Ceasars, both East and West, all understood this, though often too late. But ultimately, they knew. These men, feared by Caesars of all ages, are titled ‘Bishops’.

I must confess two things. First, I should have made a clear distinction between The Church and those who currently occupy her thrones. That is, the Bishops. Our captors. The Deposit of the Faith has been entrusted to them, personally. And it is they who have failed us. But it is truly a fair question to ask, have we deserved them?

My second confession is this; I personally am led by one of the few good Bishops left. There are still a few such men. They are just too few. Strickland, Conley, Naumann and a few others. Men who will call Joe out by name. Wo be fair to these few good men, we must ask, do they deserve me?

Now comes the further question: just what have the majority of the nation’s Bishops done to earn my scorn? I won’t belabor the point but I will give two examples. One is a sin of omission, the other a sin of commission. Let’s take that last one first.

I can sum it up in these few words. Sex scandals, without end. Need I say more? You can argue all you want about the origins of this horror. Go all the way back to Bella Dodd if you like. Read AA 1025 if you want the gory details. But the facts are clear. Not one Bishop has stood up in the theatre and yelled ‘fire’!

Wait. That’s not true. There actually was one Bishop who stood up and shouted it out. Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, of Lincoln, Nebraska. He made a motion, at the Bishop’s council, in 2002, when the subject was finally broached. His motion was to ascertain just exactly why all these pervert priests were being produced by supposedly Catholic seminaries. His motion died for lack of a second.

That’s right. Out of nearly 200 Bishops in America, not one was willing to second Bp. Bruskewitz’ motion. Not one. So, the sin of commission (priestly perversion) was then covered up by the Episcopal sin of omission (the refusal to call out those who produced it).

But that sin of omission pales (if that is even possible) to their latest sin. The sin that has consigned America to the dustbin of nations, and even Empires (though I do not mourn that). And what was this grievous sin? It was the refusal to challenge the Scientism that ruled that the Church, in all her goodness, was not essential! It was the Bishops refusal to challenge Caesar when he demanded that we all burn a pinch of incense at the altar of the gods of ‘Science’ that has enslaved us to Caesar!

Yes, WalMart and Planned Parenthood were ‘essential’, but our Creator was not. Without even a whimper, they all fell silent. We all know the result. I won’t belabour the point. The pain of this failure to act, on behalf of the flock, is to my mind, their greatest single failure. And given the past fifty years, that is saying a lot.

Why would they do this? Here is how I see it. It comes down to the desire for money. That, after all, is the root of all evil. Which, when met, buys power and pleasure. No man is immune to these temptations. In our day, few seem to be able to resist them. Which is why evil is so widespread. And thus, we are captives of them (apart from our own sins).

It used to be that there was a bastion of resistance to this temptation. A redoubt filled with men who had nothing but contempt for earthly gain. At least, if it meant the loss of eternal gain. Herein lies the crux. Those times are gone because those men are gone. Our enemies, corporeal and otherwise, now have free rein. Because no men of true power oppose them.

It’s not the case that the institution (that is, its unchanging stated dogma) itself has disappeared. No, the ecclesial thrones are still there, their machinery is still in place. Their staff, in fact, is bulging (even if their seminaries aren’t). But now the machinery is stamping out license plates instead of medals. But those license plates bring in money. No, not for the prisoners. For the wardens. Our Bishops.

The machinery is busy stamping out programs for the homeless, the illegal immigrants, the addicted, the orphaned, and all others bereft of the benefits of a better past. My point is not to criticize these efforts. It is, rather, to focus on who writes the (secular) regulations that direct the efforts. And the natural effect of those secular regulations.

Which is to say, the multiplication (rather than the reduction) of those who suffer those ailments. In other words, instead of feeding the flock, they are feeding a bureaucracy that does not truly seek to eradicate the problems, but seems rather gifted in enlarging them. After all, how else will you grow your budget? A budget fed, not solely by the faithful in the pews, but by government largess. As Joe Sobran so rightly knew, the program was the problem. And those who fund it. After all, these same problems had been dealt with successfully in the past. In the time before the government funded the Church. Directly (as in Germany and France) or indirectly (here).

Has the government subverted the Church, with programmatic monies that need not rely on the faithful in the pews? Or has the Church subverted the government, by appearing to cede direct responsibility to government, in return for money, as their progressive agent?

Do you see what I am saying? That, in the end, the one receiving the money is the one who is in control? That the one who has the power to destroy the other, but who holds off as long as the money comes in, is in control? Put on your Phrygian thinking cap and think this out with me.

You may wonder how I can think that the secular/governmental forces have not done yeoman’s work in destroying the Church. I say, it was all done willingly, on the part of both the Church and State. Partners in crime. In return for not chastising the corrupt politicians, the corrupt politicians have not chastised the corrupt leadership of the Church. A handsome deal!

Again, who has the power to destroy the other? We already know (although we don’t appear to believe) that ‘the gates of Hell shall not prevail…’. We are also assured that in The End, the gates of Heaven shall prevail. And we further know that for a millennium or more, Christendom held firm rein over the earthly Lords of the Realm, and mankind prospered.

Yes, I know, we could not hear the words of the previous secular leader calling us to openly resist The Steal. The falcon could not hear the (secular) falconer. Put aside the secular world for just a moment, and ask yourself this: who holds the power of Excommunication? Of Interdiction? And lastly, most importantly, the power to free the people of their allegiance to secular power? Who indeed? The Bishops! But I cannot hear them speak either. Can you, my fellow falcon?

Yet who benefits most, temporally speaking, from the current sad state of man? Certainly not the faithful. They are the true captives here (just as the taxpayer is in the secular realm). And certainly not the apostate Kapos who punish us (as citizens) now, but who will rue this in the next life, for their many sins here. No, the ultimate beneficiaries of the current Mammonite regime are those who are relieved of the need to discipline, not the secular world, but rather themselves. Those men who have received the mission of protecting the flock, but who are now looking aside as the sheep are scattered. And for what? For comfort. For pleasure (licit and otherwise). And power. But they have forgotten the clock. Which will ultimately run out.

Yet all they need do to eradicate their sin (and our suffering) is very simple. Lay down their life for their sheep. That’s the exact job description, if I’m not mistaken. Check with HR. I didn’t say the job wasn’t hard. I just said it was simple. And if they would do it, more or less in unison, the power of the State would crumble. If they would say, ‘Mr. President, tear down this Covid Plexiglass Wall’ and then open up their churches, with absolutely no restrictions, the JudenRats and their Market Overlords would crumble. Without a single shot being fired.

I’ve said it before in a different context. If Patriarch Kyrill of the Russian Orthodox Church withdrew his approval of Vlad Putin, the Russian oligarchy would collapse. And their people freed. Just as the Bishops of Russia failed to resist Tsar Alexi in 1666, when the Tsar deposed Patriarch Nikon over exactly the same issues. With the same result. Slavery, of both people and Church. But it gave freedom (aka license) for the ecclesial rulers. They lived large, as they stood silent before the Tsar.

If there had been twenty or more Bishops in Angland (instead of just St. John Fisher, alone) who stood up to Henry VIII in 1531, the world would be an entirely different and wonderful place. But it was not to be.

And now we are here. In other words, this is not a new problem. We keep going down the same path, nation by nation. Now it is here. In America. Home of the brave, land of the free. Wait. Check that.

It doesn’t have to end this way. We don’t have to repeat every error of the past. There is a way out. But it will cost us. Not as citizens (for that concept is now dead). No, it can only be at the expense of believers. We will have to offer the sacrifice that our shepherds refuse to make. We will have to suffer for them, as they will not suffer for us. And how will we do this?

We’ll never take back our country until we take back our Church. In that exact order. It’s that simple. And exactly that hard. So then, how do we take back our church?

First, we must heal the wound of division. The wound of Vatican II, that divided us, from each other and from our common past. And made us Samaritans in the eyes of each other. We must look past the Pharisees and the Sadducees both. We must come together in Moses. For Christ Jesus himself said, ‘if ye knew Moses, ye would know Me’. For who was it that stood up to the earthly Pharaoh, before the division of Israel into her factions? Moses. The Lawgiver. To lead us forward into the promised land that America proclaims herself to be, we must go back to what Angland was before she abandoned her Faith. Back to Henry VIII, before 1531, when he was known by Eternal Rome as”>The Defender of Faith.

Later, Henry (and then the flock) refused to bend their knees to Holy Rome. And now she has found herself bowed before the secular forces that also besiege Imperial Rome here in America, Britain’s successor to the Empire. And why not? After all, Britain and America are both the same. Both were the legitimate successors of Imperial Rome. We are both rebellious to Holy Rome. The beginning of national restoration must start within the Catholic side. Why? Because only the Catholic side believes reparation is due. And reparation must precede restoration.

How will this be done?

The Catholics must first make peace amongst themselves. They must heal their own division first if they wish to attract their Samaritan brethren to their cause. A cause which can restore their nation. But only if, like the Maccabees, they have cleansed the temple first. Only then will our Protestant brothers receive that book again, in joy. And return to the one true Temple.

The problem is, there are very few anointed (episcopal) shepherds to lead us. So we will have to do it, as Juda Maccabees and his brothers understood, by ourselves. Only then will our true shepherds re-emerge. But it can be done.

I know that this is not only possible, but that it is actually happening. Locally, there is a man who, while of the Traditional Rite, goes to Mass every Saturday at the local (Anglish Rite) Mass. Why? To visit the imprisoned. A corporal work of mercy. To show his solidarity with them, as fellow Catholics. Together, after Mass, he and a group of Anglish-Rite men (not women!) approach the altar and pray a public Rosary, asking for the merciful end of the current chastisement of the (entire) Holy Church. And mirabile dictu, the Anglish-Rite priest joins them. Not a word, other than the Rosary, is exchanged between them all. What more is there to say? Deo Gratias!

Conversely, I know that there is also, in the Carolinas, a new seminary bursting with men with zealous vocations. A diocesan seminary. Not a Latin Mass seminary. Deep in the South of Protestant America! There is no shortage of vocations there. Only a shortage of support, from us Traditionalists. The renewal of the Church (and then, our nation) can only happen in the larger (but weaker) Church that is supported by those of the Traditional bent. And after all, does not God always choose the weaker vessel to bring his healing? Pharisee, heal thyself!

Scripturally speaking, our enemies are almost always found in our families and our Temples. It’s not the barbarians outside the city walls who present the true danger. They are future converts. History is replete with this proof. It’s the enemy within that presents the true danger. The real fight, as I’ve said before, is inside the walls. The walls of Holy Rome. If we want reinforcements from our Samaritan brothers, we will have to show some unity to attract them. Latins and Anglo’s alike, we must show our unity to win this fight.

The fight consists in this: we must all pray for our Bishops, our true captors. Only they can successfully confront Caesar and his Kapos. It’s the only way out, for our people and nation.

And it’s the only way in. To Heaven.

For pastors and sheep alike.


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  1. The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend.


  2. M. A. Stadson

    So we question the problem with the entire “church” when the largest & richest bank in the entire world is the Vatican Bank. We go to our multitude of various sects of Catholic Churches (as you rightly mention one of the largest problems we can’t agree) and are asked or sometimes forced to give our tithe to the Church. So let me understand this. We the “poor” of the world are to give 10% of our income to the largest bank in the world. People like the Pope will talk about getting together as a Church to feed the poor despotic souls when they themselves control the largest sum of money in the world. Why is it that they never take that money and truly eradicate poverty as they could. Oh yeah the root of all evil thing. They have it and can’t give it away because then they would not have it. The grand secrecy of the Catholic Church led to the uncountable number of alternate sects that exist today. All of us could or would not just accept every edict that they spouted because when we asked questions, any questions, we have always been told to have faith. This is part of what led to the sick scandals in the Catholic Church. They would not tell truths and they would always cover for each other. It makes it hard for the rest of us to have true faith. Honestly I am to the point where I almost feel that all I really can do is read the Bible and pray for the best. I plan to visit my church again in the future when I can. Several things have taken me away but my pastor is like a brother. I grew up with him and know the struggles he went through to get where he is today. I still just have a very hard time with the church as a whole. It is all so segregated it is nigh impossible to ever think that it can come together as you suggest. I hope that it can especially in these times but I just don’t know.

  3. Dennis

    And rank apostasy and schism is tolerated by the Vatican. See the response of “Bishop” Bonny of Antwerp (and countless others like him) to the recent ruling on homosexual “marriage” blessings: Disgraceful that he and others like him (including those who tolerate communion for politicians who support anti-Catholic public policies) are not stripped of their positions and excommunicated.

  4. The Catholic Church cannot eliminate poverty. Every reputable social science study shows that poverty is not just lack of funds at a given time. It is usually perpetuated by bad habits that keep people from moving up the economic ladder. In the USA, poverty is also caused by illegal immigration (largely supported by the U.S. bishops) which holds down wages and disincentivizes work.

    The above stated, the U.S. bishops are a disgrace. Our hosts names a few that are the welcome exception but they, almost to a man, are part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

    It isn’t just their horrific reactions to pedophilia; it is also their reaction to grand theft and other crimes within their ranks. I used to think they were timid. Now, I believe the rot is so widespread that they don’t speak out because of fear their own crimes will be revealed. Mutually assured destruction.

    By now, one would have thought the bishops would have spoken out against the rapid loss of our freedoms, including freedom of religion. They have not. They didn’t in 1936 Germany, either.

    The Catholic faith and its sacraments will get us to Heaven. The official actions of the church (do we really need encyclicals on global warming?) and its ‘leaders’? Not so much.

  5. C-Marie

    Yes, pray for the hierarchy and for all of us to repent.
    God bless, C-Marie

  6. Whitney

    If Saint Peters gets hit by an asteroid and completely destroyed the church still exists. We are the church. Pray the rosary.

  7. James Andrew Dunn

    RE: “Conversely, I know that there is also, in the Carolinas, a new seminary bursting with men with zealous vocations. A diocesan seminary. Not a Latin Mass seminary. Deep in the South of Protestant America! There is no shortage of vocations there. Only a shortage of support, from us Traditionalists. The renewal of the Church (and then, our nation) can only happen in the larger (but weaker) Church that is supported by those of the Traditional bent. And after all, does not God always choose the weaker vessel to bring his healing? Pharisee, heal thyself!”

    I know I’ll upset a number of friends by this reply but it’s time to tell it like it is and not be enslaved to effeminacy.

    I used to live in this Diocese and while it is admirable that they have a new seminary with vocations, the problem is that it is not a seminary or a Diocese that is willing to say NO to Vatican II.

    The Traditional Latin Mass in that diocese has pretty much been ghetto’d to one church that has the Mass at the inconvenient 12:30 time on Sunday and you better have that face burqa on if you’re lucky enough to be one admitted under the new covidism quotas. When I’m in the area, I attend a SSPX chapel with no apologies. The parish I used to attend has eliminated the TLM completely.

    TLMs that were made available when I lived in that diocese were always at odd times and usually in churches that were located in areas that were out of the way to ensure low attendance.

    There were some decent novus ordo Masses here and there but I noticed a pattern during my time there that during the homilies, the priests always went out of their way to justify Vatican II. Sorry, but Vatican II was and still is the problem. It was the smoke of satan that entered the Church and nothing good has come out of it. We’re going to learn a lot about Vatican II at the General Judgement when the Third Secret of Fatima is finally revealed by Our Lord.

    The bishop of that Diocese needs to step up, denounce Vatican II and its rotten fruits, restore the Traditional Latin Mass far and wide and especially in the seminary where the seminarians should NOT be taught the novus ordo or anything whatsoever about Vatican II. If that means he faces persecution and even martyrdom, he should embrace it as the saints did during the 2000 plus years of persecution faced by Holy Mother Church.

    No more dialog with CINOs who have no good intentions for Holy Mother Church. It’s time to man-up and be the Church-Militant we’re supposed to be. Death to freemasonry! Christ the King now and forever!

  8. Doghouse Riley

    M.A. Stadson, You say the Vatican bank is the “largest & richest” in the world. Where did you get that? According to, the Vatican bank had $8 billion in net assets in 2015. According to, the largest bank in 2020 had $4.3 trillion, the 100th largest had $251 billion. The Vatican bank did not make the top 100.

  9. Can someone explain to me what is meant by the phrase “Anglish Rite” – Anglicans, Episcopalians, Anglican Rite Catholics? This article would be better if I didn’t need to a secret decoder ring to understand the authors private jargon.

  10. “Doghouse Riley” – great handle – from one of my favorite all time films “The Big Sleep”

    General Sternwood:
    You are looking, sir, at a very dull survival of a very gaudy life – crippled, paralyzed in both legs, very little I can eat, and my sleep is so near waking that it’s hardly worth the name. I seem to exist largely on heat, like a newborn spider. The orchids are an excuse for the heat. Do you like orchids?

    Philip Marlowe:
    Not particularly.

    General Sternwood:
    Nasty things! Their flesh is too much like the flesh of men, and their perfume has the rotten sweetness of corruption.

  11. John

    Re: James Andrew Dunn’s comment
    Thank you for your comment. You are not alone. Until the Church has a real reckoning with Vatican II, no real progress is possible. These days, there are quite a few seminaries teaching really Catholic things, but they also spend a whole lot of time bending over backwards insisting that “The Council” is completely in line with Catholic Tradition, and must be the jumping off point for everything the Church does. Any talk of how it was hijacked from the very beginning by a very shadowy group, who sought to turn everything on its head is immediately suppressed. One cannot criticize the way that the liturgy has changed; only that there have been excesses. The complete death of catechesis can only be blamed on those who supposedly misinterpreted the Council, not on the Council itself. I know that this is taught in seminaries, because I am the product of one such seminary. Most of the men ordained out of these places end up trying to blend into their presbyterates, and they lose their fire. Some try to fight the good fight. Many of them end up being shunned. There are some good stories, but in general, I would not recommend pursuing a vocation with any diocese, even the good ones, as it is so easy for everything to change with a new bishop, most of whom are very bad these days.

    Much has been written about the long struggle between the forces of holiness in the Church versus the forces if the world. It has always been a struggle. In my opinion, Vatican II was the worldly church attempting to take over the Holy Church. They have had too much success. It’s long past time to fight back, and the half-measures of John Paul II and Benedict XVI aren’t going to cut it anymore.

  12. C-Marie

    Dear John, Thank you for the heartfelt truth which you gave in your comment.

    The only change would be, that if God is moving some of His own, to pursue ordination even in these difficult times, that they do so for the sake of the Faithful who are in dire need of consistent confirmation of the Truths of the Holy Catholic Church.

    We, the Faithful have been taught that the hierarchy and especially the Pope are always right, and now that is not so. It appears that the time of persecution is revving up due to much of what the present Pope is promoting. Stay close in Jesus. God is with us and He will and does strengthen us in His way and time.

    Just today during morning prayers, Jesus let me know that I need to be more faithhful to Him, in trusting Him, when my imagination takes off in wonderings concerning all that is going on.

    “Thou wilt keep in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee” … some words from a song of which I do not remember the title.

    God bless, C-Marie

  13. mike heim

    Excellent essay!
    If you want to restore the Church become a saint–the problem is that most of us are wanting the other guy to do it.
    We are lukewarm–not a path that leads to heaven. Unfortunately, we get the leadership in the Church and in the secular world that we deserve. God help us wake up from our slumber.

  14. Shawn Marshall

    Not quite on target.
    Since JXXIII ignored Our Lady of Fatima to appease the Russians and get a KGB colonel Metropolitan to attend Vat II the errors of Russia have spread throughout the world.
    Compare the USA pre-VatII to today to Soviet Russia in Vat II days:
    *Christianity predominate vs materialist atheism
    *abortion illegal vs government funded abortion
    *freedom of speech vs political correctness
    *freedom of assembly vs persecution of disfavored political groups
    *freedom of press vs press co-opted by government
    *free and fair elections vs rigged elections
    *a fairly honest judicial system vs show trials and persecution of the disfavored
    *freedom of religion vs State control of ‘religious’ activity
    *education system coherent with local values – patriotic and God fearing vs godless Federal controlled indoctrination system

    I’m sure others can expand the list – we have become the Russia of the Bolsheviks who despise Almighty God

  15. CJ Phaedrus

    Thank you Shawn Marshall for providing this list which has been in my head as a jumbled mess. Yet it is, as you say, a just an initial listing. Books could be based (and probably have. I just don’t know how to identify them.) on chapters devoted to each issue listed.

  16. The problem is that most bishops have become too full of themselves and think it proper to comment on every civil matter that can be twisted into a moral issue. They, of course, lack the competence to venture into these areas but have no reticence about putting their shortcomings in display. NB: You can add Paprocki of Springfield, Il and Kemme of Wichita Ks. to the list of good Bishops.

  17. C-Marie

    Thank you, Donald, Plus for true Catholicism are Bishops Cordelione, Chaput, Strickland, and Vigano.
    Plus, excellent points, Shawn.

    And the words but still do not have the title: “Thou wilt keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he/she trusts in Thee.” Am working on faithfulness in trust in Christ, especially with so many unknowns nowadays.

    God bless, C-Marie

  18. Bill

    I wonder if the bishops read any of the numerous Catholic articles chastising them? I read a half dozen a day. Do they know the flock is aware they are at best almost useless, and at worst, rebellious?

  19. Peter K

    Bill, I suspect most of the bishops live in a bubble surrounded by small groups of senior employees in their curiae who only tell them they’re doing an absolutely wonderful job. And that they rarely or never read any Catholic websites except perhaps those trying to make the church bend to the secularist agenda and those run by the bishops themselves.

  20. AlmostChosen

    I really enjoy your work Mr. Watt – have also read the Barbarian Bible many times

    You mention Maccabees…

    “And on the five and twentieth day of the month they sacrificed upon THE ALTER OF THE IDOL that was over against THE ALTER OF GOD.”

    We seem to have TWO alters in our churches today don’t we? One is the alter of God. The other?

  21. john

    The author failed to mention that over 60 judges (many of whom were appointed not only by Republicans but Trump himself) all the way up to the US Supreme Court were in on the conspiracy. And let’s not forget the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, Bugs Bunny, Sponge Bob and many other notorious characters who were all part of the vast conspiracy.

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