The Replacement Of Christianity With Neo-Pagan State Cults

The Replacement Of Christianity With Neo-Pagan State Cults

So this psychiatrist, James L. Fleming, “the chair of the American Psychiatric Association’s Caucus on Climate Change and Mental Health, member of the APA’s Committee on Climate Change and Mental Health, and member of the Steering Committee on Climate Psychiatry Alliance”, suffers from, I promise you, “climate dread.”

Which can be removed, he says (in effect), by following the proper rituals in the one of the growing Cults now flourishing in the West.

I mean this word in its rich pagan sense, and not the sordid modern one. The new Cults are genuine religions, not small groups led by lunatic perverts looking to score or who are in love with death.

Most of you will have seen the news from Gallup that a majority in the USA no longer belong to an “official” religion. This is misleading. What it really means is that most no longer identify with Christianity in any of its formal denominations. The same is true in the UK: only 38% admit being Christian, and fewer still attend Church.

But this does not mean those who are outside orthodox Christianity do not belong to an official religion. Because most of them adhere to the State religion, which itself is formed of many Cults. And, of course, it is not one State, but many, all sharing the same tenets.

The Cult of Health we all know. It has been growing in strength and number since its success in banning smoking. It’s joyless adherents force us to pay obeisance to it, and to show outward faith by joining the Cult of the Mask. Your mask does not protect you, the mantra intones, it protects others. There is no better example of religious thinking than that.

What the Woke Cult worships is obvious. It has for its demons “whiteness” and “white supremacy”. These demons are cast out by, for example, monthly cash payments to non-whites, like in Oakland, and by the official preaching of critical race theory.

For four years during Trump’s reign, the Cult of Climate still existed, but it gained fewer adherents than before. Its core members never lost their earnestness, and proselytizing was difficult. The Cult was somewhat deprived of official funds at that time.

That has changed. The oligarchs behind the current regime have declared the worship of the Planet shall recommence. Money is flowing again.

Priests in these Cults are similar to imams in Islam, in the weak sense that there is no hierarchy that chooses leaders, except those directly working for the State. Anybody can become a worship leader in a Cult by the obvious procedure of gaining a following. The simplest way to do that is to follow the State line.

The psychiatrist Fleming is, given his titles, a minor imam of at least two Cults, Climate and Woke.

He says he was “inspired” in his Climate Cult rites “by insights I have received from my Black psychiatric colleagues”, a clear signal of his Wokeness. These helpful blacks “put the climate crisis into proper perspective as a result of their resilience in the face of the disproportionate adverse environmental impacts and threats to their very survival, both individually and collectively.” You’d think, though, that if global warming were real, blacks would suffer least. But let that pass.

He says “the climate crisis is inextricable from the fight for social justice, including systemic racism and health care inequities”. All the biggest Cults are there, save one, which is coming in a moment.

Fleming describes his own growing awareness of the deities in the Climate Cult. He said he “was reflecting on an article about the fires in the Mohave and invasive grasses, which had been one more trigger for my own sense of climate dread.” My emphasis, though I doubt our worship leader would take issue with it.

Climate dread. What could that be? Dread there is a climate? Dread that tomorrow’s weather won’t be the same as today’s? Or a painful belief in a looming apocalypse, blacks hardest hit, unless worship of the Cult of Science is mandatory?

He wrote a psalm to the Cult of Science. It is a small collection of short sentences printed as their own paragraphs. It is purple, and he will not find many chanting it. Here is the Science litany:

And looking up:

The Tidal Wave

that Government Behemoth waking up

After four years of slumber,

“Departments of Science,” bringing back scientists

Listening to scientists!—imagine that!

Odd that he admits the State as a “behemoth”, which it is, but one worthy of worship now that it was re-Woken. For it is the State that feeds the Cult of Science, or, more properly, the Cult of The Science.

What sacrifices would the pious Fleming be prepared to make for this Cult we wonder.

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  1. S S Young

    How do you get rid of a mass delusion? The best answer so far – create a new delusion. NB: data and analysis do not work.

  2. Friends, we are subject to gaslighting. Briggs gets it. A never-ending storyline framed in a 24-7 projection with a 1984-like setting proclaiming that carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is a pollutant. Dare one raise a simple question? Expect the Pavlov dog response: “You’re a climate denier.” Worse than a Holocaust denier, or might, dare I say, face hate speech charges against the New Normal’s god, Mother Nature.

  3. Deguello

    Melanin worship.

  4. Jan Van Betsuni

    My funny bone is still numb after seeing that the referenced article by Dr. Fleming appears in the March, 2021 issue of The American Psychiatric Association (APA) journal Psychiatric Times® . It has found a proper home.

  5. Dean Ericson

    Briggs: ”Your mask does not protect you, the mantra intones, it protects others. There is no better example of religious thinking than that.”

    Your enemies are going to pop in here and claim you admit that religious thinking is idiotic. But your enemies are idiots. Because we know you mean that when faith is unmoored from objective truth, beauty, and goodness, then the innate religious sense in man will fasten on any and every passing folly and menace, which multiply infinitely, as you tirelessly catalogue here, and as the rest of this article demonstrates.

    Next, your enemies are going to pop in here and claim Briggsianism is simply another cult, and Briggs is the high priest, and your readers are pathetic brainwashed dupes who send you large sums of cash while you diddle their daughters. Of course this is shear idiocy, as none of your readers have much in the way of cash, as you know only too well, and I for one have no daughters, but if I did I would keep them locked in the barn with the cows and without a phone, so as not to be preyed upon by traveling Kool-Aid salesmen.

    Briggs is more like a facilitator for a Kool-Aidaholics Anonymous support group, where ex K-A drinkers get together to keep off the Kool and to cope with the krazy of their K-A besotted compatriots. I’ve been off the sauce for ten years or so, though will admit to keeping a secret bottle handy early on, when the accusation of “racist”, anti-schnookite, or “homophobe” still had some sting, which a nip of Kool-Aid would soothe, but now
    the taste is truly revolting (in every sense of the word). Thanks Dr. Briggs.

  6. Johnno

    Scientists are the new soothsayer.

    Computer modelling are the entrails of the dead animals that they are reading.

    And that animal is a dead horse that they are so used to beating.

    But as it turns out, so many listen to them because don’t you FEEL bad for the horse?

    That it’s already dead is a fact entirely lost to them. If the scientist beats it enough it will apparently rise again. Then it can go back to working for the state.

  7. Sheri

    Johnno: Science was always the soothsayer, be it primitive medicine men or the current model crazy academics. Science was rarely pure, disconnected from politics. How could it be? Everything is politics. It always has been. There were kings, dictators, etc, but there has always been government and politics. Science was owned by these persons just as the population was.

    The horse is never dead. It’s not real….

  8. Dennis

    Regarding the the “Cult of Health,” it’s interesting…though in one sense it has never been greater, it takes on perverse forms in which true health is perverted to mean something like it’s opposite, hence all the “This is healthy” headlines promoting obesity as “healthy” that I mentioned in another thread “Health” become re-defined as simply feeling good about yourself in whatever shape or condition, and as medicalisation by Big Pharma (among the reasons cheaper, more natural remedies to fight things like Covid and boost the natural immune system have been demonized in favor of the promotion of experimental gene therapy “vaccines” rushed to market instead).

    America’s real gods have long been Mammon, Baal, and Moloch anyway. The great 20th century Catholic mystic, Valentin Tomberg once wrote about the ancient cults of Baal and Moloch:

    “The details of that dark cult cannot be discussed with decency; suffice it to say that in every detail it was designed to banish everything spiritual or holy from the relationship of father, mother, and child. Sex life was intended to be torn away from its divine source, leaving it prey to demonic forces, and birth was to be mechanized. This was to be attained by killing all the firstborn – a purposeful measure designed to destroy the conscious, loving expectation of the soul descending among humanity, to be replaced by unconscious, mechanical human reproduction…As birth was materialized in Chaldea, so death was materialized in Egypt. The sublime thought of overcoming death through resurrection…was replaced by a desire to preserve the outer bodily form.”

    Does this not sound like a perfect description of late 20th and early 21st century America (and much of the rest of the developed world now as well)?

    It should perhaps be no surprise that those who have replaced real religious belief – particularly in an afterlife – with materialist and scientistic cults are so easily driven to a state of brainwashed fear and paranoia over a virus 99.9% survive contact with. Those who think this life is all there is will cling to it in ever more extreme and frantic ways – and by doing so, end up helping to create a world devoid of anything Good, True, or Beautiful that makes life worth living in the first place.

  9. Evangeline

    The nation and the world are in a downward spiral and on a rapid trajectory. It’s breathtaking, really, but not in a good way. Maybe stunning is a better term.
    There is only one answer to the madness, and one only. Make peace with Jesus Christ.
    There is no other help. No calvary. No answer. No solution. All is folly, without Him.

  10. Dean Ericson

    As an example of just how radical, bizarre, and unmoored from reality and history is the woke cult, consider marriage: never before in recorded history has any culture, much less a civilization, believed two men could be married. Oh sure, there’s plenty of history recording men dipping their wicks in naughty places, but they never thought to sanctify such practice in matrimony.

    Well, say the wokesters, that’s because all previous cultures and civilizations were ignorant and morally depraved. All of them. But now, because of progress, a new breed of men have arisen who are all-knowing and they have ascended to the pinnacle of moral perfection and these new god-like men can safely dispense with the judgement of all previous human history.

    Either these new woke men are right and all human history is wrong, or they are history’s greatest fools and there are good reasons marriage has always been confined to man and woman. I know where I’m placing my bet.

  11. Johnno


    Back when the Church was in charge, science for the people was nothing other than practical sciences that built things to work. So for the most part these were the engineers first. Doctors second, but only bregudgingly.

    Today, people having renounced the Church, turn to the same morons who can’t prove the Inquisition wrong in the case of Galileo to teach them about all manner of subjects that science cannot even touch or experiment with. It’s all a new esotericism.

    But the truth is that it’s not as if any of them even understand the scientists either. They just want comfort and expediency, and if lies get the job done, then so be it. But more than that they want to show off how good and moral they can be because within they are devoid of actual morality and charity.

    Covid lets them proudly and visibly show off how they are being ‘good caring citizens.’ It’s what delivers the soma of likes over Facebook.

  12. swordfishtrombone

    Wearing a mask during a pandemic which has killed half a million people in the US alone isn’t following a neo-pagan cult belief, it’s just plain common sense and consideration for others, like washing your hands. Neither is it reasonable to imply that anything other than a tiny minority support Critical Race Theory.

    If you want an example of a real neo-pagan cult belief, why not the Trump-worshipping, election-was-stolen nonsense of which you’ve been an enthusiastic supporter?

  13. Dennis

    ” it’s just plain common sense and consideration for others, like washing your hands”…

    Um, no…not when there is literally no sound evidence that they work (The only double-blind, control group study done specifically for Sars-Cov2 – the Danish study – proved that they don’t, as did every mask study done prior to 2020 and which formed the basis of previous WHO and CDC recommendations against generalized public mask wearing, recommendations that the WHO admitted were changed purely for political purposes, not because of some new “science” showing their efficacy). It is a cult – a tyrannical, politico-religious belief being imposed on people to enforce a particular socio-political worldview and to serve as an outward badge of compliance with the regime. Plus, “the pandemic” has been over in any real sense as a true medical concern since about last May or June – what we have now is the continuation of a high-cycle PCR test-induced pseudo-pandemic, which can be kept going forever for political purposes, if people like you refuse to wake up.

    As for “Neither is it reasonable to imply that anything other than a tiny minority support Critical Race Theory.” So what? A tiny but virulent minority with access to the levers of power (and media amplification) can destroy a society through the forced imposition of its insane beliefs (try reading about the rise of the Bolsheviks, to cite one historical example).

    In re. your final paragraph: There is far more evidence of election fraud than there is that face muzzle “work” to slow the spread of viruses. Even now, 4 months, later, to cite one example, there are over 400,000 mail-in ballots in Georgia for which the legally required chain of custody documentation is missing. Yeah, nothing to see there, just pure coincidence eh? It was all a giant f-ing scam. Every institution in this country is utterly rotten to the core and Biden an illegitimate puppet fronting a corrupt regime. The real “insurrection” was the election theft.

  14. Wade

    Mod note, I have linked several websites, but this is not spam. The websites include the CDC, New York Times, and scientific journals.

    “Wearing a mask during a pandemic which has killed half a million people in the US alone isn’t following a neo-pagan cult belief, it’s just plain common sense and consideration for others, like washing your hands.”

    (1) The science is clear and proven over decades, facemasks do NOT work. I do not want to run into a spam filter, but here are some of my 18 scientific studies — ; ; ;

    (2) 500,000 Americans have NOT died because of COVID-19. According to USA Today, hospitals make more money for COVID-19 deaths. ; At one time, the CDC said a person did not need a positive COVID-19 test to be considered a COVID-19 death. ; And the New York Times said the COVID-19 test is at least 100 times too sensitive. ; This is in addition to the New York Times saying China is spreading lies about the virus. ; The result of all this is calling people with the antibodies in their body as COVID-19 deaths, even if they died in something unrelated to COVID, such as motorcycle crashes — — or being put on ventilators that quickly killed a person.

  15. swordfishtrombone

    @ Dennis,

    Masks: All national and international health organisations disagree with you.

    Election fraud: There isn’t any evidence of significant election fraud. About 90 judges agree with me, none with you. It’s not so easy to make false claims about fraud if you risk being held accountable for them in court.

    Dr. Vernon Coleman: An AIDS denier, antivaxxer, and conspiracy theorist. Why get your information from a retired GP’s self-published book?

    @ Wade,

    1) Masks: All national and international health organisations disagree with you. Your studies are old.

    2) Deaths: It’s completely false to claim that a significant number of people whose deaths were attributed to COVID19 didn’t actually die of it. I note your source for this is Fox News and a YouTube video…

  16. Dennis

    As I made clear before, those “international health organisations” changed their recommendations on generalized public mask wearing only recently under political pressure after certain quarters pushing an agenda. Read some actual studies instead of imbibing mindless propaganda. Nearly half a year later, no one has yet come close to refuting the Danmask study…they just ignore it because it doesn’t suit the agenda.

    Same goes for election fraud. Of the so-called 90 judges you claim, almost none heard any actual evidence and tossed cases on spurious procedural grounds (often conflicting with previous similar procedural ruling when arbitrary changes to election law were made by election boards prior to the election) to avoid having to face the issue (Just as the spineless Roberts SCOTUS did with the Texas case). Almost none decided cases on the merits (and several cases decided since Jan 20 have in fact gone in Trump’s favor). AZ is presently undertaking an audit in Maricopa county – finally, great timing eh? – which the Dems are fighting tooth and nail. What are they afraid of? Why are Democrats so against measures to prevent election fraud and ensure the integrity of elections? And as I mentioned before, there are 400,000 mail-in ballots in GA alone without legally required chain of custody info – that such legally required info is missing for so many ballots is ipso facto evidence of fraud. All of these ballots should have been invalidated. The courts in this country are just as corrupt as the rest of the system.

    The evidence of fraud is massive and overwhelming, but keep your head in the sand (don’t forget your face muzzle too down there…can’t be too cautious!) like a good regime compliant ostrich. Oh, that’s a good boy…wanna cookie with your Big Pharma jab?

  17. swordfishtrombone

    @ Dennis,

    “Nearly half a year later, no one has yet come close to refuting the Danmask study…they just ignore it because it doesn’t suit the agenda. ”

    Not according to the British Medical Journal:

    “[DANMASK-19] is inconclusive rather than negative, and it points to a likely benefit of mask wearing to the wearer—it did not examine the wider potential benefit of reduced spread of infection to others—and this even in a population where mask wearing isn’t mandatory and prevalence of infection is low. This finding is in keeping with summaries of evidence from Cochrane.”

    According to a meta-analysis published in The Lancet which looked at 172 observational studies:

    “Physical distancing of 1 m or more was associated with a much lower risk of infection, as was use of face masks (including N95 respirators or similar and surgical or similar masks [eg, 12–16-layer cotton or gauze masks]) and eye protection (eg, goggles or face shields).”

    Your claims of “massive elction fraud” are just nonsense. Go to any fact-checking site and you’ll see that they’re all lies spread by Trump and others. Evidence was presented in court, but it was rejected. Trump lost fair and square, and one of the main reasons was – ironically – because he convinced his supporters not to use mail-in voting. BTW, I’ve had my vaccine already thanks.

  18. Joy

    Isn’t Meta analysis supposed to be inherently biased?

  19. swordfishtrombone

    I’ve no doubt that Dennis will say something like that to try and avoid the fact that his claims have been disproven. But wait! Are you being serious?

  20. Dennis

    Indeed it is inherently biased, and the Lancet has been caught in numerous lies (such as its publication last summer of a completely fraudulent HCQ study – which they were eventually forced to retract), so take them with a grain of salt.

    I notice you’re apparently stumping for face shields on top of masks, to judge from your Lancet pull quote. Utterly deluded, paranoid, hypochondriac psycho. If you’re so afraid to go outside or be near anyone, stay the f-home. Just quit contributing to ruining the world for everyone else over a virus 99.98% of people survive, and for which all of the response is unjustified and overblown – even if it weren’t the case that masks don’t prevent the spread of viruses anyway.

    As for your claim about election fraud, you are just plain delusional and ignoring the evidence because of your biases. And pointing to alleged “fact checking sites” really takes the cake. Alleged fact-checker like Snopes, those employed by Facebook, Google etc. are themselves heavily compromised leftist-funded outfits designed to manipulate the public to spread an agenda under cover of the claim that they they are really just neutral “fact checkers”). And no, “the evidence” was never properly presented in court – you clearly know nothing about the legal system. Procedural BS manipulations were used to prevent cases being tried on the merits (just as Roberts did with the Texas case in the SCOTUS. Roberts has been a disgrace as Chief Justice – a deeply compromised individual who has done great damage to the rule of law throughout his tenure).

    Glad you had your Big Pharma gene therapy injection rushed to market (and still not truly approved but only under a fraudulent Emergency Use Exception – fraudulent because in order to qualify for the exception they and the FDA had to maintain the lie that there is no other reasonably effective alternative, ignoring clear evidence of HCQ and Ivermectin effectiveness; but those don’t bring in the big bucks for Big Pharma and cronies!) without proper studies long-term effects. I hope you and everyone else participating in the ongoing global fraud of this plandemic suffer antibody dependent enhancement and cytokine storms, among other effects. Will serve you all right for the evils which you’ve contributed putting the world through this past year, and which continues unabated, making life utterly insufferable.

  21. Joy

    Well I actually was being serious because Briggs and Dav have explained clearly how meta analysis has it’s flaws.
    I wasn’t trying to be difficult!
    Glad you had your jab,
    be nice to Dennis,
    Dennis be nice to Swordfish, play nicely.

  22. swordfishtrombone


    You were right about one thing: US COVID19 deaths aren’t 500,000 – they’re actually over 550,000. Your claims regarding mask wearing are based on a false interpretation of the results of one study; meanwhile, you discount the conclusion of an analysis of 172 studies (including yours) because you allege (with zero evidence) that it is biased. Doh. Might I suggest that you are the one displaying bias?

    Your bias is also showing with regard to your election fraud claims. I suggested you look at a fact-checking site yourself, to see how they arrive at their conclusions, but you’re not open-minded enough to do that, preferring to pre-judge their findings on spurious political grounds. (Incidentally, I’m not a leftist. I live in the UK, voted for Brexit and have never voted for the Labour party.)

    At least I can take heart from assuming that to be consistent with your beliefs, you won’t be voting next time?

  23. Joy

    They’re out without masks in Gibraltar, all better now…they hope!
    So if the grass is greener somewhere else? Maybe somewhere British with a Spanish influence might be the Goldie-lock zone for you. Just for a holiday, perhaps. Those who have been say it’s like stepping into a time capsule. Probably not quite fare enough back though, AFTER the defeat of the Armada

    Not even joking

  24. Dennis

    fishbone, every RCT study of masks has shown they don’t work to stop spread of viruses, including every study done before Covid; which is why prior to Covid both WHO and CDC recommended against generalized public mask wearing (even weasels like Fraudci and the US Surgeon General, among others, were strongly against masks in the beginning of Covid, and only changed their tune under political pressure). Claims that they “work” and “studies ” allegedly proving it only arose after masks became a political tool as part of the leftist agenda (especially once Trump came out against them – masks were the way to signal virtue and anti-Trumpism). Look at the data in places that had mask mandates versus those that didn’t (or have already lifted them), and the pattern of “cases” and officially attributed deaths is about the same (in fact often better in the “no-mask” places). Mask do nothing. You are a propagandized, brainwashed, fool.

    And as I said before, to a large degree it is beside the point whether they “work” or not. Even IF they were marginally beneficial forced face muzzles are an unjustified and unwarranted imposition for a virus that is not very deadly in the first place (barely more serious than flu). For those who are particularly paranoid and fearful or feel themselves highly at risk – go ahead muzzle up, just stop acting like the rest of the world (especially kids who are at basically no risk at all from Covid) should have all human interaction and normal life forever destroyed because of your hypochondriac mania over a flu bug.

    Likewise, you keep alleging some “fact-checking websites” have disproved election fraud, while you’ve provided not one actual link to any site you deem credible. “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” Again, one must always in the case of these sites claiming to be “fact-checkers” look into their own funding and political biases. When that is done, one sees the vast majority of sites promoting themselves as “neutral fact-checkers” are in fact heavily funded by biased organisations and media enterprises – Gates, Soros, NYT, Facebook, Google, Bellingcat, etc. – that are themselves promoting an agenda by manipulating facts and trying to make people believe they are mere neutral arbiters. But, continue marinating in your delusions if it makes you feel good. Here’s an aggregator of actual facts and data, court cases, legislation, etc. for to begin re-educating yourself:

  25. Dennis


    Anywhere without masks would be good, though I’d be leary about any place under British rule, given that their Covid response had been among the most frighteningly tyrannical and inept in the world.

    But you’re right, pre-Armada defeat would be preferable! One of the great sad turning points in history, the defeat of the Armada and its failure to oust that bastard Boleyn daughter, Elizabeth I, from the English throne and crush the heretic-schismatic “Church of England” after her murder of Mary Queen of Scots. Would that Phillip’s II’s own wife, Mary I, not died so young years before – it could have saved England from Elizabeth and Protestantism. The Tudors really were the worst English dynasty – perhaps even worse that the hapless joke “Windsors” (even their name is fake; but at least the Windsors are mostly a live-action tourist-tabloid attraction and can do little real damage, unlike the great damage done by the Tudor usurpers of the Plantagenets).

  26. Joy

    Not that you’re bitter or anything

    You’re in a funk and want me to be impressed at how cross you can be? About the Armada? THAT makes me smile

    I can be crosser than you!

    Your history lesson is from the US. That’s why you’re angry!
    Like the Democrats, who ‘won’ they’re still unhappy!

    Re covid response though? I completely disagree, of course, too many let the perfect be the enemy of the good in life and in crisis situations in general.

    The Church Of England and its values are responsible for much of your own country’s cultural foundation.
    You just don’t know

  27. Dennis

    “You’re in a funk and want me to be impressed at how cross you can be?”

    I don’t care what anyone thinks, never mind being “impressed.” You’re the one who brought up the Armada! I may be in a funk, but I mostly just don’t care any more. I’m tired of pretty much everything at this point; this stupid world gets worse nearly every day – what’s coming will make the last year of Covid-driven insanity look like a fun holiday interlude (I shudder to think what kind of world my nieces will live in 20-30 years or more) – and there is no viable future worth a damn really, so I’ll just muddle along for a while as long as I can, though I doubt I’ll make it to 50 at this point (still a few years to go, so we’ll see).

    “The Church of England and its values are responsible for much of your own country’s cultural foundation.
    You just don’t know”

    I just don’t know? Excuse me? I’m well aware that the “Church of England,” and Protestantism in general, are responsible for the USA and its “cultural foundation.” That was the fundamental problem with America and Americanism from the beginning. The USA’s “original sin” isn’t slavery, it’s Protestantism (and it’s partner-in-crime, Enlightenment liberalism)!

  28. Joy

    I meant no harm, thought it might just raise a smile to think we might show how cross people can get about hundreds of years old history….

    Sincerely Sorry
    Did you ever think “I just don’t really care, actually”?
    So it dawns on you that you’re arguing about something that doesn’t matter? Deep down?

    Don’t keep cornering your spirit because it will keep you feeling trapped or helpless or unable to be your own agent. I can appreciate that this covid business is not come at a good time for you personally. Worry about yourself instead of thinking about all the others. When you’re that. Unhappy, you won’t see things through a fair lens.

    This site can and does encourage black thoughts

    I thought you might like this:

  29. Dennis

    “…how cross people can get about hundreds of years old history….Did you ever think ‘I just don’t really care, actually’?…So it dawns on you that you’re arguing about something that doesn’t matter? Deep down?”

    I’m not cross about 100s of years old history, as if I go around thinking of it all day or bugging everyone I see about it…but it’s still just sad the way things have turned out. How can one see the state of the world (especially Western culture, which has been committing a slow suicide for over a century now), and for Catholics the self-destruction of the Church wrought since Vatican II (especially now with Bergoglio, whom I deem an anti-pope), and not be utterly depressed?

    My line above about not caring anymore was about my immediate fate. But no, deep down things do matter…I’m just resigned to being able to do nothing about it, accepting that the worst are generally the victors of history, that life on earth is basically a sad affair, and that things will likely never get better (indeed, probably will get much worse).

  30. Joy

    Some things matter, but maybe some of the things you’re upset (=sad, in English) about really don’t. People matter, but only the ones you know really matter, deep down.

    You say “turned out” as if it’s all over!
    The story goes on..
    “History is just one-damn thing after another.”
    Who gets to say when the game’s up?

    If you don’t know many people then that’s probably one of the sources of your hopelessness.
    I believe that love is what keeps people going. Faith, hope and love.

    Someone said,
    You need three things in life;
    Something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to
    I have been in a place at times in my life with none of those things, for years on end.
    They are each powerful in their own way.
    Many have something to do to an extent they don’t notice anything else at all.

    Covid has taken away in whole or part two of those elements.

    Did you ever look up the UK (I know you hate us), hospital depression self assessment form?
    You’re clever enough to see whee it is going but reading it might actually make you think outside of yourself.
    Excuse me giving unsolicited advice, I know Americans hate it like the plague.

  31. Dennis

    “The fall of Constantinople is a personal misfortune that happened to all of us only last week.”
    – Jean Raspail, from “The Camp of the Saints”

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