How A Science Becomes THE Science

How A Science Becomes THE Science

Our main concern is what has become of science, now often called by those who control it The Science. This is, as mentioned, the Cult of Science. Members are easy to spot. Not only do they use phrases like “We believe in The Science” and “Denier!”—has there ever been a clearer indication of religious intent than this one word?—but they all evince scientism, the false belief that knowing a (“scientific”) fact implies morally what should be done about that fact.

Scidolators, what we call the Cult members, do not see the contradiction. To them it is obvious, say, that because global cooling theory is true, it should and must be mitigated in this and only this way. Disputing the mitigation, to them, is equivalent to disputing the theory. And disputing the theory is verboten. Because the theory is The Science. One does not dispute dogma in any religion, lest one become a heretic or apostate.

A theory becomes The Science when a mitigation or solution to the theory becomes more important than the theory itself. Not every theory becomes The Science. For example, how chemical bonding occurs in metals is allowed, at least for now, to be plain old science, subject to the rule that if theory does not match Reality, the theory, not Reality, is tossed or modified. This is plain old science because there is no call for “mitigating” chemical bonding. Not directly.

By mitigating I mean providing a solution to “fix” or manipulate an effect of the theory. This effect may be real or imaginary. The mitigation is real.

One way for a science to become The Science, though in a roundabout way, is for victim quotas to be imposed upon it, as a “solution” to “disparities.” Since quotas always and necessarily lead to a lessening of standards, the meaning and definitions of the science will change to accommodate the quota hires. This science becomes a weak form of The Science because the necessary modifications (weakenings) to theories cannot be questioned. Though they may be ignored by the veterans and non-quota hires.

We’re interested in the stronger forms of The Science, which require broader desires for mitigation or solutions.

Global cooling and the coronadoom became The Science because their mitigations were desired. Their mitigations created The Science from science theories. Climatology, for example, started as a plain science, and still exists as such in quiet corners. It morphed as soon as its mitigations were discovered, and it has been The Science ever since.

That climatology is no longer plain science is signaled by the continuous change in names for it’s theory: global cooling, global warming, climate change, sustainability, and so on. These are needed because there are still a core of old-fashioned scientists who blush when theories don’t accord with Reality.

The coronadoom is the same. The mitigation was deeply desired by our elites and rulers, who like with global cooling not only did not suffer from the mitigations, but benefited from them. That elites benefit from mitigations is how the theory-Reality relationship is reversed. In plain science theory is made to fit Reality. In The Science this is flipped.

Let’s look at some priests, or rather imams, of the Cult of Science in the global cooling sect. Perhaps we’ll find no better case study than in the paper “Nationalist ideology, rightwing populism, and public views about climate change in Europe” by Joakim Kulin and others in the journal, whose name gives the game away, Environmental Politics. Here’s the Abstract:

Rising rightwing populism (RWP) potentially constitutes an obstacle to climat change mitigation, as European RWP parties and politicians often espouse climate change skepticism and oppose climate policies. Meanwhile, their party positions and issue stances have also become increasingly characterized by nationalism. Using European Social Survey data from 2016, we show that public attitudes consistent with nationalist ideology are clearly linked to voting for RWP parties and that people who hold these attitudes are more likely to be skeptical about climate change and to oppose policies that increase taxes on fossil fuels. With regard to policy attitudes, we find that nationalist ideology is more influential than traditional left-right political ideology, environmental values and political trust. The results also reveal substantial cross-national differences, as nationalist ideology is linked more closely to public views about climate change in Western European countries, where RWP parties with a nationalist rhetoric have had recent electoral successes.

It’s a good bet, though I did not check, that each of the authors of this paper know nothing about the theromdynamics of fluid flow on a differentially heated land-, atmosphere-, and water-covered rotating sphere. In any paper, ignorance of the authors who weep about disbelief is always diagnostic of a The Science.

The discussion the authors have of the reasons for disbelief is important to understanding The Science.

If you are sensitive, when you see criticisms of nationalism like those here you say to yourself, “Whoa! Hold up with the anti-Semitism!” because Jews, as all agree, are allowed to be nationalists. Or you might say “Stop piling on the anti-Asian hate!” because Asians, like the Chinese and Burmese, are allowed to be nationalist. Or again you might cry “Racist!” when you realize that depriving black Africa of nationalism is doubleplus extra-bad naughty.

And so forth. Since these imams who decry nationalism would also agree, and with a rapidity that would leave you gasping, that Jews and Asians and so forth should be nationalists, they must mean something other than what the word itself means. They cannot be criticizing nationalists. They must instead be criticizing those in the West who they perceive to be enemies of mitigation. The only candidates, of course, are those whites who still see themselves, as everybody else is allowed to, as part of a people. Just as Jews, Asians, blacks and others do.

You only see populism derided in this context. The Science priests and imams hate, or are at least terrified, that the based are allowed to vote, because a vote implies the possible loss of their control. All voting in democracies is by definition (the old definition) populist. That’s what allowing the public to vote means. The popular vote. Populism only becomes a scare-word when the wrong people vote in great enough numbers to put the fear of God into The Science supporters.

The authors are explicit about their own tribe, using phrases like “traditional left-right political ideology” is “environmental values” and “political trust.” That last is the most revealing phrase. It declares trust a virtue and means, like nationalism, something besides its plain meaning, because, of course, the based would trust their own leaders (if they had them). Therefore, political trust can only mean deference to The Science gatekeepers.

The Cult of Science is obvious in this Abstract. That’s signaled by the authors fretting over the powerless minority who “espouse climate change skepticism and oppose climate policies”. Only the opposition of the mitigation counts.

Tell one of these priests something like this: While I’m not convinced about climate change theory, since the models are so poor at making predictions, I believe we ought to follow all mitigation schemes. Perhaps you say this because you benefit from them (maybe you invested in windmills).

You will be praised as enlightened. Your global cooling denial is forgiven, and forgotten. It is irrelevant. The mitigation is The Science, not the plain science.

If you doubt this, try this conversation instead: I believe, you tell the priest, global cooling theory is true. It must be, since so many smart scientists believe in it. I therefore accept it without hesitation or qualm. It is true. But, the mitigations aren’t needed. They will end up doing more harm than good, and that’s not even considering their tremendous cost.

Do you think you could escape being called a Denier! here? You have questioned dogma, and even called it false. This is not allowed.

Try both conversations with the coronadoom, too. Say you disbelieve the theory but support the mitigation, and you will be praised. But say you believe all the models of exponential “cases” and deaths, but you don’t think lockdowns and mask mandates should be implemented, and you will be loathed.

Try it with any science that has become The Science. Accept the theory but reject its mitigation. You will very quickly learn The Science has nothing to do with science and everything to do with solutions and mitigations

Incidentally, I have an old talk on this. I’d change a few things, as will become obvious when watching, but it’s not far off.

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  1. Chuck L

    “That climatology is no longer plain science is signaled by the continuous change in names for it’s theory: global cooling, global warming, climate change, sustainability, and so on.”

    Briggs, you left out the best of all, “climate justice.” How dare you, you climate heathen!

  2. B

    To the cult member say: it’s odd that all the solutions to age and plandemic involve big pharma and big corp, generally in a partnership with big gov. That is called what? Fascism.

  3. Mike H

    “The Science” is nothing more than spoiled Wokie brats alternately engaging in group hugs and pooping on the peasants. Both “The Science” and its corporate enablers need to be resisted with great vigor and ultimately obliterated.

  4. Spetzer86

    Well, at least the Ds took care of any worries about voting they might have. With SCOTUS not even weighing in on whether non-constitutional state rule changes for voting are considered legal, it looks like whatever the state party in power can get away with can be done. Lots of swing states are going to become very straight, I’m thinking.

  5. Jan Van Betsuni

    I understand some pre-teens develop gender identity insecurity from repeated exposure to Disney programming, but I question whether providing endocrine drugs to them is the best response.

  6. Zundfolge

    I have long been saying that when you see someone put the word “The” in front of science that its no longer science and is now dogma. Thanks for encapsulating what I’ve been trying to say better than I have. Now I no longer need to fret about writing out some essay on the subject, I can just point people to this blog post.

  7. Dean Ericson

    Briggs: ”You will very quickly learn The Science has nothing to do with science and everything to do with solutions and mitigations.”


    Funny how that is. I guess they just love us so much.

  8. White Coat Czar

    Covid was made for the vaccine.

  9. Ann Cherry

    What a brilliant, insightful article.

    Mask mandates are a perfect example of the cult of The Science.

    Sometimes it comes down to “Who ya gonna believe, us or your lyin’ eyes?” Several videos (google “masks and vaping”) visually demonstrate how ineffective are masks in preventing transmission of airborne particles, especially teensy-tiny viruses. I understand that YouTube likes to remove them for violating Covid Cult standards. This one, by a physician, is less than four minutes:

    The most compelling argument against masks, aside from their physical and psychological harm, is that they don’t work for this purpose, as the CDC and other “experts” admitted as recently as March, 2020. Even the vaunted “N95” has an exhalation valve, so how does it “protect others”?

    Those places without mask mandates, and with low “mask compliance” rates, have no higher rates of infection or hospitalization, and often, their infection rates are lower over the long run.

    Not to mention, the re-breathing of our own CO2. What are we….plants?

    Most of us learned in primary school that our bodies remove toxins by way of respiration. It’s “small ’s’ science”, grade-school level, which ought to make it understandable even to “Scientists” with two-year liberal arts degrees such as Bill Nye the Science Guy, and noted climate expert Greta Thunberg.

    Furthermore, discarded mask pollution is becoming a real problem; never-mind, they don’t actually care about the environment, or they wouldn’t want windmills.

    The fact that The State wants to compel even very young children to “wear masks and socially distance”, even though they are rarely infected, and if infected almost never get sick or die, displays their evil intentions.

    Let’s not kid ourselves: these “experts” want us, and our children, masked up for good, and receiving mandatory annual vaccines and “boosters”; allegedly to “prevent” catching or spreading a virus with a 99.98% average survival rate, where the average age of death from Corona-doom is 80, in a country where the average age of death from all causes is 79.

    Because “cases”.

    Speaking of cases, we’ve seen through-out history that sometimes the “head-cases” get to be in charge, and this appears to be one of those times. Indeed, the ruling class is approaching Caligula-level crazy, and masks seem to spread, rather than prevent, this particular deadly contagion.

    Happy Easter Monday! He is risen, and He told us to fear not. Shall we take that as a command?

  10. Brad Tittle

    We modeled a system in Practical Fluid Dynamics. 30 people in the class modeling the same system. 30 different results. Professor went through each of the models and couldn’t find any real mistakes in any of the models.

    I wish I had those models. They were all in Excel / Lotus 123 / [Q version] … There are aspects of Fluid Dynamics that enter the mystical. You waved the I Believe wand. Reynolds Number, Nusselt Number, Prandlt Number all get linked together to get you a heat transfer coefficient. Counterflow heat exchangers weren’t bad. Crossflow heat exchangers with air on one side and liquid on the other are not so straight forward. Those numbers can slide around on you. Some of those approximations are wild.

    A neighbor helps manage the local poop processing station. There is an operation manual at the poop processing location. They follow the manual, but they don’t completely follow it. Keeping the system running is part art. The computers still can’t quite handle it. It is really easy to start hunting with such systems, so you keep track of where you bugs are and try to keep them balanced … But newly branded graduates in Sanitation Engineering know what they are doing and are famous for blowing out the plants because they won’t listen to the people who have managed to operate the plant for 20 years. Every plant is different even if they look exactly the same and have all the same parts.

  11. Rudolph Harrier

    As science becomes THE science it also gets tied up more with celebrity personalities than any actual theory or evidence. For example whatever Dr. Fauci rambles about today will be the dogma on the coronavirus, even if it contradicts things that he said earlier, because he is the chosen imam of the Wuhan flu. Similarly what Neil DeGrasse Tyson posts on his twitter has far more importance than a hundred papers in cosmology, because his followers f—ing love the science!

  12. Jerry

    Most people worship The Science because they think it makes them elite. They have “evolved” (and rightfully so because they are smart and this shows that they are). It enables them to authoritatively thumb their noses at religion and run with the pagan cult of their choice, which were always more spiritual and “in tune” with Nature, and the Wise Indigenous Peoples who routinely sacrificed their babies.

  13. Rudolph Harrier

    Adding off of Jerry’s point, THE science is valued the less intuitive it is and the harder it is for a commoner to believe. This makes the scidolator elites all the more special. This is why they eagerly embrace the Schroedinger’s Cat thought experiment as something that could easily happen in the real world. Schroedinger himself of course intended the thought experiment as a paradoxical result meant to cast doubt on the Copenhagen interpretation. But the scidolator instead embraces paradox and does not even comprehend why there might be something impossible going on in the experiment in the first place: The Science has said the cat is dead and alive, therefore we must believe it!

    But what is probably more instructive is their reaction to Fauci’s contradictions. Point out that Fauci previously said that masks were worthless and counterproductive, but now swears by them, and they will say that he lied for our own good. They will explain that originally it was worried that if scientists said that masks actually worked then there would be a rush for the most effective masks, leading to shortages for medical professionals. Therefore Fauci had no choice but to lie and says that they were worthless, so that we would be fooled for our own good. Now what’s particularly interesting about this is that the Fauci devotees will talk about this as if Fauci was just fooling the OTHER rubes out there and that THEY were smart enough to know the whole time that masks “worked” because they are part of the science believing elite. But of course at the time they believed Fauci’s lie, and they refuse to consider whether Fauci is lying NOW for some other “greater good.”

  14. You write: “Accept the theory but reject its mitigation. You will very quickly learn The Science has nothing to do with science and everything to do with solutions and mitigations”

    Hmm.. I did not know that, but I do now. Thanks!

  15. Johnno

    It’s the same stupidity that makes up the bulk of those pushing Marxism.

    The revolution is not the point. The point IS revolution.

    The means ARE the end!

    That’s what keeps them in permanent employment.

    It’s why we keep fighting the war on poverty, drugs and terrorism, and why we always end up with a lot more of it. How mysterious!

  16. C-Marie

    Watch the movie, RISEN. If seen before, it is worth watching again. Pilate’s science, in the movie, when the suggestion is made that maybe Yeshua is alive again, was, that he would just kill Him a second time.

    See trailer here:

    A very Blessed and Joyful Happy Easter Resurrection Week to all!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  17. spaceranger

    Cults require priesthoods and priesthoods have always come along to claim that they can cure disease (!) or fix the weather if only we make a sacrifice. Their power is the collection plate. Since there aren’t enough virgins around to throw into the volcano, they do it with taxes. And when it doesn’t work, it’s because we didn’t believe in them enough.

  18. Sheri

    It’s “The science” and “science” so you know the former is fantasy and the latter is reality.

  19. MG

    Thanks, Matt, for a nice essay. Well-said: “The Science has nothing to do with science and everything to do with solutions and mitigations”

    I wonder what stands for “THE science” in other languages that have no articles? Such as Russian. For sure, there are solutions and mitigations in Russian speaking countries.

  20. Jan Van Betsuni

    Photographic Representation of Ocean (Water), Atmosphere and Stratosphere For Purposes Of Heuristic Thought Generation Concerning: “…thermodynamics of fluid flow on a differentially heated land-, atmosphere-, and water-covered rotating sphere” (Wm. BRIGGS)

  21. Denis Ables

    Nowadays ice ages are referred to as “glaciations”, apparently because it is now recognized that our planet as been experiencing a 65 million year cooling trend. Over the past 1.3 million years there have been 13 glaciations, average duration 90,000 years, each followed by a warming period (such as we now enjoy) average duration 10,000 years.

    Google “Post-Glaciation Sea Level Rise” and/or “12,000 year graph of sea level” if the graph does not appear in place of this comment.

    This graph sends an important message because it likely reflects typical sea level response during any of the past 13 warming periods. About 6,000 years ago the RATE of increase in sea level began to decrease and that decreasing rate has continued. Our current rate of increase is a minuscule 1 to 3 mm per year. During this warming period sea level has increased more than 400 feet. Some folks have become concerned during the past several decades about increasing sea level evidently because they believe that the relatively few inches of increase has suddenly been caused by increasing CO2 level. The CO2 increase is brought on mostly by recent human activity since the mid 1800s. However, there was at least one cooling period between 1945 and 1975, even as CO2 was steadily increasing. The popular belief is that increasing CO2 causes global warming. Our oceans, if subjected to sufficient warming, would expand..

    However, there is no evidence that CO2 has ever had any impact on our global temperature. The proponents of warming have authored numerous computer models to justify their position. However, these models all assume that CO2 causes warming and, further, that the actual culprit is water vapor feedback which generates 2 to 3 times the temperature increase as brought on supposedly by CO2 increase.

    There is also (finally!) a recent experiment which demonstrates that neither .04% nor 100% CO2 has little, if any, impact on global warming. Since the experiment indicates that CO2 has little impact on warming this also rules out the possibility of any significant impact on warming by water vapor feedback. In any even the assumption about water vapor feedback depends on the applicability of the greenhouse gas theory to the open atmosphere. The GHG theory brings with it a necessary condition. There must also be a warmer region about 10km above the tropics, a “hot spot”. Despite decades of radiosondes that hot spot has never been found. The alarmists supposedly rebut that concern by offering more speculation as to where the hot spot may have gone.

    If this 1.3 million year trend continues then another glaciation in the near future is expected. In any event, another foot or two of water on the Big Apple is hardly as concerning as that city being buried, for most of 90,000 years, under a mile high glacier.

    There’s more. Sun activity (sun spots) has recently gone quiet. Sun activity has driven both warming and cooling during the past 800,000 years according to Don Easterbrook (geologist). His book “The Solar Magnetic Cause of Climate Changes and Origin of the Ice Ages” is available at Amazon. John Casey also talks about sun influence in “Dark Winter”.

    Henrik Svensmark, Danish physicist, claimed the same back in the 90s. Svensmark’s theory is that cosmic rays entering the lower atmosphere contribute to cloud cover. (CERN has long since validated Svensmark’s theory.) The normally unchanging stream of cosmic rays entering the lower atmosphere are partially blocked when the sun is active. The sun’s changing magnetic field shields the earth. An active sun results in fewer cosmic rays entering the lower atmosphere hence lower cloud cover so more sun radiation reaches the earth’s surface which warms the earth. When inactive the earth receives more cosmic rays which leads to more cloud cover. Thus more sun radiation is reflected back to space so less reaches the earth’s surface which leads to cooling.

    The sun has been active until recently which supposedly brought on our warming, But now the sun has become quiet so average cloud cover should be increasing and a cooling may soon set in. Some indications, which come to mind, of the arrival of cooling are the temperature “hiatus” during the 2000s (admitted by IPCC), also February 2021 was the coolest in about four decades, and Texas recently experienced a record cold winter.

  22. LS5

    Our solutions and mitigations are ultimately our truths which we hold and in doing this we demonstrate our idolatry. No way could it ever be science. Most definitely would it be cultish.

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