1. Michael Dowd

    And a Happy and Blessed Easter to you William.

  2. Dr. Bruce A. Wineman

    Happy Easter, Dr. Briggs!

  3. Joy


    This Dean has welcomed many new member tot he church during the period of lockdown. Many ,via the internet.

    Often with the assistance of baby animals and one Tiger cat.

  4. Fredo

    Àm na Càisg math

  5. Ann Cherry

    Happy Easter, He is risen!

    A video’s been making the rounds, of a bunch of dejected Polish Catholics in the UK allowing the police to shut down their Holy Mass.

    I prefer this one, where the pastor of a Messianic Jewish rite ejects the group of police trying to shut him down, peaceably but firmly (come back with a warrant.) Just an observation, the masked female police officer does not stop talking through-out this encounter, not even for a single moment.


  6. Ann Cherry

    I took another look at the video, and the masked loquacious woman is no police officer, her jacket is emblazoned with “Environmental Department” and she’s sporting a shoulder-purse. She’s accompanied by a half-dozen looming, silent, armed male police officers, who look like they’d rather be anyplace else, hard to tell behind all the masks.

  7. Fredo

    Didn’t realize it was already posted but it’s just priceless!

  8. C-Marie

    A very Happy and Blessed Easter Resurrection Day to you and all!, All thanks be to God for giving His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to suffer and die and rise from the dead for us!!
    God bless, C-Marie

  9. C-Marie

    P.S. The movie, RISEN, is a must see, even if seen before!!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  10. Peter

    A Blessed Easter to you.

  11. Joy

    The polish could always go back to Poland…they won’t though

    Jesus said,
    My kingdom is not of this world or my servants would be fighting

    There’s no argument in heaven because there are no lies

  12. Russell Haley

    Happy Easter! I live streamed masses for two communities for Holy Week (Latin Mass and Ordinariate. All Ad Orientum). It was awesome. We had almost 150 turn up for communion on Easter. Our Altar Server corps grew by two people.

    Here are two of my favorites images. I like them because they are visceral. What would it have been like to see your friend and teacher alive again?



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