1. Joy

    Happy? Fourth of July?
    Happiness is an inside job


    In India, the humans are Drowning little girls. Be thankful you’re born in the USA!

  2. Bob

    Just read the letter John Adams wrote to Abigail on 7-2-1776.
    What the cost?

  3. keep kicking that football, charlie brown

    happy juneteenth for white people day! spend your $0.16 savings wisely.

  4. Milton Hathaway

    Kenan Meyer, 28-Jun-2021: “Is the left really in the drivers seat or is leftism just an incidental expression of a collapsing empire? From my point of view they certainly are going to be buried under its debris like everybody else.”

    Due to events of the past year, I have become very contemplative this past week leading up to Independence Day. Kenan’s word above have particularly resonated with me. In my efforts to Know Thy Enemy, in this case those who want to destroy the county from within, have I missed the big picture completely?

    I think Kenan is absolutely correct, the woke mob of walking-talking Dunning-Kruger Effect exemplars really aren’t competent enough to be having the success they have been having, and as an engineer, I just don’t believe in accidental successes of this magnitude. It makes much more sense to me that they see the yawning void expanding and are rushing to get ahead of it. As short-sighted as the woke mob is, they have successfully convinced most of us that they control it. Meanwhile, the causal parties are more than happy to have us ineffectively focusing on symptoms.

    It really feels to me like I am missing the bigger picture here. Who is pulling the strings? China? There is evidence for and against that theory, but it doesn’t feel quite right to me. I do believe China wants to be the dominant world power, but I’m not convinced they actually want to destroy the US, or even cripple it badly, I think they’d rather just overtake us.

    Have a happy and safe 4th!

  5. Soros once made a lot of money crippling the Bank of England.
    He shorts currency.
    I’ve thought of mortgaging my house at 2% and buying gold (can’t find bullets).
    Sell it at a profit to pay off the mortgage in a couple years.

  6. C-Marie

    Thank You God for the United States of America!!

    The bigger picture is that God is allowing all of this, the wages of sin, to take place in our country, so as to hopefully move us all, in His Church and in our nation, to repent of our own sin and the sins of our nation and of Christ’s Church.

    There is no secret here. God is allowing the reaping of the sowing of the sins of our selves, our nation, His Church.

    The sins include, the denials of the salvation of His Son Jesus Christ, the denial of His creation of the biological human sexuality of male and female only, which denials are strongly affecting the young, the murders of His born and unborn children, and we know the rest.

    So, as needed, personally repent, pray for national and Church repentance, stay close to and hang onto Jesus, for He is the only Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    God bless, C-Marie

  7. Russell Haley

    Many of the Covid restrictions have been lifted in BC Canada as of June 30. We apparently reached 80% vaccination with 1 dose. I wouldn’t know, I prefer to take my chances with the respiratory illness. Funny enough, I didn’t realize the restrictions were lifted for a couple of days. Shows how much attention I was paying…

    We had a wonderful Mass in the Ordinariate today. No masks or distancing. It was a sung mass and so I sung as loud as I could. We had coffee and snacks in the basement afterwards. As I wondered around everyone kept saying “this is so weird!” It was nice to see all the kids again.

    Anyway, a big thank you to Dr. Briggs and all the other contributors for helping those of us that are statistically challenged peer behind the curtain and take back our reality. I hope that you set your sites on the other statistical manipulations of the left.

    I pray for you all on this wonderful celebration of freedom. Thank you and Happy Independence Day from a viewer in the North.

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