Media Blames Heatwave On Global Warming: I Say Nope

Media Blames Heatwave On Global Warming: I Say Nope

Okay, hold the emails. I changed the title to “global warming.” I used “global cooling” originally only because it irritates to a great extent the ignorant who are always chanting on The Consensus. Because global cooling used to be The Consensus.

Last week I did an interview with Cal Beisner at the Cornwall Alliance For The Stewardship of Creation.

Here’s their description of it:

As if on cue, media all over blamed the Pacific Northwest heat wave early this month on the global warming you cause. And now they’re blaming you for the flooding in Europe, too. And last year they blamed you and all your neighbors—meaning all the people in the world, but especially those in developed countries—for the wildfires in the American west. And the media can draw on plenty of “climate scientists” (some real, some wanna-be) as “expert witnesses.” The trouble is, the empirical evidence just isn’t there. Most importantly, the statistics show no significant correlation between the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events and global warming—whether manmade or natural. Tuesday, July 20, at 7 p.m. Eastern Time/6 p.m. Central, we’ll discuss with weather statistician William M. “Matt” Briggs on From the Stacks, the Cornwall Alliance’s livestream program on Facebook and YouTube. Join us, and invite your friends!

Direct video link.

And a link to the report I did: Climate Attribution Studies Can’t Be Trusted — New Paper.

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  1. Sheri

    No one in the media has an IQ higher than my dog. They are morons. Those of use who can read and remember know THEY ARE ALL CRAPPY, WORTHLESS LYING SCUM TO BE HATED. Is that clear enough?

    Heck, these people are soooooo stupid you could blame a UFO on global warming, a tear in their over-priced outfit, anything and the flaming idiots would believe it. I never would have thought I’d live in country where people were so, so, so, so stupid. They will live in hell soon as the stupid will take them out. People beg to live in hell—how stupid is that??????

    I find it fascinating you still think logic will work on people stupider than my dog….

    We are out buying another A/C unit. Long live fossil fuels. Short life for the lying media, though. And may they LOSE their A/C totally.

  2. Excellent riposte to the alarmist b.s.: “Nope!”

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Al

    Don’t call the media stupid, at least not for believing the BS they broadcast. They are not stupid, they are corrupt or at least complicit in the corruption of their industry. They get paid to sing along to the globalist agenda or they get cancelled. The most accurate accusations are mendacity, ignorance and contemptuous of the truth. Some quite enthusiastically so.

  4. Sheri

    A!: I consider someone who goes against the good of humanity and jumps off a cliff like a lemming “stupid”. No rational, intelligent person behaves that way. I can go with corrupt or complicit, but there is still a huge pile of stupid. I can’t believe the childish writing we get from all sides of the news. So I’m sticking with stupid.

  5. Al

    How about you start at ‘stupid’, I come in at ‘corrupt’ and we settle on ‘useful idiots’? 🙂

  6. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Just great, as always, Sarge. But turn and face the sun so you have an even golden glow on your face rather than sidelight shadows. Bring the camera up to eye level or slightly below, so you’re not looking so down at us and we’re not looking up your nostrils. White shirt is too high-contrast so go with muted blue color, and linen for summer. The open-necked look is trotskyite-lemming so necktie up, make it a linen cravat, white, or madras dandification, tied loose. A hat helps and never hurts, in summer it’s straw, a boater would do but better a short-brim style like porkpie so as not to shade the face too much. The outdoor backdrop is pretty good but you might add a bass boat, chainsaw, or two-man buck saw, a shotgun or bear trap, a cabin, stuff like that to juice up the he-man rustic ambiance. It’s cocktail time on the patio so a summer drink is cheering, something like whiskey-lemon-mint-bitters ,and lots of clinky ice.
    Hagfish Bagpipe,
    Production Design & Asinine Comments

  7. Briggs


    All great tips. But the thing happened so fast and at the last second, it was a miracle it happened at all.

  8. Sheri

    A1: I can’t see useful anywhere in this. Sorry. I want them all dropped on a desert island……..

    I was going to point out that in 1982 these were part of the lyrics to “Dirty Laundry” by Don Henley:

    “We got the bubble-headed bleached-blonde comes on at 5″

    I always interpreted “bubble-headed” as equivalent to “stupid”. This was 39 years ago, so the designation is really not new.

  9. Hagfish Bagpipe

    And there’s the miracle of the battery, so it was meant to be as it was.

  10. Milton Hathaway

    A thoughtful conservative will say socialism doesn’t work, and point to history. A thoughtful liberal, aware of history, will realize that socialism can’t compete with capitalism in a free market, but still believes that capitalism is evil, and therefore comes to the conclusion that allowing capitalism to compete with socialism is the root of the problem. This requires a new world order where capitalism is forbidden, or even better, so heavily crippled by regulation that it can no longer compete with socialism. If capitalism is allowed to flourish in even one country, that country will eventually develop an outsized influence and eventually threaten socialism, by example if nothing else.

    A thoughtful conservative will observe the current efforts of the globalists and marvel at the apparent futility of the effort. A thoughtful liberal will . . . well, this is where my understanding falls apart. But just because I can’t see a viable path from point A to point B for the globalists, I can’t assume such a path doesn’t exist.

    CAGW is clearly a major thrust for the globalists. If they can convince the world that it is indeed an existential threat, then it must be addressed on a global level. Only countries with a low standard of living can be allowed the competitive advantages of capitalism, and only until their standard of living rises to the point it becomes a threat to their world order.

    This is where I am currently stuck. Since I can’t see any viable path from point A to point B for globalism, short of a fantastically successful fourth reich, I am unable to take any of the current CAGW efforts seriously. This isn’t to say that they should be ignored, for they can indeed do great damage to an individual country from the inside, and that’s a problem if the particular country happens to be the one you live in. (On the other hand, if I don’t live in said country, I say go for it, the world needs more real-life examples.)

    I am closely watching Biden’s global minimum tax efforts. This stated minimum tax, 15% rate, is quite modest and would be totally ineffectual for the globalists’ purposes, so clearly it is meant as just a foot in the door. But again, I just don’t see a path from point A to point B even for this modest effort.

    Perhaps the most interesting thing about the global minimum tax is that it is an implied admission that globalism is bad for individual countries. If it was a good thing, no negotiation would be necessary.

    (If my ramblings seem too off-topic, just substitute CAGW for socialism/globalism, I no longer see much of a distinction.)

  11. Dennis

    All weather is now “climate change,” and all climate change is people’s fault (tell that to the Sun).

    The Science(TM), Bill Gates, mainstream media, the WEF, and that pigtailed Swedish lass all agree on this consensus! You are ignorant (and probably racist too!, just because) if you don’t.

  12. Uncle Mike

    We lived through the Great Heat Wave. We live right in the middle of the PNW. And I must tell you, it was NOTHING. It got warm. Big Whoop. The temp went up to 100°F. Whoo whoo. We didn’t die. Nothing died. The garden did fine. The orchard did fine. The birds, deer, squirrels, skunks all did fine.

    The usual suspects went bat-shoot crazy, again, as usual. They don’t here. This week it’s supposed to be in the nineties, 97°F is predicted. So what? It’s no big deal. It’s summer. Summer is great. We love it.

    The Global Temps are down if you look at the data, which is questionable because there is no global orifice to stick a thermometer in. The poles are averaged with the Equator. The global average is a phony stat, but if it suits you, then note that this year the global temp is below the average for the last 20 years.

    How could a lower global temp cause a higher local temp? Which wasn’t that high. No need to freak out of your shorts about some local anomaly which wasn’t anything anyway. There are plenty of real problems, like commies vandalizing churches, to worry about:

  13. C-Marie

    God love you all!!
    God bless, C-Marie

  14. 1 – I did not watch the video – sorry. I’m too impatient for that medium, but good on you anyway.
    2 – the media response was expected: a hot day in July proves the American SUV is destroying all life; an extended winter in Peru isn’t noticed.
    3 – “the science is settled” – really: see – and, of course, I assume you’ve seen the latest numbers suggesting cooling since pehaps 1998 or so.

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