A Call On Doctors To Reject Quackery

A Call On Doctors To Reject Quackery

The two disquieting reasons not to trust the advice of Experts and physicians these days are plain. Quackery and politics.

The American Medical Association has converted itself from an organization of medical professionals communicating advancements in the field, primarily in the declining journal JAMA, to yet another vice signaling who-whom woke political cabal designed to quash dissident thought.

This will surely change, but as of 1 August 2021 their “History” web page, which in olden days would have touted the evolving science of medicine, now boasts of these headlines: “Speaking out against structural racism at JAMA and across health care”, “Reckoning with medicine’s history of racism”, and “The history of African Americans and organized medicine”.

Clicking the “Load More” brings us: “Health equity commitment being embedded in DNA of AMA’s work”. Clever pun, no?

That’s the politics.

Now comes the quackery. Check this headline: “Remove Sex From Public Birth Certificates, AMA Says”.

“Sex should be removed as a legal designation on the public part of birth certificates,” said the WebMD story.

WebMD used to be where the nervous would go to look up symptoms they saw on TV to convince themselves they were dying. Now they can imbibe the propaganda that sex is on a “spectrum”.

Anyway, why is this organizations of science-based physicians insisting of doing away with sex?

Requiring it can lead to discrimination and unnecessary burden on individuals whose current gender identity does not align with their designation at birth, namely when they register for school or sports, adopt, get married, or request personal records.

So a person who later in life takes leave of their senses and decides they “really” are the opposite sex would stumble upon their birth certificate and collapse in horror at the information recorded there.

But this is nonsense, even on their own insane terms. For these individuals all announce they are “transitioning”, which means they know what their “old” sex was by definition.

The AMA credits this record of birth with magical powers, and treat it like that penny Christopher Reeve saw in Somewhere In Time which horrifically transported him back into the future. The metaphor is complete when we recall the transportation devastated Reeve, and that he died of grief.

They trot out this “MD” named Willie Underwood III—making us wonder if he knew the biology of number appendage—to say “Assigning sex using binary variables in the public portion of the birth certificate fails to recognize the medical spectrum of gender identity”.

There is no medical spectrum of gender identity. It is only true that people can go insane in an infinite number of ways. Their bodies, and their biology, are still what they are. Unchangeable.

Another “MD”—we are beginning to suspect this means Massively Deluded—” a delegate from GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality said transgender, gender nonbinary, and individuals with differences in sex development can be placed at a disadvantage by the sex label on the birth certificate.”

All of which is false. Especially so in a culture that sees Victimhood as the highest possible status.

“But Briggs, what about the intersex, you heartless brute. How they must suffer!”

Funnily enough, you cannot define intersex without first having the definition, and knowledge, of sex. So it’s a non-argument. Or rather, an argument that seeks victory by conceding defeat. Secondly, the number of people suffering under these “gender maladies” are wee.

Thirdly, even ignoring these refutations, saying their is no such thing as sex because intersex, is like pointing to a meat counter at Walmarts and saying there are no such things as cows. Not really, because lo!, here are pieces of meat all on their own.

This kind of nominalism always fails: there is always a hidden assumed but unacknowledged essence lurking somewhere.

We come to the main point. The AMA site (linked above) is, at this date, littered with “medical” advice about the coroandoom. Such as “Explore COVID-19 and Health Equity Resources”. The importance of vaccines and other “solutions” are touted.

Tell me, doctors, why should we listen to anything you say on these, or any topics, when you cannot acknowledge sex? When it is clear to anyone that your opinions are swayed, and with great ease, by political pressure? When your paid representatives spout what everybody knows is nonsense?

Unless you—yes, you—come out publicly and condemn these absurdities, we cannot trust anything you say. The suspicion that your advice has ulterior motives is too great, and rational.

If you cannot condemn quackery, we must ignore you.

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  1. Bob Mounger

    so is a cancer diagnosis objective reality or are we imposing our categories on the tumor? maybe the tumor is transitioning to an organ?

  2. Sheri

    Bob: Maybe it is transitioning to an organ, but honestly, most people figure if we don’t have the organ already, we obviously don’t need it. We could rename “cancer” to “evotionary change”, but it’s still fatal and it still goes.

    Their headline screams “WE ARE WOKE. GIVE US MONEY.”

    Scary that doctors don’t realize an organization does not have DNA. Are you sure these are not witch doctors?
    In spite of their primitive, ridiculous beliefs, you cannot change the sex of an individuals. These are idiots. Complete morons. Absolute LOSERS.

    It meant Massively Deluded in many cases for a long time. That’s what having an ego you can run and jump over means—you’re not part of the real world.

    Good point in the intersex. You need at least two sexes for intersex to ever exist. People with no legitimate argument ALWAYS go for the exception to the rule, ignoring that EVERYTHING in life has an exception. It’s just ignorance and stupidity on display.

    The Walmart example is not good. Many people think meat is wrapped in saran wrap and just materializes. If you doubt this, take them to a butcher shop and watch them faint.

    Technically, it’s the idiots that run the AMA that is the problem. I would guess over half the doctors out there think their “leaders” are idiots just like we do.

  3. Robin

    Thought the correct answer to the “sex” box would be “yes” or “no”. Devastated to learn that this is no longer part of the medical spectrum.

  4. New ones? Maybe not. They will have been steeped in the current madness from an early age, too. Older ones, which includes the retired and retiring? Yes, I’d guess that at least half or more would think the AMA is out of its (collective) mind. I wonder what the membership numbers look like these days. “Leftism”, I’d say, has been prompting practicing physicians to bail for years. Older physicians, who have met Canadian emigrants, also would have heard horror stories of how that nation’s bureaucracy had ruined medicine there, as well.

  5. Ann Cherry

    The AMA pretends to speak for the medical profession, but only about 12% of all practicing physicians belong to this left-wing organization, along with some medical students and residents:


    I understand that many doctors left when the AMA came out in support of Obamacare, and their numbers have been diminishing ever since. They charge an annual fee of over $400; no doubt they receive piles of money from Big Pharma.

    If you follow the money (always follow the money), they all want people as sick, and as crazy, as possible. They always have the Big Microphone, and the veneer of respectability, when they are really just a bunch of leftist….If it walks like a duck….QUACKS. As you say, Briggs.

    Recently, Planned Parenthood, now an official supplier of “transgender” hormone therapy shots, revealed they make $100/mo. off every “transgender” person, probably for the duration of their (shortened) lives.

    This is much more than they make off baby-killing, but they need more “transgenders”, which lil’ monsters are now created in Frankenstein labs called “Public Schools”, beginning with “Universal Pre-school”, when the Birthing Person, fka “mother”, who has carefully worn her mask since the child’s birth, to protect it from the prevailing Variant (and to prevent parental bonding), hands the tiny tot over for “government schooling.”

    This government schooling guarantees a steady stream of sick, crazy, masked marxist maroons. $Ka-ching for them, on every level.

  6. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”A Call On Doctors To Reject Quackery”

    Without quackery how can they make a living?

    You may as well call on men to reject Satan.

    Reject Satan?! — like hell! who’s going to pay for my big screen Tv and trip to Vegas!?

    AMA: Health comes from pill$

    Was listening to a podcast with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny — a Christian, and one of the fine people who made the Dirty Dozen list of Plandemic psy-op exposers targeted by the Undermen. She’s great, and has a great website, full of info and podcast interviews with interesting people saying interesting things on interesting topics (drtenpenny.com) — and Dr. Peter Glidden, a Naturopathic doctor about whom the podcast blurb says:

    ”There may be no other licensed naturopathic doctor in the world with his level of experience who is “speaking truth to medical power” in the public forum and on social media. The author of two books, “Everybody is Sick and I Know Why” and also “Attempt A Cure with Wholistic Medicine”.”

    The topic of the podcast is Vitalistic Naturopathic Medicine Vs Allopathic Disease Management. Fascinating, and fun listening as they are old friends and on the same page about so many things. There’s other ways of doing medicine besides the AMA way, hooray! I think where AMA medicine went wrong is they abandoned their Christian character and so were seduced by the forces of modern materialism and then captured by Big Pharma, Big Bureaucracy, and then in short order Big Woke. And so they are ruined. Yes, they can still set a broken arm but know next to nothing about what makes a healthy, happy human. That’s what comes of seeing man as a random matter of wiggling meat molecules rather than seeing man as a spirit-being made in the image of God.

    Another excellent podcast on Dr. Tenpenny’s joint is this one with Dr. Ted Broer: From the Nephilim and Dinosaurs to the Resurrection of Christ

    We need more Doctors like him.

  7. Sheri

    Fauci now wants criticism of his lies and stupidity to be hate crimes. First, he should be shown a REAL hate crime so he knows what one is and second, that definately puts doctors in the witch doctor catagory, since it was pretty standard to execute anyone who insulted the witch doctor or the results of his “doctoring”. So thank you, Fauci, for proving how primitive and draconian science really is. I do hope that was your goal.

    cdquarles: “They will have been steeped in the current madness from an early age, too.” Yes, and that will end up killing them as doctors do more resemble primitive witch doctors than the professionals we used to have. Stupid has consequences.

  8. brad tittle

    @Hagfish Bagpipe — “Without quackery, how can they make a living?”

    Awhile ago, there was a study published showing that they could predict when you were about to die. I opened the study up and look at their results and I started scratching my head. The study had taken the standard set of tests doctors like to give and a history of people who died and didn’t die against them and found a p-value.

    I forwarded the study to a pathologist friend. He looked at it and shook his head. This study is going to be suppressed quickly, he surmised. What the study really showed was that ALL of the tests they run on your blood have 0 predictive ability. How big is that industry?

    How big an industry are the pills they sell based on those tests?

  9. Shecky R

    Quackery = eucharist, baptism, last rites, ordination, pedophilia…

  10. Russell Haley

    “…there is always a hidden assumed but unacknowledged essence lurking somewhere.”

    I have never known otherwise. Did not all these medical experts tell us that God is dead? Did they not say that modern medicine has defeated nature and outmoded God? The underlying assumption being that they and they alone can save life.

  11. Gail Finke

    The AMA and the pediatrics association are useless now. There are several alternative organizations — including the Association of American Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American College of Pediatricians, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons — that oppose the nonsensical political and social stances and unscientific advice of the AMA, APA, and ACOG, not to mention their embrace of stances that make doctors into medical vending machines. Most are afraid to join, them, if they know about them, because they are frequently attacked for “misinformation,” “anti-choice rhetoric,” “anti-trans hate,” and “anti-government sentiment.” People should support them and their members if we want to see more doctors actually practice medicine.

  12. Dennis

    And ironically, the adoption by AMA and doctors of “woke/PC” ideology with regard to race, sex, etc. will actually result in poorer care and more deaths for those they claim to be helping. By increasingly refusing to take race or sex into account in medical care – treating all as if there is some generic standard “abstract human” divorced from race or sex, or other fundamental biological facts – people everywhere will get substandard care not tailored to their particular needs (imagine not taking race into account in deciding whether to test for sickle-cell, for example, or pretending to treat “trans women” as if they were real women medically and biologically, etc.)

    This PC/Woke politicization has destroyed most every profession and institution, public or private, these days, not just the AMA. State bar associations and the ABA are just as bad (one reason I refuse to join ABA – it has nothing to do with the fundamental good of the legal profession, encouraging high standards in law practice, etc., and is basically just a left-wing activist org advocating the latest woke agitprop).

    Example: Every year in my state (every state has this though hour requirements may vary), we have to do 12 hours of Continuing Legal Education. The state bar hold an annual “Law Update” toward the end of each year in various locations throughout the state that spans two days, with about 14 hours of programs that are offered free to enable one to get all of one’s CLE credit easily in a couple days without paying through the nose (usually they are in-person, though last year all sessions were on video, and this year is supposed to be a hybrid, though with scariant panic ramping up again, I suspect they will switch to all video this year too). The Law Updates were always pretty boring and often involved issues one didn’t really do in one’s practice (sitting in on a criminal law update, for example, is of no use to me in my practice, but I can do it and get 1 credit hour; I usually try to just focus on topics that will be of use to me, but even those are often rudimentary and of little substance for many). In any case…

    As boring or of little real use many used to be in practice, at least they used to generally stick to what would be described as substantive issues related to what they are supposed to be – Continuing LEGAL education and LAW updates. Increasingly, however, in the last 4-5 years, woke/PC-influenced and agenda-driven sessions that offered no actual substance as LEGAL education, but were mostly just SJW propaganda or therapeutic BS that belongs in a therapist’s office, have come to dominate (used to be one or two perfunctory “Diversity and Inclusion” – “Equity” of course added recently – sessions, but now about half the sessions are this worthless flim-flam. Surprised there isn’t actually one with DIE in the title this year…clearly some mistake has been made!). Just got the list of sessions for this year’s programs last week.

    Here’s a sample of some of this year’s offerings:

    “Recovery Stories: Lawyers share their personal journeys back to well-being and good mental health” (This is supposed to be good for 1 of the 2 required annual “ethics” credits).

    “Distance Leadership: How to Lead your team from home.” I think they should just call this the Zoom Promotional Credit and get a sponsorship deal. “Zoom Office: Plannin for Permanent Covid Paranoia.”

    “Mindfulness Tools for Ethical Attorneys.” (another one touted as an “ethics credit.” How to work on your “mindfulness,” just like Simone Biles!). I wonder why it’s not just titled “Mindfulness Tools for Attorneys”…do they offer a special secret session of “Mindfulness Tools for Unethical Attorneys”?

    “Your Virtual Law Practice: Borne (sic) Out of Necessity and Here to Stay.” Yes, “necessity,” as if the response to Covid just happened all on its own without deliberate political choices creating this “necessity”…another session ripe for Zoom sponsorship…and someone please get them a dictionary to explain how to use borne/born properly.

    “Practicing Law in the Post-Covid Era: Positive Changes and Potential Pitfalls.” Not sure why this needs its own 1 hour slot and isn’t just part of the similar sessions above on “Distance Leadership” and “Virtual Law Practice,” but it’s nice to know we are in the “Post-Covid” era now (could’ve fooled me…seems the insanity continues and in the US media and politicians are pushing for renewed lockdowns, muzzles, etc – see Biden’s latest disgraceful performance last night, where he repeated the debunked claims of that Alabama doctor lying about dying people begging her for vaccines).

    “Restorative Justice & Restorative Practice” (This year’s BLM/DIE-related credit offering…surprised there’s only one this year…though the “Immigration and Family Law Practitioners: Let’s Work Together” session is sure to be drenched in BLM/DIE agitprop).

    And there’s even a session this year tailored to meet the needs of neurotic millennial Soyboys and TikTok girls trying to take their exotic pets on planes or to the office cubicle: “Companion Animal Basics.”

  13. Sheri

    Come on, people. You had to have figured out death by politics and stupidity, including in medicine, was coming. It was blantantly obvious for decades. It came faster than may have been thought, but the direction and certainty were always there.

    It’s corrected by nature, usually through massive death and suffering. Humans do not learn. They just don’t.

  14. Uncle Mike

    Ditto the above. Quackery is norm in most science-based professions these days. Woke = fake. I blame the commies, but useless idiots of all stripes abound.

    But I’m empathetic. If you need some music to enjoy the Doom by, try this one (full volume please): https://youtu.be/paeNnR33i5Q

  15. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Was listening to another podcast with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, a round table discussion with four other doctors, all quack-deniers, quite interesting, one doc says something that made me laugh, he says that at some point in his career he realized that, ”…everything you’ve been taught about medicine is wrong…” Which sounds like Briggs, ”everything you know is wrong”. Those two would have fun comparing notes.

  16. Robin


    ”…everything you’ve been taught about medicine is wrong…” Which sounds like Briggs, ”everything you know is wrong”. Those two would have fun comparing notes.

    Much of engineering falls into this category too – lots of it by “consensus” that is inherited from sparse evidence of 100+ years ago (at least in my field).


    The same is happening in the UK with the BMJ and The Lancet:

    Time to take critical race theory seriously (Lancet):


    Social justice as a foundation for democracy and health (BMJ):


  17. Dennis

    Speaking of quack medicine: Anyone know anything about graphene oxide, and other vax contents?

    Very disturbing video here from former Pfizer employee regarding vax ingredients that are being hidden, and hoe dangerous they are.

  18. Amateur Brain Surgeon

    The more one considers medical schools and what is taught there the less surprising it is to learn that even though he was awarded a Degree in Surgery Amateur Brain Surgeon was allowed to maintain his amateur status.

    Although as an amateur it made it more difficult for him to get permission from Lion County Safari in Loxahatchee, Florida to do exploratory brain surgery on Spider Monkeys he persisted because, he reasoned, even if he made some major mistake that resulted in weird behavior, that was more likely than not to make their exhibit a more popular attraction and citing his profession as an Amateur Brain Surgeon on his IRS forms is less problematic than if he had called his own self a Professional Amateur – that would likely trigger an audit.

  19. Toxicity is conditional, people. Everything and nothing is poisonous without knowing what, how much, to whom, and under what other necessary and sufficient conditions. Put another way, dose and route make the medicine or the poison. You do know that you eat cyanide every day ;p.

  20. Dennis

    Well yes, toxicity is conditional, and many medicines can also be poisons in certain doses, mixtures, etc…but specifically graphene oxide…what is it exactly? And why would – or even should – it ever be put into a vaccine? And why would the company try hide that fact in the listed ingredients? (This last is perhaps the most damning thing to me. I saw early on people showing the inserts from the vaccine boxes…just blank folded up sheets where normally it’s a giant sheet full of small print regarding vaccine contents, trial study results, contraindications, etc…just blank for these. Informed consent means the right to know exactly what is in the thing they propose to inject into you).

  21. Graphene oxide is just what it says. It is one of the oxidation products of graphene. This also exists in nature.

    Now about the other questions, it is, apparently, included as an adjuvant. That means it is there to enhance the immune response from a smaller dose. Yes, a key question should be how much of this is in an injection.

    Yes, that is a major issue with these; and why many *should not* be forced to take them.

  22. Graphene is one of the forms carbon can take. Sorry I left that out.
    The final product of graphene oxidation is carbon dioxide.

  23. Dennis

    Thanks, CDQ.

    Even if it may derive from a natural substance, and thus be made to sound benign (many poisons are “natural too!), from what I’ve read since posting above, it seems in sufficient quantities it can cause blood coagulation and thrombi…and clotting has been one of the major adverse events from these jabs. Hmmm…but would they not know the proper level a typical human could handle before causing such effects?…and still why try to hid it in the ingredient list?…all very strange (but I don’t trust them one bit at this point)…

  24. Briggs


    Great find, thanks.

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