Racial, Sex, Perversion & Other Quotas Lead To Falling Standards: Current Examples

As everybody knows, but all rulers and Experts deny, the imposition of racial, religious, perversion, or other similar types of entry quotas immediately leads to a reduction of quality and standards.

Because of negative feedback, standards continue to fall even after entry quotas are met, because it is soon “remembered” that entry is not the only important cultural metric. Promotions and the like also must be accounted, and these require quotas, too.

The idea rulers and Experts have, even as they lie about it, is that the lessening of screeching from those excluded because of sexual perversion, race, etc., is balanced by a drop in standards small enough that it can be covered by other means.

Rulers and Experts, we can suppose, have hypersenstive hearing and can bear least the caterwauling of the unable.

Whether that is so, it is true and indisputable that standards must drop. Part of the lie involves trotting out Experts to say, in a reassuring voice, “Studies show that the standards were never really needed”. Sometimes they say “Research shows.” This makes the lie scientific. The Experts willing to lie in this fashion are rewarded for it, but they must bear the burden of being treated like “sin eaters”, which is, of course, what they are.

We don’t count reporters as Experts. Reporters are people who will say anything they are told with complete, dripping sincerity. As such, they are as intellectually culpable for the messages they spread as a bowl of jello.

Regular readers know all this.

It’s still worth cataloging important instances of quota-quashing, however, if only for the sake of posterity. Or to show where the next failing will appear. Think of these updates like weather storm reports and forecasts.

Item 1 SEC approves Nasdaq’s plan to require board diversity

It’s a good question whether (or when) a monied man should short every Nasdaq company, because boards larded with Diversity will cause their companies to fail in various ways.

The counter is that since every company must have at least one non-white, non-male, non-sexually normal mascot on its board, they will all fail, and so, on average, performance remains the same relatively.

Yet would companies forced to put aggressive enjoyers of sodomy on their boards do better than those forced to put angry women? How about companies with men pretending to be women versus black men?

We will know who’s who: “[Nasdaq] also requires companies to publicly disclose statistics on the demographic composition of their boards.” This should at least avoid the embarrassment of photoshopping in “minorities” in the boards’ annual year end brochure pictures.

Still, I’ll let readers more versed in stock betting tell us whether money can be made, and when.

Item 2 Navy could return to using photos for promotions, personnel chief says

The nice thing about this story is the absence of the usual lie about quotas not lowering standards. Indeed, there is a loud implicit admission of it.

In the past, photos were required in promotion packages, but this was thought racist because too many people of no color were being promoted over people of color. (One wonders whether this was a problem in the days before color photography.)

Some quota genius (i.e. Expert) decided to eliminate pictures. Even more people of no color were promoted over noble people of color!

Now the pictures will return, so promotion boards can know who to promote. Even the no-colors identifying as of-colors won’t be able to fool promotion boards with eyesights better than an average of 20-50 (or whatever).

Incidentally, I’ve been told shoe polish works here. Maybe some no-color in the military can try it and report back to us.

Item 3 How scientists are subtracting race from medical risk calculators (Thanks to Kip Hansen for the tip.)

In days of yore, it was known the different races suffered from disease differently, and responded to different treatments differently.

However, under Equality, all differences are obviously racist. So out goes any consideration of them. This is an obvious across-the-board quota move.

One quote: “Race is part of the equation because previous studies found that—for reasons that aren’t clear–[urinary tract infections] are far less common in Black children than in white ones.”

Not clear to holders of Equality, anyway. So race was expunged from the UTI calculator. How this benefits blacks is that they get to participate in the great Equality Fiesta, even if a few now have to suffer the odd UTI.

Item 4 Oregon Governor signs new law allowing students to graduate without proving they can read, write, or do math

The only thing missing from this confirmation story—coming soon to a school near you—is a demand from teachers and politicians for higher salaries.

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  1. Item 3 How scientists are subtracting race from medical risk calculators (Thanks to Kip Hansen for the tip.)

    In days of yore, it was known the different races suffered from disease differently, and responded to different treatments differently.

    I remember from an old M*A*S*H episode, there was some medication contraindicated by the race of the patient

  2. After the uprising of the 17th June
    The Secretary of the Writers Union
    Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
    Stating that the people
    Had forfeited the confidence of the government
    And could win it back only
    By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
    In that case for the government
    To dissolve the people
    And elect another?

    Bertold Brecht was prophetic

    Totalitarians desire a dumb malleable population of serfs whom they can order around and any free man who publicly objects to these mendacious and malevolent plans will be forced into the oubliette of obloquy

  3. That new Oregon law saying you can be given a high school diploma without having demonstrated the ability to read, write, or do math (Hell, those should be requirements to leave 8th grade and get to high school in the first place!), really demonstrates what a deeply unserious and stupid country this is now.

    China and the rest of the world must be laughing their asses off when they see stuff like this.

  4. The reduction in quality and the lowering of lowering of standards is due to a sort of societal version of Gresham’s Law (where the bad money drives out the good), and this is happening because females are now in control of education.
    The National Education Association statistics show that more than 76% of the teachers in grades K-12 are female and for the elementary grades, it’s about 90%. Because these females like to mother and coddle, students believe that correct answers to problems are irrelevant, and it is the effort that counts. The mothering and protection of students from kindergarten through graduate school ensures a continuation of child-like behavior well into adulthood.
    The overwhelming female presence in the educational process also means there are no male role models for boys (except for the gym teacher) and there is a “War Against Boys” (see Christina Hoff Sommers book). Nearly all “hands on” learning such as shop classes and mechanical drawing has been eliminated from public schools. In addition, students never learn practical things like how the monetary system works, how to balance a checkbook, or the importance of interest rates.
    Allowing students to use cell phones in schools is the primary mechanism for the dumbing down of the educational process. See
    Instant “answers” to questions are available that produce an almost universal acceptance of cheating. Students “feel” that if they don’t cheat, they are at a great disadvantage. They don’t understand that when you cheat, you are letting someone else do your thinking for you.
    You can’t learn if you don’t make mistakes. Unfortunately, the public education system does not provide the opportunity for students to make mistakes without penalty. By emphasizing grades and perfect scores, students today are led to believe that if the correct answer is not obtained on the first try, then the student, the project, or the effort is a failure.
    The entrance lobbies of most public schools usually have prominent showcases displaying many sports trophies that emphasize “winning and losing” so students can “feel” special. There are no such showcases for academic trophies, and there is no special status attributed to learning.
    In the real world, people prefer to place their bets on winners, not on losers. The exact opposite approach is used in public schools. They produce, at best, a mediocre mush because school resources are channeled toward the worst students while ignoring the best students.
    America has spent more money than any other civilization in the history of the world to produce an educated, but ignorant, populace incapable of solving problems. Until there is return of non-QWERTY men into the educational system, the world will continue its rapid descent into to a medieval type feudal society.

  5. Shecky R,

    I note the subject of your link is the “founder of a surfing school in Santa Barbara, California”. One where many undoubtedly received advanced degrees in surfology. Odd how anyone of such high intellectual caliber would fall for obvious silliness but perhaps yet another example of applying diversity over merit when accepting members into your group. So, good point!

  6. Hmm, I wonder what caused the time out to moderation. Was it the mention of the city? The mention of the subject’s prior occupation? Or …?

  7. ummmm, wait, shouldn’t you be in Washington today, sipping margaritas with Mike FooFoo Lindell, and celebrating Donald’s reinstatement…. what gives?

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