You Must Worship The State’s Religion

You Must Worship The State’s Religion

Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, the tyrant ruler of California, decreed—the word is decreed—that if you sell toys to girls and boys you must—the word is must—build an area which is “gender-neutral.

The god Nancy Pelosi’s nephew worships is a jealous god, and will have no other god before him. His god is the Gender god. His god calls upon the higher god Science.

Using his awesome occult powers, the Gender god convinces some men they are ackshually women, and that some women are ackshually men.

How does a man know he is ackshually a woman? Because he knows what a woman is. He must know what a woman is to claim to be one. But because he knows what a woman is, knows her essence, he, knowing he is a he, knows he is not a she.

When the man reaches this point in logic, the god’s magic overwhelms the man and draws a veil over his ability to reason. The man falls into the spell and comes to believe he is ackshually a she. The man, his mind clouded, causes the man to say aloud, “Follow the Science.”

Nancy Pelosi’s nephew dictates that all must assist in drawing this veil. There is no room to negotiate. You must show at least outward worship of Nancy Pelosi’s nephew’s god. You have no choice. You must not be caught speaking heresy against this god. If you are caught you will be punished.

Toy sellers used to have freedom to sell what they would, to parents who were free to buy, or not buy, what they would. Toy sellers and parents were free, too, to worship the God they would.

No more.

If you live in Nancy Pelosi’s nephew’s land, you either repudiate your freedom and worship his god, or you leave.

Nancy Pelosi’s nephew is not the god’s only acolyte. His followers are legion. They are daily conquering more souls. Refuges are diminishing.

We all have our favorite stories of the gods. Here is mine.

Transgender rapes girl in school bathroom. Dad arrested at school board meeting for talking about it. Gag order placed on dad. Dad used as example of “domestic terrorism”. Tranny allowed back to school, promptly rapes again.

The Gender god lives in Virginia, too, and is there openly worshiped by officials. The leader of the god’s cult is Ralph Northam.

What is notable is that the god’s power is limited only to clouding men’s minds. The god cannot turn base metal into gold, or transport objects without moving. It can only addle thought. It is not a strong god, but it is strong enough.

It convinced the boy to rape a girl in the old-fashioned way, using the boy’s biological pertinents. Which would have been impossible had the boy ackshually been a girl. The boy, as he raped the girl, was thinking the god’s thoughts: “I am a girl raping a girl.” He did not think “I am a boy raping a girl.” This difference is what makes the rape sacred.

The father of the girl rebelled against the god, and against the cult leaders. He was warned his actions were heresy—official heresy. He was forbidden—the word is forbidden—to speak of the boy’s rape. For, to the cult leaders, the rape was a holy act.

A boy raping a girl would be a crime. But a boy saying “I am a girl” raping a girl is liturgy.

The father, though told of his heresy, rebelled. He interrupted the State’s religious service and told the gathering of his daughter’s rape. Out loud.

The State’s religious police arrested the father. He was accused of “terrorism”, which his actions were. The man tried using fear to prise loose the grip of the officially worshiped Gender god. There is no doubt this is terrorism. The man must be punished to appease the god.

The boy who raped the girl saying “I am a girl raping a girl” was released. To celebrate, he raped another girl.

One hopes the cultists at the school board meet the same fate as the girl. It would be a most religious experience for them.

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  1. Jan Van Betsuni

    I imagine myself as a wood carver. Each winter I carve small pieces of wood into fantastic shapes. I put these on the window sills of my small cottage home. Each has a little paper price tag ~ always in pennies ~ the highest being 99~Cents. Some of my carvings are flowers, which girls seem to like more than boys. Some of my carvings are tomahawks and arrows, which boys seem to like more than girls. One day a stern looking man from the village knocks loudly on my door and tells me that I must keep all my carvings on a single window sill. I cannot keep the flowers on one windowsill and the tomahawks on another ~ by order of our town Magistrate and the town Council. I tell the man to ~ f off ~ gesturing at the shotgun cradled above my roaring fireplace.

  2. Rudolph Harrier

    You will be fined for having dolls in a pink section of your store, but you will also be fined for saying that dolls and the color pink are for girls.

    This is not a flaw in the plan. There was never any intention to be logical or consistent. The point is to make you suffer.

  3. JR Ewing

    This is the same logic that gave rise to the original meaning of “speak of the devil…”

    Except those people really *believed* it was true that if you spoke out loud about the devil he would show up in person.

    People mandating pronouns and color apartheid don’t really believe the words coming out of their mouths.

  4. It all works out well if you suspend your disbelief, or is it belief?
    Anyways, suspend it.
    Whatever it is.

  5. Sherry M

    Thanks for this great posting. Not much common sense with liberals. I suddenly had a thought (that most of you who read Briggs have already probably thought!)………I recently was reading that a mother of a transgirl said that when her boy was only 3, he would only play with “girls” toys, and only wanted to wear dresses, etc.
    The mother (have to say parent now I guess, no mothers anymore) realized that he is really a she, because of the ‘girl’ toy playing and ‘girl’ dress.
    Well, if toys aren’t suppose to be called boy or girl toys, how come the trans kids parents, SAY that their kid will only play with the ‘girl’s toys? There shouldn’t be such a thing with them. But, they use this to say that their boy is really a girl cause he wants to play with girl’s toys. That just does not make sense with this other crud that is being pushed, gender-neutral. I keep saying to myself, what the heck! (and I wonder in other countries, are the people nuts like half the people here.)

  6. John B(S)


    Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

  7. John B()

    Sherry M

    Good comment – almost missed it because you were being moderated

    Don’t take offense, It only happens (generally) your first time.

    You should be able post freely now.

  8. Rudolph Harrier


    The first thing to understand is that they have no intention of being reasonable or acting consistently. They are acting in the way that they are because they hate your children. Once you realize this their actions will make more sense.

  9. Shecky R

    i.e. believe only (and everything) that you read in the newspapers, or, in Alex Jones’ column

  10. The first school rape occurred in my neighborhood high school, the second in my kids’ alma mater high school, and the county has been my residence for 20+ years. The population replacement strategy has been successful here. They’ve corroded a formerly healthy county.
    However, even with that, there is a growing community backlash to the rape-and-rape-again case.
    The ringleader of the School Board–who’d already been censured for leading a Facebook mob that conspired to attack opponents of their PC-Prog agenda–clique pushing the extremist culture-destroying policies, was facing a day in court for her recall, and resigned late last week.
    The Soros-funded prosecutor, who let the rapist out, and personally went to court to push jail-time for the victim’s father, is under pressure, and also is facing a recall petition.
    There is growing awareness among Normals of the insidious and dangerous nature of the PC-Prog destruction of our culture.
    Not really sanguine that the war will be won, but one battle is over and Normals took the day.

  11. Humans don’t have genders. Human languages have genders. You are male or female, regardless of what you look like or pretend which you are.

    There are 4 lights. Reality is what it is, and not necessarily what you wish it was.

  12. Johnny Caustic

    “One hopes the cultists at the school board meet the same fate as the girl.” But they won’t. They will continue to be rewarded. Good people will continue to be punished. There will be no comeuppance, no karma, no justice, ever. The end.

  13. Simon Platt

    Dear Sherry,

    So what you’re saying is that the mothers who claim that their sons, who play with the dolls their mothers have given them, are really just girls inside, those mothers are ’phobes of some kind?

    I think you might be right.

  14. C-Marie

    Just Don’t use pronouns. Use only the name. Redundant yes, which is why pronouns were invented.

    True. Gender only applies to languages, as in the French language , the Spanish language, etc. The English language does not have genders. Language genders are referred to as feminine and masculine.

    People are either male or female. The DNA test tells all. Pretending otherwise is pretense.

    Praying God heals the girls who were raped. And praying God helps the rapist(s) turn to Jesus and receive healing.

    God bless, C-Marie

  15. Mens Bellator

    Sherry M; In a similar I keep asking my students how one can make such a decision. Gender norms and stereotypes are unacceptable, then how it someone of one sex decides they are the opposite gender. In effect, such a decision relies on stereotyping. If I were to decide I was transracial – racially non-categorical – I would have to use racial stereotypes to reach that conclusion.

  16. acricketchirps

    C-Marie is incorrect. English has gender. She also missed one of the genders (the biggest one). In English, most common nouns are neuter. Nouns for watercraft and human and animal females are feminine. Male animals’ nouns are masculine.

  17. acricketchirps

    And, DO use pronouns. But use the grammatically correct ones, not the other kind of correct ones.

  18. acricketchirps

    3 (then I’ve done.) I don’t understand Shecky’s comment (he’s usually funnier than Soupy Sales!). Maybe it’s the strange use of commas that’s confusing me.

  19. gender neutral commenter

    As I saw someone in a youtube comment say “There already is a gender neutral toy aisle; the clearance section.”

  20. Bobcat

    Yeh… a person can “identify” as a woman while scientifically being a man (or vise versa) but one cannot “identify” as someone that is vexxinated if that person hasn’t had the jab – or even if they had beaten the virus with natural immunity and proper medical aid. The illiberal left is full of bull.

  21. Johnno

    Fill the gender-neutral aisle with lots of well made model toy guns and those nice Rambo sets with the bows, arrows and plastic knives.

  22. Dennis

    Cdquarles: “Humans don’t have genders. Human languages have genders. You are male or female, regardless of what you look like or pretend which you are.”

    Indeed. One of my long-standing pet peeves (I have quite a list actually) has been the confusion of “sex” and “gender” over the past couple decades, and treating them as if they were synonyms, even among supposed Conservatives and others opposed to the Left’s “gender theory” takeover of society. People blithely refer, say, to someone being of the “male gender” or “female gender.” No! Male and female are sexes, and are biologically determined whether you like how you were born or not. Masculine and feminine are genders, and are, properly speaking, simply linguistic terms. Whenever I see “gender” on some form I happen to be filling-out, I simply cross it out and write-in “sex.”

    I wonder if native English speakers have an especially difficult time with this because, unlike every other European language I’m familiar with, English is not a gendered language. We don’t have different definite and indefinite articles for “the” and “a/an” depending of the gender of the noun referred to, etc.

  23. Dennis

    Acricketchirps: “English has gender. In English, most common nouns are neuter. Nouns for watercraft and human and animal females are feminine. Male animals’ nouns are masculine.”

    This is not what people mean when they say English is not really a gendered language. Of course, there are gendered pronouns in English to refer to specific humans and animals of known sex as as he/she or him/her. And, as you mentioned, it is common (though a romantic convention really, not a rule) to refer to ships or other watercraft with feminine pronouns (“That Titanic, she’s a beauty eh?”)

    But, as I mentioned above as well, English is not gendered in the way that other European languages are when it comes to the use of definite and indefinite articles before nouns. French and German, for example, have two different “the” and “a/an” words – le/la, der/die; un/une, ein/eine – depending on the gender of the noun (including inanimate objects of no sex, and the assignment of gender to nouns often seems arbitrary and counterintuitive, and must simply be learned. Without simply having learned it, who would guess that the common French word for a “manly” object like a motorcycle – moto – is feminine, as is that quintessential steel phallic symbol, La Tour Eiffel?). In English definite and indefinite articles are easy – “the” and “a/an” for everything, no need to know or figure out the gender of the noun to decide which article to use.

    English is also odd among European languages in having no commonly used differentiation between formal and informal “you” (unlike the French vous/tu, or German sie/du). Perhaps in olden days “thee” and “thou” served this function, but except in the Bible and certain prayers, they have long since fallen out of common use, and anyone walking around referring to people as “thee” and “thou” in everyday speech would be considered rather bizarre.

    I wonder why English ended up this way compared to most other European languages?

  24. swordfishtrombone


    You are male or female, regardless of what you look like or pretend which you are.

    If it doesn’t make any difference what you look like, what are you whinging about?

    There are 4 lights. Reality is what it is, and not necessarily what you wish it was.

    +1 for STtNG reference. The fact that reality “is what it is” doesn’t mean we have to accept it, otherwise we’d still be hunter-gatherers. (I suspect some on here wish they were hunter-gatherers. Sitting round a log fire eating mammoth meat would be easier than trying to understand epidemiology.)

    “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Reinhold Niebuhr.

  25. swordfishtrombone


    Indeed. One of my long-standing pet peeves (I have quite a list actually) has been the confusion of “sex” and “gender” over the past couple decades, and treating them as if they were synonyms, even among supposed Conservatives and others opposed to the Left’s “gender theory” takeover of society.

    To be fair, this is a somewhat confusing issue. Simplistically, ‘sex’ refers to male/female biological differences, ‘gender’ refers to male/female cultural differences, i.e., conventions we just adopt as societies – such as, women wearing skirts, men wearing trousers, or the association of blue and pink clothing colours (which is starting to change, I’ve noticed).

    anyone walking around referring to people as “thee” and “thou” in everyday speech would be considered rather bizarre.

    My Dad used that kind of language all the time, but it’s fairly common oop North.

  26. Joy

    I knew it! Swordfish, I’ve been trying to guess!
    I’m thinking Yorkshire? but don’t say any more I like guessing

    Although I think you’re right in the way those terms have been used. I actually think it started because people didn’t want to say the word “sxx”. No proof, just guessing, again, that’s how it all began.
    Even on old medical front sheets prior to paperless there was an “M” or “F”. Sometimes it would say gender.
    It never said that three letter word.
    I always wondered why it even said it, since it was always obvious from the name and if not, once someone appeared, it became clear.
    I expect it was for audit and statisticians to trawl through before they started making the staff do all the data collection!

  27. Rudolph Harrier

    There is no distinction between sex and gender in humanity. People will claim there is a difference, but this is always done dishonestly because whatever definitions are used to draw the difference are ignored at the first opportunity.

    For example if “sex” means biological differences and “gender” cultural associations, then “sex change operations” would be impossible as they do not change someone from biologically male to female or vice versa. But no one who draws a distinction between “sex” and “gender” will admit this.

  28. Dennis

    “… I actually think it started because people didn’t want to say the word “sxx”.”

    The confusion started with radical American academics (though they were themselves besotted with French theory – Derrida, Lacan, Foucault, etc), particularly with the fairy godmother of “gender theory,” Judith Butler, as deliberate way of removing any fixed biological determinant in relation to human character and personality. Essentially, the goal was to undermine any idea of a fixed “human nature” at all. To help effect this change – and promote the socico-political ramifications thereof – biological sex was replaced with “gender,” which was itself alleged to be an entirely socially constructed and infinitely fluid category that can mean anything at all depending on whatever “gender” (or even “genders”) one wishes to “identify” with. In way very reminiscent of certain Gnostic sects, for “gender theorists” the body is merely an accidental meat sack which may or may not have any relation to the “real person,” while the “real person” is deemed to be whatever one “feels” oneself to be (now accompanied by the requirement that everyone in society ratify one’s “feeling,” no matter how delusional or stemming from mental illness, use invented “pronouns,” etc., or face punishment).

    Make and female are sexes. People are sexed, not gendered.
    Masculine and feminine are genders. Obviously people may act is variously gendered ways – some ways of acting dressing, etc., may be more masculine or feminine than others, as the case may be – but people do not HAVE gender.

  29. Dennis

    “…then “sex change operations” would be impossible as they do not change someone from biologically male to female or vice versa. But no one who draws a distinction between “sex” and “gender” will admit this.”

    But I do draw such a distinction, and admit what you say, quite rightly – a “sex change” operation is impossible. A castrated man is still a man, however injured. And a woman who’s had a mastectomy (whether voluntarily for “gender” reasons, or of necessity for medical reasons) doesn’t cease to be a woman. Just as an amputee doesn’t cease to be human because he’s lost an arm or a leg, though humans ordinarily have two of each.

  30. Dennis

    “Male and female” last paragraph two posts above should say. Stupid typo. K next to L. Always make more errors typing on iPad vs. computer.

  31. Joy

    Re your comment above “explaining how it al began”.
    See I know that Swordfish will get what I’m saying and won’t think I’m somehow wondering how gender theory began! I have to say that I don’t even care how it began. It’s so recent as to be trivial to look up.

    I’m talking about the use of the term with regards to medicine.
    Sure, it has a derivation as all words have, but the point I was making, was the observation that there is a point in time when people prefer to use an alternative word. I don’t think when that happened with “xxx” happened because of “gender theory”. Rather that the already benign word which was in general use, was just taken up by the theorists who saw a difference in how those words were used to describe dress, etc. So pointing out that there was always a subtle difference in how the words were used, is not in any way to commit to a given theory.

    When a baby is born, curiously, nobody says:
    “What sex is it?”
    “What gender is it?”
    They ask,
    “Boy or girl”
    “Pink or blue”, even.
    Maybe they do ask “what sex was the baby”
    They NEVERs ask,
    “what gender was the baby”
    The word is now a trigger word, like so many others that were perfectly decent words before.
    The other word ruined, is, ‘diversity’.
    A few more:

  32. Joy

    They don’t have gender but they have femininity or masculinity. The word used to be androgynous, haven’t heard that for a while, maybe it’s illegal.
    Re boys and girls and clothing / colour choice.
    It’s well known point of trivia (along with the colour of Yak’s milk and Hippo milk) that boys used to wear “light red” and girls wore light blue: men, red, and women, blue.
    That switched completely over hundreds of years.
    Now, and it’s a big shame, men and women are wearing/buying each other’s perfumes.
    It took years for sales of various kinds of scent to be selected into the categories preferred for masculine or feminine qualities.

    Now? It’s all mixed up.

    I think this conversation goes back to about 2016, at least, and nobody’s any further on.

  33. Dennis

    You never mentioned any restriction of your context to “use of the term with the regards to medicine,” until just now (In a related context, though, perhaps you are aware the new fad for “gender reveal” parties – note the term, not “sex reveal” or “boy or girl reveal,” or “blue or pink reveal” (the latter two are so restrictive and binary! – lol) – which I guess are like the new “baby showers” women used to have, at least in the US). Nor was anyone else discussing the “sex/gender issue solely in a medical context.

    And if you think academic “gender theory” had nothing do with the newfound ubiquity of the word and concept of “gender” replacing “sex” – even in contexts, such as biology, where it is clear only the latter term should apply – over the last several decades (accelerating greatly in this past decade), I think you underestimate and misunderstand how these seemingly obscure academic issues are repackaged and filter down to remake the culture at large (additionally, you get the origin for the academic theory wrong: As you describe it, a “benign word which was in general use, was just taken up by the theorists who saw a difference in how those words were used to describe dress, etc. So pointing out that there was always a subtle difference in how the words were used.” – This merely observational/descriptive process is not what “gender theorists” like Judith Butler were doing. Nor did people before very recently just happen to generally use “gender” in contexts where traditionally “sex” would have been used (forms asking you to fill out vital stats, for example, never asked people their “gender” instead of “sex” until recently).

    For another prominent example of how academic theory makes its way into the culture at large, see also the way in which academic “Critical Race Theory” developed over the last several decades was repackaged under the guise of various “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” training/indoctrination programs being pushed everywhere by schools, governments, businesses.

    It’s easy to laugh at absurd academic theories and jargon, and assume it’s just ivory tower silliness that doesn’t matter in the real world. But people underestimate the culturally corrosive trickle-down effect of perverse academic ideologies at their peril (Especially because such theories and jargon are beloved by the Midwit Striver class, which most media, politicians, and corporate bugman types come from. Even if misunderstood or watered-down, appealing to various academic theories and jargon – and imposing them on everyone else – makes midwits feel special).

  34. Johnno

    We’ve done it ladies and gentlemen! Gaze on our progress… and despair!!!

    The National Theatre of Scotland has banned the word “spooky” over its “racial connotations” despite nobody complaining and despite there being no record of it ever being used as a racial slur in the United Kingdom.

    “A source at the Scottish theatre told the Daily Record that no one has complained about the term “spooky” but they were concerned the word could become problematic in the future,” reports RT.

    So based on the prospect that somebody, somewhere, might be offended in the future by a completely non-controversial word, it has to be banned.

    Germany has allowed people to register their dogs as neither male nor female, but “diverse.”

    The form was then changed to offer the option “no information” instead of “diverse” — most likely in response to public ridicule.

  35. Dennis

    LOL, Johnno. Surprised they haven’t banned certain garden tools or playing card suits known as “spades” yet.

    Reminds me of the famous line from one of the greatest British films ever, “Withnail and I”: “Who’s the huge spade in the bath?”

    Another great film that couldn’t be made in these benighted times.

  36. Johnno

    Dennis, it just keeps getting better and better!

    Female Writer Who Won World’s Biggest Literary Prize Turns Out To Be Three Men

    Men truly are the better, fairer, most intelligent, most sophisticated, most erudite, most flammable, most feminine, most best at everything there is!

    Pack it in ladies, it’s all over…

    From a feminist forum April 2020

    “We need strong smart women like Carmen Mola to stand with us and help us along in such a difficult time. Her writing inspired me and my daughter during my recent breakup. I hope more women learn from her and start writing and sharing”



    UN Climate Change Conference Reportedly Using Diesel Generators To Charge Teslas Being Used As Shuttles


    TikTok Threatens To Censor “Let’s Go Brandon” Song For “Harassment And Bullying”

    Stop punching down on Biden! Don’t you all know it’s wrong to mock an American President? What decent people would ever do that??? Just imagine! You bullies!

  37. Joy

    Umm Dennis,
    That nobody else was speaking with reference to a medical setting:
    so? I just brought it up.
    I simply added a comment having read a couple of lines.
    No wish to ‘discuss’, as there’s nothing to discuss, it seems to me.
    Comments are invited though.
    Swordfish spoke about the difference between the words and how they are used.
    So I added my observation. Rudolph says there’s no difference. Proving he doesn’t appreciate subtlety of language.
    That’s quite another thing than claiming Because of that difference between two words, suddenly there’s a logical justification for sex change surgery and so on. To think so is to fall for the same faulty thinking as those using the language as a justification.

    In reality, they don’t’ need an “excuse” of that kind. They’re going to do it anyway. Yet again getting caught in a language discussion, never to go past square one.

    Gender in linguistic terms is just the set containing masculine and feminine. Inevitably, as an abstract noun, it’s going to be used for all manner of matters ‘pertaining to’, or ‘about’ outward differences, that are not directly to do with biological difference., ie the more tangible notion of “female”, male”.

    The outward show becomes so well established that genetic difference is overshadowed by the illusion.

    That’s still all it is. (except in cases where the Biological sex was wrongly assigned at birth. )
    In the case of wrong assignation, the opposite situation happens, due to a natural defect.

    So it’s not clear why people are stuck on worrying about he language as if that’s what caused the situation.

  38. Dennis

    Never heard of Carmen Mola (looking at Amazon, it appears none of “her” work has been translated into English), but that’s hilarious!

  39. vcx

    Newsom is a sociopath. To clarify he has a very hard time connecting with other people, has very little interest in anything beyond himself and is not able or willing to understand any academic subjects or other humans at depth. However the people who enabled him to be governor do want some results for their agendas so he spends effort showing the appearance that he is doing something so that he can continue his life of luxury and wealth. However since he is a sociopath and consequently a dullard his efforts are very half-assed which ends up with bizarre stories like this. He of course doesn’t actually care about or understand gender politics beyond virtue signaling to the masses (And his bosses).

    A good example of his true character is how he gladly bailed out PG&E after they burned down Paradise and got convicted of dozens of counts of manslaughter all because they didn’t care to monitor or maintain their aging equipment which often located in very fire prone locations. The abc10 news segment on this really hits the nail on the head when they confront him with the story where all he can muster is how he didn’t care to actually listen to the question.

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