Vaccine Efficiency Much Poorer In Real Life Than Promised In Clinical Trials — Coronavirus Update CII

Vaccine Efficiency Much Poorer In Real Life Than Promised In Clinical Trials — Coronavirus Update CII


(If the above video breaks, here’s an alternate source.)

Thanks to Ann Cherry and RA for the tip.

Regular readers will know this is what we predicted back in December of 2020. Not all, but many, and in some fields nearly all, spectacular findings go this similar route. A sensational splash, assurances of a gleaming future, and the sad, slow, usually undocumented-in-the-media decline.

At the beginning, the enthusiastic progenitors of the New Idea have control of their data and models—and recall all models only say what they are told to say, both good and bad alike. Models therefore look spectacular at first. People think that even if things calm a bit, this New Idea will be still be terrific.

The first small wave of outsiders becomes involved. The progenitors no longer have the same degree of control over the process, but they still have most. The newer results, as all expected, are not as wonderful as at the beginning, but they’re still grand and broadcastable.

Then the second wave of outsiders hits, much larger than the first; then the third, fourth, and so on. The control of the progenitors has diminished to something small, maybe even zero.

The results are now lackluster, or have vanished. What was at first so promising has revealed itself to just yet another ho-hum thing. Nobody can understand how. Complete mystification among Experts—many of whom, flummoxed by the rapid changes, revert to quoting only the results of the beginning.

This is the most common story in science.


On the other hand, there’s nothing a statistician likes better than to see a model verify.

I used to say we ought to call the euphemistic “gain-of-function” experiments which created bugs like coronadoom gain-of-lethality.

No more. Now I say we should call them gain-of-profit experiments. Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and all the rest, are making money even faster than the government can print it. All thanks to Expert efforts.

Say, I wonder how many people involved in gain-of-profit experiments worked for, or now work at, these pharmaceuticals?


Few weeks back I reported on a woman who suffered chronic allergies and who bowed to social pressure to get vaxxed. She is still covered by the blemishes, and it thinking still of getting second shot because the stigma from being non-“fully” vaxxed hurts worse.

Thanks, Experts!


The virus can’t get you if you have liquid in the cup. As soon as it’s gone, you’re a goner.

Many countries are like this. In Taiwan I saw you can now take your mask off to have your picture taken. Indoors or out. Either it’s the bug can’t get you if a camera is pointed at your face, or it can’t get past your smile.

We saw last winter in New York City restaurants had built outdoor structures which became indoors, because they were separate small buildings. NYC said no eating indoors, but these outdoor-indoors didn’t count, because they were outdoor.

On and on it goes. With police “just following orders” enforcing the dictates. De facto laws created by bureaucrats. These judgments are considered The Science by Experts. They insist you join the Cult of the Mask. Follow their gods, or else.

Meanwhile, the man-made Expert-created virus goes on behaving like a virus.


Even after massive evidence is available showing the leaky vaccines are not going to eliminate the virus, those Experts we mentioned above, the ones who panic and revert to the beginning promises, have reverted to the beginning promises. “Let those who will not receive our miracle creation starve to death,” they say. “This is for their own health,” they say.

It’s happening in Germany, and in many, many other places. No grocery shopping allowed. Same in Singapore.

Just die, anti-vaxxer. Your presence nullifies my vaccine’s powers.

Update Want more proof we have become mewling effeminates? Notice the use of the exclamation point in this: “‘You Are Hereby Reprimanded!’ Airman Told to Begin Separation Due to Vaccine Refusal” (original picture of letter at the link).


We mentioned these two items weeks ago, but it bears repeating.

One, the only two outcomes—and it’s really just one—worth studying are illness severity and death. All other derived measures are always a clue you are being fooled.

“Cases” are NOT an illness severity measure. Ignore ALL studies which invoke “cases”, whether they are on “our side” or theirs. “Cases” are NOT cases, but a combination of testing level (still at ridiculous levels), testing sensitivity (still too high), and multiple disease characteristics.

Look at hospitalizations for (and not after-admission-for-something-else-first either) the doom, or look at deaths of the doom. Nothing else.

Two, we cannot examine any study of efficacy without having removed from the data those people with prior infection who recovered.

How often is this done? Something close to never.

Why? Because many officials are still married to the noble lie that all should get vaccinated, even those who had the disease. And now we have the immoral, and deadly, vaccine mandates, designed to punish.

Obviously—to any scientist living before 2020—if a person has recovered and is vaxxed, you won’t know if his own body or the vax has kept him from dying. Vaccines should not even be administered before an anti-body test has been given, because of the very real possibility of harmful side effects.


Here’s another prediction our side was right about. Many harmful side vaxx effects in the young, the very people who (if healthy) don’t need the vaccine anyway. The coronadoom is still an old person’s disease, in spite of what you might have heard from the propagandists.

Finland and other northern countries (e.g. Sweden; elsewhere; etc.) have suspended the vax because of too many side effects in younger men. Clot related, mostly. As predicted.

Happens in the USA, and countries like Israel, and the UK, too. My favorite headline was “Mystery rise in heart attacks from blocked arteries“. But the vaccine ardor is too strong in these places to get officials to stop.

This can be studied. It’s not difficult. It’s even been done, in small scales, with the expected results (bad for the vaccine). But wide-scale testing would mean slowing or stopping the hateful mandates. Politics is science today, so it won’t be done.


Regular readers more on the ball than I am can tell us whether this whopper of a Noble Lie is in the Top Four, or even the winner.

We ought to have a contest.

This particular official lie is wonderfully awful. A complete falsehood. Brazen ain’t in it. A slimy, stinking lie. Not even in the same neighborhood as Reality.

And they wonder why we don’t trust them.


Sources: CDC State data (source), CDC official toll number one, number two (the old weekly file, now suspect). Causes of death (source). Deaths by age. Covid & flu. WHO flu tracker. All current as of Monday.

Daily tests (from here Johns Hopkins) are still at idiot levels. More than 3 million ever day. All you can do is sigh.

These next two are complicated. They are the all-cause weekly deaths, presented in two ways.

Focus on the dotted green lines. Subtracting for the late counts, since about the first of June, they are exactly where we’d expect them. Before then they were lower, meaning coronadoom deaths were over-ascribed. Now they are about right. Meaning there are more deaths than we’d expect this time of year. What’s causing them?

Now focus on the time series version. Deaths this summer were exactly in line with what we’d expect absent the doom. Now they are just a bit higher.

All right, now let’s look at causes of death:

See how flu & pneumonia and respiratory deaths plummeted? But the doom increased?

Well, there you are. People are dying in larger numbers—or, rather, were—but doom deaths were likely over-ascribed.

Here’s the states we’ve looked at, doom deaths by population:

The late drop is, as ever, late counts. But the real drops in Florida and Texas can be seen easily. With no panics of especial controls.

Like in Sweden and Denmark.

However, since it is that time of year, and people in the north are heading inside into voluntary lockdowns, they are starting to spread bugs, and deaths are creeping up. Whether these are doom or other respiratory deaths remains to be seen.

Here’s the official weekly doom deaths:

The Dreaded Delta was never as large as the Aspiring Alpha, or last year’s Serious Summer Splurge, nor nearly as gigantic as the Wailing Winter.

What will happen this winter? Deaths, as we see above, absolutely always peak in winter. They will this winter, too.

I repeat: deaths will peak in January. As always. Be ready for this. Midwit propagandists won’t remember this and will take delight in regularly rising numbers.

Don’t buy it.

What about flu, I hear you ask? Propagandists have been pushing it lately, warning of a double killer wave.


Not yet, anyway.

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  1. Shecky R

    …and somewhere in Amerikkka today an expert educator will tell a roomful of children that 1 + 1 = 2; offering no evidence nor proof whatsoever for the assertion, but expecting the li’l tykes to blindly accept it. Aghast!

  2. Briggs


    We’d miss if you if you were gone, really. But it’s a wonder they’re still paying you. You’re going to have to step up your critiques or they’ll find somebody new.

    Unless we are slowly converting you.

  3. HBG

    Shecky, down down her in Aus we have a saying “don’t bullshit a bullshitter” You are are classic – just go away before you embarrass yourself even more.


    HBG – a long time local hereabouts

  4. Don B

    This is remarkable. The Nebraska Attorney General, on October 14, 2021, issued a 48 page opinion that it is OK for doctors to prescribe Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19.

    It reads like a long magazine article, with a discussion of the drugs’ histories, lab results, studies of positive results, the media’s “inaccurate” reporting, and the Washington medical establishment’s misinformation.

  5. JR Ewing

    Shecky, all the evidence you need to prove that is on a person’s fingers. This is weak sauce.

  6. Dr. Weezil

    HBG, I thought they said “thank you, sir, may I have another? Wait, no, not really, just keep beating me.” down in Austrailia.

  7. PaulH

    William Shakespeare understood The Experts:

    “Wisdom and goodness to the vile seem vile; Filths savour but themselves.”

    ‘King Lear’ (1605-6) act 4, sc. 2, l. 38

  8. Joey Zamboni

    On the subject of masks…

    The left maintains that man made excess CO2 levels are an *existential threat* to humanity…

    That CO2 is a deadly toxin that will result in our ultimate demise from this planet…

    OK, I agree…

    Now, can I remove the mask that forces me to breath in excess CO2 (a deadly toxin you tell me) for hours a day…???

    Full disclosure – I don’t wear the mask, unless at my Dr. where nurse nazee berates me into it…

  9. Robin

    Doesn’t stop infection, doesn’t stop transmission, but permits much greater viral loads – classic definition of a leaky vaccine.

    Can you spell M A R E K’s Disease?

    Kills 100% of the unvaccinated cohort within 10 days.

    Time to stop this vaccine program before it destroys humanity.

  10. Johnno

    There are plenty of Sheckies in the coffee-checking Australian government, and just as sensitive!

    “Here are some facts,” the Australian official wrote. “Nearly 70,000 Texans have tragically died from COVID. There have been zero deaths in the [Northern] Territory. Did you know that?

    LoL! Nobody died! So we’re locking you down to keep it that way! Post hoc ergo propter hoc!

    Uh oh! How could our super duper models miss this???

    “INSURRECTION!!! INSURRECTIONS EVERYWHERE!!!”, screams Chicago’s Big Eyes.

    Forced Vexxines blocked for prisoners in California. They probably now hope the government won’t let them out…

  11. Crew

    I am sorry to tell you this but 7 billion people are going to die.

    I know it is horrifying to think so but they will. Most of them will be decrepit with old age when they die, but die they will.

    Bill Gates is no where as good as the Grim Reaper!

  12. Russell Haley

    There is a document floating around on Telegram that claims the European equivalent of the CDC is panicking because of the data coming out of Israel and the UK. The vaccinated have destroyed their immune systems and are going to have to lock down for… ever?

    No, it’s not going to be the same as last year.

  13. Russell Haley

    “…and somewhere in Amerikkka today an expert educator will tell a roomful of children that 1 + 1 = 2; offering no evidence nor proof whatsoever for the assertion, but expecting the li’l tykes to blindly accept it. Aghast!”

    Typical liberal, you expect someone to spoon feed you the information. None-the-less, any of my kids knows where to find the confirmation: reality. They would count their fingers to verify.

    And that’s what this whole blog is about. Many of us are “counting our fingers” and determining that we are being lied to.

  14. About 2000 years ago the entire western world agreed that I + I = II .

    A lot of the raving about the vaccines is simply either mis or ill informed, or both. It is probably not true that the vaccines do lasting damage to healthy people – but those who assert this as fact are jumping the gun on the evidence just as much as the doom sayers are. The reality is that the theory behind this stuff is evolving and the evidence either way is inclusive.

    That noted, I think Mr. Trump was well advised to put some clout behind attempts to develop effective vaccines and/or treatment protocols against viral attacks because a genuine high-death-rate pandemic is almost inevitably going to develop at some time – and, when that happens, the mess the politicians and time servers made this time around is going to have lots of good people refusing to acknowledge that particular wolf and so leading themselves and many others into early graves.

  15. INCONCLUSIVE not inclusive (nice: what would freudians say?) . Sorry!

  16. Milton Hathaway

    Paul Murphy: “The reality is that the theory behind this stuff is evolving and the evidence either way is inclusive.”

    True enough. One thing seems perfectly clear to me, though – without the immunity from liability, there would be no mRNA vaccines today. Decide for yourself whether this is good or bad, but from my point of view, it seems like we need some sort of workable middle ground. With the Covid vaccines, the standard risk-reward equation underlying capitalism has been completely turned on it’s head, with no accountability anywhere in sight. Trust is a pretty empty concept with zero accountability.

  17. C-Marie

    1 + 1 = 2. We define and name for the children, the action and its results. Got a little free education at

    Hopefully, they have many questions, and gain understanding as to the importance of agreement, in matters such as this.

    T’was fun, Shecky.

    God bless, C-Marie

  18. Forbes


    –>With the Covid vaccines, the standard risk-reward equation underlying capitalism has been completely turned on it’s head, with no accountability anywhere in sight. Trust is a pretty empty concept with zero accountability.

    Milton Hathaway nails it.

  19. philemon

    No liability, no mandates.

  20. philemon

    Kinda like “no taxation without representation.”

    Only, it’s worse, because the public health emergency is still on over a virus with a better than a 99.9% survival rate, especially in the young and healthy. The serious adverse events keep piling up. Any other vexxine in history would have been recalled long before now. Indeed, no vaccine has ever been approved on such shoddy and abbreviated trials.

  21. Johnno
  22. Johnno

    Fly my pretties!

    Nebraska allows actual medicine! Be grateful!

    Duh… deese nuclear physicists are dumb! Don’t they no how to follow THE SCIENCE ™??? Somebody should text them a fac-chek!

    Even after speaking to Project Veritas, Trump is still riding that train… Looks like we should consider the DeSantis option after all.

    Why aren’t these medical professionals following THE SCIENCE ™??? Can’t the military replace them all?

    If you can’t trust the FDA, then who can you trust?

    … Opens Door to Mix-and-Match Vaccinations, Worrying Experts


  23. philemon

    Johnno: The WEF is meeting in Dubai in November. The purpose of the meeting is to come up with the “Great Narrative”. Guess they feel they’re failing in the PR department. Apparently, they haven’t got the post-modernist (aka, pomo) memo that Grand Narratives are so last century.

    Anyway, the Blue-Sky Flu worked pretty well. Is there any way we can lockdown the WEF in Dubai in perpetuity? Asking for a friend.

  24. Rudolph Harrier

    What I’d really love to see is the following in testing data: Rather than just the raw number of tests given,

    -How many of those being tested were “fully vaccinated” versus not?
    -In each group, how many being tested had no symptoms, mild symptoms or severe symptoms?

    With that information we could actually estimate the effect of false positives and deciding to test some asymptomatic individuals but not others. Until the data is broken down in this way it’s impossible to meaningfully compare the “rates” for the two populations.

  25. Joy

    It was always known that boosters were going to be necessary, given the method of protection the vaccines convey. Just as with flu and just as was promised. Downing Street confirmed this, today, along t=with the ongoing efficacy of vaccination. Numbers around eighty and ninety percent were mentioned but I’lll let people look that up for themselves, since searching for the link swill take time that’s not worth the spending. Those who care can look up what the deputy chief medical officer, and science advisor, are saying, on record.

  26. Dennis

    “ The latest Public Health England vaccine surveillance report finds higher rates of infection among the fully vaccinated than in the unvaccinated in all age brackets over 30.”
    [“Negative Efficacy, or: Something Is Wrong With The Vaccines: Brief notes on the latest Public Health England vaccine surveillance report” (

    Boosters are not “necessary,” because none of this madness is “necessary” or justified, and the jabs are a sick joke.

    But do go on about The Science Advisor and some oh-so-wonderful Deputy Chief Government Shill or other spouting more on-the-record BS. Fraudci has shoveled enough BS on-the-record to overflow a landfill, incriminated himself in writing with thousands of emails, and yet he still clings to his post, doing untold damage to the world for nearly two years now, propped-up by a Regime even more corrupt and illegitimate than he is. None of it ever matters, in the UK or here. The same scum keep shafting the world endlessly and never pay for their lies, criminal actions, conflicts of interest, etc. etc. (Neil Ferguson has been wrong about literally everything for over 20 years, yet he’s still treated like an “expert” and given plum jobs advising the govt and in UK universities – clearly all have very low standards).

    Save it. No one cares what any of these corrupt, lying twits have to say any more.

  27. Johnno
  28. Joy

    “Save it. No one cares what any of these corrupt, lying twits have to say any more.”
    What, precisely do you think you achieve in all of your own commentary?
    Straight question.
    From here, it looks like there are around a handful, less than ten more than five, here, who are strutting around like Quixote himself, on a mission, so there’s no chance that those kinds of people would ever admit as much as a small fault. I don’t anticipate that moment!
    Of course some don’t care about what’s true any more. They’re too dug in. Sadly Denis that’s how I think you’ve become or were, to start with and maybe for entirely separate reasons. Since your judgement over historical matters is so skewed and dug in, as well. Why would you take the trouble to be objective in any serious matter, once you’ve made up your mind?

    There’s a shed load of faulty thinking and argumentation that goes unchecked, here, which is. a shame and a disappointment. The same reason why names of the old guard never appear. Too much BS and strutting and not enough humble truth seeking and hard work. Not enough respect of those who really do know what they’re talking about in case it might bring about the revelation of some truth.

    So if the entire point is catharsis and self help for the dejected far right conspiracists? I’m definitely interrupting and shouldn’t bother. That depiction is exactly what CNN calls that kind of behaviour. Get a grip and stop pretending you’re saving the world from a fate worse than covid. All of the chatter and ranting is simply misrepresentation, “straw manning “, hyperbole, falsehood, poor basic knowledge where a little is dangerous! and a lack of basic comprehension, deliberate or otherwise.

    Some of the list of failure of commentary and criticism is avoidable, especially by those pretending to a high level of intellect. Some is more to do with pride.
    Taking your response to my comment about the downing street briefing Most of your comment is about Fauci.
    It uses the device of propagandists and facist thinkers where groups of people are listed under labels for the handy purpose of disregarding anything that individual does or says.
    It’s not the way to do statistics but it is the way to do propaganda and activism.

  29. Joy

    “Boosters are not “necessary,” because none of this madness is “necessary” or justified, and the jabs are a sick joke.”
    That line, for example, is a statement of opinion.
    It is your position, that has been apparent for some time.
    Is that line, inserted because you think the previous remark and link have proved something? That is not sarcasm, I’m asking for a reason.
    One of the points never addressed here is why theCDC is the only source of information which is used as a benchmark? You could take data from all over the world. Especially if the CDC is so corrupt or incompetent or complicate?
    Why look for objectivity there? You’ve already stated that there is none!

  30. JOy

    To be clear, the last line needs the following:
    If, it is all about showing that the entire thing is a “sick joke” to the benighted ones?
    There are a lot of “sick jokes” around in the world.
    There are some matters which are being ignored. That is a sick joke
    All the “sick jokes” aren’t necessarily linked?

  31. Joy

    Few weeks back I reported on a woman who suffered chronic allergies and who bowed to social pressure to get vaxxed. She is still covered by the blemishes, and it thinking still of getting second shot because the stigma from being non-“fully” vaxxed hurts worse.
    Thanks, Experts!

    Briggs you’e scraping the bottom of the barrel.
    We need to know about her history. *for me, it’s already obvious but lets confirm it with all of the information?
    Your story is little more than gossip of a person who’s exhibiting indifference by her very actions. Her story doesn’t add up. The Drs did the right thing, given what we know, or have ben told. They get the benefit of the doubt, given her irrational request for more. She can’t have it both ways, neither can you.
    by asking for more of something which she is claiming is so dreadful that she needs more of it, she’s showing signs of mental illness and or confusion.
    Misinformation might well be at the route of it. The Truth will set her free, no doubt. She’s being ‘gas lit’, but not by the side she thinks.

  32. Dennis

    “Since your judgement over historical matters is so skewed…Get a grip and stop pretending you’re saving the world from a fate worse than covid.”

    Almost all fates are worse than Covid, which, in the grand scheme of things as a virus/disease, is no more significant than a fly on an elephant’s bum. The only significant thing about Covid is the overblown and unjustifiable – indeed downright evil and tyrannical – response to it.

    I’m not pretending (if only the tyrants who run the world actually cared about Truth!). It’s clear at this point the world doesn’t want saving from the madness and insanity being done in the name of Covid.

    And my historical judgment, btw, is impeccable as well!

  33. JBP

    As long as any person pushes the vaccine without admitting the superiority of treatments using substances such as ivermectin, that person ought to be ignored.

  34. Kneel

    “Is there any way we can lockdown the WEF in Dubai in perpetuity?”

    “Nuke it from orbit – it’s the only way to be sure.”

  35. Johnno

    Typed up this lengthy thing on the Saker’s recent Putin piece where he commented the following in regards to Putin taking Civid seriously, figured I’d share it here too…


    “That’s for those who still bought into the entire “there is no pandemic” nonsense and implies a question: what would it take for you to wake up to reality? 5 million? 10 million? 20?”

    Well… how about simply a proper diagnostic test?

    Italy apparently revised its covid death toll from over 130,000 to under 4,000.

    You can check out the Il Tempo article – ‘Gran pasticcio nel rapporto sui decessi. Per l’Iss gran parte dei morti non li ha causati il Covid.’

    Now let’s consider current Zone A reporting on Russia’s numbers through the AP:

    “Russians to stay off work for a week as virus deaths rise
    President Vladimir Putin has ordered many of Russia’s workers to stay off work for a week starting later this month amid rising coronavirus infection and death numbers

    By VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV Associated Press

    MOSCOW — President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered most Russians to stay off work for a week later this month amid rising COVID-19 infections and deaths, and he strongly urged reluctant citizens to get vaccinated.

    The government coronavirus task force reported 1,028 deaths in the past 24 hours, the highest number since the start of the pandemic. That brought Russia’s death toll to 226,353, by far the highest in Europe.

    Russia’s daily coronavirus mortality numbers have been surging for weeks and topped 1,000 for the first time over the weekend amid sluggish vaccination rates, lax public attitudes toward taking precautions and the government’s reluctance to toughen restrictions. Only about 45 million Russians — roughly a third of the country’s nearly 146 million people — are fully vaccinated.

    In urging Russians to get the shots, Putin said “it’s a matter of your life and health and the health of your dear ones.”

    “There are only two ways to get over this period — to get sick or to receive a vaccine,” he said. “It’s better to get the vaccine. Why wait for the illness and its grave consequences? Please be responsible and take the necessary measures to protect yourself, your health and your close ones.”

    The Russian leader, who received the domestically developed Sputnik V vaccine earlier this year, said he’s puzzled to see hesitancy about vaccines, even among his close friends.

    “I can’t understand what’s going on,” Putin said. “We have a reliable and efficient vaccine. The vaccine really reduces the risks of illness, grave complications and death.”

    Even though Russia in August 2020 became the first country of the world to authorize a coronavirus vaccine and vaccines are plentiful, Russians have shown a reluctance to get the shots, a skepticism that has been blamed on conflicting signals from authorities.

    While extolling Sputnik V and three other domestic vaccines, state-controlled media were often critical of Western-made shots, a message that many saw as feeding public doubts about vaccines in general.

    In Moscow, however, life has continued as usual, with restaurants and movie theaters brimming with people, crowds swarming nightclubs and karaoke bars and commuters widely ignoring mask mandates on public transportation even as ICUs have filled in recent weeks.

    Medical workers expressed bewilderment over the vaccine skepticism. “I think about sleepless nights when we get a huge number of patients who didn’t even bother to use banal protective means,” said Dr. Natavan Ibragimova of Moscow’s Hospital No. 52, where an ICU was filled to capacity.

    However, state statistics agency Rosstat, which also counts deaths in which the virus wasn’t considered the main cause, has reported a much higher pandemic death toll — about 418,000 people with COVID-19 as of August. Based on that number, Russia would be the fourth hardest-hit nation, ahead of Mexico.”


    Now considering all that, it would be helpful to know a few things that perhaps Saker can answer:

    – Is Russia using the same testing methods as Italy? (Which is pretty much the same as all of Zone A)? And if so, then are Russia’s numbers also compromised and exaggerated by faulty testing methods? Is it due to just following whatever protocols the WHO imposes and can never be consistent about and have themselves rebuked their own inaccurate testing methods?

    – If the numbers are real, then why do the common Russian population go about their lives with as much neglect as Zone A “anti-vaxxers”? In fact, Russian vaccine numbers are below that which Zone A is touting which varies around 50% if not higher according to mainstream stats. Now, you may argue that Zone A governments are using more coercion, but I will point out that those are the numbers prior to the coercion, which somewhat also falls in line with left/right dividing party line ideological splits.

    – Perhaps the Western AP reporting is Zone A propaganda nonsense? And the Russian stats cited are lies? But it obviously seems that Putin is concerned… so cases must be up, and deaths attributed to covid must be up… but recall that it is going up post-Sputnik V.

    – Now the AP is making claims about Russian hospitalizations categorically similar to what Zone A is doing. So again is Russia using Zone A criteria where simple positive tests regardless of accuracy turn patients with several cormobidities into covid deaths? And when it says “fully vaccinated” versus “unvaccinated” is it Zone A criteria where the qualifier is not simply one who has never taken any vaccine, but even those who have; but in whom the vaccine period “expired”, requiring a booster, or they died within 14 days after getting the shot and this is considered under the time period for the vaccination to be “fully effective” throughout the body? Is Russia following this criteria?

    – Assuming things are just dandy with Sputnik V and the other Zone B ones. Would it not be counter productive to run a test that is designed to return a positive result on the presense of antibodies and residual particulates that a normal vaccine is supposed to inject or create to trigger an immune response in order to work? Therefore even vaccinated and healthy people would be counted as positive cases?

    – As the article highlights, the Russians do not trust Western vaccines. If the Russians are right to be cautious, then why shouldn’t Zone A’s citizens? Likewise Zone A doesn’t accept Zone B vaccines either. So who is right? And considering that booster shots are now a requirement to qualify as “fully vacvinated” in Zone A, is this the same qualified definitions that Putin is using? Where Russians with only one dose are considered “unvaccinated” and maybe these are who are filling up hospitals? Or is Russia only referring specifically to those who never took any shots at all?

    – Also, worth pointing out that nearly fully compliant nations from both zones, A for Israel, and B for China, both using each of their respective Zone’s vaccines, both are reportedly seeing rising cases regardless of even more compliant populations in the 70%iles if not higher. So what gives? You could say that naturally even in 100% fully vaccinated populations, people will still get sick. But why are numbers of cases and deaths higher post-vaccination than during the supposed height of the pandemic?

    – Also lastly, considering hospital ICUs are managed and run with the general economic ideal of having nearly full occupancy that is neither less nor more, when the AP reports that ICUs are filling up, does that mean that a) There is not sufficient capacity and there are more patients than Russian hospital can handle, overflowing far beyond capacity? b) That they are filling up to full, ie, normal operating capacity? c) That they are starting to fill after initially restricting people from hospitals as part of lockdown measures and there is now a double backlog of patients filling in, or patients ill from delayed treatments who are all also being diagnosed with the questionable tests?

    – Assuming all of the above is legitimately properly diagnosed by Russian authorities and they are not using Zone A criteria, then is there something different released in Zone B, and why do the common Russian people not seem to experience it to the point of being sceptical of their own government’s recommendations? It can’t be Zone A propaganda, considering they take covid insanely seriously, and I doubt common Russians are getting their news from English alt media “anti-vaxxers.”

    So in conclusion, having good and proper answers to these questions will help those of us to “wake up.” I mean this in all sincerity. From my impression, Putin manages to diagnose a lot of the world’s problems correctly, but on a few things such as covid-19 and climate environmentalism, and 9/11 terrorism, he gets it wrong on these specific scientific issues, particularly the conspiracy angles. I believe pointing this out is entirely reasonable to ask, and I’m happy to be informed and corrected.

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