The Revolution Is Upon Us — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

The Revolution Is Upon Us — Guest Post by Ianto Watt


There is little left to be said. Talk is no longer relevant. There are too many speakers, and no real thoughts. But here, let me give you this one. One that is an actual thought. But it is not from me, nor from now. No, like all true wisdom, it comes from the past. A past so dimmed by our own willing ignorance that we have missed it, because it’s ‘not modern’. But truth is timeless.

It comes, of course, from a Saint from the East. Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, in the recently released (in English) fifth volume of his Red Wheel opus (Node III, Book 3, p.95).

A revolution can be defined as the moment when there is no punishment for the crime.

That is where we are now. The revolution is upon us. There is no more pretending. No more illusion. The illusion of a government of laws, holding ideals firmly against the clamoring crowd. No more empty talk of a civil society under the goddess of Democracy, a.k.a. the goddess of Reason. Why? Because those two goddesses, one and the same, are also the goddess of Revolution. Just ask Rousseau.

The goddess is now naked, save for her blindfold. She has gained our favor by our lust, as she has hiked her hem ever so slightly, but ever so higher. Again and again. And we, transfixed by the liberties she has granted (but blind to those she revokes), have failed to notice the blindfold she still mockingly wears. Why does she still wear it? Because if she took it off, it would shock us, as she gazes upon us with her one eye. For she is a Cyclops. In all the meanings of that cannibalistic word and race. She is alien to true humanity. Notice, in this video, all those who have willingly joined the one-eyed race. They are Legion. And they are us. See anybody you know?

The goddess we have all been worshiping has also dropped her faux scales and now rules by decree. Revolutionary decree. Her new standard, the bloody red sheet, has been raised. Gone are the concepts of evidence and equality before the law. Gone, in fact, is the law itself. It has been replaced, as Solzhenitsyn understood, by ‘Order No. 1‘.

We know this new rule today under the name of Executive Orders. All pretense is now gone. The voice of the people, once so sacred to the naive Forefathers who sold us this pottage, now means nothing. And it’s our fault, not theirs. Because we bought it, four score (and many more) years ago. Yes, we are about to reap the whirlwind. We bought the ticket. And now we shall ride.

There is still hope (for that virtue will last till end times). And it is not a baseless hope. I will get to that. But first, understand this: we are now hoping against something, and not for something. Because we are on defense now. Not offense. We have been reduced from action to reaction. Reaction against something. And that something has now been visibly unleashed. Something we haven’t seen before. At least, not up close. It’s been seen in foreign lands before, but not here. The question is, what manner of beast is this? Can it be tamed? Or must it be slain? And who would slay it? There was only one Kyle that showed up when it first appeared. And none since.

This Beast has many forms. It is a shape-shifter. And it has had many names in those far distant lands when it was first seen. But it has only one name today. Democracy. What’s the essence of this Beast? Let me answer that as directly as I can. Democracy is a drug. A drug that calls forth the avatar. And the avatar is a demon, dressed up as a lady. Once you have fallen for her apparent beauty and presumed virtue, she will seduce, and then reduce, all who embrace her. For she is a whore. As such, she will sleep with whoever who has the money (a.k.a. votes) regardless of how they are earned. Only a virtuous man can resist her. A man concerned with ‘things public’ first, and things personal last. A man of the Res Publica. I haven’t seen many (or any) lately.

Don’t get me wrong. Small ‘d’ democracy rests on majority rule. And yes, it can be a worthy tool, when used by virtuous men. A means, but not the ends. But when the tool is elevated to the pantheon, men become her tool. And she uses us. To her purpose, not ours. Wolfgang understands this. Quantity (that is, a democratic majority), speaks nothing about the need for quality (virtue). Democracy, capitalized or not, cannot deliver virtue by itself. And life without virtue is death. Everlasting death.

So, she seduced the man known as The Republic. And what we are seeing now is not some aberration, not some accidental mutation of an ancient ideal. No, today’s world is the natural result of her doctrine. Doctrine? Yes, doctrine. As in religion.

And the doctrine of this new, yet old, religion is Equality. And since you cannot lift everyone to the absolute heights, the only way to achieve Equality is to reduce all to the absolute depth. Curse me if you will, but history proves this.

Am I against America? Against representative government? Against the dignity of Man? Please, don’t make me barf. All straw men.

America the Republic is dead, its national soul taken long ago by The Empire (which despises nations). Representative government? Hahahah! Who’s counting the ballots, Komrade? A democratic majority, regardless of how it is obtained, does not guarantee rectitude. We’ve gone from Rex Lex to Lex Rex, and now we have passed beyond Lex Populi. Which only worked when men were virtuous. Which we are not. And so, we are now entering the age of Lex Magi. I’ve spoken recently of this emergence of Magick.

As for the dignity of Man, that was eliminated in 1973 by the very force (SCOTUS) that pledged to safeguard it. Now no man is safe in his life, let alone liberty or property. ‘You will own nothing, and you will be happy’, as our Overlords tell us. And you will take the jab, and like it too. Or else, Komrade. Try eating air. Tastes great, less filling, eh?

All as a result of the goddess Democracy, who bled our Republic dry. First our virtue, then our money, and finally our blood, with her Endless Wars. So look at yourself in the mirror. You’re naked, having been stripped of all three. It’s not just the Emperor (or goddess) who is naked. We’re all stripped bare. And we now feel the cold wind of Revolution.

And here is the heart of Revolution. There can only be one Party line. There will no longer be any debate allowed. Cats and dogs may fight in the political arenas of the past, and power may ebb and flow betwixt them. But not now. Now, Dogs are presumed to be right, and cats must not only be defeated, they must be exterminated.

Looking back to my previous thoughts on having entered the post-religious, post-scientific world, I now see us entering the post-political world. This brave new world is the world of Ideology. Singular ideology, to be exact. This ideology will define mankind’s near-term fate.

What is this new ideology that some power seeks to impose upon us? Simple, Citizen. It’s nothing short of godhood. And even our new Overlords will soon publicly agree that democracy can no longer be our guiding light. Our new light must be UNITY. And all who disagree therefore stand in the way of mankind’s next step. A small step for a man. A giant leap for mankind. The leap to godhood.

How will this next step be achieved? By submission, of course. Submission to the ideology. Regardless of yesterday’s edition of the ideology, today’s edition is the truth. And you’d better damn well believe it. For your own good, of course, Komrade. For your own sake, submit. Sharia science, sharia religion, sharia politics, all merge into our glorious sharia future, in the ever expanding and always evolving universe. Excelsior!

What is this path to godhood? Simply this: we must transition from mere humanity to mere divinity. Where mere men become mere gods. In other words, the path of Trans-humanism. The passage from one realm to another. I have to ask what the hell’s the difference? And yes, some may die on the way. But fear not. Our glorious leaders, in their white coated robes, will revive us all. At least, those who did not oppose our attempted ascent to the heights of Heaven.

Trans-humanism, by the way, isn’t a new idea, after all. Nikolai Fedorov, the Russian Cosmist, all of this in the late 1800’s. But he’s dead, which is to say, no longer woke. And while he sought to resurrect all men (before the end of time), our new masters have a much smaller passenger list of the elect. Make sure you’re on it! Trans-humanism is not a democratic ideal.

But let’s not totally dismiss democracy, at least the ‘small-d’ kind. The Greeks had a limited form of it, and those limitations were key to its occasional success in various city states in Greece. But the lack of long-term Greek virtue made it vulnerable to Rome, eventually. And Rome was a Republic, not a democracy. Yet it had democratic elements to it.

Apart from these two ancient examples, there is only one other place where democracy worked (and continues to work today). That place is the monastery, where the monks (all of them) elect their own ruler, the Abbot. And he rules for life, generally. That is one of the keys to community stability. Constant elections produce constant acrimony and little else. And America is the greatest proof of that claim.

Let’s be honest, as we approach Advent. America the nation has been beset by a rebellious spirit from her very beginnings. How could we not be, given our parental pedigree of Perfidious Albion? A brief look at the past shows us, as we approach the Puritan Pharisaical festival known as Thanksgiving, that we have had much to be thankful for. But it has been an unrequited love. We have failed to appreciate all we have been spiritually given, as we strove for more material blessings. Blessings from those that saved our forefathers at that first American celebration of brotherly love. The first (Indian) Summer of Love.

It is with great discomfort that most people hear that that first communal meal in this new land was actually an act of mercy on the part of the Indians. This meal of mercy was hosted by Squanto, the Catholic Indian previously enslaved (naturally) by Anglish colonists. Squanto returned this enslavement by catering this first Thanksgiving meal. Why would he do that? In order to save the starving socialist Roundheads. Idiots who couldn’t feed themselves. I’ve said this before in my book. It bears repeating, if only to counter the Anglish propaganda about the equality of the hosts and the guests at this first American soup kitchen. The Puritans were not pure. Period. But Squanto was still merciful.

Squanto? Squanto who? See, I knew that would be the reaction. Typical Anglish Alzheimer’s. We think we know our history, but it is the history written by the winners. It’s a good thing the Indians had no muskets. No one reads the volumes of the vanquished. And so, our ignorance continues to grow, as the myth of the event replaces the math of the meal. In other words, if you don’t know Squanto, you don’t know Squat about our beginnings. And everything that has come down the pike since then.

Let’s fast forward to today, in the midst of our revolutionary turmoil here in the Home of the Brave, Land of the Free. We keep singing ‘God Bless America’, when we should be singing ‘America, Bless God’. And we should be thanking the braves that first fed us, out of Christian charity. Which we never repaid.

Ask yourself then, how is it we have come to this? Well, that’s rather simple, Pilgrim. We got here because we willingly traveled the road that led here. But for most of our history, we have been in the export mode. We have spent centuries now exporting revolution. To almost every nation on the planet. (Where was Trotsky living in Red March, 1917? It wasn’t Petersburg.)

Now we are surprised that the circle has closed? Well, why wouldn’t it? After all, we’re the last market share that hasn’t been served by our own product. Hmmm? You know…Democracy! Remember 1917? No, not over there. Over here. When Woodrow Wilson decided to make the world safe for Democracy? Too bad no one read the label to see if Democracy was safe for the world. Now the chickens have come home to roost. And we’re surprised? Really?

Let’s put on our thinking cap. Let’s ask ourselves what we should really want in this life. I know what I want—more life! But not the Trans-human life promised us by our revolutionary Overlords. Not the life of lockstep allegiance to an endlessly changing Party line. Not a life dictated by medical maniacs. Not a life of continued struggle, against nature and nihilism.

No, I don’t want more human life, nor a Trans-human life. The cost is too high, the reward too little. No, I want a slice of the truly divine. And that’s not on the menu at the Revolutionary Breadline Buffet. The only place you can get this fully divine life is at the Catacomb Café. It’s poorly lit, of course, and the menu is sparse. Just bread and wine. Transformed. Into the fully Divine. That’s what I want.

What good is the Brotherhood of man without the Fatherhood of God? No, not some ghoulish tranny-godfather. I want a real Father! Without a true Father, we’re all just bastards. Anglish bastards, to be precise. Forget that. I want a real family. With no pretenders. Is that too much for a real American to hope for? Well, anyway, that’s my hope for me and mine. And my hope for you.

So, hey, Brother Squanto – thank you! And please pass the gravy!

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  1. Sheri

    Is Ianto in on that yes/no or delete comment rule? (“We’re going to try something different this week.” It’s still the same week, so I must request clarification.)

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”And please pass the gravy!”

    Here you go, bro, and thanks for the tasty tableau — been a while since anyone served up piping hot Squanto here.

  3. Hoyos

    The suppressed part wasn’t Squanto, I’d heard of Squanto.

    That Squanto was a Christian, that’s the suppressed part.

    Plus I learned at a young age that the early socialism of the first settlers didn’t work, but gratefully the settlers did that most amazing thing, they learned from their error and changed their ways.

    Taking a slight rabbit trail, it’s funny that Ianto blames us Anglo-Saxons, but Bruce Charlton pushes it onto the Normans.


    After Waukesha, we are all Boers now. Bleib ubrig.

  5. Sean

    Re: Squanto: If the Comanches had been the tribe the Pilgrims encountered, a very different tradition may have resulted. I’m glad Squanto was a nominal Christian and all that there. I do no subscribe to the current Native American Worship Cult, and never have. It’s not that I discount the Indians, all over America, I just don’t like them. No written language, few buildings of a permanent type compared to Europeans, and some of them routinely ate each other when we got here. They were all certainly engaged in constant warfare, just like Europeans, with each other. By the time I came along, they had established a poor-pitiful-me industry, just like the Jews did, after WW2. Certainly, they had their reasons. How does this all work out? It doesn’t. Like in all of history, up and down, left and right. I am 100% am behind your statements about our lack of worship and loyalty to G*d Almighty, replaced by our hideous attachment to self and ideals. Like Dweezil said, we are all Boers now, and it’s open season on whitey. We’re about to all enter that furnace for hammering and forging, and I don’t see any kindly people helping us through it.

  6. Johnno

    From now forward I’m calling Thanksgiving, ‘Squanto Day.’ Perhaps I shall compose an ode…

  7. Uncle Mike

    In a likely hopeless task to dispel the ignorance displayed, may I recommend “1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus” by Charles C. Mann. His deeply researched and historically accurate book describes civilizations in the Americas before contact with Europeans. Suffice it to say, the indigenous cultures were nothing like the slack jawed blatantly racist comments above.

    In addition to relating ten millennia of human achievements, Mann discusses the 1620 encounter with the Wampanoag and neighboring tribes, already decimated by smallpox from earlier contacts, and Tisquantum, the last of the Patuxets, kidnapped as a child by English explorer Thomas Hunt who carried him to Spain and sold him into slavery. Tisquantum escaped, made his way to England, and sailed back to Massachusetts in 1619, only to find his entire tribe extirpated.

    Most of Pilgrim fable is propaganda and falsehood. Please study and discover the truth so that raging ignorance might be partially stifled.

  8. Dennis

    “Despair isn’t good for you – so do something.”

    Does causing a ruckus at Thanksgiving count? LOL.

    I was tempted skip the large Thanksgiving gathering at my aunt’s with extended family (mom comes from family of 12 kids…so add spouses, their kids, kid’s kids, etc.) for Covid-unrelated reasons, but mom just told me the invitation email from my aunt ended with “We missed everyone last year, and can’t wait to see you all. I hope everyone has been vaccinated” (short of a direct, outright ban on the unjabbed, but…clearly hinting at it; mom just laughed).

    Now I’m leaning toward going just to spite the jab fanatics and see if I can start some Thanksgiving fireworks! Will I be met with, “Vax Papieren, bitte!” at the door?

  9. C-Marie

    The fruit of sin is death. Our country is dying due to rejection of the Son of God and due to the legal murders of the just born and unborn children, along with the horrendously horrific experiments being performed on these children and on their various bodily parts, rejection of God’s creation of only male and female of which we each are only one or the other as our physical bodies show that He created us, and mich more. Genuine repentance is the only way to Him Who is Life. Prepare for much worse. Jesus Christ is the only Way through all of this.

    A very Blessed Day of Giving Thanks to God, to all of us.
    God bless, C-Marie

  10. SemperFi, 0321

    Hey old buddy. This is what we see all over the blogs now, instead of figuring out how to group together as Americans, we see squabling over minutia as a form of denial. Everybody has to have the last word, on nothing.
    How about a lecture on cleaning out your local school board, or shooting the next jackass that forces your child into an unauthorized school function, like getting vaxxed. How about cleaning out town hall or the county commissioners and institue some common sense law again? Instead, we see PC chatterboxes arguing over the most assinine religious or political arguments.
    No wonder the normies are so screwed, they argue by the rulebook.

  11. Johnno

    It is true that there is evidence that a highly advanced civilization did exist in North America. But which went extinct.

    Also interestingly enough, descriptions and alleged discoveries of the bones of men of great stature… “giants”…

    How much about the past does contemporary man really know? Rather, how much of the past does contemporary man really want to know…?

    THE SCIENCE ™ for all its posturing, is rarely about the search for truth, but is often what it projects upon its religious opponents, a comfortable dogmatically defended myth to make men comfortable in their intellectual ignorance.

  12. Johnno

    On the topic of native indigenous people… remember the Australian aboriginies that the Vaxzi Australian government is so keen to protect?

    Well… turns out many of them are more anti-vexxer than the Vaxzis expected… hence the errr… campaign reportedly going on…

  13. Dennis

    One key fact about the pre-Columbian Americas says a lot about the alleged “achievements” of their cultures: Even by by 1492 – when many of the great Gothic cathedrals of Europe were already approaching 300 years old, to say nothing of other great European (and really also other cultures worldwide more advanced than the pre-Columbian Americans) cultural achievements up to that time – the American Indians hadn’t even discovered the wheel yet (Indo-European cultures had already been using chariots for over 4000 years).

    To echo Saul Bellow: Who is the Dante or Plato of the pre-Columbian Americas? Where is their Chartres or Colosseum?

  14. awildgoose

    I read 1491.

    I found it only a few steps removed from Chariots of the Gods.

  15. Dennis

    “I found it only a few steps removed from Chariots of the Gods.”

    Had to look that one up. From the first paragraph of the Wiki entry: “It involves the hypothesis that the technologies and religions of many ancient civilizations were given to them by ancient astronauts who were welcomed as gods.”

    LOL. Sounds like the basis for that History Channel show “Ancient Aliens.” The best was when they managed to combine Ancient Aliens and the Third Reich in one episode.

  16. Ann Cherry

    Uncle Mike, I think you have a guest-post on this topic, just waiting to get out. Looking forward to reading your thoughts. God bless.

  17. Joy

    Uncle Mike,
    What’s more, how many times have we heard the alarm bells from the Author?
    Just the same old: The End Of The World Is Nigh
    *drama queens, all

    They pay a man on the corner of Oxford and Regent’s street to hold up a sign like that. Haven’t been there on foot to know if he’s still there.
    Regarding the pilgrims and the native Americans:
    It’s the same propaganda and probably similar sources, as offered by the pro Roman Empire US element.
    Makes a change to see false notions of history happening over there.

    Knowing many Irish in my time, they think they’re the only ones who went to America! The English, excuse me, tend to be indifferent.
    Too many movies. ..not enough books, or perhaps disinterest.

  18. Johnno

    The counter revolution has begun in the French colonies against Vaxzi rule.

    Africa also doing well without any vexxines.

    Russians also not keen on vexxines, faking Marks of the Vexx, forcing one Ruskie lawmaker to go full Vaxzi.

  19. Cloudbuster

    “It is true that there is evidence that a highly advanced civilization did exist in North America. But which went extinct.”

    If by “highly advanced” you mean, early agricultural and just capable of supporting a few small cities.

    The bar for being excited about indigenous accomplishments always seems to be extremely low.

  20. Johnno

    If by “highly advanced” you mean, early agricultural and just capable of supporting a few small cities.

    Well, yes, in the archaeological sense relative to the time period. Cities, agriculture, even walls and moats, and elaborate sculpture and burial sites. It sure wasn’t renaissance Vatican City, but a competent people once resided there. What happened to them is a mystery. Myths suggest great calamity which is all we have to go on. Whatever it was, they didn’t recover by the time the Europeans started showing up, perhaps again.

  21. Dennis

    “The bar for being excited about indigenous accomplishments always seems to be extremely low.”

    And the only “indigenous” people not allowed to protect their own nations and cultures from invaders, or to celebrate their own cultures and achievements, are indigenous Europeans, who instead are blamed for everything and treated as the source of all evil in the world.

  22. Johnno

    Revolution news! Brought to us by all the well-meaning experts dealing with a complicated situation that naive people love and trust by default as fellow-men trying to do the right thing! Do not cast suspicion on them! It is a complex job! Just shut up and follow their orders! The data and medicine is complicated! Just give up your rights! Stop subscribing to paranoid conspiracies! Be Joyful!

    German police busting up bad illegal covid gatherings! Just following orders! It’s for your own good! There are also weapons and drugs involved!

    Developing story – Solomon Islands rising against government, is it against covid lockdowns? Is it Chinese politics? Who knows? But Vaxzi government of Australia is sending troops!

    Californian Vaxzi county demands under threat of imprisonment that all good citizens must MASK in their private homes if guests are over! The data is complicated! The government means well! Do not suspect! Suspicion and conspiracies are the enemy!

    Significant! Well placed whistleblower in Slovenia reveals the trick! Politicians are not receiving vexxines! Only saline! Here is how they mark the bottles! Is she crazy? Is she lying? Who would put their career at risk over this? Should we give this experienced medical person the benefit of the doubt? Should we examine her complex claims? NO! ONLY TRUST THOSE WHOM GOVERNMENT SAYS TO TRUST! TRUST AND BE JOYFUL WHEN YOU DO!

    And now, alleged details from inside the Australian camps! Some pictures too!

    Disturbing Details Emerge from Inside Australian Quarantine Camps

    An anonymous poster has detailed their experiences in an Australian quarantine camp. The poster claims he was confined after flying into Australia from Singapore.

    Despite being vaccinated and having taken 3 tests on his trip, which were all negative, he was forced to attend the camp.

    In the post, the writer says that he was forced onto a bus with blacked-out windows by armed guards for a two-hour ride to the quarantine camp. Inmates are allegedly forced to take the vaccine, but also tested regularly and watched by cameras and armed guards. Detainees are charged $2,500 for their two-week involuntary stay.

    Although the inmates have internet, which is presumably monitored, GPS is blocked, making them unable to determine exactly where they are. However, other posters suggested that he was imprisoned at the Howard Springs ‘National Resilience Center’.

    “They asked me about if I was vaccinated, I declined to answer, they threatened me and told me to come with them and called for backup, I was questioned, told to follow them and I boarded a bus with others and we had to sit rows apart and we were brought here. Windows were blacked out.”

    “I don’t know how long I can post here but I came to let you know it is worse than you know.”

    “There was a girl here who fought a guard and we haven’t seen her for six days since then.”

    Another anonymous poster claimed he was next door to a 77-year-old man who had recently drunk himself to death after being repatriated. He further claimed that detainees could only leave their rooms once every 3 days to do laundry, that there were armed police ‘everywhere’, and that you would be yelled at if you stopped or walked too slow.

    The poster does however report that the food is ‘pretty good’ and dropped off to inmates once a day at 6 pm. They get one hot and two cold meals.

    You hear that??? The food is pretty good! Feel Joy! Do not suspect! Do not lose trust in the good men and women running these complex programs! Do not try to look outside or into the blacked out window vehicles! Science is complex! Keep your mask on, pull it up until it also covers your eyes! The government and health authorities are just doing their best! Feel Joy! Become Joy! Don’t be paranoid! Don’t fall for it! Mistrust is a cancer to a harmonious society! No-one is fudging the data! No one is deliberately misinterpreting the data! No one is even looking at the data! Unless you are a paranoid joyless conspiracy theorist! It’s complicated! Bad guys only exist in the movies! Trust them! Oh, please, just trust them!

  23. Johnno

    The great and powerful Omicron is here! And who shall stand when it appeareth? Omicron has transformed and rolled out! It is assembling its armies! It is sentient and aware! It has control of the nuclear codes! It is demanding lockdowns and all of the other things in exchange for our lives! It is filling the atmosphere with excess carbon! Vexxed get ready to be re-vexxed! Unvexxed get ready to suffer more, yet mysteriously live and be unaffected as Omicron is detected only in the fully vexxed! Science and data is complicated!

    So many Australians are protesting that the government has relented – it now gives its blessing that the unvexxed may freely protest!

    Completely new vexxines! Completely new boosters! PharmaCorp adjusts to the coming on Omicron their own vexxines helped create!

    Will we now have to actually openly re-edit and re-engineer Human genomes to save ourselves? – THE SCIENCE ™ ponders… like they haven’t been trying already!

  24. Johnno

    Revolution in the hospitals. New York ER Closes As Employees Refuse To Comply With Vaccine Mandate

    As the new German government transitions, the old crudmugeons try to panic them into THE SCIENCE ™.

    Omicron Variant First Detected In Four “Fully Vaxx’d” People, SA Medical Chief Only Seen “Very, Very Mild Cases”

    Could playing American football make you immune?

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