Unvaxxed Concentration Camps & Forced Jabs For Austrians: Good Or Bad?

Unvaxxed Concentration Camps & Forced Jabs For Austrians: Good Or Bad?

This is Coronavirus Update CVII. (Moving the offputting subtitle into post body henceforth.)


I wonder if they have seats in the armored vehicles transporting Australians? Padded seats? Maybe only straps?


This man would piss on your fresh mass grave and laugh about it.


We’re going to try something different this week. Before us, before all of us, is this question: Should Austria forcibly vaccinate all its citizens, or send to camps (a.k.a. jails), or worse, for those who refuse the vax?

You must answer yes or no, and then, if you like, have a go at an explanation. A “yes” or “no” must be the first word of your comment.

If you do not answer before writing anything else, I will with the same mercy the Austrian and Australian government are showing, delete your comment. (Since this is Thanksgiving week, I might not get to deleting it immediately; but I will.)

The main propaganda site in the UK issued material on Austria’s newest lockdown, which was first for the unvaxxed, then extended to all.

Austrian Chancellor Herr Alexander Schallenberg, taking a break from tweeting about (wait for it…wait for it) “antisemitism“, said “there would be a legal requirement to get vaccinated from 1 February 2022.”

For a long time, there had been a consensus over avoiding mandatory vaccinations, the chancellor said.

However, too many people had been incited not to get the jab, because of “too many political forces, flimsy vaccination opponents and fake news”, he added. The measures are yet to be finalised.

There you have it. A “legal requirement to get vaccinated”. Which, of course, means it will be illegal not to be vaxxed. That which is illegal, and under a regime’s eye, must be punished.


At the start, a hefty fine and jail. Austria, presumably, will forcibly arrest citizens and pin them down, under the point of a gun, and inject them.

Those with compromised immune systems? The Hell with them. If they die from the forced vax? Tough. It’s for the good of society. Vax them. Those who have natural acquired immunity? Screw those bastards. Jab them. What about Science? Here’s your Science, baby. Bend over.

Shoot those who attempt to flee? Vax-tipped bullets would be appropriate.

Those who won’t accept their first booster? A beating? Those who refuse their second booster? Perhaps a gold star on their clothes? Those who—well, you get the idea.

The inexorable Woke Slippery Slope now in force. If Herr Schallenberg gets away with this, he will become tumescent over imagining future possibilities of controlling his subjects. Imagine his propaganda conferences.

It is not only Austria who are determined to reenact history and inter citizens in camps to concentrate on their Health Sins. Germany wants in on it, too.

According to a German propaganda source, “In view of Germany’s dramatic Covid situation, the debate about a general vaccination obligation is gaining momentum, with a growing number of political leaders saying they would not rule it out.”

Yes: “Holding a press conference about the availability of mRNA vaccines on Monday morning, Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) repeatedly refused to rule out the possibility of introducing mandatory vaccination in Germany in the future.”


As in mandatory.

Get vaxxed or die. You notice they don’t articulate that threat, but it must necessarily be there. That is what mandatory vaccination means. And not for the “privilege” of working, or driving, but for living. For being allowed to breathe.

It has to be death. It cannot be merely a fine. For you can pay the fine and still remain unvaxxed. Which violates mandatory.

It cannot be a limited sentence to a camp in which to concentrate. For to camp is to remain unvaxxed. Which also violates mandatory.

So it must be death, or perhaps exile. Or, if they are feeling generous and a little squeamish, permanent camps.

It may be the case, if you are feeling warm and fuzzy inside, that Herr Schallenberg and other would-be tyrants, haven’t thought through what mandatory means. And it is true there is much ignorance in the world.

Yet they will be forced to think of it, and soon, if they implement this policy.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn thought about it. He said, “By the end of winter, pretty much everyone in Germany will be cured, vaccinated or dead.”

In a sense, we have to admire the sheer balls of these German-speaking nations, and whatever language they speak in Australia, to go this route. They toss people into dungeons there, even now, to serve long, hard sentences, for “Holocaust denial”. Yet mandatory forced medicating their populace is what they propose. Bad ass.

This proves the cliche, that the only thing people learn from history is that nobody learns anything from history.

This well spoken fellow agrees.

I could not maintain his demeanor. I am the type to fly into wild rage, like an ape, and destroy things. Well, as they say, it takes all types. Perhaps his calm delivery and my raging prose will, with your voice joined in, discourage our rulers.

But don’t let’s count on it.

A reminder. If you want your comment to survive, it must begin with a Yes or No to answer the question, Should Austria forcibly vaccinate its citizens?

No numbers this week. We did them yesterday, and, anyway, Reality has never been persusive to our enemies.

Update Dear readers, my heart soars like a hawk. Thank you for participating in this forced survey. No, you needn’t repeat on followups. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. DWSWesVirginny


    This is the generation we (us Boomers and our parents) have raised, now come to power. They value safety and affluence above all and they wash it down with the pseudo-religion of climate change and anti-racism.

  2. Michael Dowd

    NO!!! “Give me liberty, or give me death!”.

  3. DAV

    NO but it apparently it’s going to happen somewhere. Better there than here. So maybe YES so the rest of the world gets to see why it should be NO.

  4. Donald Owen

    NO – next question . . .

  5. No, of course.

    But how many can they jail at the one time? Austria is not that big to build camps, no handy Siberia there. Perhaps they should outsource to India?

    That is the crux, of course; you win by playing them at their own game. Just do the math. Add up how many will refuse and will not pay the fine. Off to the jail with you …er, sorry, we’re full.

  6. –No– (to “Should Austria forcibly vaccinate all its citizens, or send to camps (a.k.a. jails), or worse, for those who refuse the vax?”).

    The details of how this works are worth further thought, to move beyond the polemical.

    Dr. Briggs writes: “At the start, a hefty fine and jail.” Is this a true statement? The “and”? From my reading, I think it was an “or.” Only the loudest protestors would be actually put in the “camps,” before the whole scheme unravels. ]

    Those willing to pay the steep fines will not have to go to prison, from accounts I read.

    (The preceding line feels like one of the most texteme goalpost-shifting sentences I’ve ever written during two years of the Corona-Panic.)


    From The Guardian:

    “Unvaccinated people who breach the lockdown rules face fines of up to 500 euros ($567), and anyone who refuses to comply with vaccination status checks could be fined 1,450 euros.” ….. “Those refusing to be vaccinated are likely to face administrative fines, which can be converted into a prison sentence if the fine cannot be recovered.”

    So—- He who declines the holy experimental-injections for a flu virus, and who also refuses a “vaccine status check” by Austrian g-men, shall be hit with fines equaling 1950 Euro ($2200 USD).

    (Might the numbers increase as necessary? Repeat fines for repeat offenses. If four injections becomes the standard of The Science, each dose missed the Vaccine-refuser could be fined separately (500 Euro x 4 = 2000 Euro), and multiple cases of vaccine-status-check refusal may also be added together (three open refusals = 1450 Euro x 3 = 4350 Euro) , possibly meaning the worst offenders get total fines in the higher thousands, no small money to most people.)

    If the Corona-rebel refuses to pay this Corona-fine, or if he is unable to pay it, said Corona-rebel shall be arrested. The arrest shall be performed by masked-and-full-vaccinated Corona-marshals, specially empowered under Corona-law, and well armed to prevent Corona-Denier terrorism. The offender shall then be put in jail for evil Corona-crimes.


  7. John B()


    You can almost see a shadow of a funny mustache under the first man.

    He doesn’t even care if you are vaxxed, if you sympathize with the cause you are the problem and deserve the worst.

    Can you hear the drum?


  8. John Goetz


  9. Al

    No. And just for the avoidance of doubt, no. Not ever, no, no, no.

    By way of justification I fear that the arguments have already been well articulated here and elsewhere both by the host and us loyal followers of the channel. I can’t improve on those other than to agree fully with all of them.

    Whilst risking repeating well worn arguments:

    Cases are not diseases. PCR tests are inappropriate for measuring viral load and infection. PCR tests are unreliable. PCR tests are ultra reliable at delivering false positives with a Ct over 40. PCR tests with a different Ct for the vaccinated vs unvaccinated is blatant deception. Hospitalisation whilst in the possession of a positive test, or perhaps acquiring a positive test status after entering a hospital, for reasons that have nothing to do with Covid are not Covid hospitalisations. Dying within 28 days of a positive test is dying within 28 days of a positive test; that is the only fact (flawed given the previous point) that can be determined. Health authorities have never before resorted to such vague measures to demonstrate cause of death. The ‘vaccine’ does not prevent infection. The ‘vaccine’ does not prevent transmission. It seems increasingly clear that the ‘vaccine’ has a waning and ultimately negative influence on the disease caused by this particular type of coronavirus. Mass vaccination programs administered during a pandemic force mutation. Vaccination against a particular virus strain out competes with the body’s natural broad spectrum NK cell and antibody generation process rendering vaccinated people more susceptible to infection from variants. Given that ‘vaccines’ prevent neither infection nor transmission then passports are medically worthless. Given that ‘vaccines’ prevent neither infection nor transmission then mandates are medically worthless. Demonstrably no long term testing has been conducted on efficacy or safety. mRNA is novel and experimental. Adverse effects are underreported. Pharmaceutical companies are given legal immunity. Pfizer has requested that trial results not be disclosed for tens of years. The controlled media is 100% lockstep aligned with the narrative.

    You get the idea. Given all that I am unvaccinated and will remain unvaccinated. Eventually I expect that the police state will make it to our part of the planet (currently in Spain). I will not comply but I anticipate that unless something dramatic changes in the form an effective rebellion then I will suffer the same fate as Austrians. One thought, there aren’t enough prisons.

    I believe that the hidden hand of the establishment to whom national governments report meets up to decide which country’s turn it is to pioneer the next test of our willingness to throw away our liberties. They decide which one will announce a surge in this or that statistic, and on this occasion have elected to make Austria the social engineering experiment. As pointed out in the article other governments are watching, no doubt with eager anticipation, awaiting the green light to adopt the same legislation. For our own good. Yes, never liked Neil Oliver before but he has come good on GBN.

    Stay strong, every capitulation we make now will be 10X harder to undo later.

  10. No. Not Austria. Not Australia. Not Germany. Not the USA. No.

    Steal the God-given freedom of our fellow men in a futile attempt to help them to avoid catching a bad cold?

    There are potential disease scenarios where brutal and repressive anti-disease measures might be appropriate. An Ebola epidemic screaming through the population? Ebola kills 90% of those infected. Cholera outbreaks in a country with no sewage treatment? Untreated cholera kills half of those it infects. Yellow fever kills half of those it infect. Malaria is endemic in some regions–killing about a million Africans every year.

    In a country with a based public health service, it might make sense to impose temporary forced measures to counter actual public health threats from infectious diseases like those above. But for a debased public health system to contemplate imprisoning citizens in a thrashing juvenile rage as part of ineffective measures to stop the spread of a respiratory infection (previously known as “a cold”) that wipes out 0.0005% of those it infects? Evil madness.


  11. John B(S)


    Herr Briggs, must I preface EVERY comment so? (Just how mandatory is this?

    German Health Minister Jens Spahn thought about it. He said, “By the end of winter, pretty much everyone in Germany will be cured, vaccinated or dead.” (Is there this third “cure” otion? Is it defined? Or is ‘cure’ vaxxed or dead?

  12. Don B

    No, absolutely no. I disagree with DAV. The health dictators in the U.S. would like to be able to do what Austria proposes to do, and they are moving in that direction. Kudos to Dr. Paul Marik for suing his hospital for refusing to allow him to give Ivermectin to his ICU patients. Still-free people should fight everywhere.

    Kudos to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (he and I are quite different politically) for writing “The Real Anthony Fauci.” Readers may conclude that Fauci is a lying sociopath, or maybe a lying psychopath. The template Fauci used on AIDS he is duplicating on COVID. He refused to consider off label, out of patent, cheap drugs which were working (do you remember the movie Dallas Buyers Club starring Matthew McConaughey?), and instead got approval for the toxic AZT which killed people, but made a lot of money for the right people/companies. Now he is refusing and blocking off label, out of patent, cheap drugs which are working, and pushing vaccinations for all time and Remdesivir as standard of care, which are not working but are making a lot of money for the right people/companies.

    Buy Kennedy’s book, after you have bought Briggs’s book, and send it to people who will fight.

  13. Kenan Meyer

    No! Hell no. This is genocide in the making

  14. Brian Hunter

    No. Bill Gates, Vexxine Czar to the world: “We didn’t have vaccines that block transmission. We got vaccines that help you with your health, but they only slightly reduce the transmission. We need new ways of doing vaccines.” World leaders know this is true. They don’t care. They will not accept anything less than full submission to their rule. Scary times.

  15. DWSWesVirginny

    No! Sorry for breaking the rules. But I plead advanced age (71 years old).

  16. Kathleen


    The HOLY ROSARY, literally, saved them once.

    It would seem them being the first to be threatened with an outright Gulag is an important message to ALL of us in what was Christendom but is no longer.

    Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.
    Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

  17. Hagfish Bagpipe



    Gescheissenfüklekrumpenblastobombengassenhüngvorten diese flockenpissers!!

    Gott im Himmel!

  18. Jerry


    We’re at the point where if you don’t understand this, you’re either willfully ignorant or pure evil. I greatly fear there is therefore nothing we can say that will convince them to alter their “thinking.”

    I’m a peaceable person, but I don’t see a lot of peaceable options on the table. Do you?

  19. awildgoose


    This is it.

    This is the hill.

    If the light doesn’t triumph now the globe will fall into a thousand years of darkness.

  20. Zundfolge

    Yes. (I’ll wait for the shocked gasps to die down now)

    We’ve been beating our head against the wall for more than half a century trying to convince people with logic, reason and rhetoric that progressive leftism, collectivism, Socialism, Marxism, big government and central planning will lead to slavery and mass death and we’ve been laughed at and called “tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nutters”. And had to listen to whining about “but muh roads” and “but I don’t wanna pay for my college or health care”.

    The only way the normies are going to wake the hell up and fight to save Western Civilization is if they see some of their cousins hauled off to death camps. Nobody cares if the CCP does this to Chinamen, they won’t see it as a real threat until they see white, western, middle class looking “decent people” suffer immensely.

    So we have to sacrifice Austria and Australia. It sucks (but to be fair, those people voted for this nonsense so they are partially to blame). But if it finally wakes the sleeping West from its slumber and forces us to harshly and viciously excising the cancer that is progressive leftism from our culture and institutions than it will be worth the pain.

    And if it fails, well we all deserve the same fate.

  21. Robin


    But I’m not against mandates, per se. I advocate a mandate for Austrian Chancellor Herr Alexander Schallenberg to be publicly and forcefully injected with all their remaining thousands of leftover injections/boosters (you know, the unused stock) he so loves. After all, he is so certain they are “safe and effective”, no?

    The extreme misinformation emanating from the “Trusted News Initiative” (that spans the entire globe) is absolutely frightening. Recently there was a “seriously disturbing” BBC prime time broadcast from celebrity broadcaster Jeremy Vine and celebrity MD Dr Hillary (who actually grossly misstated “The ONS figures say that you are 32,000 times more likely to die from COVID …”). Expertologist Dr Hillary is clearly excited over what is happening in Austria.

    The actual ONS report with fake analysis that he attempted to reference (actually 32 times more likely, not 32,000) has led to formal complaints being lodged at the Ombudsman (as the ONS has clearly violated their charter by concocting this fake analysis).

    Vine and Hillary then put on a despicable display of endless vilification of those who chose to be uncovidvaxxed, basically equating them with subhuman selfish and heartless creatures to be outcast from society and punished. Then they go on to promote locking down these subhuman creatures with enforcement by snitching. Clearly a dehumanisation effort is underway.


    In the UK, there is layer after layer of deliberate disinformation and dehumanisation. From the NHS to the ONS, to the broadcasters, to the newspapers to the politicians. Nobody is allowed a dissenting opinion. Not a chance.

    Even more frightening is the blind, unquestioning acceptance of these views by the general public. The large majority accept what they are told while at the same time believing that they are critical thinkers. It astounds me.

    Most of my immediate acquaintances and extended family are in trance. Despite my best efforts, they cannot be persuaded otherwise.

    I mentioned to one relation, a very successful corporate guy, who is fully Oxford/AZ vaxxed, that there would be no Oxford/AZ booster and that everyone would have to take a Pfizer or Moderna one (depending upon which is available on the day – just pot luck – or eventually be declared unvaxxed again) and that these products had completely different mechanics and completely different risk profiles.

    He replied “I assume they believe it will result in spreading the benefits of and characteristics of both in the body”.

    For another acquaintance (one of the most highly educated and intelligent people I know); well he just refutes everything I write (that is backed by sound data and analysis that clearly illustrates nearly complete vaccine failure) with statements such as:

    “I can’t see why pharmaceutical companies would want to block the use of hydroxychloroquine, for example, when they produce it themselves.”


    “I can’t believe that leaders like Angela Merkel, Macron, Pedro Sanchez, Biden, Johnson etc would be left unaware of a ready cure and would allow their countries and their economies to be so seriously damaged.”

    All we can do at this point is to continue to needle, prod, expose and withdraw consent wherever we can. It’s not going to stop until the masses break out of their trance. Sadly, a lot of people are going to die or become incapacitated in the meantime.

  22. Ann Cherry

    No. The Demon says, “He is about to take my power away.”

    We are in the end times, and “Woe to you, earth and sea, the Devil’s been cast down to you in a fury.” -Rev. 12:12

    Today is the feast day of Blessed Miguel Pro, who died in front of a firing squad, proclaiming “Viva Christo Rey!” May we do the same, and hope it’s as easy as dying in front a firing squad, while in a state of Grace. There are far worse ways to die. Here’s a little about him:


    Blessed Miguel Pro, pray for us.
    St. Joseph, Terror of Demons, pray for us.
    Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us. Now, and at the hour of our death.

  23. Sheri

    No. (Deal with it) Problem with Austria is they will have to use the H solution and do “worse” because those in the camps will live and those outside will die. There will be even more mass murder.

    No. Seriously, we have to do this for week? Are you trying to cause a decrease in comments? Or an increase in ornery people that make you delete tons of comments?

    Delete away, oh evil one. I can write tons of comments and you can delete whatever parts don’t have a yes or no. Or any I left the yes or no out of. Maybe not a good plan. I can also repost using the yes or no because I type these in a word processor and keep them. So, delete away. I have plenty of free time to fill.

    No. This explains why the Jews got on the trains……

    No. “This proves the cliche, that the only thing people learn from history is that nobody learns anything from history.” Just what I always say.

    No. There is no stopping our leaders. That opportunity passed during the last decade while people drank beer and watched football. This is what people wanted, based on their actions. I hope they enjoy it.

  24. Al

    Point of order Mr Chairman: do I need to preface follow-up comments and replies with the word “No”?

    A friend (in the UK) largely agrees that this is a massive scam. But has elected to have the jab (AZ) anyway, “just to be sure” for sake of his elderly parents.

    How’s that for rationale. It’s complete BS but might be a little bit true.

    Over here in Spain we have friends from a country in Europe with one of the “worst” declared surges in cases. Let’s not dwell on the utterly worthless and invented metric here. On first meeting them (we have met about 15 of their family now from 4 to 76 years of age) I was regarded as a dangerous and cynical fool. When I would present arguments that were accepted as indisputable instead of modifying their position they would become angry. To this day (six months on) they still maintain that they are right but seemingly us being friends protects them since we all meet up, eat, drink, hug, kiss etc. with no apparent concern.

    I honestly cannot understand the way some people think.

  25. Huerfano

    Yes. We all knew this was coming. Western governments were all waiting for one of their cabal to take the first step to this level of tyranny. Let’s just get it over with, so we can move onto the next thing, like vaccines against CO2. Things stopped being ‘normal’ 20 years ago, and have been sliding down ever since. Put us out of our misery, already.

  26. Rudolph Harrier


    That begin said, if it is happening make them live up to their own rules. If someone is gloating about his neighbors being sent to the camps for not getting the jab, ship him off the second he’s overdue for his next booster jab.

    In the camps, make frequent complaints about the officials lack of adherence to masking, social distancing, etc. regulations.

    No bureaucracy can survive its rules being enforced as written.

  27. Simon Platt

    No. Of course not.

    As all civilised people would have answered as recently as 2019.

    I leave it to the reader to decide for himself whether civilised people have changed their minds, have become decivilised, or perhaps were never civilised to begin with.

    Mind you, the Germans of the turn of the 20th century had the reputation of being particularly civilised, so perhaps we need a different word, perhaps have needed it for over a century.

  28. Simon Platt

    Still no.

    And isn’t Austria where that politician lass keeled over mid-speech? And wasn’t it a speech extolling the merits of the vaccine she’d just had? (Or is my imagination running away with me?)

  29. c matt

    Yes – as the others above pointed out, this insanity will not end until the heat is turned up to F 451. Anything else will simply keep the slow boil going.

  30. Ganderson

    No for all the reasons AI (or is it A1 or something else?) has so eloquently laid out.

  31. Rudolph Harrier

    Still no.

    As for the argument that “we need this to happen to wake people up,” newsflash, most people will not wake up.

    There was a story today in the news about hospitals in MN being overrun with COVID cases and encouraging everyone getting vaccinated (mainly meaning children, since adult vaccination rates are pretty high in the state) in order to stop the problem.

    The story interviewed a woman forced into the hospital from COVID and who couldn’t care for her mother due to the threat of infection. Both the woman and her mother had the jab. The last line of the story was that across the entire state there are “about a dozen” children hospitalized with COVID infections. Thus the story demonstrated both that the vexxines cannot stop the spread AND that there is no real benefit of jabbing kids. But the intended takeaway was “give your kids the shot, side effects be damned, or you’re killing people in hospitals” and most people who see the story will agree with that takeaway.

    Do you really think that people are going to wake up if the unvexxed are sent to camps and people keep getting sick? No, they’ll just blame the insufficiently boosted, or claim that the quarantine is not strict enough and that variants from the camps are leaking out. Meanwhile those sent to the camps for not getting boosted quite fast enough will apologize and beg to be let out once they’ve gotten their newest jabs. Very few people will change their minds.

    There is an argument to be made that the logistics of setting up and maintaining such camps could cause the whole system to collapse; but it’s unlikely that they will wake up a significant portion of the population.

  32. Gary Boyd

    No. This is the hill to die on.

    Everything has to begin somewhere, and this is so abhorrent, that it is time to pressure city councils, county commissioners court, school boards, emergency service districts, church vestries, etc., to adopt statements of condemnation. Some of them will argue that it not in their purview but that is a coward’s path. If a local board won’t take a stand against human bondage, then their next role will as facilitators of a great slavery.

  33. Hun


    I don’t see a Ceausescu moment coming any time soon, because for that, people would have to be cynical about the system and see an existing better alternative elsewhere.
    However, right now, at least half of the population are either fanatical believers or compliant sheep. I doubt they will revolt in any truly meaningful way, but I would love to be proven wrong.

  34. brad tittle

    No. I cannot absorb killing 117 kids for every one saved. My local cemetery is continuing to have good times. “Mystery” deaths abound.

  35. Jan Van Betsuni

    No. [ expecting some high profile Austrians will loudly announce intention to emigrate ~ change citizenship ~ or seek international refuge until the winds of lunacy subside; plus, vigorous challenges brought in the European Court of Justice curia.europa.eu ]

  36. Yancey Ward

    Yes, I want to see the Austrians, the Germans, and the Australians do this. We need object lessons in tyranny, or we never, ever learn. The truth is I want to see it here in the US, too- it will finally answer a question for me- are we sheep or are we wolves. I fear too many of us are deluded in thinking we are really wolves when, in fact, we are grilled lambchops. It is a question that needs an answer, and we may as well get it now rather than later.

  37. Jay

    No. No to the vaccine and no to mandates.

    Yes to the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (performed correctly as requested by Our Lady herself).

    Pray and offer sacrifices for the return of a Catholic Pope so that this can be accomplished.

  38. Dennis


    And there is no reasonable argument for “yes”.

    Must be something about “A” nations – Australia and Austria are now by far the biggest Covid tyrannies in the world (except perhaps China, but it is so difficult to know what’s really going on there, and clearly their official numbers were always phony).

    As I mentioned on a previous thread last week, this it he most tyrannical and abusive government medical experimentation program in Europe since…well, you know who. Whatever happened to “Never again”? And I bet most of these forced jab proponents also think of themselves as good liberal “anti-fa” types. Us, fascist? No…of course not! LOL. Look at what they do, not what they say.

    If the jabs worked as advertised, the jabbed are supposed to be protected. So, why do they care so much whether someone else makes the medical decision for himself not to get jabbed and to accept the risk of Covid (as with flu, colds, or declining any other proposed medical treatment)? Well, as I mentioned late yesterday in the previous thread, the powers that be behind the jabs need to destroy the control group of the unvaccinated in order to hide the adverse effects and deaths from the jabs (something Fauci already did when he halted and unblinded a planned 3-year Pfizer trial after just 6 months, then vaccinated the control group, destroying the ability to track and assess long-term effects and things like ADE).

    I will say this: I look forward to meeting the only remaining cool people in the world in the camps. The rest of humanity can go to Hell.

  39. Dr. Mabuse

    No. We have to save as many as we can; nothing will convince those deluded imbeciles who’ve bought into the totalitarian propaganda, not even seeing unvaxxed people shovelled into mass graves. Not that they’d be allowed to SEE anything of the sort, anyway. Cameras will be kept well away from the atrocities, and any news that escapes will be eradicated from the internet immediately. Threats of ending up in a camp oneself will dampen the enthusiasm of all but the bravest whistle-blowers. The ironic thing is that the murder-enablers are, like my idiot lefty sister, practically marinated in horror tales of WWII. They’re hag-ridden by terror stories about fascists and concentration camps, yet when it starts happening right in front of them, they’ve got a million excuses about why this isn’t at all the same thing!

  40. Joao Martins


    After Austria the crypto-nazy-disguised-as-democratic governments of other countries will follow suit!

    And then they will call themselves “The Axis” against whatever!

    And then they will force other, weaker countries to follow suit, unless !…

    No!, No!, No!

    Nazism, never again!

  41. Johnno

    Should Austria forcibly vaccinate all its citizens, or send to camps (a.k.a. jails), or worse, for those who refuse the vax?


    But do their citizens, and us, deserve it?


    This all starts with at least all of us at some point wearing the mask of the beast, and for at least half of us taking the pokes, not only once, but twice, and some idiots even three times or more! Then going around proclaiming their salvation, kissing the asses of their regime governments, their predatory pharmacorps and precious health czars, and their hilariously unreliable fak-checkas!

    “Ohhhhh”, trumpeted the joyless sheckies, “the medicine men mean well! Don’t let some complications and confusion and contradiction and hypocrisy dissuade you! Trust them! Trust the NHS! Trust the news and fak-checkas! Trust Herr Brandon! Your silly conspiracies will never happen! We live in the year 2021 now! What would Isaac Newton think? Fatima??? What is a Fatima??? Great Apostasy?? Errors of Communism??? Annihilation of Nations??? Just some 100 year old Catholic kookery! Listen to your own Pope. No, not him, that other one! The one bowing down to that strange South American deity and who rehabilitated molestor Theodore McCarrick and sent him to China to sell out the Church to the commies. I mean… if you can’t trust democratic elections then what can you trust?”

    So it has come to this ladies and gentlemen and non-existant identifiers… at least for Germany, Austria and Australia… for now…

    The Vaxzi Parties have spoken – negotiations are over. The mask has come off under all three of the other ones.

    Violence and just-killing is permitted for self defence. And a good offence is a good defence.

    Defend yourselves from Vaxzi bureaucrats.

    Defend yourselves from Vaxzi police officers.

    Defend yourselves from Vaxzi doktors and nurses.

    Defend yourselves from your informant Vaxzi neighbors.

    Set the Vaxzi buildings, and concentration camps ablaze.

    Tread upon Vaxzi symbols and propaganda.

    Find and work with the good cops and military. You will know who they are because they are unvexxed. You will know who they are because they have been fired from their job.

    Open the borders wider and form alliances with the invading migrants. Get all those men, criminals too, on your side and make a deal to carve out the former-country between themselves and you after you have laid waste to the Vaxzis and hung and burnt their corpses. Set the bridges ablaze and cut off the roads and barricade them in their own parliament buildings and turn off the water and make sure they deteriorate in there until they are killing and eating each other. If they are thirsty and beg, offer them booster clot shot bottles and tell them to drink it.

    Make deals with the Russians and the Chinese if you have to. Even if they screw you later it is still worth it to see the faces of our current politicians as we break down their doors and realize that they are very painfully about to meet God and He will be far scarier than us.

    The line has been crossed. They are coming to kill you. Defend yourself. Be like Kyle Rittenhouse. Don’t have a gun? Use a knife. Use a bat. Use your hands.

    Learn from Solzhenitsyn:

    And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.

    The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

    Yes, you are not Rambo. You are not Arragon. You are not one of the Avengers. You will likely die before you stick one in the other guy. But make the bastards work for it. They are already coming to kill you, if not immediately then slowly in the camp. The buggers already gave us a preview of their incompetence when they forced travellers into quarantine hotels you had to pay for and still couldn’t provide you with adequate prison food or prevent women from being molested by security in their unlocked rooms.

    You won’t be voting your way out of this one. The courts will rule in your favor only post-humously if the kangaroos ever get to it 50 years from now at best, and that is still long after you have already defeated the Vaxzis. So we must prepare to die ourselves, maybe pathetically, but not easily. Cease our sins. Make a final Confession. Access the Sacraments from priests who are not Vaxzi collaborators. For those who are, leave them, for Elijah waits for them in the next life with a knife down by the riverside.

    This is it folks. This is the hill. And I don’t look forward to it any more than you do. But it is there and war is interested in us!

  42. Forbes

    No. Informed consent. My body, my choice.

  43. Deplorable D

    No… Thanks to reading Briggs religiously I am now able to look at the headline today “[Vexxine] 100% effective in preventing covid in adolescents” with educated skepticism.

    But the scam keeps growing. With “cases” being so hard to find now, I saw another headline about a new variant. It is “symptomless covid”. Apparently you can have, and spread, a new variant and not even know you are sick…unless you are tested of course. This variant is obviously extremely deadly since you will not even know you have, until you die… without symptoms. It is claimed to be even more transmissible than the Delta variant. It is so comical I cannot wait to see how many of the sheep buy into this new fear-porn. We have gone far beyond just making stuff up. https://www.bedfordshirelive.co.uk/news/bedfordshire-news/new-symptomless-covid-strain-more-6234566

  44. Sir Galahad

    Yes, no wait, maybe….


  45. Milton Hathaway

    Yes. They bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into.


    Unfortunately, it appears that the only cure for the current insanity is time and gravity. Picture a monstrously huge pendulum with a massive wrecking ball as the weight, with smug self-righteous politicians issuing edicts while standing at a podium located at the equilibrium point. They see the pendulum retreating into the distance as validation that their Great Reset master plan is working. In this analogy, “gravity” is the voice of Briggs, most of his esteemed readers, and thoughtful people everywhere.

  46. goldhoarder

    Yes. Humans are dirty and filthy. They need to be jabbed and needled to be made clean. Our technocratic overlords know exactly how many humans need to be eliminated to bring paradise on Earth. So the rebellious need to be murdered immediately and the rest of the herd culled to the necessary number of slaves to keep things pleasant for their betters. Why do the useless eaters believe they have a say in this?

  47. Russell Haley


    “Should” is a very problematic word in this situation because the question does not land on an outcome. “To what end?” would be my follow up question if I were allowed one.

    I agree with some comments that the tyranny experiment needs to be performed to show people the level of evil involved in the push for vexxination. It’s the same for abortion or climate change. We have been living in this low level *lie* for so long that until the true nature of the evil apostolate is on full display, nobody will be convinced. Once us unvexxed are removed from the general populace and the “cases” continue to climb, there will be a point where reality will either kick in, or even more bizarre and unjustifiable laws will have to be made. At some point, people will wake up.

    I do not think that the tyranny is justified given the actual evidence: lack of lethality of covid, the strength of natural immunity and the poor performance of the the supposed vaccines.

    I personally think there is enough evidence to support the claim of long term, world wide genocide. I have yet to see a single person or institution actual respond to any of the data driven evidence. It still boggles my mind that a blanket denial of wrongdoing is all that is needed to assuage the general population.

    I am very grateful for the Canadian Bill of Rights. I know they are working on corrupting it, but, as it stands I am somewhat safe here in Canada. Sure, I’m not supposed to go to the movies, but I didn’t go to movies anyway.

  48. Mr. Gold

    No. I say we nuke (repeal) the entire plant site (tax funded govts) from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  49. Kzintis


    The villa Am Großen Wannsee 56–58 is still available for a second conference. I’m certain the Germans and Austrians could meet there again to discuss the true final solution for the “unvaxxed” problem.

  50. Whitney


    I agree with all the other yesses. But I didn’t read the noes. To paraphrase the indomitable Ann Barnhardt, this only ends with war or supernatural intervention

  51. No. 4377 no. Have they forgotten history? /rhetorical. Recommended where the risk/benefit ratio is high on benefit and low on risk, sure. Mandated for all, no, with the tyrannical figurative gun to your head, just no. As with all medical interventions, some will be directly harmed with no benefit for anyone else.

  52. Johnno

    NO! They have not failed to learn from history! The Enemy knows history very well and have been improving their killing machine! They also understand human nature very well and succeeded in making the masses even stupider through unprecedented sexual immorality!

    Et tu Orban?


    NO WATER FOR COVID PATIENTS! THE SCIENCE ™ has some novel ideas they’d like to try – like forced dehydration of the sick! Maybe THE SCIENCE ™ might like to try getting rid of masks so people don’t retain moisture!

    Good news! Vexxines will be available for babies and toddlers just before the camps start operating next year!

  53. Dennis

    “Et tu, Orban?”

    Supposedly “based Eastern Europe” has not lived up to its billing under the new Global Covid Regime. Orbán and Putler have both been disappointment, among others. THEY – the agents of the NWO and Great Reset – have gotten even to those who previously seemed to be on the good side, fighting the good fight. There is nothing to hope for from amongst the various principalities and powers of this world. All worthless; all scum; all traitors to Truth and Humanity.

  54. M.G.

    (“No”, btw) It’s the nations starting with ‘Aus’ as in “Ausweis”.

    Alas there is no way out: Masses do not consider themselves enslaved: They quite like their new big-brother gadgets and masks…

    “Within the next generation I believe that the world’s rulers will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience.”
    — Aldous Huxley in a letter to George Orwell, praising his book 1984 and pointing out the key difference.

  55. Dennis


    LOL. “Sorry sir, we cant help you kill yourself unless you first get a vaccine against a virus that most certainly will not kill you (though the vaccine actually may).”

    Absolute clown world.

  56. Dennis

    “They quite like their new big-brother gadgets and masks…”

    I’m afraid you’re quite right for a disturbingly large percentage of people right now.

    Weep, humanity. You’ve had a decent run, but your days are numbered.

  57. Dennis

    If an assisted suicide outfit helps someone get (or administers itself) a Covid vax in order to make said person eligible for assisted suicide/euthanasia, can they be sued for resulting vaccine-related injuries, including Wrongful Death, if that person is injured or killed by the Covid vaccine?

    On the one hand, this person clearly wanted to kill himself anyway; but, on the other, the vax death occurred “out of turn,” so to speak. It’d be like stabbing a condemned man to death the night before he’s to be hanged anyway – you’re still on the hook for murder.

  58. C-Marie

    No. Beautiful story of Blessed Miguel Pro. Thank you, Ann Cherry!

    God bless, C-Marie

  59. MikeJ

    No. Unleash the dogs of war. Let the political question be settled by the ultimate political answer. Too bad most of the world has relinquished the tools to resist, and don’t seem to have the balls to gain them by taking the ones that the enforcers bear.

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    Words to heed.

  60. CJ


    I do like the YES answers because we do need to show what the outcome of this will be and I think once they turn the vices too far you will see the result which will be massive civil unrest in these nations.

  61. spudjr60

    The Congress on the United States of America should declare war on Austria for crimes against humanity, depose the government officials, and defeat their henchmen.
    The Pope should declare that any government official in any country that declares a vexxine mandate is apostate and has ex-communicated themselves from the Church and has no authority over the people of his nation.

    Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth.

    O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations, Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

    Come Holy Spirit, grant me wisdom to know the true path.
    Come Holy Spirit, grant me the ear to hear your counsel.
    Come Holy Spirit, grant me the heart to fear the Lord, to grow in piety, kindness, goodness, and self-control.
    Come Holy Spirit, grant me fortitude and meekness.
    Come Holy Spirit, comfort me in joy, peace and suffering.

    Come Holy Spirit, I beseech you; do our civic leaders hear you or ignore you? Are our government leaders useful idiots unwittingly following the Father of Lies or am I too proud to follow them?
    Come Holy Spirit, I beseech you; who is being led astray, our leaders or me?

    Come Holy Spirit, I am a follower of the way; show me the way. Show me who to follow.
    My Lord and Savior asks “What seek you?” let me answer “where dwellest thou?” and lead me there.

  62. Lord T

    No. and those who push it should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity

  63. Yawrate

    No, hell no!

  64. Scoo

    No -After almost two years of masking, lockdowns, distancing, and vaccines, it’s abundantly clear that these measures don’t work and this virus will triumph (as they do) and continue to give the .001% (old, overweight, mostly unhealthy) of the population problems. But the remaining 99.9% must get in line and surrender!

  65. David Tattersall

    No – The so called vaccine is only minimally effective in terms of reducing the symptoms of covid and does not prevent infection and transmission. The disease will not be controlled until a sufficient number of people have acheived natural immunity, there will be deaths along the way but that is the nature of such viruses. The only reason to say ‘yes’ would be a selfish one in that forced vaccination in Austria would generate such a reaction in the rest of the world that no more would be heard of such an idea.

  66. Dennis

    “The Pope should declare that any government official in any country that declares a vexxine mandate is apostate and has ex-communicated themselves from the Church and has no authority over the people of his nation.”

    LOL. Perhaps some ideal Pope of the imagination…but Bergoglio is deep in cahoots with the whole Great Reset/NWO agenda and loves the jabs (he’s mandated them himself for everyone who lives or works in the Vatican City State!), so don’t expect any actual robust Catholic push-back against global Covid-based tyranny from him.

  67. GamecockJerry


    Agree with the Orban comments. My Magyar bride is very unhappy with him right now. We leave for Budapest in 3 weeks for Christmas with her family. Hopefully this will not be the last time she gets to see her 87 year old mother alive.

  68. Kevin Fogarty

    Ja sicher

    If the Austrian state is to remain a postmodernist EU state, foreclose the return of the Hapsburgs, maintain the power it needs to subvert Austrian culture and replace the population, then it must mandate the injections.

  69. Johnno

    Neiggghhhh… Horse medicine really works, see, and even the horses and asses agree that THE SCIENCE ™ is stupid, as are the vexxine passports, and they know a carrot-on-a-stick strategy when they see one.

    FDA, that noble organization, has ageeed to release ALL of their covid-vexxine approval data… in 2076! They need 55 years to fulfill FOIA requests, they are very understaffed and underfunded… see?

    But maybe some nice Chinese person will get something to us sooner…

    Chinese scientists versus China’s THE SCIENCE ™… who’ll win?

    A sunbeam of hope in Germany?

  70. philemon

    No. A thousand times No!

    Anyone who says, “Yes” because, “Oh, we need to see what totalitarianism looks like now” needs to get their head checked. It always looks the same. Lots of dead people.

    It does not end well, for Austria, for Australia, for Germany, for the UK, for Ireland, for Italy, for anyone.

    No vaccine passports! No clot-shots! No boosters! Just No!


    Buyer’s remorse is setting in. Fear fatigue of the case-demic headlines is more pronounced. People want to be Amish.

    People are also seeing more adverse events from the vexxines up close and personal. One guy saw his five-year old daughter die. (Heart failure.)

    The people pushing the drugs don’t understand one iota of how the immune system works (not that anyone really does, but they’re way behind even there). A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. “Trans-human”? Don’t make me laugh; I’ve got chapped lips.

    “Trans-human” simply means lots more birth defects.

  71. NO. NO F’ING WAY.

    Personally, I’ve come to this two-part position:

    1. I will not voluntarily get the jab. I had and recovered from Covid-19. I have natural immunity and no need for the risk of a jab. I will not bow down to idiotic demands by a tyrannical government. They will have to kill me if they insist. (I trust in Christ’s promise of an afterlife with Him.)

    2. If, however, my getting the damn jab protects my wife, kids or grandkids from the oppression or aggression of the tyrants, then I’ll take one for the team. That’s what we men do — we take the hits to protect wives and children.

    Not for a moment will I concede the tyrants exercise a legitimate power, however.

    Meanwhile I will fight the tyranny and the worldview that drives it. Thank you, Dr. Briggs, for your brilliant leadership.


    Solzhenitsyn (1974): “Live not by lies.” https://honestyculture.com/alexander-solzhenitsyn-live-not-by-lies/

  72. Captain My Captain

    No. N-O. Government’s place begins and ends with ensuring safe, accessible solutions in the face of a health crisis. Note the plural there and the emphasis on safety first, which should of course be embraced in earnest not in pretend, and never by abdication, omission or suppression.

    And moreover, NO to this very detrimental soft yes proposition being floated among the comments. As tempting as it may be to sit by and watch one population fall into this terrible downward spiral in order to somehow wake the others, it is a flawed theory that has failed before. Aside from placing those who propose it on the same moral plane as those who would mandate the ‘vaccines’, you need to realize that Austria is a front. Not a country. In the bigger picture, these ‘pro-vaccine’ governments are allies in a war against ‘free citizenry’ that is itself a front(ier). Once the free citizenry is subdued all across the EU, across Australia, across Canada and the rest of the EU, it will be coordinated efforts by multiple allied governments against ‘free countries’ next.

    Don’t get me wrong. I keep wanting more people to ‘wake up,’ too. Wondering daily what’s going to be shocking enough to jolt more people awake and get them to act. But I don’t think any of us have the right or the luxury to speculate away other peoples’ freedoms in order to secure a small pocket of one’s own.

  73. Ann Cherry

    Richard, thank you for that profound and timely excerpt from Solzhenitsyn. Saving it, and forwarding to some friends. God bless.

  74. Ann Cherry

    Captain my Captain, I agree with every word you wrote. God bless.

  75. Johnno

    No! No breaking the rules! You have to start with a “NO!” This is for your safety! We’re all in this together! I’ve reported all you posting violaters to Briggs like a good citizen! You’re gonna be sorry!

    Brandon really wants the OHSA to stick it to you!

    We may take some solace that our Vaxzi tech crews are at least incompetent. Unless of course this was always the plan…

    At least we have some friends at Google… or maybe they are seeimg things in the search results data that has them worried…

    Expert success!

    “No man shall ride the NY subway without the Mark of the Vexx,” Deblasio threatens to do at all those POCs he supposedly loves.

    Turns out there is no Pandemic of the unvexxed after all! Jokes on you fak-chak subscribers!

    Yeah! Defund the Prisons! Empty them all out! A little car-ramming through a crowd is to be expected but tolerable! Besides, we can then use all the empty prisons to house the unvexxed!

  76. DAV

    Yes, then those who wish to check out can.

    From rt.com of all places:

    Anyone wishing to be euthanized now has to first present proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid, as per the new guidelines issued by Germany’s euthanasia association.

    Apparently, Germany euthanasia association won’t let you kill yourself if not vaccinated. Guess they think you’ll die anyway so don’t need any help.

  77. philemon

    “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny.”

  78. Emmanuel Goldstein

    Although it makes sense that the country that gave birth to Adolf Hitler would try.

  79. Johnno
  80. Non serviam.

    Haven’t had a flu shot since the swine flu days. The only malady I’ve had on a recurring basis _was_ sore throats, and I ‘cured’ those through the regular use of Cayenne Pepper (and other hot sauces) beginning in the mid 1990’s … so _no_ vexxine is imagined or planned for my future, which today begins at 66 yrs and some months of age.

  81. Oh – failed to mention – had the Covid last year (Aug into Sept) and had recovered by this time a year ago (Nov). Above average health on account of daily bicycling as had parked the car in March 2020 and ALL errands in town (groceries, library, City hall visits) were via the two-wheeled human-powered knobby-tired trail bike. Did have pneumonia-like symptoms too (notable bubble popping sound on full exhale) and ‘terror’ like episodes after lying down for the night that only pleas to Our Mother in Heaven helped resolve. That last part was the worst of it …

  82. Dennis

    Found out today a new scariant stopped on Bleak Friday. Quelle surprise! Guess they needed something new to help up the ante on the unjabbed, since Delta terror was waning.

    Fa ra ra ra ra, oh what fun it is to lie for the pols and scum in media, hooray! All hail our new terror master, Omicron!

  83. philemon

    “All hail our new terror master, Omicron!” Also known as: Moronic.

    They also missed the inconvenient fact — not missed by the twitter-verse — that if you rearrange the letters in “Omicron,” it spells “moronic.”

    “? In a letter dated November 25, the South African Covid-19 task force coordinator describes the first four (4) cases infected with Moronic, I mean Omicron. Before you guess, remember that Africa has one of the lowest injection rates in the world. Ready? All four Omicron infections were breakthrough cases. In other words, all four of the Omicron injected were fully injected. 100% of them. So.

    “The South African Medical Association chief said – so far – they’ve seen a slight overall uptick in cases, but they feature “mild symptoms, and we haven’t seen a spike in hospital admissions.” This would be consistent with the well-known principle that more infectious variants are almost always less virulent.”


    The only way anyone is getting back to “normal” is bonfires of vax-passports and masks. Mass non-compliance, civil disobedience, and just plain ignoring any stupid rules.

  84. Dennis

    Hilarious. Hadn’t noticed the anagram!

    Yes, interesting the alleged new scariant came from “fully vaxxed” patients. The jabs are themselves driving variants.

    “The only way anyone is getting back to “normal” is bonfires of vax-passports and masks. Mass non-compliance, civil disobedience, and just plain ignoring any stupid rules”

    All should have been done well over a year ago. I’m afraid most of humanity is a lost cause at this point. About half are too far gone and never coming back.

  85. Jordan de la Torre

    Yes, for the purposes of accelerationism

  86. Kneel


    ” That’s what we men do — we take the hits to protect wives and children. ”
    As someone living Down Under, this was the position I found myself in – take it or lose the ability to meet the obligations I had freely accepted. Not nice. But one does what one must do, even unto death if that is required.
    I have and continue to ask God to forgive me if it be a sin. I trust He can see into my soul and treat me justly.

  87. philemon

    Dennis: “Yes, interesting the alleged new scariant came from ‘fully vaxxed’ patients. The jabs are themselves driving variants.”

    Also interesting that the symptoms are so mild. Why, they might not have even noticed they were sick at all! Line up for the next clot-shot to protect you from a slightly annoying sneeze? (Double your risk of heart disease while you’re at it.) Yeah, that’s gonna go over well.

    “All should have been done well over a year ago. I’m afraid most of humanity is a lost cause at this point. About half are too far gone and never coming back.” I was actually thinking of Europe.

    There’s lots of buyer’s remorse coming down the pike. Lots of people. More than half. (Don’t buy into fake statistics.)

  88. philemon

    Dennis: “Hilarious. Hadn’t noticed the anagram!”

    Well, they had to pass over “Nu” ‘cuz it sounds like “New”, and they had to pass over “Xi” ‘cuz some people might not know how to pronounce Greek letters and get confused about a Chinese name, which would be so… insensitive.

    The whole “Narrative” is a laughing stock at this point.

  89. Dennis

    Well, there were many other letters than Nu and Xi they skipped between Delta and Omicron as well; nor do I recall a Gamma scariant before the Delta. Seems rather arbitrary which letters they choose.

    I’m kind of surprised they’re even resorting to Greek letters at all to name the variants – very Eurocentric of them, and probably racist too!

    I’m just going with Moronic for every scariant from now on, followed by the appropriate Roman numeral. About sums them all up.

  90. Johnno

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