CDC Data: Up To 90% Or More Of Americans Already Infected

CDC Data: Up To 90% Or More Of Americans Already Infected

Seen this?

That’s the number of daily infections reported to the CDC — which they mistakenly call “cases”, but let that pass.

The bump up is, as you’ve heard, caused by the Ominous Omicron. More infections are being reported now than ever before. Of course, testing is now at the highest rates ever, too. Some three million tests each and every day, and increasing!

The testing is asinine, but the soaring infections are to be celebrated. It’s terrific news. I mean it. Here’s why.

Because up to 90%+ of Americans have already been infected with the coronadoom, one way or another. Once that figure reaches 100%, surges in deaths should subside to background levels, like flu, and any remaining justification for declaring a crisis or “emergency” evaporates.

These are the CDC’s own numbers, not mine.

For some reason, the CDC’s report “Estimated COVID-19 Infections, Symptomatic Illnesses, Hospitalizations, and Deaths in the United States” made only a minor splash, or more like a faint ripple, when it was released last fall, but it should have been trumpeted far and wide for the bright picture it painted.

First, do you recall all those “Panic If You Don’t Have Symptoms!” headlines from 2021? Fretting doctors fretted that many didn’t even know they were infected, or that many mistook their doom infection as a cold or allergies. They wept that this was awful because it meant people wouldn’t panic to the level required.

What it really meant was that a good many infections were never officially reported. That was the conclusion of the CDC. They said that only “1 in 4.0 (95% UI 3.4 — 4.7) COVID–19 infections were reported”.

The interval is the result of a statistical model. Which can be critiqued in various ways, none of which, however, are of interest to us today. Except to mention the interval is almost certainly too narrow, because it is parametric and not predictive. But let that pass, too. Let’s take the CDC’s word for it. They are Experts. And we’re supposed to love our Experts unconditionally.

The point is that back in September 2021, the CDC said there were already “146.6 Million Estimated Total Infections”, of which there were “124.0 Million Estimated Symptomatic Illnesses”. That makes for a 15% asymptomatic rate, incidentally.

Which I’ll emphasize: 15% of those infected never knew it.


Why? Because, well, how dare you take your non-illness non-seriously!

The calculations the CDC did, while they can be critiqued, are the right idea. And there’s no reason to have only done them once. We can do them now.

Last September, there were an estimated 146.6 million already infected. Out of 329.5 million, or so. That makes about 45%.

In other words, even by last September about half the country had already been infected.

That rate has only gone up. How much?

As on Monday evening, there were just under 65 million officially reported total infections. Assuming (a big assumption) the CDC’s same calculations are valid, this means that some 220 million to 305 million Americans have already been infected. That’s 67% to 92% of the population.

Great news, as promised. Tell your friends. Even better, tell your enemies.

We have to moderate this somewhat, I think. For one, we’re not accounting for the chance of reinfection. Like flu or the common cold, you can catch more than one variant. I have no idea what figure to use here to represent the entire population. For fun, I used 10%. That is, of all the officially reported infections, 10% of them are reinfections. This means the official total count is a bit too high because of double counting. And so are the other estimates.

There is some evidence the Ominous Omicron is sufficiently different than other doom variants, so the reinfection percentage might be higher. Who knows?

Let’s look at our picture:

The black line is cumulative infections, since the beginning of the panic. The red line is the upper bound of all infections estimate using the CDC’s method. The blue is the lower bound estimate.

The dotted lines beneath the main ones are the same, but knocked back a bit by the reinfection rate (the 10%).

Another caveat. This is all people, not broken down by age. Those under 17 are much more likely to have never suffered at all, and therefore never to have noticed their infections. I’ve said it a hundred times, but twice as many kids this age have died from pneumonia over this same period—according to the CDC. And about 10 times as many died in car crashes.

Didn’t you know?

Never mind.

And, hey, did you also know that in the once United States prior infection isn’t noted before immunization?

This is a big deal. Because about 4 times as many people have been infected than have been reported, it means the success of the vax has been over-estimated.

Panic enstupidates.

Anyway, the elderly, those north of 75, have done the vast bulk of dying of the doom. It’s much more likely their infection rates were much better estimated.

With all those maybes and who knowses in mind, we can produce a crude estimate of when the infection rate gets near 100%. The time at which everybody, or most everybody, has got the doom one way or another. It will likely never get to 100% exactly because there are always people who are sickeningly always healthy.

You can now look at the Crude Estimates. They are Crude. They are nothing but regressions starting from 1 November 2020 until Monday. Why start then? I answer: why not? It’s when the line took on a regular shape. Plus, changing that start time doesn’t change the predictions much.

The predictions clearly aren’t capturing the skyrocketing Ominous Omicron infections. That is, it underestimates them. But the prediction acknowledges that these respiratory infections, like they always do, fade in spring with the coming of the sun.

There are so many unknowns, including unknown unknowns, that it’s silly to try to make the prediction more precise. I also don’t include the reinfections in the predictions.

Recalling that all models, including my own, only say what they are told to say, my model says that anywhere from this coming mid March to all the way to next January is the time at which everybody (or near enough) gets infected.

It doesn’t have to reach 100% because of herd immunity, the point at which infections drop to a minimum because it becomes difficult for bugs to spread given that those who were already infected defeat new infections easily.

In golden days of yore (winter 2021), the percent of infections to get to herd immunity was put at 70%. Some said 80%. That’s when we were still allowed to discuss the topic, before the Cult of the Vax corrupted minds.

The high prediction says we’re already there, or nearly. Whereas the low prediction says summer.

No matter what, this thing, to the great disappointment of the Zoom class, is coming to an end.

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  1. Robin

    “Once that figure reaches 100%, surges in deaths should subside to background levels, like flu, and any remaining justification for declaring a crisis or “emergency” evaporates.”

    I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude to this outcome. Why? If Geert Vanden Bossche is correct, and the data from several locations so far appears to support him, an outcome of vaccine enhanced infection is that the rates never return to baseline. Instead the baseline continues to rise. This is precisely what is happening in the UK.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”No matter what, this thing, to the great disappointment of the Zoom class, is coming to an end.”

    Not if it’s up to the people. They love Coronadoom. It’s exciting. Gives life meaning. They’ll never willingly give it up. But all things must pass. Even the hula-hoop craze ended. The Overlords will have to give the people some new joy to replace it. Like a war. That always makes people happy.

  3. Zundfolge

    Remember when they told us that once 70% of Americans have immunity (either by vaccine or by surviving infection) that we’d have achieved “herd immunity” and this would all be over?

  4. Joao Martins

    Be careful, Briggs: in 2020 there was a paradigm shift in the medical profession.

    It was equivalent to Galileo’s abjuration: they repudiated to the foundational principles of their science and art when they renounced the idea that the normal state of individuals is being healthy and that diseased is a “comparatively rare event” (as stated by a great plant pathologist, Curt Leben, in one of his last publications).

    The paradigm shift is, all of us are diseased… but we don’t know yet! People are “asymptomatic patients”, so they don’t know what disease is afflicting them.

    Be careful, Briggs, 2020 was The Year of Abjuration.

  5. Gail Finke

    I just had Omicron (and did not post my daily symptoms on social media — you’re welcome) after HOPING I’d had it previously without symptoms. In fact, I had a finger prick test scheduled for two days after it hit to check for antibodies! Oh well. A coworker of mine came down with it the same day. We work in a very small office and neither of us had any shots — did we get it from the same person, someone else who works there who maybe had no symptoms? Or was it just coincidence? The other two people who work with us most did not get sick. Today is day 12 since it hit, and so far my husband (no shots) hasn’t gotten it. My coworker’s husband (no shots) got it from her within days, but their college age daughter (shots–required for school) didn’t. Did the shots protect her, or did she have it too with no symptoms? Who knows?

    But I can tell you this — when I called my doctor’s office, they acted NO differently from when I have called during any other virus going around. There was no panic or even concern (and of course, NO TREATMENT offered). The thing I thought was strangest is that they didn’t even want me to come in and get a test to confirm I had it. “Sounds just like all the Omicron we’re seeing.” Some public health emergency! You would think, during an ongoing public health emergency over a pandemic, that the state would require them to document my actual symptomatic case. After all, people with no symptoms are beign tested by the thousands every day! But no. I had a home test here from a cold I had before Christmas (I had to attend a funeral with a lot of elderly people and wanted to double-check that it was not Covid before I went) so I used it to confirm. But now I’ll have to have the blood test anyway a month from now to confirm I really had what they didn’t care about documenting!! It’s a farce.

  6. Incitadus

    It’s so in your face it’s not funny; the pandemic happens in the Spring
    of 2020 and by early June of 2020 Klaus Schwab’s book ‘The Great Reset’
    rolls off the presses. The book details connecting the pandemic’s draconian
    lockdowns and government handouts as the solution to climate change which
    as always is characterized as the greatest existential threat. The book pairs up
    perfectly with ‘Event 201’ which Herr Schwab also created and sponsored. How is
    it possible to write a book and release it in that timeframe? You don’t have to
    be a conspiracy theorist to believe this was all planed but you do have to be an
    idiot to believe it was not. They’re all in balls to the wall and if there’s any
    existential threat to humanity it’s them. The time to act as if your life, liberty,
    and mental sanity were under attack is now. The war on fossil fuels and your
    access to cheap reliable energy which is the control knob to a life of depravation
    vs. a life of fulfillment is what this fake pandemic is really about. There are
    no coincidences and like the bible says God helps those who help themselves.

  7. C.R.Dickson

    To protect an 80 year old grannie, a family used “the quickie tests” so they could gather for Christmas. Unfortunately, one person subsequently tested positive with the PCR test and they freaked out, even though grannie didn’t get infected. Some people seem to willingly believe a positive PCR test is correct, but a negative quickie test is not. The possibility of marginal testing results and/or false positive PCR tests are not considered in this Washington Post article ( ). Like computer models (“My model is better than your model”), the competition is now “My test is better than your test.” People always believe what they want to believe.

  8. Dodgy Geezer

    Covid infection is a Sorites Paradox.

    You are in a room with a Covid virion – are you infected?
    You breathe it in – are you infected?
    It lands in your nasal mucus – are you infected?
    It successfully bypasses the mucal immune system – are you infected?
    It enters a cell – are you infected?
    It successfully replicates inside that cell – are you infected?
    it spreads throughout your sinuses and throat – are you infected?
    At that point more of your immune system wakes up and starts to battle it – are you infected?

    Your body successfully clears the virus away. Were you infected at any point? You would not have noticed a thing. if so, at which point WERE you infected?


  9. Rudolph Harrier

    Had a sore throat all of last week plus random aches and pains. Was it Omicron? Was it a mild cold? Was it a dry throat combined with general fatigue from overwork?

    Who knows? Who cares?

  10. Robin


    Fact is, we “humans” are actually “holobionts”. It is difficult to know where we end and the microbial world begins.

    Research has found there are 38 trillion bacteria and 30 trillion human cells in a 70 kg reference human. This bacteria plus fungi make up the microbiome.

    Then there is the virome. It is thought that at any given time we carry 10 times as many viral particles as the microbiome.

    We also carry parasites. It’s estimated that at least 50% of the global population carry parasites and it is safe to say that 100% of us have carried them at one time or another – especially pin worm.

    But our DNA contains about 40% viral material plus another 8% ancient viral material. Humans would not exist without viruses and bacteria. Simple fact.

    As holobionts, maybe it’s not humans who are diseased, but instead it’s our microbial selves.

  11. umm “enstupidates” – describes my history, for sadly small n, of course.

  12. awildgoose


    RFK Jr. just gave an interview where he points out they’ve been running pandemic wargames in conjunction with the CIA for the past 20+ years.

    He states the only topic ever discussed is how to use a pandemic to roll out totalitarianism.

  13. Johnno

    Sure the doom is over and was likely over by the spring of 2020. But is anything ever over for everyone? Especially politicians?

    AOC Lays Wreath At Her Grave On January 6th

    You laff, but that comedy is closer to the truth. They will act out their roles to the bitter end…

    Meanwhile… innocent people are demonized.

    Politicians must screw up the supply chain more to save us! They do all this out of love!

    Omicron schmomnicron yourmomnicron… there is always a convenient new variant around every corner!

    Yeah! F Brandauci!

    Pfizer and the Vatican

    Russians saved from the federal Mark of the Vexx! Will now only be coerced and suffer at the provincial state level!

    Russia shuts down lay-led vexxine injury tracking site!

    Australia finally prevails over the eeeviiilll Tennis Star Djokovic for the crime of hardening the pharoah’s heart!


    How crazy is China? So crazy! O Tempora! O Mores!

    Apple and Google are sticking by the will of herr Brandon.

    Even Pfizer is signaling throwing in the towel…

    How crazy are half of democrats? So crazy!

    Common sense finally prevails over THE SCIENCE ™ at one unCatholic Hospital.

    Fully vexxined Canadian celebrity sportsman gets myocarditis… mystery!

  14. Incitadus

    Goose add to that the sterling work of Muller’s FBI in solving the very real anthrax
    attacks of 2001, one week after 911, and the roll out of anthrax vaccines for the
    First Gulf War in 2003 and you’ve got a trail of malfeasance that only the
    willfully blind could miss. Colin Powell shaking that tube of anthrax at the
    UN was the catalyst for the war, and if you squint your eyes real tight you can
    almost see the storyboard and planning that went into it.

  15. PaulH

    It would be interesting to see the numbers for Canada. I think they would be quite similar to the USA.

  16. Cary Cotterman

    “This will be over in a couple of weeks”
    “This will be over by summer 2020”
    “This will be over as soon as the election happens”
    “This will be over when Biden takes office”
    “This will be over by summer 2022”

    There are people who want it to go on forever, and plenty of useful idiots to keep voting for them and their policies and by extension their appointees. It is now a religion. I’m nearing seventy, and I’m afraid I’ll never be able to walk into a supermarket or office again without seeing zombie-like masked faces everywhere. I have old acquaintances whose faces, other than the eyes, I haven’t seen in nearly two years. There are people I’ve known for nearly two years whose faces I’ve never seen. The pejorative “Karen” has gone from an abstraction to becoming something far too real. Normality recedes into the distance in the rear-view mirror, and day-by-day it becomes more certain that we’ll never return. The psychological toll is overwhelming. It makes me wish I had been born two or three decades earlier so I’d have been out before this brainless hysteria began.

  17. Cookie

    I don’t know how they are gathering their data?

    They should be screening blood for antibodies to the Wuhan flu….no its the Botswana variant isn’t it?

    Anyway serology testing is the only way to be sure someone has been infected….unless they redefine that!

  18. C-Marie

    I am 78! Nearing seventy is a good for those are the years, so far, that our Father has given to you. He wanted and wants you here, now, loving with His Love those who might well be running scared. Trust Him with all of your heart, tell to Him all that is in your heart. He loves us all and loves fathering us. Jesus’ dear peace to you.
    God bless, C-Marie

  19. awildgoose


    I think the controllers realized that the Covid Karens are a hugely important social power/control node.

    Think about it.

    Karens watch TV and dutifully follow the latest commands.

    Karens voluntarily and forcefully police their families, relatives, and friends.

    Karens love getting on social media and consorting to amplify the message and police others.

    Karens are nearly universally mathematically, scientifically, and technically illiterate, so they will never question the commands from the TV.

  20. Uncle Mike

    It’s over? The danger has passed? What will the sheeple do? It’s a permanent maladaptive behavior syndrome, now. We will wear drab, hunch over with hidden faces, never make eye contact, sneak by, scurry from hole to hole, blindly stare at screens, pick at ourselves, hide from life, fester with fear…

    We starve-look
    At one another
    Short of breath
    Walking proudly in our winter coats
    Wearing smells from laboratories
    Facing a dying nation
    Of moving paper fantasy
    Listening for the new told lies
    With supreme visions of lonely tunes

  21. philemon

    Cary Cotterman: “It makes me wish I had been born two or three decades earlier so I’d have been out before this brainless hysteria began.”

    Hmm, ’52, versus ’32, versus ’22? Look at it this way, at least you didn’t have to grow up during the Great Depression, and you escaped the hysteria of WWII. Moreover, you’ll probably live to see this brainless hysteria end.

    And, in the meantime, it’s fun and educational. For more fun, tell all the mask-wearing Covidiots that they look better with the masks.

    awildgoose: “Karens are nearly universally mathematically, scientifically, and technically illiterate, so they will never question the commands from the TV.”

    Okay, so some people are braindead, but we’ve know that for years. The thing is that most people are not, and though they might seem to be going along with the neurotic hypochondriacs for now, there comes a time when they will say, “enough already.”

    Moreover, the pro-vex folks are getting out-flanked. The vexxines are not safe at all.

  22. Rudolph Harrier

    The Faucis of the world are often described as a modern priesthood, which pretty accurately describes their role in society. But there are two ways to go from here:

    The first is to say that they are bad because priests are bad, and that we should get rid of them to roll in a society where everyone thinks for themselves. But that’s exactly what we did by abandoning our Christian foundations, and rather than thinking for themselves the public just turned to celebrities, journalists and people from the PR wing of science departments.

    The second is to say that it is bad that they are our priests, because they are false priests, and that the remedy is a return to the true priesthood. This is the correct approach. If people followed priests who actually did their job not only would we be living more in accordance with God’s will, but people wouldn’t be swayed by the current crop of fraudsters. (Note when I say “doing their job” I don’t mean a perfect priesthood, but one that actually is serious about leading the culture rather than bowing down to the whims of modernity.)

  23. Johnno
  24. Joy

    The US wave has peaked, or it is having a day ooff. Numbers of serious / critical cases in hospital has dropped for the first day in weeks. At a time in the week when it is normally at its highest. There are weeks of more cases of unvaccinated people dying of the disease to come as yet. Was refreshing to see that Steve Macintyre had his three vaccinations.
    (See his Tweet from December 3rd 2021.)

    That’s good news, too.

  25. Johnno


    Fully vexxined and boostered bastard General Mark Milley gets Covid… but How? HOW???

    Supreme Court rejects a hearing for masks on airplanes… offer no explanation and no comment!

    Don’t take a vexxine? – Pay more for life insurance!
    Die from a vexxine injury? – Life insurance may not cover you!

  26. Joy

    Fully vexxined and boostered bastard General Mark Milley gets Covid… but How? HOW???
    1 After all this time, you still haven’t heard that the vaccine cannot necessarily stop covid 19 infection? *nor can any given vaccine for that matter, as a100% certainty.

    2 He caught it the same way anybody else catches the disease, that isn’t mysterious, your sarcasm aside.

    3 Two weeks following vaccination, is when maximum immunity begins to approach peak,

    4 Two weeks for the unvaccinated is when they are considered to have developed enough antibodies to prevent serious illness or death due to the disease.

    5 So some catch the disease the day they go to take their shot, if conditions aren’t sanitary, especially, and I assume they’re not in some places around the world.

    6 there is no grand scale “vaccine injury”, shame you don’t recognise the way in which all medicines are monitored and not just when they’re new, either. Here, we have a yellow card scheme. Information about that and the vaccine affects are readily available.

    7 see Joe Rogan having to shift his argument to blame the source on live radio

  27. Joy

    Italics end
    He has since made an apology, because he is being honest.

    Since when did society audit science?
    Since climage, that’s when since, and since the internet.

    Years ago I predicted on here the when there really is an emergency or a need to trust normally respected science experts. The trust will have been eroded to such an extent that people will not believe them when they are warned. Like crying wolf on a world scale.

  28. Joy

    here are a few names, none of whom were known to me even if many were famous
    With only one or two exceptions, all regretted their decision, on whichever basis they made it, not to receive a vaccine, some, encouraging others also not to be vaccinated.
    Phil Valentine
    Dick Farrell
    Marc Bernier
    Steven Hammon
    Robert Enyart
    Jimmy De-young St
    Marcus Lamb
    Veronica Volski
    H Scott Apley
    Steven Shurden “poet”
    Daniel Trujillo
    Caleb Wallace
    Dr Steven Karanja
    Herman Cain
    Maurizio Berretti
    Frederic Sinistra
    Christopher Foley
    Kelly Ermby 47
    Kosmas of Aetolia
    William Hartmann
    Rashelle Baird 27
    Leslie lawrenson 58
    Doug Kazma (believed anthrax fog was pumped into an event)
    Andrew Pugh
    Alan Steel
    Presley Stutts
    Bridget Jackson 29
    Kelly Canon Arlington Rep’ given religious exemption from vaccine
    Joe Mccaron taken from hospital age 67

  29. Peter

    A number for reinfection is reported in The Netherlands.

    With the advent of Omicron it has gone up to 13%, now stable.
    With Delta it was around 3% reinfections.
    (What is the chance of two positive PCR-tests with one being a false-positive?)

  30. Ann Cherry

    Joy, how many on your list of unvexxinated, were already seriously ill/unhealthy/morbidly obese, and died “with Covid” rather than “from Covid”? “Herman Cain” jumps out at me, an eighty-something year old man with stage four cancer.

    Recently, a family was kicked out of the Ronald McDonald house because they refused to vexxinate their five-year-old child, who was being treated for Leukemia. This, despite most knowledgable people recommending NOT to vexxinate the very young, or the very sick.

    People are also dying right and left shortly after receiving the gene-altering vexxine, many of them young and healthy, such as soccer players, medical doctors, and so forth. Most of the deaths are attributed to myocardial illness brought on by the spike proteins from the vexxine going into heart muscle and other organs.

    Many people also die because, in states like mine, they outlaw early (proven but unprofitable generic) Covid treatments such as Ivermectin and Hydroxy, and doctors are instructed to tell Covid-positive patients to go home without treatment, and if they get really sick, go to the hospital, to be put on a ventilator, where they have an eighty percent chance of dying, while the doctors and hospitals will receive tens of thousands in Covid bonus bucks from the gov’t.

    Nature has pretty much taken care of the Covid problem for us, just as it did with the early Spanish flu pandemic. Coronaviruses and influenza viruses generally become more virulent (contagious) but less deadly, leading to population immunity. This is what we’re seeing with the Omicron varient.

    Meanwhile, the CEO of Pfizer has announced they’ll have an “Omicron Vaccine” in March. Its main benefits will be the reduction of almost zero Omicron deaths, to almost zero Omicron deaths, with billions of dollars in recurring revenue to Pfizer.

    If you follow this blog, you will have seen links to articles indicated that Non-Covid deaths are 41% higher in the 20-60 age group, than in past years, according to life insurance companies. These deaths can be attributed to drug overdoses, suicides, fatal stress from job losses due to vexxine mandates, untreated cancers and other illnesses, and other causes directly attributable to lockdowns, mandates, and endless Covid fear-porn in the media and gov’t medical establishment.

    But don’t worry, all of you Vexzi-maniacs, as you can read in eugyppius’ most recent post, THE VACCINATORS WILL NEVER STOP VACCINATING!

    “The vaccinators are deranged lunatics, and whatever happens with Corona, we now face a prolonged, multi-year struggle to retain control of our bodies and our bloodstreams. This is what I get from COVID-19: What’s Next?, a World Economic Forum featuring Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel.
    Like everything produced by the WEF, it’s stultifying, boring and terrifying all at the same time. Below the fold, I’ve transcribed the key moments for you, but the takeaways are simple enough:

  31. Joy

    Joy, how many on your list of unvexxinated, were already seriously ill/unhealthy/morbidly obese, and died “with Covid” rather than “from Covid”? “Herman Cain” jumps out at me, an eighty-something year old man with stage four cancer.

    Stage four cancer does not preclude a patient from receiving a vaccine unless specifically advised against by an oncologist concerned with the patient.
    Yet you must go down the list yourself and look at each of the names you haven’t heard of as that is a more fruitful exercise in demonstrating th epoint, rather than simply doing the usual superficial scrape at the surface.

    only one or two, went to their death NOT regretting or rather sticking stubbornly and proudly to their antagonistic stance. Several were not anti vax activists but either expressed disinterest or boasted superior, special immunity, which simply illustrates the level of understanding of the human immune system and pathophysiology of infectious diseases.
    re the graphs at the top. Seve Macintyre gave concise and clear explanations about the splicing of absolute numbers next to average age corrected data on his twitter feed.
    Same kind of explanation myself and Swordfish were pointing out months ago about absolute numbers going into hospital as the vaccinated segment of the population increases. Simple to understand, really. Great that it can. be said and understood in about two lines.

  32. Joy

    test: steve macintyre test

  33. brad tittle

    Just spent the last three days experiencing my normal course of FLU. I have had the flu several times over the years. I tested negative. However everyone around me tested negative and then several days later tested positive. I have a test next to me now that I am better. Should I waste it?

    For me the course of flu is

    Day 1: Laid out flat and can’t sit up for more than a minute. Fever, chills, joint pain, some sniffles.
    Day 2: Still laid out most of the time, but can sit up for 20 to 30 minutes at time, fever gone
    Day 3: Can actually walk about and do stuff, but I have to lay down every couple of hours for 20 to 30 minute, headaches, occasional producing cough.
    Day 4: Headache seems to be gone, still some flem coming up once or twice a day.


    I am not saying my experience is in any way Normal.

    I can’t tell you I had COVID. Even if I tested positive, I couldn’t quite tell you that.

    My sister and brother in law both tested positive. Sister is following my path. Brother is getting to hang out at home for 5 days with no symptoms. My wife has been doing her daily Nasal Lavage and seems to be avoiding the bug. I suspect the lavage is much more important than her vaccine. The vaccinated seem to be getting this on just as well as the unvaccinated WITH THE SAME spread of severity.

    It wasn’t tea and crumpets for me. But it wasn’t as bad as H1N1 either (I can’t actually tell you I had H1N1, I just had the same flu episode that year and it wasn’t all that much fun either.. A little less fun than this one).

    My apologies Joy, that list of unvaccinated wishing they were vaccinated is about as meaningful as me saying I had covid. I DO NOT KNOW.

    That is the joy of this crap. We don’t get to know most of the time.

    I WILL NOT GET VACCINATED. The data flowing out on the sides is such that anyone suggesting I should has not paid any attention to it and is flying without their science background.

    More and more locations are wondering why it is the 18-65 claims for life insurance are up 40%. Why is it my local mortuary is burying people faster than normal and it isn’t for COVID. This is coming out in more places in the world. I do not harass anyone for having gotten vaccinated. I do stand up when they start harassing me for NOT getting vaccinated. If your vaccine works, god bless you, you don’t have to worry about me.

    If it doesn’t work, making me take it is just stupid.

  34. Joy

    Then there’s Marcus B irks , which makes the number thirty altogether.
    Sorry Brad, but You’re still wrong and that list is absolutely genuine.

    You are mistaken about knwing if you have had covid or not. Present for proper testing and you can find out.
    Lateral flow tests are useful for omicron in telling contagion.
    To confirm flu you need a test, otherwise it is assumed you had a cold virus.
    Flu is accompanied with a high fever.
    There is also a gastric enteritis flu which is going around, so watch for that, too!

    My family member who was ill enough to go to hospital and is unvaccinated, had gasto-enteritits. She was tested for Covid and did not have covid of any strain.
    It’s that thinking you know better than the medics getting you in trouble again. If you wonder what you’ve had, present and find out properly. Don’t do a Leslie Lawrenson on it. He is very reminiscent of the type of approach seen on here. Fairly typical of males of a certain age in general with regards to health matters so it’s not unusual. Pandemics are though, so people are noticing the ‘types’ who know better than the Drs.

    As far as I know only the poet went to his grave insisting he was right.
    Possibly jimmy Sr as well.
    No use saying you don’t know and nobody knows because it isn’t true.

  35. John B()


    Take Cain off your list (he was about masks):

    The late Herman Cain, who died before the vaccine became available, spoke out against masks, but he was 74 and was considered high-risk for COVID-19 due to surviving a battle with Stage 4 colon cancer. Less than two weeks before his death from COVID-19 in July 2020, he attended a Trump rally without a mask, which may be where he contracted it.

  36. Johnno

    Blood clots and erectile problems thanks to the vexxin… errr… covid! Yeah… yeah… “covid” does this now! What can’t it do? Just ask Niki Minaj’s cousin!

    Another look at how Experts and THE SCIENCE ™ work with the help of “journalists”!

    Frankie-bon, the one in Rome, and the Gay Lobby Boys are up to their nickers in Pfizer and commie money! Scandal in Da church of mercy!

    An expert in geopolitical economics, Dr. Francesco Galietti asserted the CCP has been sending $2 billion to the Vatican every year since Francis became pope in 2013. Much of what Galietti revealed came on the heels of similar revelations by exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui.

    With the Vatican-China accord, CCP money apparently hitting Vatican coffers and now Francis manipulating Catholic teaching to push the so-called vaccine, one wonders if this was the plan all along. Francis’ secret talks with Pfizer plutocrat Dr. Albert Bourla only add intrigue to this question.

    Jules Gomes: “The Vatican did not disclose these meetings, which means they were very clandestine. If the Vatican has been paid to push the Pfizer vaccine — they exclusively administer the Pfizer jab in the Vatican, and every employee is forced — compelled — to take this vaccine.”

    The pontiff has also met with fake Catholics Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, who likewise relentlessly push the jab.

    Was Francis just a fluke papal election the CCP found easy to control, or was the St. Gallen Mafia instrumental in appropriating the papal throne with their man?

    Ol’Theodore McCarrick’s trips to China have been worthwhile! First thing Frankie-boy did once Benedict XVI “retired” was rehabilitate this molesting schmuck and pack his bags to Beijing! Put down the true Chinese Catholics and recognize Xi’s handpicked commie bishops.

    Frankie has a bis spot in Hell reserved for him, but remember! Question his facade as a “Pope” and some people will call you a conspiiiiracy theeeorist! Can’t have that! We need to all trust da expoits!

  37. Kathleen

    Pfizer Slaughtered-Baby-Death-Jab data that the overlords WANTED to hide for 75 years is dropping on MARCH 1ST.

    The overlords are scrambling like crazy right now and everything points to the data dump being the motive.

    US narrative shifting through VERY obvious moves to those actually paying attention. Brits lifting restrictions effective March. Etc. Etc.

    I’ll take the impact of the shift. But we all need to know that there is nothing benevolent going on here. The overlords are up to no good.

  38. Johnno


    Unfortunately international travel restrictions are still to be sorted, and health care workers still have to be vexxed, so they better start spilling the beans about the conspiracy if they want to be free too, as they collaborated with it!

    And this is all thanks to dancing BoJo. If we didn’t catch our politicians and experts breaking their own useless rules they themselves never believed, they’d never stop being the Vaxzis that they are!


    Franky the Merciful increases the fines for breaking the rigid laws of man!

    So many deaths amongst young men unrelated to covid! 40% increase the CDC finds! Mystery!

    All recent NSW Australian covid deaths were fully vexxined!!! But How? HOW???

    Nearly all Scottish covid deaths were fully vexxined!!! But How? HOW???

  39. Ann Cherry

    Here’s something a little different from JP Sears, “Why good people obey harmful mandates”, about 4 minutes:

    Courage is contagious, too.

  40. John B()


    I don’t think Milgram’s totally applies here.

    It may apply to those who enforce the mandate but doesn’t account for those that wear the mask or get the jab in the first place.

  41. philemon

    I think some people are getting a little scared. There’s the crime-against-humanity problem. Got to hedge their bets.

    The experiments never delved into why some people didn’t go along, which is actually interesting.

    Also, I’m more interested in the abnormal psychological state of the people running the experiments than the experimental subjects. They seemed to want normalize psychopathy.

    Why is it that social psychology experiments seem invariably to require the people running the experiment lie to the subjects? Not only does lying make these experiments scientifically invalid (double-blind anyone?), but it’s just … wrong.

    Part of the reason why this field is ground-zero for the reproducibility crisis in science. And then there’s the problem of studying WEIRD subjects. I tell you what effect it’s having, it’s pissing me off!

  42. John B()

    Oh, what fun

    My company announced a new mask policy

    The CDC apparently has admitted that cloth masks are in fact useless

    So instead of ending masking, we will be provided 3-ply surgical masks.

    God Bless You Mr Joe

    See also God Bless You Mr Rosewater (I may have to adopt a new alias Kurt Vonnegut Jr.)

  43. Public mourning/protest marches for the victims of the experimental vaccines, in Italy and South Korea:

    “The families of the dead held a ceremony on the 20th of November to demand answers and justice from the South Korean Government. The distraught relatives shaved their heads while holding up photos of their dead loved ones as they begged for answers from government officials.”

    “…a group numbering in the hundreds staged a mourning march in Parma, Italy to commemorate those who have died as a result of the COVID-19 vaccine. The marchers held up pictures of the dead as they moved in solemn procession through central Parma, chanting the names of those lost to the experimental vaccines.”

  44. Ann Cherry

    “My company announced a new mask policy

    The CDC apparently has admitted that cloth masks are in fact useless

    So instead of ending masking, we will be provided 3-ply surgical masks.”

    John B(), if you and your fellow employees can’t or won’t stage a mass walk-out to protest forced masking, there IS something you can do, to breathe easier: Take a pair of very sharp scissors and cut out the inner two layers of mask material. Chances are, nobody will be the wiser.

    After two years, this is no longer an “emergency”. It’s a war.

  45. John B()

    I’ll wait and see, but thanks

    If I can’t breathe, I’ll let somebody know
    (…probably by blowing lunch on their feet
    I’ll be certain to have somebody important around … or do it in the cafeteria…)
    That should get the appropriate attention

  46. Johnno

    Ontario, Canada, also beginning to cuckly phase out covidian tyranny beginning at the end of Jan! At the same time as England! Coincidence? Does the doom follow the lead of politicians? Flu cases always peak in Jan and then fall as we transition into Spring/Summer! Coincidence? Ah! Such leadership! Such THE SCIENCE ™!

    Don’t you understand that THE SCIENCE ™ is woke???

    Scotland and Wales will keep the masks and the Mark of the Vexx. Joy will move there.

    Starbucks abandons Brandon.

    The lackeys are revising.

    Supreme Mask madness!

    Covid cases are down… So Models are screaming, “DOOOOOMMMM!!!!”

    Government men are doing it for the good of us all! Even experts are being ignored! What do they know?

  47. Ann Cherry

    FDA drug safety expert Dr. David Gortler: Vaccine manufacturers, FDA not adequately warnings about myocarditis risks – American Thinker

    “The FDA’s VAERS database shows a long and impersonal number of cardiovascular-related events in young healthy people. The United States alone has accumulated a list of over 700,000 reports of adverse events, but it’s difficult to understand the humanity of these large numbers. Many people don’t realize that cardiovascular adverse events were warned about in the FDA medical review of the Pfizer application.

    “We don’t always know the specific details about those who died, including their ages. To give some perspective, I’ve data-mined a worldwide list of seemingly healthy people who died or suddenly collapsed, as reported in the news just since December 1, 2021. Most are young athletes in the prime of their careers. The list is long (and, I’m sure, badly incomplete). So as not to interrupt the flow of this post, you’ll find the list at the bottom of this post.”

  48. John B()


    Thanks for that

  49. JH

    Because up to 90%+ of Americans have already been infected with the coronadoom, one way or another…
    These are the CDC’s own numbers, not mine.

    Briggs, such an irresponsible conclusion doesn’t mean much to me, because it is phony like a retailer’s ad of “up to 70% off”. Exactly where did you find the conclusion of “up to 90%+”? Yes, I clicked the CDC link. I understand you love to express your negative opinions about your perceived foe and to exaggerate or imagine why they didn’t do this and that. Such is what you do for entertainment. However, I’d like to know the truth so I can inform my friend to remove such a conclusion from the CDC site.

  50. Johnno


    Another one down for the Brandon.

    Czech Republic ditches vexxine mandates.

    Take an Austrian vexxine and you could WIN 500 EURO-BUCKS!





    Quebecois seek to oust their tyrant king.

    Austria has gone full Vaxzi.

    How the joyless are taking the UK’s decision…

    You don’t say…

  51. Rudolph Harrier

    JH: Briggs clearly explains how he got his estimate.

    -65 million reported infections
    -CDC estimates only 1 in 3.4 to 4.7 infections are reported
    -Therefore 221 to 305.5 million total infections
    -Since it is “up to” we take the maximum (including the assumption that the infections are among different people.) Thus 305.5 million out of 331, meaning about 92%. Thus “Up to 90% or more.”

    Sure it’s the top of the data, but it’s not an untrue claim. And it’s not like the rest of the article doesn’t explore other possibilities from the data.

    Beyond that, even if we don’t go to the max we still have herd immunity:

    -65 million reported infections
    -CDC says that the most like estimate is that only 1 in 4 infections are reported. So 260 million infections.
    -Assume that 10% of these are breakthrough cases, which is more than any estimate I’ve ever seen. 234 million people infected.
    -234 out of 331 is just over 70%, a magic “herd immunity” number.

    And that’s assuming that the vaccines provide no protection from COVID whatsoever. If you add in protection from vaccines the situation is even better.

  52. Rudolph Harrier

    For everyone else, note that JH’s priority is to alter the data to remove awkward conclusions. This is what it means to “follow the science.”

    I’m not even being facetious here. For at least twenty years science has consisted of almost nothing but fudging results to please those who fund it. Anyone who works in academia can tell you as much.

  53. Anonymous

    You’re numbers are probably high since they ignore reinfections (which we know occurs readily with Omicron and somewhat before).

  54. Anonymous

    “The point is that back in September 2021, the CDC said there were already “146.6 Million Estimated Total Infections”, of which there were “124.0 Million Estimated Symptomatic Illnesses”. That makes for a 15% asymptomatic rate, incidentally.

    Which I’ll emphasize: 15% of those infected never knew it.”

    Asymptomatic does not mean unknown. There could be cases from those who were tested for work and the like. Yes, it gives you some clues on infected within the untested. But the untested are a fraction of the overall population.

    Also, it ignores that many who have symptoms might have mild ones and not test. (Goes the opposite direction of comment above.)

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