Update: Joe Rogan Flap Proves That If There Is Dis- and Misinformation, There Must Be A Ministry Of Truth

Update Don’t miss update below, which confirms everything in this post.

Let’s today emphasize the rather obvious point that if there is such a thing as official disinformation and misinformation, then there must a Ministry of Truth to define “the truth”, such that departures from “the truth” are officially error, falsehood, disinformation or misinformation.

There does not have to be an actual minister in a fixed office, though that helps. But there still must exist a list of “truths” held by a government or regime, and known to be held by them. The list is allowed to be in flux: what was officially “false” yesterday can be officially “true” today, and vice versa.

The information insisted upon by the regime must be of a special nature, too. It is only that information that the regime uses to justify policies, especially “solutions”, that becomes official “truth”.

For instance, there are a large number of people who believe the earth is flat. I don’t mean the comedians at the Flat Earth Society, but internet randos who are sincere in thinking the earth is a disc, and who are convinced the government knows this and is hiding it for some reason.

There are podcasts, websites, and social media posts galore on this topic. Yet the government and the oligarchs never move to quash this movement. There are no denouncements or speeches about mis- or disinformation. The flat earthers are allowed their strange belief—and nobody in power cares.

Because, of course, there is no consequence to elites if some believe the earth is flat. No government or oligarchic “solution” is opposed. There is no political friction. Even regime scientists ignore the topic.

What topics don’t they ignore? Again, just those that might lead the people to question “solutions.” “Solutions” for the global cooling, a.k.a. global warming, a.k.a. climate change, “solutions” for Russia, “solutions” for the coronadoom.

Take coronadoom. The regime truth ministers, typified in the form of a died-hair red head, demanded Spotify censor Joe Rogan, who had on at least two people who questioned various aspects of the coronadoom panic. These questions walked into “solutions” territory, and therefore the questions became official mis- and disinformation.

Older readers will recall when science progressed by open argument over facts and which evidence counted in discovering the cause of things. Mistakes, errors, misdirections, blind alleys, stupidities, stubbornness and other maladies of thought were corrected, to varying degrees of success, by bloody acrimonious desperate-at-times nasty loud public fights.

It was rare for those gripping mistakes to let go of them. Instead, new converts were won because they believed mistakes had been sufficiently well demonstrated. This is key. If we do not allow for the creation of dissidents, science dies. You may, even must, substitute any field of intellectual endeavor for science into this sentence, of course.

That was before our somewhat fluid, and to a large extent global, Ministry of Truth existed. Science now flows from regime “solutions”. A “solution” to some perceived, real or imagined, crisis is proposed. Evidence backing both the “solution” and the crisis itself is provided by scientists eager to become important. I don’t mean to suggest all these scientists are whores, though there are plenty. Many are true believers. As I say often: scientists love their models. Again, substitute for scientists the relevant professional in any other intellectual endeavor.

Regime-supporting scientists become Experts. Their regime-supporting theories become, officially, “The Science”, which is “settled”, and of which only “deniers” question.

When any man’s questioning voice on “The Science” becomes loud enough for others to hear, he must be silenced. Even a man who is, on most other things, a regime supporter. Like Joe Rogan.

The excuse censors use is that Rogan’s questions, which are now officially dis- and misinformation, cause harm, or cost lives. This, as you will recognize, is a circular argument from the regime, a fallacy.

Rogan and his guests question the “solutions” and claim non-regime-supported methods will lead to superior life-saving results. The regime disagrees and says methods that are not “solutions” must be wrong because they are not official “solutions.” They are not “The Science.” The circle is complete.

Spotify sort of supported Rogan, not having much choice with all the money they have invested in him. But they also—and many still do not know this—censored him.

There is a site that tracks the episodes Spotify already removed. As of this writing (Saturday evening), 113 episodes have been whacked. This is up from 70 on Friday evening. Among them with guests Alex Jones, Owen Benjamin, Gad Saad, Milo Yiannopoulos. It will be interesting if they quietly drop the Robert Malone, Robert Epstein and Peter McCullough episodes.

The “controversy” over Rogan accounts for the frenzy of soulless pitiless merciless bottom-feeders and spiritual vampires who rushed to their computers to condemn Rogan’s official misinformation. These are propagandists and simps too ignorant to judge the evidence itself, but know they must, for their own benefit, loudly support the regime.

You mustn’t think this only applies to the coronadoom. Rogan has strayed into global warming territory, too, which accounts for this telling headline: “Scientists stunned by climate denialism from Joe Rogan podcast guest“.

Now if the scientists said they were “stunned”, and this was not an invention of the propagandist, we know we are likely dealing with whores and not true believers. Because it is impossible to be a working scientist at this late date and not understand there are a vast number of dissenters to official “The Science”.

Still other scientists, propagandists claim, say Rogan allowing global warming questioning is “‘absurd’ and ‘dangerous’“.

The “absurd” might not have been a slur, it could have represented the old spirit of open questioning. But it was ruined by the “dangerous.” That means the regime-backing scientists cared nothing about causes of global warming, and only wanted to support “solutions.”

For how else can it be dangerous to hold a different view of the cause of some thing?

Anyway, as far as Rogan himself goes, he might have weathered his dissent on coronadoom “solutions”, but his apologizing for saying “nigger” could be his undoing. (He should have said he was quoting rap lyrics. People remembering his use of the magic word accounts for the 70 to 113 increase in episode bans, I’m guessing.)


“Spreading Covid-19 disinformation would also be covered under a crime of sending a false communication.”

From “Now web giants face fraud and hate crime crackdown: Online Safety Bill will force firms to protect users“.

Protect users.

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  1. “Evidence backing both the “solution” and the crisis itself is provided by scientists eager to become important. I don’t mean to suggest all these scientists are whores, though there are plenty. Many are true believers. ”

    Most self-styled ‘scientists’ are neither whores nor true believers – just obedient careerist bureaucrats. Providing evidence is their job – it’s what they do.

  2. If you want to see the Ministry of Truth behind the Rogan attempted takedown, look no further than the SuperPAC MeidasTouch:

    I’m guessing that some of their financial backers can be linked to big Pharma in one way or another.

    I think that Spotify and Rogan are handling this very badly. They should shine a light on these behind-the-curtain assassins. Instead they stand there and take an (unjust) beating.

    Spotify/Rogan are engaging in the General Lucas/Anzio strategy. Lucas could have waltzed all the way to Rome unopposed, but instead decided to cower in fear of a non-existent enemy, dig into the beach and wait. Big mistake.

  3. Briggs: “Let’s today emphasize the rather obvious point that if there is such a thing as official disinformation and misinformation, then there must a Ministry of Truth to define “the truth”, such that departures from “the truth” are officially error, falsehood, disinformation or misinformation.”

    Yes, obviously. There is always going to be a “Ministry of Truth” in that all coherent societies must agree on some minimum set of received truths and do the laborious work of suppressing heretics. The Catholic Church has a “Ministry of Truth”, as do all religions. The problem is not the “M.o.T.”, per se, but rather that our Christian Ministry of Truth failed to do its job and was infiltrated and taken over by the Synagogue of Satan.

    Owen Benjamin never tires of making the case, in his inimitably hilarious fashion, that “Joe the Toe” Rogan is a regime toadying, dumpster pumping, controlled opposition cretin, as demonstrated by his huge wealth and ubiquity on all the controlled platforms. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say on Niggergate. I’m already laughing.

  4. When does Spotify–initially and principally a music streaming site–take down all songs whose lyrics include the n-word? (Sometime between tomorrow and never. Brought to you by the folks proclaiming “everything before yesterday is wrong.”)

    For the left–including all flavors, woke, prog, SJW/PC–hypocrisy is a feature, not a bug. “Do as I say, not as I do.”

  5. Now now… if a black person sings the N while also shooting or screwing that N’s girl and doing a line of coke off her beaten body, it is acceptable.

    Only whitey can’t say it. He may, however do the rest, but unlike the black person who boasts of it, whitey must feel shame, because it is toxic when he does it.

    This is basic music industry law. Where diversity and not equity is expected. Blackey does rap. Whitey does country.

    But this won’t last as the woke are now destroying opera and classical music for being so white, despite being overwhelmingly Asian. But the white guy invented it, so it must be racist! You don’t see them taking the quota grenade to rap or jazz, do you?

    Anyway, followers of THE SCIENCE ™, as we all know care nothing for the actual science nor methodology. THE SCIENCE ™ can simply never be wrong nor the work of human hands. It is dogma, for the word was sent forth with the intent that the infidels obey and pay homage and submit and reward them. That is the result they wish. That any bug actually exist or that the engineering works or that the paper was even filed in the right section is irrelevant. Your acceptance and submission is all that matters.

  6. A distinguishing feature of modern intellectuals is how they meticulously go to “fact-checkers” and other such things to make sure their opinions are approved, but will still pretend to not be submitting to any authority. While the reality of the situation is that they believe things simply because they were told to believe things, they will always pretend to have come to the conclusions themselves, or that the conclusions are so obvious that it would have been impossible for anyone to ever think otherwise.

  7. If we really had a Ministry of Truth, and they really censored Media lies, then the Media would disappear. The amount of actual truth broadcast by the Media is such a small percentage of their spew as to be virtually nothing. I take that back; they often get the sports scores correct. Not always but most of the time.

  8. Talking about “The Science” and models, the WSJ had an article yesterday on climate model failures. Seems the models predict too warm a future.

    “In their initial analysis, scientists discovered a flaw in how CESM2 modeled the way moisture interacts with soot, dust or sea-spray particles that allow water vapor to condense into cloud droplets. It took a team of 10 climate experts almost 5 months to track it down to a flaw in their data and correct it, the scientists said.”

    Well, the critics have known this for years. You can FORTRAN code (the model T of languages) as many physics equations as you wish, but if the parameter tables are incorrect they will still not work right. At least that is what I suspect from what this quote from the article says. They are surely whores because their solution is to ask for money to build only a bigger and faster computer to calculate more junk science.

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