This Is A Stick Up

This Is A Stick Up

Before I begin, let me ask Biden voters: how you guys doing today?

It’s that happy joyous anticipated glorious time of year where I squeeze readers to fund my extravagant life as a known thought criminal and debaucher of Expert theories.

My preferred flow of income comes from jobs. Know of any? I don’t mean salaried work at HR-containing corporations, for none of these places would hire me. If they did, the cost of the subsequent toxic workplace lawsuits would far outstrip any of the vast monies I would make for them.

And not universities neither. As a serial corrupter of youth—I have exposed many to the forbidden delights of Reality—there isn’t any chance they would allow a racist sexist antisemitic transphobic homophobic fascist ageist abelist Nazi meat-eating intolerant white supremacist manly specimen like myself near campus. And that’s before them discovering I would tease without mercy the sociologists about their wee p-values.

No. I mean consulting. Consulting allows employers plausible deniability about knowing me. Work in which I could put into practice all the predictive ideas I’m always on about. Most modeling, when it is not wrong, is at least over-certain, even monumentally over-certain. Better decisions are made when uncertainty is proper to the questions asked. This I know how do to.

And, do, too. The words at the bottom of the post are accurate. I am wholly independent. Have been, and will continue to be so. Even though there is—and I know you’ll be surprised to learn this—shockingly little money to be made in opposing the ever wokening regime. Unless you’re a “conservative” whose promises to fix things everybody knows aren’t meant.

Yet, with your help, dear gracious loyal readers, I have managed to make a living. For which I am profoundly thankful. Your more-than-generous support through these many years has sustained me.

I mean to go on doing what I have been doing, only more so.

I finally escaped the Dreaded Isle last summer, and am installed in my Remote Redoubt. Because of commitments here and there, the work on the new office fashioning some kind of “classroom” has gone slow, but will be completed sometime in the spring.

The room is small, but there’s a nice blank wall at one end. I’m going to fix a board that will swing down from the ceiling onto that wall, which will perform the same function as Bishop Fulton Sheen’s, though I will lack his angels. I can’t abide whiteboards and their expensive stinky markers. But they have the advantage of weight over chalkboards.

Even if I can’t set foot on any campus, I still want to teach what I know. I have several lessons of a course on probability outlined, but not yet videoed. I need to get a camera—which I’m always just about to do, but haven’t yet. This stems from a strong, indeed almost overwhelming, non-desire to learn how to edit videos.

I also can’t figure how to charge for classes, especially when I’d much rather make them available free. One way might be to put all up for nothing, and only charge those who want to do a project or desire a letter of completion. More on that later.

Turns out the old master of the place I now occupy did well by inviting people to come to town from all over the world for in-person summer classes. He was just as independent, and his topic was perhaps even more obscure than mine. So that’s a possibility.

The coronadoom panic is nearing its end. We all look forward to never having to speak of it again. Except to assess accountability for the lunacies and tyranny.

Although that blundering crisis will end, the spirit from which it arose has not been quashed. The same soy ackshually scidolatry , Expert arrogance, oligarchic grasping, science DIEing, hubristic over-certainty-loving attitudes are still with us and will be used for whatever the next crisis will be.

Likely global warming redux. Or rather definitely global warming, but with the strong possibility of something else added. Bill Gates was out the other week promising a new pandemic. The scientific benefits of war? Laugh if you want, but the Washington Post recently said “In the long run, wars make us safer and richer.”

Your guess, as the saying goes, is as good as mine.

Other news. Some kind readers have taken on my enemies and edited the typos out of Everything You Believe Is Wrong. And I have a whole new chapter—on animal “rights”. This work will be completed soon.

Plus I’m writing a (let us say) more intricate book on scientism. Something along the lines of my Uncertainty, but all of science, not focusing on probability.

So, if you have a spare buck or two, and only if it’s spare, consider donating or subscribing using the link below. If you’d like to donate in other ways, just email.

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Also, please forgive me for not answering all emails in good time. I get many (many) and can’t keep up. But I appreciate all. Many good ideas. As always, unless you give me explicit permission, I won’t use your name.

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  1. Michael Dowd

    $100.00 on the way via PayPal.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    You got the drop on me, mister — take yer spondulux.

    Stupid comments is my revenge.

  3. kevin fontaine

    Hi Dr. Briggs,

    I love what you are doing! I’m professor and chair of the department of health behavior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I’m thinking of proposing a UG course related to biases and other forms of sloppy thinking, using Everything You Believe is Wrong as the textbook. Chances are they’ll reject it but, what the heck!


  4. kmann

    Your problem is that you seek after truth.
    Truth is not in high demand these days.

  5. I do a lot of video editing with Shotcut which is free software. I have also used LightWorks but Shotcut is easier.
    I’m not a professional video editor, just a hacker with a You Tube Channel.

    I’ve posted an introduction to Video editing using Shotcut on by blog
    This is a large topic but you can start out simple and focus on what you need to get started.

    If you have questions or need help I can send you a Zoom link and share video and screen shots.
    Most of my life these days is music but I’ve followed your blog for years and I’ll do whatever I can to help.

  6. Milton Hathaway

    I clicked on the link to your Substack site, which brought up an unresponsive page. That invariably means that JavaScript is required, which prompts a quick evaluation in my mind, “is it worth the aggravation of JavaScript to proceed?” My answer to that question is usually “no”.

    The Internet has always been broken because there isn’t a good way to monetize content. Near as I can tell, the purpose of 99% of JavaScript code is an attempt to monetize at the expense of usability.

    Yes, I realize I may be the only person in the world who gives this stuff a second thought. Or even a first thought.

  7. Briggs

    Charles, Will check it out. I also tried Kdenlive (I’m on Linux).

    Kmann, Not when they want most to DIE it isn’t.

    Kevin Fontaine, I would be deeply honored.

    Hagfish, Good thing you didn’t force me to use my roscoe.

    Michael, You’re a sweetheart, thanks.

    Milton, You miss nothing since I’m only using Substack as a mirror.

  8. Russell Haley

    My eight year old son uses Corel VideoStudio 2020 to edit his you tube videos. It’s quite good for the price.

    I’ve recently purchased a Sony RX10 camera, which is an excellent all around recording system. It has a HUGE sensor and creates amazing videos, though it’s a little pricey for amateur’s and has a fixed lens (I wanted a fixed lens, I didn’t need anything fancy).

    I very much appreciate your point of view. The Evil Regime has done a good job keeping reality hidden so it’s nice to find people that are willing to speak out against evil and confirm my “biases”.

  9. C-Marie

    Love your site, Matt! Here is a bit more, and praying for Holy Spiit leading and guidance for all of us.
    God bless. Stay close with Jesus.

  10. C-Marie

    Ouch!! So sorry dear Holy Spirit!!

  11. Whitney

    I am now a member of the elite! The true elite.

  12. Ryan L

    I wonder if a model like Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom would work. With video lecturers for courses with a paid subscription or pay for course. Maybe you could offer some for free and the rest behind a pay wall or something like that.

  13. frank

    I’m a fan, albeit an intermittent browser. If it were me (old person) … I’d hire a young enterprising student to handle the internet, web content stuff. My guess is that you, like me, are not very good at it. Young people are, so don’t waste time trying to fill in the know-how gaps. You’re strength lies elswhere. The sooner the better I want to know more about the courses you allude to. When you put them together I’ll be very interested because I like how you think. I love debunking stuff that appears as reality, but it aint. Oh and I also like percolating on the BIG questions and what they reveal. I’ll buy your book – the paperback version. Regards.

  14. Tillman Eddy

    I enjoy your site, probably more than I should.

    As an octogenarian, I presume I should be a Conservative; indeed, I am a Fiscal Conservative. In the social arena, a bit Liberal.

    Your observations about the vagaries of Science, sadly, conform with my own over the six decades of my own career. Most recently, I was attempting to evaluate what metric would best measure what COVID is/was doing in the society. I finally settled on the deaths attributed to COVID as the best measure.

    Imagine my chagrin on finding that CDC publication on deaths was incorrect and over-stated. So, since my evaluations is of no significance to anyone other than myself, I will simply sigh deeply and continue to follow your scrivenings.

    Thank you for the work you are doing! I hope my meager contribution will,help,with your teaching wall.

    Tillman Eddy
    Winter Park, FL

  15. Briggs

    Many thanks, Tilman, and God bless.

  16. Glenn Wilson

    Read your book Everything You Believe is Wrong. Normally 600 wpm reader but your book made stop and consider what you wrote many times. Thank you, thinking is not popular currently (as is Truth also not desired by many.)


  17. “ Good thing you didn’t force me to use my roscoe. “

    I sometimes fear that the ‘roscoe’ is the answer to so many issues.

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