Who In The Regime Ordered The FBI To Raid Trump’s Home?

Who In The Regime Ordered The FBI To Raid Trump’s Home?

Site was down for several hours this morning; the server was out. Might go out again.

The initial reports that the FBI was searching for a racist noose spotted in the knot of Trump’s golf shoes appear to be incorrect.

Nor were they looking for the tape of the mysterious Jan 6 bomber, whom the FBI said was “probably on his way to hand in his science project.”

Nor was it to search for copies of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contains details of his lucrative Ukraine contracts.

Nor was it to search for Trump’s tax records to give to the one of the nearly 100,000 new IRS agents the government hired to look at your records. Don’t worry. You’ve done nothing wrong. They don’t harass or arrest or punish the innocent in America. Right?

Instead the FBI raided because of some obscure documents something-or-other rule that no one had ever heard of.

Except whoever ordered the FBI to conduct the raid.

But, I mean, come on. It’s Trump. Get him, amirite? Even if they have to make evidence up. Not that they’re any good at that.


Now the FBI, though often operating within the law, has, from its very start, been a secret police for the regime, a secret police with no concern for niceties. This is so well documented only an NPR listener can deny it (read any biography of Hoover). And they used to, deny it, that is. The left used to believe the FBI could not be trusted, back when they believed the regime was staffed by “conservatives”. Now that the secret police are on their side, their memories fail.

Point is: it’s not a surprise, or really that interesting, that the FBI would follow political orders. They always have, and it’s therefore rational to suppose they always will. They didn’t do this on their own. Somebody ordered them. Who?

Trump, given his ineffectiveness, was never really part of the regime. For instance:

So this isn’t “business as usual.” This is specific.

The real question, then, is who ordered this, and what did they hope to gain from it? Beyond the obvious expectation of finding in Trump’s possession some uncrossed T or undotted I in some vaporous meaningless paperwork that the regime, and their cheerleaders, can blow up into a “major incident”, and provide some sort of pretense for a prosecution.

Could they not have anticipated a negative response? An important negative response? Can they really have been as naive as they appear? Is it true they believe their own press, have themselves so surrounded and insulated by apparatchiks and yes men they believe they have scored some important victory?

Don’t discount this. After the media spins on the depravity and utter awful act of taking a classified document off of government property (unless it’s on Hillary’s computer), a great mass of people told to be horrified, will be horrified. Our rulers will cast their pale eyes onto this crowd and they will come to believe that this horror proves their action was the correct one. That is, many really will believe their own press.

How far will this spread? Obviously, they’ll not go after Pence or certain others who served, however unfaithfully, under Trump. That they are widening their net is true, though. Word is they’ve already gathered Alex Jones’s texts surrounding Jan 6:

Who else? Not many remained loyal, so the list can’t be too long. Can it? How far down the list will they go? Are any who questioned elections curiosities on the list? Will they be satisfied with Trump alone? Or will they hamstring any that appears to be a threat to them?

I ask all these questions because I haven’t any clear idea of the answers. Maybe you do.

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  1. John B()

    Who else? Not many remained loyal, so the list can’t be too long. Can it? How far down the list will they go? Are any who questioned elections curiosities on the list? Will they be satisfied with Trump alone? Or will they hamstring any that appears to be a threat to them?

    Do you feel their hot breath behind you

    I was wondering if your server going down was related …

  2. Robin

    Briggs: From the UK it appears your enemies took down this website for much of the day. Just coming back on line.

    Trump encouraging the January 6th rally was just dumb. His adversaries were looking for another Charlottesville and he handed it to them on a platter.

    Having said this, what transpired at Mar-A-Lago is a disgrace to the nation and a slap-in-the-face of every decent law-abiding American.

    But during November 2020, after his and other elections were clearly and without question stolen by American elites (and possibly foreign as there is sometimes little distinction), I came to the conclusion that it was the end-point of America as it has existed for some 250 or so years. The political game changed to “he who jumps first, jumps best”. President Trump was not willing to jump. The Democrats are. As a result they will be in power when the end game approaches. I fear for major civil unrest ahead. Watch out for the counter-revolution.

    Sorry to be so negative about things but I lost faith during November 2020 and I’ve not yet seen anything on the horizon that could restore it.

    We live in a brave new world of stakeholder capitalism, where the role of government is to transfer the public purse to the private stakeholder elites. AKA Elon Musk style. This new Inflation Reduction Act is a shining example of this principle in action. Does anybody really think we need electric cars? Not really. Just another step towards the 2030 agenda that the west is hell-bent to follow, even if it destroys them.

    And I don’t believe for a second that the other side (Republicans) are going to do anything to stop it after November, in spite of all the faux lamenting and jawboning. Things are getting worse, not better.

  3. Forbes

    The desperation to change the subject of recession and inflation–which will be ongoing until next year–for the upcoming November election is the motive force here. The outrage machine needs to get into overdrive because Ukraine, SARS-2, #MeToo, and whatever else is ginned-up is rapidly fading from the picture.

    So, making it “about Trump” after four years of making it “about Trump” is plan XYZ.

  4. “Now the FBI, though often operating within the law, has, from its very start, been a secret police for the regime, a secret police with no concern for niceties. This is so well documented only an NPR listener can deny it (read any biography of Hoover).”

    Ok, I’m accused of secretly listening to All Things Considered?! No! I do not!

    With that said, as a historian of counter-intelligence and intelligence, including domestic counter-intelligence (the domain of the FBI, and the bludgeon used against Trump this week), and an avid consumer of Hoover /FBI history, I’m comfortable saying: no, the FBI has NOT always been a “secret police of the regime.” Their taking a political side is new–since Trump.

    The FBI, under Hoover, WAS a secret police. However, it was a secret police of HOOVER. He used his secret police to monitor and gather data on EVERYONE. His powers were NOT subject to political whims–like who was in the White House. Nor did he focus on “enemies of the regime.” He appears to have collected tidbits that could be used to control anyone who might have been perceived as a threat to Hoover.

    The FBI DID work against communist infiltration of our government, but not very effectively, regardless of who was in political power here. The cases they pursued and the details they gathered were but the tip of the iceberg, though.

    That said, the FBI has been in training for their current role as a political secret police, for a couple of decades. They dropped the mask and revealed their new face in the Trump-Russia fraudulent investigations and persecutions.

    The first hint was the FBI’s refusal to pursue Hillary’s crimes. As I wrote in 2016:
    “Comey’s brazen and public refusal to do his Constitutional duty and Brennan’s quiet politicization of the intelligence community are unprecedented in modern history.
    The result has been an eight-year purge of the intelligence community — with any political dissenters either banished or silenced. A reign of quiet terror now blankets the IC. Dissent means losing jobs, retirements, and perks. Go-along-to-get-along is now standard operating practice.”

    So, they ARE NOW a political secret police, but have NOT always been so.

  5. John B()

    Why wouldn’t you listen to All Things Considered to understand the radical left

    Listening is not agreeing
    Otherwise I agree with your assessment Kent (especially about HOOVER)

  6. Cary Cotterman

    Robin: you have said what I was thinking with your well-written pessimism. Thanks for saving me the time.

  7. Incitadus

    Between the Pelosi bombing of Taiwan and the armed raid on Trump it’s starting to
    look like poorly sourced comic book plot.

  8. Gail Finke

    My first thought when I heard the news (well, after “WHAT??? They actually did it???”) was: They WANT a Civil War. I still think this may be the case. Not a war, but some sort of large violent act — they keep calling a bunch of riled-up people an “insurrection” for a reason. It’s not convincing many people, but it seems to convince their own base and keep them prepped for a follow-up. They want people to rise up so they can slap them down. This is a very, very dangerous thing for anyone to try to do. They think they have power and authority to put down an uprising and take steps to “protect” everyone from future violence — one and done, power forever. But like the “Arab Spring,” violent uprisings don’t always go the way supporters want them to.

    I hope I’m wrong, but that’s what it looks like to me.

  9. Briggs


    I accept the correction, which we can consider slight, considering Hoover was a then-member of the government, which is to say, the then-regime. Anyway, whatever it was, it is now as we see.

  10. C-Marie

    I am thinking that God will give to the United States, Trump as President in 2024, and that Trump will work with all of his might to get our country back, but as long as the murder of God’s children is so preferred, and since the rejection of His Son is so dominant, judgment will continue, its manifestation slowed for a time during Trump’s second administration,

    God is real. He sets up kings and He removes kings (see Daniel). The times we are living in, are amazing, but God has chosen for us to be here, now, so draw close to God our Father daily …. to Know Him so that we grow to love Him, and in growing to love Him, we grow in serving Him, through His Son Jesus, by the Holy Spirit.

    God bless, C-Marie

  11. Hagfish Bagpipe

    “Who In The Regime Ordered The FBI To Raid Trump’s Home?”

    Great question. Clearly, this decision to raid Trump was made at the TOP. But Biden is clearly a bottom, and not the TOP. So who is Topsy and how does Topsy’s organization work? Curious that there isn’t more curiosity about this. The answer may be something as banal as, say, Pelosi, Schumer, and Klain on a Zoom call cooked it up. But why isn’t there a Woodward/Bernstein blabbermouth spilling the beans? How can America be run by a secret kabal and yet NOBODY can say who runs it, how its decisions are made, nor how it is organized? And nobody thinks that’s weird?! That’s weird!

  12. Vermont Crank

    The cabal is not even pretending it adheres to the rule of law. It wants Trump found guilty of some crime – there are 666 million of them to chose from – that renders him incapable of serving in elective office.

    It also has the ancillary benefit of warning every American – We did this to Trump, imagine what we could do to you?

    My son and I have had a lot of black humor fun with this latest action and especially the reaction of conservatives – Can you believe…?

    Yes, we can believe it for this sort of stuff has been going on in America for a long time.

    If only Trump had been opening a new golf course on Ruby Ridge or Waco at the time.

    Who in here thinks there will be a legit elation this year – one not marred by a new virus/lockdowns/mail-in voting?

    It is over…

    A cabal does not do this publicly unless it already knows it can’t be removed from power.

  13. C-Marie

    Do take a look at:
    “And it is He who changes the times and the epochs;
    He removes kings and establishes kings;
    He gives wisdom to wise men,
    And knowledge to men of understanding.” Daniel 2: 21.

    The cabal is not God, though the cabal may well see itself as a god unto itself.

    Dearest God, please save who can be saved.

    God bless, C-Marie

  14. “I accept the correction, which we can consider slight, considering Hoover was a then-member of the government, which is to say, the then-regime. Anyway, whatever it was, it is now as we see.”

    Yes, sir. It’s really just a tidbit of historical interest. Hoover’s FBI was a “part of the government,” but they were really a force of their own. They were antagonistic to the DOD, the CIA, local and state governments and law enforcement, and merely tolerated the various flavors of political parties that ebbed and flowed through Congress. That stand-off actually worked pretty well.

    But the historical past makes today’s reality much, much worse. The fact that never before has the FBI been a tool of “the regime” makes its descent into being the secret police of the PC-Prog Deep State all the worse.

    Never before Trump was federal law enforcement used as a blunt instrument of political repression, against presidential candidates, presidents, or ex-presidents.

  15. Jim

    If we could ask him, I’m thinking MLK Jr. would disagree with your thesis, Dr. Clizbe. How was MLK surveillance not political? Not a tool of the regime?

  16. Shecky R

    Exactly what part of treason do you & your 4th Reichians not comprehend?

  17. Vermont Crank

    What Biden has doing is not within a light year of what Lincoln did but he is a hero for the Uniparty.


    Mr DiLorenzlo has dozens of articles detailing his tyrannical perfidy but we loves us some Lincoln in America

    I heard Bannon bloviating abut how the GOP will retake the House and then prosecute/impeach the criminals who did this one then defund the FBI.


    Yes, just like Ronnie Landslide Reagan promised to end the Dept of Education and then doubled its size during his presidency.

  18. “If we could ask him, I’m thinking MLK Jr. would disagree with your thesis….. How was MLK surveillance not political? Not a tool of the regime?”

    A couple of notes on King:

    1. King was handled by communists, danced to their tune, took their money.
    2. King and the communists, both, were dedicated to overthrowing the government.
    3 King was not a politician. He was a radical activist.

    A couple of notes on the FBI, at the time:

    1. The FBI was a stand-alone operation. NOT beholden to any political winds. In fact, the FBI’s actions, during the King era, were AGAINST the interests of the ruling regime (JFK/LBJ/RFK).
    2. The FBI’s surveillance of King was standard for any group that threatened to overthrow to government, and for communist-connected people or groups.

    As noted above, Hoover’s Bureau was great at collecting data and details (surveillance, etc). Hoover used that data and details as leverage (blackmail, if you will) against the subjects. They appear to have sent a letter to King threatening to reveal his extra-marital affairs. Was King arrested by the FBI? Imprisoned? Jailed?

    The big issue, however, is the “FBI as a tool of the regime.” The FBI, since Trump, is the de facto secret police of the deep state/PC-Prog power structure which is in opposition to Normal Americans, and uses its secret police powers NOT just to blackmail, but rather to take legal actions against the regime’s opponents.

    During King’s active period, the “regime” at the time, was Democrats, the Great Society, the JFK/LBJ “liberals,” all intent on capitulating to King. King was part and parcel, hand in glove, a member of that clique. Hoover’s actions were separate from the JFK/RFK/LBJ regime. In effect, Hoover’s FBI was a force operating to protect Normal America from subversive elements, OUTSIDE of the regime that held power at the time.

  19. Hoyos

    Minor but interesting point, FDR wanted Hoover to create a national police force that would be under J. Edgar Hoovers control. Hoover said no, he considered the idea un-American, however he did agree to creating the national FBI academy which would train state and local law men up to FBI standards.

    Hoover was who he was, but that took a kind of character and principle which seems incredibly unlikely from anyone in his position today.

  20. Uncle Mike

    Please recall that on May 4th Joe Dementia said in public “This MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history.”

    That was a full frontal attack on 85+ million Americans. He meant you. You are the target, not merely Trump, not merely Republicans, not merely the SCOTUS. The FBI et al are at war with America. It’s a civil war, they declared it, and they are waging it with a vengeance. The Trump raid was a tiny skirmish; the wholesale attacks on America have come hot and heavy since the day The Traitor illegitimately assumed office.

    Gird your loins if you haven’t already. The worst is yet to come.

  21. Milton Hathaway

    Clown world.

    I know this is really serious stuff, and things are looking grim for a peaceful resolution to this unending deep-state treachery, but I find myself tuning out. It’s all just so ridiculous.

    And right on cue, here comes Shecky in his tiny little clown car proudly tooting his squeaky rubber-bulb clown horn sporting a vacuous painted-on grin madly pedaling in tiny little circles perfectly completing the whole utterly ludicrous picture.

    Oh, gawd, please just make it stop.

  22. re: ” -and-5g/ ”

    Credibility goes to zero with references as such. RF Engineer here, BTW.

    Folks who cry “5G” FAIL to understand the VERY powerful inter and intra molecular EM forces at the atomic level. What we apply externally via “5G” (or, horrors, via exposure to **sunlight** at 1000 Watts per sq meter mid day) is minuscule by comparison …

  23. Johnno

    I ask all these questions because I haven’t any clear idea of the answers. Maybe you do.

    It means that Sr. Lucia of Fatima was right.

    America is transitioning into Communism.

    The quacks already have its body on the operating table and have almost finished scapelling its balls.

    This is about the accumulation of the sins of mankind and the utter disrespect and apostasy of the leadership within the Catholic Church, starting right with the topsies in white with the big big hat who decided they knew better than God’s mother and kicked off their Project for a New World Church Century, and figured Russia was a non-entity not worth any more consideration.

    Here is the list of men who are at fault:

    Pius XII
    John XXIII
    Paul VI
    John Paul II
    Benedict XVI

    Each to varying degrees. I leave out John Paul I who passed on suspiciously soon. Any one of the above had the power to fix things, but they coronated Americanism instead. Then watched in horror as things hot worse, refused to acknowledge their cock-ups and only issued FORWARD!

    Wokeness began with them and was codified at Vatican II and officially hoisted upon the faithful with the wokey Novus Ordo Mass.

    This culminates with the Traditional Catholics being marginalized, othered and attacked, a completely inept and castrated heirarchy who are either in on it or going along otlr unable to do or say anything, and culminating in Francis da Foist, whose election and legitimacy as a Pope is questionable under every circumstance you look at.

    Gee, all this sounds awfully familiar…

    Surprise? Coincidence? Prophetic?

    Well, the clock’s ticking. 2029 is likely the year the countdown stops gentlemen. This evil will be stopped, but you get to select your difficulty level with each passing year.

    Nations are prophesied to be annihilated… War and food shortages and the vexxines are a nice start, but at some point the Sun may literally fall on us.

  24. Vermont Crank

    The irksome thing is that even if the cabal does not stop Trumpy Bear from being elected they will again harass his so successfully he will get little done but his presence as POTUS will serve to increase the hatred and anger of the left to the point that once they get back into power the gloves will really be off.

    I think most Americans anticipate a YUGE win for the GOP in the mid-terms because they are repeatedly barraged with “Red Tsunami” coming at us but the generic ballot for the mid-terms is even.


    Yes, as bad as Dementia Joe has been and as much as he is disliked by his own party, the GOP is not ahead in the generic ballots – and as my Granddaughter says “That’s not pretty good,.”

    Who thinks the GOP really believes in anything other than their own security and power as elected representatives? Do you think they have your interests at heart? Did Trumpy Bear? The Liberals actually believe in politics, it is their religion.

    Kevin McCarthy as a Leader? Pull the other one.

    The weird truth is that the Dems may lose relatively fewer seats in the House as currently predicted because the Dems will run against Trumpy Bear and opposition to First Trimester Abortion Bans and even if the Stupid Party does win the Senate – Yay Dr Oz 🙂 – will The Turtle be supplanted?

    The GOP will seek a tax cut and rush through “comprehensive immigration reform” (amnesty)

    In fact, the Cabal may consider it wise to let the Stupid Party take power because it never does anything of lasting consequences and it always solidifies the gains of liberals and it will be blamed for the coming collapse of the economy that Trumpy Bear started with his Bigly debt spending.

    This country is SO screwed-up that the public learned from Tucker Carlson that Tiny Tiny Fauci was mean in his experiments with Beagles but the Tucker never covered Fauci’s killing of Gays and Africans blacks with his AZT poison or the literal mass graves of poor blacks and hispanics orphans that he experimented on medically, detailed and documented in chapter 7 of Robert Kennedy Jr’s “The Real Anthony Fauci.”

    HOW sick and evil is America? So sick that our own Mengele is a national hero and a secular saint.

  25. Alan Breedlove

    To Matt and Kent re whether the FBI has always been the secret police of the “regime”: I refer you to Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse who makes an incredibly strong argument that it was Obama and Holder who have successfully used the Patriot Act to weaponize the intelligence agencies against their political opponents. This had been a work-in-progress for six years before Trump rode down the escalator in 2015.

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